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Stealing Our Heritage

Stealing Our Heritage

Proverbs 3:18 in the Tanach (the Bible of the Jewish People) equivocates this statement to the Torah: She is a tree of life to them that hold fast to her. This is a very important precept to the Jewish people and they have idealized this statement with works of art (known as Judaica) to commemorate it.

Now the Palestinians are committing yet another outrage in the usurpation of our heritage by claiming the Tree of Life imagery as their own. In an August 10, 2012 story on the Global Heritage Fund webpage, the excavation site in Jericho reveals a large compound with a complete mosaic Tree of Life featured in the bath area.

Several people in antiquity, many of them Jewish Kings and dynastic rulers, have built palaces in Jericho as factual realities. Yet, the Israeli government of modern times has set the region of Jericho apart as an autonomous region for the Palestinians to live in, so the political maneuvering of history may be put forth oppositionally. One such palace in Jericho is being touted by the Global Heritage Fund as an early Islamic palace of Hisham. To me, it looks way older than when the Islamic period began (supposedly said to be in the seventh century — i.e., in the mid 600’s of the Common Era — but has anyone validated the claims of Islam to be from that era?).

Here is a website in which to view the mosaic and read the article: http://globalheritagefund.org/onthewire/blog/preserving_hishams_palace

(Update: April 3, 2019: this article no longer appears on the global heritage fund’s website; it is an upload of an archived article from oriental institute dating from 2011; the Tree of Life mosaic, with its symbolic imagery well-known in Jewish tradition, such as the gazelle [reference Psalms of Solomon, etc.], and lions [for instance, Lion of Judah, etc.], appear beneath the Tree. The photograph, noted as Image 7, is found, not within the body of the document, but located beyond document’s end, below it; which see, new link):

Click to access document_2088.pdf

Here is an interesting site with information about Jewish mosaics and some pictures to look at, which you might enjoy:

This is a Jewish mosaic panel to look at from Jordan: http://cja.huji.ac.il/Ancient/Gerasa/Gerasa-object.html


Update: April 3, 2019:

See this article regarding Hasmonean Dynasty era archaeology and artefacts:

World Israel News Staff. “Jericho Arabs loot Second Temple burial grounds”. worldisraelnews.com; April 3, 2019:



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