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New Millenia, New Foot Forward for Indonesia


New Millenia, New Foot Forward for Indonesia (Randyjw; August 24, 2016)


Toleration and acceptance of Judaism has been considered a hallmark of the Southeast Asian people, as categorized through the perception of the official Rabbi for Judaism in Indonesia, Rabbi Tovia Singer. This revelation is written about in the August 24th, 2016 Breaking Israel News piece, entitled “Prophesied Reconciliation Between Ishmael and Isaac Underway in the Most Unlikely Place”. It is also considered as a possible portent to an assumed reconciliation extended to the seeds of Isaac and those of Ishmael, ascribed by the author of this piece and to whose articles I often refer, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, to the considered gesture of Ishmael, the first-born son, in allowing the second-born, Isaac, precedence amongst the mourners of Avraham, their father, at the time of his burial in the Cave of Machpelah, in Hevron, Israel, given by Rashi, one of Judaism’s esteemed Rabbis of yore, as the basis for this interpretation of a turnabout in the relations of the two, moreso as a people, than as individuals.


This could, very well, so be the case, and would, indeed, be a much-welcomed new course of action in the storyline of relations regarding the treatment of the nations towards Israel and the Jewish people throughout the sad timeline of its history to the present.


In the piece, Rabbi Singer relates that from the period of about 56 years between 1945 to 2001, Indonesia had an injuncture, of sorts, to comply with an artificially imposed mandate, creating the conditions and consequences for a resultant anti-Semitism. Berkowitz informs us of the governmental changes occuring during this time, which he notes as the decentralization of authority and the expansion of regional autonomy, leading to the dissipation of the rigid obedience to the proscribed mindset promulgated in the past.


I, myself, can sense the great outreach and friendship that the most populous Islamic country extends through the actions of its individual people, despite what the hardline proponents of Islam in the Arab nations exhorts regarding the Jewish Nation. I, as a Jew, thank you and feel heartened by the actions of those who wish to cast off the association to the cruel counterparts operating in your name and hope that the undertaking of this great feat toward peace will lead to its actual, and permanent, realization, sans further bloodshed.



Rachel / Randy


Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “Prophesied Reconciliation Between Ishmael and Isaac Underway in the Most Unlikely Place”. Breaking Israel News.com; August 24, 2016: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/74495/prophesied-reconciliation-ishmael-isaac-underway-unlikely-place/


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Je Suis Re-Pulse-d


Muslims are earning top honors…amongst terrorists. In what is being termed the worst mass shooting in U.S. history (not including wars of this country on its continent), 50 people, at present count, (correction: 49/the terrorist makes 50) were killed by gunfire shot by a murdering terrorist in the midst of an Orlando, Florida nightclub early this morning. At least 53 others are additionally reported injured from this shooting.


The perpetrator took hostages from those present at the nightclub in a three-hour melee of absolute horror, seeking out patrons in areas throughout the club, at least according to a message from an individual who had texted a relative from his hiding location with others inside the club’s bathroom. The messages indicate a disturbing sequence of events, relaying, in real-time, an attempt by those trapped inside to find a hiding place, and then to report that the terrorist was on his way to reach them, and that he had, actually, reached them. It was the last message received by, what I’m sure, were distraught individuals on both ends.


In the same report, pieced together from those of others, as this one is, a 29-year-old Muslim male named Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, of Port St. Lucie (correction: Fort Pierce?), Florida, is being attributed with this crime. His father, mentioned as being from Afghanistan, was noted as saying that he didn’t think his son’s actions were caused by religion. He added that his son had been angered over seeing two men kissing in Miami approximately two months ago, prior to this morning’s shooting.


Indeed, he must have been extremely angered, if he had further need to vent such an emotional reaction over the incident to his father, and, even more disturbingly, had to pre-meditatively act upon his anger by channeling his destructive rage into massive murder of a targetted group. The victims he sought in order to appease his inclination to kill came from those most-fitting the hated demographic — the gay community.


This he found at Pulse nightclub, where this heinous abomination took place. What pains did he take to discover this venue location, between 123 to 132 miles (per Google) and 1-3/4 to 2-hours’ driving distance north from his hometown? How did he discover it? Where was he, and what was he doing in Miami, also about 113 to 130 miles distant and between roughly 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 hours’ drive south from his hometown, when he allegedly witnessed the public display of affection between two men, supposedly triggering the murderous plot, which would enfold two months later? Did he already have the guns, and where did he buy those?


It is the holiday known as Ramadan in the Muslim religious calendar, marking an approximately month-long period, from June 5th to July 5th this year, when observant Islamic believers engage in a period of austerity on their physical selves, fasting each day until sunset, and reflecting inwardly toward adherence to tenets of faith and ideals promulgated by the religion and in what is deemed by it as beneficial to the individual as befitting the larger community.


This, in turn, is one of its problems. Because the outlook of Islam is to see outward manifestations of other non-Islamic cultures as a direct affront to the ideals held in esteem by the proponents of Islam, an inevitable culture clash comes into effect when the two parties meet. It’s not that the ideals of Islam can be said to be necessarily bad; it’s just that the measurements for its enforcement can be so severe. Run a little wayward, contrary to proscribed behavior, and the Vice police will turn you in for summary execution, whippings, limb amputation, public stoning…for even the smallest infractions toward which we’d be aghast at its extent of punishment.


Worse yet, it’s not a “live and let live” society, whereby others are free to live their separate ideals, elsewhere. These ideals need to be extended across the entire world in the minds of the strictest religious adherents to the religion of Islam, resulting in the most-hoped for wish for a worldwide Caliphate. Attacking the “Infidel” — that is, the unpure non-believer — anywhere they can be found, is considered a heavenly chit-point in the scorecard of Divinely-ordained (by them) obligation. Such exhortations emanating from imams (Muslim religious leaders) and other hardline followers are being heeded worldwide, in so-called “lone wolf” and other sleeper cell attacks worldwide, lying in wait until the moment is opportune to strike.


The attack has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack based on Islamic motivation. The timing is ideal, being Ramadan, marking an auspicious time in the calendar for a perceived “martyr’s reward” in the heavenly realm, in their particular viewpoint. Secondly, it fights the non-pure non-Muslim, another imperative. Thirdly, it does so on the “Infidel’s” own, “impure” soil, which is even “better”. Fourth, it adds another targetted “impure” community of homosexual individuals, a behavior considered abominable in the religious teachings of several faiths, including Islam. Fifth, the Islamic community is impelled to act to compel others to obeisance, by force, or to eliminate those who do not comply, by death. Sixth, compliance means a complete acceptance of the faith and its beliefs, as well as its often fundamental literally-interpreted doctrines in declaring oneself aligned to the religion. Seventh, denial of the “invitation” to accept the religion (convert) often means death. Eighth, there is still the Arabic-superiority complex in acceptance of non-Arab Islamic subjects, though that is scoffed during interregnum periods in subserviance to the immediate purpose of focus toward world domination, for now. Ninth, it is the second day of the Jewish celebration, outside of Israel, of Shavuot — in fact, the day of reflection and of paying homage to the souls of Jewish people who have passed away with prayers in their honor and memory. It is well-known that Arabs love to attack Jews on Jewish religious observance/holidays, although, for some strange reason, I don’t suspect this man even knew it was a Jewish holiday.


For the father of the terrorist to say that his son was not acting in accord with the Islamic religion is an obvious attempt to deceive a less-gullible public about the tenets of religion than they grant our knowledgeable U.S. citizenry. In fact, we also know that the Hudabiyya treaty, which Mohammed used to parlay defeat of the Muslim advance into a so-called “peace treaty” from which to build up arms during quiet to be used for war another day, is part of the Islamic practice of using deceit (i.e., lying) to fool the enemy, in order to gain advantage later (i.e., operate as an attacking fifth-column, the “Trojan Horse”, when all are set and ready, to attack the enemy from a position of strength from within their midsts). He might believe that we’ll believe that, but his son’s actions teach us differently.


Mooney, Paula. “Omar Mateen Photos: Orlando Shooter, 29, is Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, of Port St. Lucie, Florida”; Inquisitr.com, June 12, 2016:http://www.inquisitr.com/3194956/omar-mateen-photos-orlando-shooter-29-is-omar-mir-seddique-mateen-of-port-st-lucie-florida/

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Super-Caliphate, Fragilistic, Expectantly, Al-a-DAESH-ious


If the United States is the “Great Satan”, and Israel is the “Little Satan”, at least according to the outpourings of Arab national media worldwide, does this mean that France, according to size, should be accorded the designation, “Mid-Sized Satan”? (Sounds like the latest in car models, no?)


According to Islamic justification, the state fits the bill: they are colonial occupiers, having invaded the Muslim territory of Algeria in North Africa, sending French settlers to occupy and take over the country with a foreign culture.


Territories in the Middle East were held for some time by the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), though they are not indigenous to the specific land-holdings they occupied during this time period. In the loss of empire in the 20th century, due to wars for landgains and prominence, the land was given over to Mandatory powers to control and provide stewardship over. These Mandatory assignees, made thus by the League of Nations, the previous name of the similarly-embodied United Nations, were England and France, as they had contributable stakes in the matter.


England, in direct contravention in undertaking to establish the parameters set forth to settle the land with Jewish inhabitants to Israel, countermanded the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and acquiesced to Arab demands to limit Jewish immigration to Israel, despite guarantees otherwise. Additionally, land which had been lost in war from the Ottoman Empire, was restored to them, just under the control of princes they favored of mostly Saudi clans and powerful Arab family scions, instead.


Nothing was really lost; instead, everything was gained — at least for the making of an extended Caliphate. The division of land into these new countries gave the Arabs representatives in world government for each of the countries now with a new land. Far from being a negative thing, as they claim it to be (wink, wink), it all gives them practically veto power and control over every decision made at bodies such as the United Nations. It does not mean that a United Nations Resolution against Israel is just: it only means that the majority Muslim bloc have intimidated the others into compliance with its point of view.


So, is the New World Order a Jewish conspiracy? Certainly not. Considering that secret societies, and other such venues, such as the famed Skull and Crossbones society, coming out of Yale and found supposedly within the Council on Foreign Relations and other places, and supposedly implicit in this whole thing, were often anti-Semitic, it would seem that perhaps others should be considered the progenitors of this supposed ideology. I think I’ve just debunked this whole myth.


Meanwhile, France was also given a Mandatory assignment in the generic time-frame of these couple of decades to rule over a part of Syria that had been ripped away from Israel, called “Palestine” at that time. But, you never hear anything from the Arabs about it, because it would defeat their purpose. Only “The Jews”/”Israel” can be the bad guys, because it fits their narrative — related matters be darned.


So, let’s see… We have: 1) colonial “occupier”; check. We have: 2) Stole land from “Palestine”; check. And, we have: 3) a country which spurred the Enlightenment: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite! All anti-thetical to the patriarchical, authoritarian, male-dominated society of Islam. Wine? Mainstay of French life? Verboten/Forbidden in Islam. Boudoir fashion on the streets of “gay Paris”? Make that head-to-toe coverage for Muslim women — maybe a peek-slot for the eyes. Black full-length robes in the 114°F heat of the desert, if you don’t mind… And even if you do…


All the makings for the perfect subjects of Jihad. Yet, you don’t hear it. Despite the Charlie Hebdo/HyperCacher recent attacks, those were commited against a definite Jewish target (Hyper Cacher, the kosher market) and against “blasphemers”, satirists at Charlie Hebdo magazine, who poke fun at everything, and who also happen to have “slandered” the person they consider to be the Prophet of their religion. Does this justify or validate the attacks? By no means, whatsoever.


But the lack of constant Arab vitriol against France, for actually having, indeed, done the things for which they accuse innocent others of doing the same, comes to naught. There is none, so to speak. I guess they’ve been properly “dhimmi-fied”.


Wow, isn’t that just Super-Caliphate, Fragilistic, Expectantly Al-a-DAESH-ious?


Hum-Dil-ll-ll-lla-ll-lla; Hum-Dil-ll-LIE!

Hum-Dil-ll-ll-lla-ll-lla; Hum-Dil-ll-LIE!

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Responsibility In Religion

Jewish religion takes ownership of our congregation in acknowledging both the good with the bad. We strive to improve ourselves through education, good deeds, and hope to abide by a code of good conduct relative to our understanding of the paths set before us by G-d and the ways by it that we are supposed to relate to the world. We may not always meet each and every goal along this path. It may, indeed, be hypocritical to hold someone to task who has failed in that task, but we accept them as ours, and accept that they have failed. They will fail at some tasks set before them. This is life, and realistic expectations maintain that such will happen.


However, it is good to have a sense of the ideal to reach for, even when we can’t reach everything that we would hope to. Holding out high hopes gives someone a goal to strive for. We don’t like bad behavior, either. But, alas — Jewish people also commit bad deeds. And yes, it’s sad, but we have to acknowledge that one of ours did that particular thing of which he stands accused. It doesn’t mean we like it, or condone it, but we don’t pretend it was done by the “man on the moon”, or the “boogeyman”, or any number of irrelevant others toward which blame could be transferred. Only in the most blatant acts of physically trying to separate oneself from Judaism itself would a decree of ex-communication be issued, where we would then “disown” the person from the religious community. It is very rare for this to happen, as it is always held out for the Jew to return to the religion. Once issued, it is as if the person is dead to the community, and does not exist.


We are to abide by 613 mitzvot, both positive and negative — the “Do’s” and the “Don’ts” — in Jewish law. If you think that’s alot, one need only look at the laws inherent in a Democratic society, such as exist in the United States, to find that the Jewish laws are quantifiably a cakewalk, in comparison! How many laws actually exist in the U.S.? And how many more so might there be in a much older Western society, such as that of Great Britain, say? Do we really follow each and every law on the books, like a perfect citizen, each and every one of us?


Well, not to be pessimistic, but the answer, as borne out by the over-crowded prison system, is resoundedly negative, in that regard. Our jail cells are top-full with people who have been placed there with a verdict of guilt for various infractions, ranging from slight to great. A recent article (unread) even mentions a man serving a life sentence for the non-return of a library item!


Old laws still on the books are routinely contravened in today’s society, and would be seen as discriminatory through the progressive, prismatic lenses by which we view issues, especially social ones, today.


I could never concile, at least in the younger formulation of my self, the viewpoint of a religious perspective which could disavow the behaviors associated with an individual as separate from the religion to which they identify. The behaviors belong to the individual, and the individual belongs to a religion. The tendency for certain religions to disavow the individual, on and off like a spigot, when they commit bad acts, and only confirm “membership” to one in good standing, is absolutely disingenuous.


I hope that those of the Christian faith won’t be too upset with my feelings about a few aspects of their religion that I feel needs closer consideration, if one wants to be honest about the whole thing. I can understand the adage to “Love the sinner, but not the sin”. But it seems that every time a self-professed Christian commits a heinous act, it is suddenly said of them that they are not a “true Christian”, and that a “true Christian” would never do such things.


The hypocrisy I find in this statement is that the Christian dogma believes that mankind is imperfect and imbued with Original Sin. They believe that only one way exists to G-d via the corporeal intermediary, or triumvirate conception of the embodiment of this ideal.


If the person accepts Christianity, but falls prey to the temptations of the world, as is his wont, due to Original Sin (according to Christianity), then how can he suddenly be said to be not a “true Christian”? Isn’t that just what Christianity reports itself to be? Don’t they claim ALL people to be sinners? To use a concept from the religion, the sinner comes to the congregation and suddenly it’s as if they were never known to them?


I’m sorry, but if you think about it really hard, the hypocrisy in the statement is there. They HAVE sin. They are imperfect beings. That is the major tenet of the religion. They can’t suddenly be cast-off when they did something wrong, so as not to cast aspersion on the religion, itself.


You need to own up to it. There are people in your religion that do bad things. They do it as a member of the religion, and they do it sometimes in the name of the religion (by following edicts found in that particular religion). I find it annoying to this day that people of Christian faith always resort to this disownership each and every time somebody sins (usually rather badly).


In the Jewish religion, we teach that man is supposed to act responsibly. There may be 613 mitzvot, and that must seem like a lot of rules to follow. We are not supposed to consider them a burden. They are to be a joy to us, a source of guidance, for ways to enhance our lives and bring us into conformance to a better way of living. It is said that there are two types of sin: that against man,  and that against G-d. The worse one is that against man. We are to seek forgiveness from those we have wronged, to repent for our actions, and to try to make amends.


In Judaism, we are to teach children in the way that they should go, so that they will not depart from it. In later classes as we mature, we have hopefully, by then, received ethics and morality classes to help us think through further issues. Pirkei Avot, The Ethics of Our Fathers, is a book of Jewish consideration of the subject.


In Judaism, we have debated the question posed by Cain to G-d, when he replied in response to G-d’s query concerning Cain’s knowledge regarding where his brother, Abel, was (who he had just killed): “Am I my brother’s keeper?” And the answer to that, is “Yes; I am my brother’s keeper” (I have failed you, my brother, Stephen). We have a responsibility to look after the welfare and actions of our brothers. This means guiding them, correcting them, caring for them, and more. It is our failure if we fail them.


We have standards to follow, and many times we fail to meet them. Christianity likes to make a main point out of this. They really like to ridicule the rules which we feel G-d set out before us to follow. We don’t presume to be superior because of this, and in fact it is noted in the Bible that we were considered “stiff-necked” people; but it is our religion and we believe the rules were never remanded.


Popular Christianity has changed through the Centuries on this matter: first teaching that only some of the rules applied; later teaching that the rules were replaced with the coming of J.C. Actually, even within the Christian Bible, it is stated by the man, J.C., himself, that he did not come to replace/do away with the (Jewish) Laws (of G-d). Yet, Christianity has done so, itself. As errors in Christian teaching become apparent throughout the Centuries, new dogma then begins to replace the old, changing in conformance to then-accepted precepts (until new errors are uncovered).


The religion of Islam is now taking a page from Christian teaching, using the same methodology which has worked so successfully, for so long, for the Christians. They now state that the people who are following the injunctions found in the teachings of their religion — whether by Imams, or by previous rulings of Hadith, or via new fatwas issued by religious councils — and who commit atrocities condoned in action just as verily by such, have actually “hijacked” their alleged-to-be “peaceful” religion.


The Hudabiyya agreement was a long-ago arrangement agreed to by the Muslims which allowed them time to build-up their resources to defeat at a later date those who had held the position of strength over them, at the time when the agreement had gone into effect. In today’s modern terms, we would call these “peace treaties” or “truces”, or the always-ongoing “peace process”. It has been determined that this sets the precedent whereby it is okay to lie to the enemy and make an agreement to any terms of peace, which can, later, conveniently be broken once they have gained sufficient strength. (Spoiler alert — too late!)


After writing yesterday that more Muslims need to stand against the violent acts perpetrated by those who come from their midst, I am happy to read a compilation of two instances translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) from Arabic into English today whereby Arabs of stature in certain communities have condemned these atrocities committed by Muslims, and fault their own culture and religion for producing such individuals. They give great credibility and consideration for their Muslim indoctrination into putting blame where it belongs: quite squarely on themselves.


Kudos for speaking up and out on behalf of truth. Now, however, you are two small voices in the wilderness, and the billion-plus others still beat to a different drummer. Have we the time to wait for their moderation conversion?


It’s been a very easy riposte to disqualify the sinner from the religion, then. As noted, though… It just so happens that it ISN’T “truly Christian” to do so.


Related: The article above deals with the collective responsibility, as I see it, of religion, as a whole. A recent article posted at the United with Israel website shares a thought about our responsibilities as individuals, told through the interpretation of religious teachings gleaned through a story in the Bible. If you would like to read this, I’ve connected the link to the site, here:




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When Baghdad Ruled the Muslim World – by Hugh Kennedy

I had to laugh through the Foreword to this book as the author tells us that “the concern to make the Middle East scientific and academically respectable” is one that he, along with a small group of other scholars who work on such projects, undertakes in the creation of published works regarding Islamic/Muslim history. He also relates how both he, and the other scholars, have had to avoid the anecdotes and story-telling references which have come down to them from the Arabic sources, being that the original sources have admittedly long-since been “lost.” Therefore, this work, as well as many others preceding it, have all been a reconstruction of the history of these people, allegedly compiled from other literary sources. Additionally, the author states that the issue of the reliability of these stories, “whether they are really ‘true,'” is a complex one.

Many contradictions are noted while delving into the secondary (or occasional primary) source material, he notes. He also includes the language as used, not omitting the swear words, calling them “an integral feature of this lively and robust culture.” I would agree with that.

I might not necessarily agree with the history, as given here, of these people, though. The author purports to present the Islamic Caliphate of the Abbassid history. From thenceforth, and with the above in mind, this is an engaging read.

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Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam (American Empire Project) – by Robert Dreyfuss

This is a very good book; different, somewhat conspiratorial, but definitely unkind to Israel.

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Islam and War: A Study in Comparative Ethics – by John Kelsay

Intelligently crafted sentences go round and round, like Arab speech, to seem to denounce, or to appeal to logic of mind, that Islam is a just and tolerant religion, while at the same time stating that the purported goal of Islam is worldwide hegemony and rule.

It succeeds in its attempt to emulate Arab speech in declaring the above.

Author John Kelsay, a teacher in the Department of Religion at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida in 1993 at the time of publication of this book creates credibility issues regarding the sources of quotations found throughout the book. For instance, there is a discrepancy regarding the exact sentences provided by Abdulaziz Sachedina of the University of Virginia on the back of the book and the same iterations repeated in the voice of, and written by, John Kelsay in the Introduction to the book!

Additionally, there are two instances of bias, at least: on page 130 in Notes, Kelsay argues that the US and Israel commit acts in an unjust cause (and what about the subject matter at hand? Do not the Muslims commit atrocities?). He also puts the word “nation,” when he writes about the (former) nation of Yugoslavia, in quotations on page 113.

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