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Je Suis Re-Pulse-d


Muslims are earning top honors…amongst terrorists. In what is being termed the worst mass shooting in U.S. history (not including wars of this country on its continent), 50 people, at present count, (correction: 49/the terrorist makes 50) were killed by gunfire shot by a murdering terrorist in the midst of an Orlando, Florida nightclub early this morning. At least 53 others are additionally reported injured from this shooting.


The perpetrator took hostages from those present at the nightclub in a three-hour melee of absolute horror, seeking out patrons in areas throughout the club, at least according to a message from an individual who had texted a relative from his hiding location with others inside the club’s bathroom. The messages indicate a disturbing sequence of events, relaying, in real-time, an attempt by those trapped inside to find a hiding place, and then to report that the terrorist was on his way to reach them, and that he had, actually, reached them. It was the last message received by, what I’m sure, were distraught individuals on both ends.


In the same report, pieced together from those of others, as this one is, a 29-year-old Muslim male named Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, of Port St. Lucie (correction: Fort Pierce?), Florida, is being attributed with this crime. His father, mentioned as being from Afghanistan, was noted as saying that he didn’t think his son’s actions were caused by religion. He added that his son had been angered over seeing two men kissing in Miami approximately two months ago, prior to this morning’s shooting.


Indeed, he must have been extremely angered, if he had further need to vent such an emotional reaction over the incident to his father, and, even more disturbingly, had to pre-meditatively act upon his anger by channeling his destructive rage into massive murder of a targetted group. The victims he sought in order to appease his inclination to kill came from those most-fitting the hated demographic — the gay community.


This he found at Pulse nightclub, where this heinous abomination took place. What pains did he take to discover this venue location, between 123 to 132 miles (per Google) and 1-3/4 to 2-hours’ driving distance north from his hometown? How did he discover it? Where was he, and what was he doing in Miami, also about 113 to 130 miles distant and between roughly 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 hours’ drive south from his hometown, when he allegedly witnessed the public display of affection between two men, supposedly triggering the murderous plot, which would enfold two months later? Did he already have the guns, and where did he buy those?


It is the holiday known as Ramadan in the Muslim religious calendar, marking an approximately month-long period, from June 5th to July 5th this year, when observant Islamic believers engage in a period of austerity on their physical selves, fasting each day until sunset, and reflecting inwardly toward adherence to tenets of faith and ideals promulgated by the religion and in what is deemed by it as beneficial to the individual as befitting the larger community.


This, in turn, is one of its problems. Because the outlook of Islam is to see outward manifestations of other non-Islamic cultures as a direct affront to the ideals held in esteem by the proponents of Islam, an inevitable culture clash comes into effect when the two parties meet. It’s not that the ideals of Islam can be said to be necessarily bad; it’s just that the measurements for its enforcement can be so severe. Run a little wayward, contrary to proscribed behavior, and the Vice police will turn you in for summary execution, whippings, limb amputation, public stoning…for even the smallest infractions toward which we’d be aghast at its extent of punishment.


Worse yet, it’s not a “live and let live” society, whereby others are free to live their separate ideals, elsewhere. These ideals need to be extended across the entire world in the minds of the strictest religious adherents to the religion of Islam, resulting in the most-hoped for wish for a worldwide Caliphate. Attacking the “Infidel” — that is, the unpure non-believer — anywhere they can be found, is considered a heavenly chit-point in the scorecard of Divinely-ordained (by them) obligation. Such exhortations emanating from imams (Muslim religious leaders) and other hardline followers are being heeded worldwide, in so-called “lone wolf” and other sleeper cell attacks worldwide, lying in wait until the moment is opportune to strike.


The attack has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack based on Islamic motivation. The timing is ideal, being Ramadan, marking an auspicious time in the calendar for a perceived “martyr’s reward” in the heavenly realm, in their particular viewpoint. Secondly, it fights the non-pure non-Muslim, another imperative. Thirdly, it does so on the “Infidel’s” own, “impure” soil, which is even “better”. Fourth, it adds another targetted “impure” community of homosexual individuals, a behavior considered abominable in the religious teachings of several faiths, including Islam. Fifth, the Islamic community is impelled to act to compel others to obeisance, by force, or to eliminate those who do not comply, by death. Sixth, compliance means a complete acceptance of the faith and its beliefs, as well as its often fundamental literally-interpreted doctrines in declaring oneself aligned to the religion. Seventh, denial of the “invitation” to accept the religion (convert) often means death. Eighth, there is still the Arabic-superiority complex in acceptance of non-Arab Islamic subjects, though that is scoffed during interregnum periods in subserviance to the immediate purpose of focus toward world domination, for now. Ninth, it is the second day of the Jewish celebration, outside of Israel, of Shavuot — in fact, the day of reflection and of paying homage to the souls of Jewish people who have passed away with prayers in their honor and memory. It is well-known that Arabs love to attack Jews on Jewish religious observance/holidays, although, for some strange reason, I don’t suspect this man even knew it was a Jewish holiday.


For the father of the terrorist to say that his son was not acting in accord with the Islamic religion is an obvious attempt to deceive a less-gullible public about the tenets of religion than they grant our knowledgeable U.S. citizenry. In fact, we also know that the Hudabiyya treaty, which Mohammed used to parlay defeat of the Muslim advance into a so-called “peace treaty” from which to build up arms during quiet to be used for war another day, is part of the Islamic practice of using deceit (i.e., lying) to fool the enemy, in order to gain advantage later (i.e., operate as an attacking fifth-column, the “Trojan Horse”, when all are set and ready, to attack the enemy from a position of strength from within their midsts). He might believe that we’ll believe that, but his son’s actions teach us differently.


Mooney, Paula. “Omar Mateen Photos: Orlando Shooter, 29, is Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, of Port St. Lucie, Florida”; Inquisitr.com, June 12, 2016:http://www.inquisitr.com/3194956/omar-mateen-photos-orlando-shooter-29-is-omar-mir-seddique-mateen-of-port-st-lucie-florida/

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