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Land Theft In Judea/Samaria


Land Theft In Judea/Samaria (Randyjw; April 24, 2019)


This is another really important and informative article toward understanding what is occurring now in Judea/Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”):



Linder Kahn, Naomi. “The European Union: Nurturing Instability and Terrorism in the Middle East”. gatestoneinstitute.org; April 24, 2019:




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Liberation (Randyjw; January 27, 2019)


International Holocaust Remembrance Day




Working Definition of AntiSemitism by International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance:





I Am poem – Anne Frank

by Natasha Hashemi and Claire Hawer





From Where I Come (Rachelgv; February 22, 2017)


From where I come

is by my ancestry.

By Adam and Eve

through Terach and Abraham


And, yet, again, in

further meanderings


Ur-Kasdim, and into Haran

in captivity in exile

by the rivers of Babylon

Asarah B’Tevet


By the well of Dotan

to the right of Pharoah’s rod

at Rameses and Pitom

in fields of Padan-Aram


and maybe by Paran

the cities of Shushan

released with help from King Ahashveros (of Iran)

who would assist us in rebuilding the Temple


We commemorate in memory

that the woman he wed to wife

Hadassah, known as Esther,

the Jewish Queen that saved our lives


And this is known as Purim

it’s also part of the Jewish story

and Chanukah you’ll know

by our defiance of Roman glory


From Egypt, in Goshen

having first lived in Knaan

through Avram’s sons and Yosef the one

and led out again by Moshe


And that’s the story of Passover

when we were freed from our bonds

When G-d redeemed us and saved us

with ten plagues to our oppressors rained down


When he brought us to the mount

and to the wilderness of Zin

and gave the commandments of Torah

the Sukkot and the Mishkan


And that’s the backgrounds of the holidays

of Passover, Shavuot, Sukkot,

of simple days under desert stars

happy in Simchat Torah


And back again

to the Holy Land

promised to us

and delivered by hand


Through Inquest, Expulsion,

and auto-da-fe,

through Kristallnacht, Holocaust,

forests and Babi Yar


In Zion, and Jaffa, Carmel and Ashdod,

Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem

In Ashkelon, Aza, and Yericho

in Hevron, and Shiloh, in the fields of Machpelah


By Isaac, by Jacob,

and all of his breed

and Rachel and Leah

and Ruth and David


Because where I come from

is where I have been

and by all of  G-d’s miracles,

Here I Am


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Compounding Polish Reticence

Compounding Polish Reticence (Randyjw; February 18, 2018)


As if the recent passage by the Polish government of their new law making criminal any inference to Polish complicity of its citizenry or government with the Nazi regime and its implementation of “The Final Solution” of genocidal extermination of the Jews, known as The Holocaust, wasn’t chutzpah enough, now the Polish Prime Minister lays guilt upon the Jews for being too passive participants to our own murders, while yet perpetrating the Holocaust upon ourselves. I couldn’t make this nightmare up, even if I tried.


While Adolf Hitler laid bare the bones for his plans to eliminate the Jews in his manifesto, Mein Kampf, it is also a well-known and -documented fact that the Nazis took great pains to disguise the outward manifestation of their evil intentions, going so far as to remove signage and other apparatus referencing their intolerance, so that all would appear normal during the 1936 Olympics in Munich, Germany. They let Jewish people bring suitcases on their way to the death camps and were told they were being “relocated,” when in reality they were being sent to the crematoria and gas chambers. Some were given soap and towels for their “delousing showers,” and were gassed with Zyklon B.


And the stench? May it continue to settle among that accursed land and stick like the rotten plague they continue to perpetrate. Amen.


See more at Jewish Press:


Levi Julian, Hana. “Poland’s Prime Minister Claims Not Only Polish, German Perpetrators — Jewish Perpetrators of Holocaust, Too”; JewishPress.com; February 17, 2018:



Levi Julian, Hana. “Netanyahu Slams Polish PM’s ‘Outrageous’ Remarks, Inability to Understand History”; JewishPress.com; February 17, 2018:



Israel, David. “Poles Commemorate 74th Anniversary of Lodz Ghetto Liquidation”; JewishPress.com; August 30, 2018:


And see (May 3, 2019):


Israel, David. “On Holocaust Day Nationalist Polish Party Submits Bill to Cut Off Jewish Claims”. jewishpress.com; May 2, 2019:



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Banning Jewish Practice


Some people may find this a difficult or disturbing subject matter involving animals; please be advised.


Banning Jewish Practice (Randyjw; April 2, 2017)


Kosher slaughter of animals, or “sh’chita”, has been practiced for several thousand years, based on commands and interpretations of the laws governing Jewish practice. These rulings were provided by G-d, and are part and parcel of the Jewish faith, which we are commanded to keep (although the liberal Reform denomination of Judaism does not keep the ritualistic aspects of certain of these commands — but, this is a small number of the totality of all Jews).


The many laws must be followed by the expert Jewish butcher, or “shochet”, to follow the exacting guidelines so that the resultant cut of meat from a “fit” species will still be “fit” for consumption (“kosher”) when slaughtered. The practices are based on the laws of the Torah, which lays out the determining factors whether the creature, whether animal, fowl, fish or creeping thing is allowed among the “clean” ones determined by G-d to be fit for consumption.


While some people might presume that the “cleanliness” of an animal is based on its diet or hygiene, such that the prohibition against shellfish might be presumed in place due to the predominance of a mostly bottom-feeding diet from such species, or that the pig might be banned due to the presumptive eating of slop and having a predilection to mud bathing, neither of these are the actual reasons why they are disallowed in the Kashrut Jewish diet.


Shellfish are not allowed because they do not contain the characteristics of having both fins and scales. Pigs are excluded from the default category because, while they do have parted hooves, they aren’t considered as one that chews the cud — and both traits must be met within this category.


Throughout the millenia, people who have held anti-Semitic views have often tried to prevent the Jews from practicing the rituals of our religion. It was as true during the Babylonian exile, when Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, in keeping with their Jewish traditions, convinced their captors to feed them only vegetables and water, rather than the King’s rich meats and wines. Furthermore, Daniel set a clinical research study by making comment that it should be conducted as a test by appearances at the end of ten days: Daniel and his men, versus the meat-eaters. The end result was that Daniel and his men appeared healthier in all respects (plus, they did not have to disobey their religious strictures).


Flash forward to the time of the First Temple destruction by the Romans (given as about 600 years later from the Babylonian exile), when they set up a pagan shrine to their idol and bade the Jews to worship it, and forbade them their own practices. The Jews would not comply, and this resulted in the eventual sacking of Jerusalem, as well as the razing of the Temple.


In Europe, where they experienced the Dark Ages, as if the dumbing down of society had led to a paucity of knowledge, the rise of various denominations within branches of the Christian faith, plus a belief in a wealth of superstitious rites, led to a fear and resentment of the “otherness” of the Jew, and caused many anti-Semitic edicts and actions perpetrated against the Jewish people. This included the ban of certain practices, such as Kosher slaughter and circumcision.


Upon occasion, these same discriminatory rulings against the Jewish people and their religious practice finds implementation amongst various of the world’s countries, in Europe, and elsewhere. These became the rule of the land in olden days — but, they have a chance of being struck down for their obvious discrimination in more modern times.


According to a recent article in The Jewish Press, the following countries have a ban on the practice of Kosher slaughter: Denmark, Switzerland and New Zealand. Coming up for a parliamentary vote in the Flemish province of Belgium is a law to compel only the electric stunning of animals before slaughter, which is a practice contrary to Kosher law. Further countries, including Poland, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden were also on the list banning Kashrut slaughter, back in 2011, but some have since seen that it represents Jewish discrimination and have since remanded their ruling.


Jewish law compels the slaughter of animals to be done with the least amount of pain inflicted upon the animal as possible. For this reason, a very sharp blade is used. Other specific practices are also completed, such as the draining of all blood from the animal, as it is forbidden by Jewish law to consume the blood, for the blood is life.


Throughout the Torah, there are many stipulations placed on humans to be kind in their dominion over the animals: to yoke them equally; to keep them unmuzzled while they work, in order for them to be able to eat; to feed them before your own meal is eaten, etc. These all form part of the basis for how the laws relate to each other and within the categories relating to the treatment of animals.


Having followed these laws for several thousand years already, and seeing the practice of pre-stunning the animals in modern times, which often is a tragic and painful failure, it has been the position from our religious standpoint that the Jewish method is the most humane way to slaughter an animal for food, if one is going to slaughter an animal, at all.


Animal rights activists, without fully always knowing what Kosher practice actually entails, disagree. Placing themselves in the Leftist camp, which tends to be funded by people such as George Soros or Arab-supportive groups of the like which side often with terrorist sympathies, their real agenda is anti-Semitic, couched in a veneer of pretence for the animals — even though stunning the animals has been shown to often result in horrid pain for the animals.


I think it’s just another way to boycott the Jews. I just thought you might like to be aware of how these countries stand, in case you’re planning to write any letters to their governments or have any travel or trade purchasing considerations in mind…


Israel, David. “Belgian Province to Ban Kosher Slaughter”. The Jewish Press.com; March 31, 2017:



Antebi, David. “What is the Shchita (Kosher Slaughter)?”. Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism (isca-org.com); October 4, 2015:



Updates / Additional Reading:

Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “Marine Le Pen Announces She Would Ban Kosher Slaughter in France”. Breaking Israel News.com; April 26, 2017:



JNS.org, via Breaking Israel News.com. “France’s Le Pen Will Force Jews to Renounce Israeli Citizenship if Elected”; February 12, 2017:



Update (September 28, 2019):

Keidar, Nitsan. “Belgian ban on kosher slaughter goes into effect”. israelnationalnews.com; September 1, 2019:





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Tiles of the Temple Found


As a child and throughout the all-important developmental years of my youth, I was fortunate to be raised by hard-working parents who struggled to afford me the privileges of providing cultural opportunities to enrich my growth.


I attended day camp and summer camp, and had occasional treats of museum or aquarium visits, the Nutcracker suite ballet (back when it was the real, visiting Russian Moscow ballet, to whom nobody has ever held a candle to, to this day), and ice shows. There were piano-, ice-skating and tennis lessons (skiing I had to pay for myself).


These are important things, which I think that many of today’s families just don’t bother undertaking with their children. I spent many after-school days at my friend’s house, and she was also a fixture at ours, accompanying my mother and I to an occasional outing. My favorites usually involved trips to the museum. I particularly took a shine to the polished gemstones for purchase for between $1.00-to-$3.00 in the museum’s gift shop, as did my friend, and I had a small collection of a few good rocks: micah, pyrite, and others.


I was also really enraptured of the Egyptian artifact collections, as well as the heiroglyphic and ancient writing systems of the ancient Middle Eastern cultures, spending some time in youthful pursuit, which is to say, not so seriously, unfortunately, in trying to learn some of these systems. Odd how it was that when my friend and I concocted our own secret alphabet code, we happened to have used some of the same symbols formulated by the ancients of old. I believe there must be some type of universal symbol usage, or perhaps more narrowly Middle Eastern, that perpetuates in ancient memories of the mind. I bet that if today’s coded kids’ alphabets were studied, they’d find the same symbols still in effect (add this to my Crazy Theory subset: #2, if I remember to do so).


I never extrapolated my love in my youth for the Egyptian archaeological finds early enough to realize that it could be a field of study for me, applied to Israeli/Jewish culture. Most study of archaeology in its beginnings were conducted mostly under the auspices of societies/Foundations/schools studying Egyptian, Assyrian and Hittite culture. Jews were excluded from among such groups due to anti-Semitism, and via the fact that they weren’t allowed entrance in such a capacity to those other Middle Eastern countries, anyways. Israel was still being referred to by the old designation of “Palestine”, in any case, as well.


In really recent times, though, I was briefly able to realize this great honor in studying Israeli archaeology via the Israeli Ministry of Tourism acceptance of me into its program of licensure to be a tour guide. In a participating academic program I enrolled in (I was unable to complete the full course of certification, due to personal circumstances I let get in the way), my course studies took me on field trips accessible only to archaeologists behind locked gates and other areas way beyond that which even the scope of a tourist trip could reveal. It was incredible.


One day I was watching t.v. with my mother about Israel and its sites, and there was one of my classmates, described as an expert, leading a televised tour of a particular ancient site, and I excitedly pointed him out to my mother.


Israel’s top archaeologists were my classroom and field guide teachers. One spoke of his Yemeni wife and related tales of his visit with the Princess of Bhutan, as he led us up mountains and past old water drainage systems cut into the hillsides. Another, whom I really related to and admired immensely, is one of Israel’s leading archaeologists. Dr. Gabriel Barkay is the archaeologist whose excavations uncovered the oldest found Biblical text, incised in proto-Hebraic script onto two silver scrolls: that of the Aharonic Blessing (one of my favorites) of Numbers 6:24-26 and the other of Deuteronomy 7:9, dating to approximately the 7th Century BCE, according to information I found at the Israel Tour Guide / Israel Tours blogsite of Shmuel Browns (read his article, below).


Prior to the beginning of my educational training, I participated briefly in a project known as the Temple Mount Sifting Project, where dirt which had been removed during illegal Arab construction and excavation on the Temple Mount was being sifted and combed through for any archaeological artifacts it might yield. While I did not find anything….


Stone tiles matching the new Roman foot measurement of 29.6 cm used by Herod such as at his other palaces, like Masada, Jericho, and Herodion, of flooring installed in the inlaid opus sectile, or “cut work” style, unknown in Israel prior to Herod’s time, have since been found of imported marble and stone from Rome, Asia Minor, Tunisia and Egypt.


King Herod was responsible for many great building projects throughout Israel under vasselage of the Roman Empire. The tiles dating to this time confirm the Jewish Temple having been built then (37-4 BCE, according to the information found at Breaking Israel News), and there. Other contemporaneous sources during Temple period times comes from the historian Flavius Josephus, in his First Century book, “The Jewish Wars”, who writes of the courtyard of the Jewish Temple being paved with multicolored stone, as well as Talmudic literature speaking of colors of green, blue and white. More than 100 of the 600 tiles found date to this period.


The timing couldn’t have been a better counterpoint to 9-11 this year (as well as BDS, EU labeling, UNESCO declaration of the Temple Mount being solely holy to our sworn enemies, etc…).


G-d sure does have a great sense of humor, doesn’t He?


See the archaeological evidence at Breaking Israel News (scroll through entire article to see the different geometrical patterns posited in reconstruction and refurbishment, about halfway down the page) at: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/75233/first-time-ever-undeniable-evidence-jewish-temple-discovered-photos/


Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “For First Time Ever, Archaeological Evidence Proves Jewish Temple Stood On Temple Mount [PHOTOS]”. Breaking Israel News.com; September 6, 2016: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/75233/first-time-ever-undeniable-evidence-jewish-temple-discovered-photos/


Browns, Shmuel. “Ketef Hinnom Silver Amulets”. Israel Tour Guide / Israel Tours; March 16, 2011: https://israel-tourguide.info/2011/0316/ketef-hinnom-silver-amulet/


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World Refugee Day

You may not know this, because it was a long time ago and its happenstances were thrust upon a minority people representing probably less than 1/2 of 1% of the population, at the time.

The days were the austere periods of war enveloping the efforts of the United States, and, indeed, those of the rest of the world, in the battle for the nations’ places upon the world stage. In each nation, there were those who contributed actively to their battles, and citizenry who still tried to go about some semblance of normality, attempting to live their daily lives as if there were no war on.

The wars’ effects were felt, though, in all strata of society, regardless of participation level. Resources were rationed, manufacturing facilities were retrofitted toward war industry production, and patriotic men signed up to pledge their skills and determination to aid their country in this war effort.

Women civilians were tasked in voluntary roles to assist in previously male-dominated employment, now that the men had left the workforce to join the fighting forces. Suddenly, the stenography skills of the secretary were utilized in the war rooms, and the homemaker found yet further work as airplane riveters and Red Cross nurses, tending to the men and non-combat duties which propel the effort forward, nevertheless. There was no glory, not much pay, no war medals for these roles.

Yet, without these individuals, the war would have been lost.

I’m not sure, today, whether we know what the mindset was among the fighters in this war. We could ask, but most don’t like to tell. It was only seven, eight decades back, and there are still a few citizens left from that time who we could approach…

Thankfully, now, some are beginning to open up. We learn that war is not really glory, but a messy battle where friends are killed, families are torn apart, lives are forever altered. Yet, I think in those times that the people realized that it was a necessary sacrifice to fight for the ideals of what the country represents, so that others cannot impose their tyrannies over us. As much as it would be nice to ignore battles occuring elsewhere, it’s important to step-in to preempt, or at least, to meet, the enemy when they come a-calling.

At first, the United States held back in joining the battles raging in Europe during World War II. It was most unfortunate for the Jews, who were targetted by Germany for extermination. The roads of escape were narrowed, and those that could flee tried to do so through as many modes they could find: smuggled through borders, rail-lines, passenger ships.

The United States, as well as various other countries, maintained quotas of the numbers of people they would admit from each nation into the country, and also had a total maximum amount which were pre-determined to be allowed to enter. These amounts could be waived, essentially, if desired — and often, countries would do so for humanitarian purposes, etc.

But, for the Jewish people, the rules were enforced; worse yet, they were often changed, and not in a manner biased toward their favor. Administrations, like the British one, entrusted to administer the Mandate for Palestine when the Turkish Ottoman Empire lost the war, and, therefore, their territories (which included “Palestine”, at that time), illegally ceded land from the Jews to the Arabs. This included trans-Jordan, some small areas of land along the eastern side of the Jordan river, as well as the rest of what is, today, now called Jordan.

This land was recognized as belonging to the Jews based on factual historicity, and not based on suffrance (meaning just based on the events of the Holocaust, and other such notions). Its rule was recognized as Jewish in the decree issued by the overseeing adminstrator of the territories by the English; again, the Turks had lost this war.

The 1917 Balfour Declaration recognizes these rights of the Jewish people over the land — including on both the eastern and western sides of the Jordan river. It also reminds of the humanitarian aspect of rulership in not prejudicing rights of other people present in the area.

The Jewish people are well aware of this — in fact, are rather instrumental in bringing judicial matters and notions into the world, from the tablets of the Ten Commandments, to the Torah and its 613 mitzvot, both positive and negative, as well as other ideas regarding humanitarian principles. Even the etymology of the English word pertaining to matters of law, such as “judge”, and “judicial” are derived from the land, tribe and religion of “Judah” and “Judaism” (I can hear the grinding of Israel-haters gnashing their teeth now).

Yet, despite what the government position recognized and upheld to be Jewish property, many of the foot soldiers in the English operation were anti-Semitic, and constantly undermined the facilitation of Jewish immigration to Israel (Palestine). There were still some Arab “fellaheen” living on the land of Israel/Palestine, peasants who would tend small plots for absentee Turkish “effendis”. The situation under this arrangement worked out worse and worse for the poor Arab farmer, who became basically an indentured serf beholden to their overlords via crushing taxation and tributary-like payments in this sortof sub-letting arrangement.

The effendis were so far away to even bother with the oversight of any plot of land in Israel/Palestine, and it became, under Turkish rule, such a wasteland of neglect, that many Arabs just abandoned the land altogether. That is the reason for so many reports of outside travellers visiting this supposed “Garden of Eden” and “land of milk and honey” and finding it to instead be a malarial, overgrown area devoid of many people and pretext toward any civilization. The words of Mark Twain, and many others, attest to its reality.

The Jews always lived there, since their settling in the land called Canaan, for many thousands of years, even in dwindling amounts. Its populations rose and fell. Those that had been driven away always thought of return, although it was a much more difficult endeavor in the days preceding freedom of movement, mechanical transport, vast fortunes, and even the ideology to consider travel a non-event, as we do today. There was disease without vaccination, piracy during sea voyage, robbery via land-passage (especially in Mid-East areas of the world).

But, come, we did — or at least tried to. Away from our oppressive abodes of exile and back to our lands. Some of us still have the “Galut” (“Exile”) mentality — more a matter of realizing that we have reached a point of being able to physically possess the means — the money, the ease of travel, etc. — that would allow us to pick ourselves up and transport our families’ lives back to the “Promised Land”, where we belong.

It isn’t so easy. We were still discriminated against in society, barred from beaches, universities, clubs, schools and other places where citizens dwell. A few Jewish people began to become successful, developing their own contributions outside of the society from which they had been barred. The film industry is a notable example, with Jewish people pioneering an entire industry.

Jewish people developed their own businesses and slowly worked their way toward achieving more commercial and personal success. Eventually, there were quite a number of established people of Jewish origin; but, that certainly didn’t encompass all. In time, it became almost like competitive sport — a “keeping up with the Joneses” phenomenon, where appearance was more important than reality, in the community. It is unfortunate that this development briefly occurred, but there are some still afflicted by the lingering mindset.

I recently thought that more Jewish people who could possibly make “Aliyah” by moving to Israel were stubbornly stuck in the comfort of the “fleshpots of Egypt”, alluding to the ease of life to which the Jews had attained in Egypt, under the reign of second-to-the-Pharoah, our own Israeli Joseph, prior to the successive Pharaonic dynasties which eventually grew to forget the contributions of Joseph toward saving their society, to the final disdain amongst the citizenry for the now-perceived successful “others” in their midst as non-native foreigners competing for jobs and resources.

I realized, after that initial thought, that I was wrong for thinking that Jews were all willfully ignoring the call to return to Israel. Somebody else came up with the same thought, and even wrote an article about it, declaring that Jewish people living in the Diaspora are actively boycotting Israel by not living there, in a surely worse-conceived notion than the actual Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions (BDS) discrimination being carried out by the world against the Jews right now actually is. I realized that, while there might be some truth in it, for those who truly have the resources to do so, but won’t; there are still many of us who are actually quite poor and can’t. We don’t fit the stereotypical profile of being independently wealthy, as so many are apt to think. So, please — return your pointing finger back to its holster.

I was glad to volunteer the practical equivalent of a basic-training regimen, on my own dime (and, unfortunately, extended into my families’, due to unexpected costs) with the duties of a non-combat Jewish “soldier” (not technically; just a civilian volunteer) linked, by volunteer work, to a Jewish Army somewhere on Jewish land in Israel, so that my brethren could take a much-needed break and come to the relative safety of the U.S. instead of having to always save our collective heinies against constant murderous assault from middle-east Arab maniacs bent on our destruction. I agree — my almost nine-months’ does not a lifetime make — but, it is enough time to create life. Never mind all the pocket money collectively spent by the volunteers purchasing much needed things they were always short of supply in. If you think Israel receives top-drawer funds and supplies, you’d be surprised. Loan guarantees are still loans, which must be paid back. The stuff ain’t all free, like you think. Korean war-era castoffs, etc. don’t necessarily advance the Israeli Army to number one. Our determination, brain power, inventiveness and G-d, do.

Jews were fired upon and turned back from most of the lands their boats approached during flight from the Nazi horrors preceding, during, and following World War II. My Jewish families’ efforts as active military meant nothing in the lack of extending refugee asylum to the Jews leaving persecution in Europe during that era. The same attitude was served to the Jews as they reached Palestine; the English administrators did not facilitate entry into the land recognized as ours: we were turned away, imprisoned in barracks or sent to internment camps on the island of Cyprus; or turned away completely — contrary to their own British government’s Mandate. The remaining Arabs, or those recently taking up residence in the land, had caused enough chaos with constant killings and attacks to cow the English to submissive subserviance, kowtowing to their demands and limiting Jewish immigration, against the directive to do otherwise.

The Jews were betrayed — and it wouldn’t be our first time to know such treatment. Indeed, we know the precious price of freedom and how it feels to be persecuted for being born a Jew. We could never be more grateful to G-d for being born, as such. We are cognizant of everything that entails what it means to know nationhood, peoplehood and freedom. We champion it, everyday. For those who would accuse us otherwise, you have yet much to learn.

On World Refugee Day, today, you may view, on-demand, the ceremony of induction and the Oath of Allegiance of refugees and asylum-seekers and new citizens to the United States via the streaming site of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum at 2:00 E.D.T. (sorry my article surpassed that time frame; guess I had alot to say). I feel honored that Emma Lazarus received the privilege to pen the words upon the sentry statue of welcome to the harbors of the United States at Ellis Island, where many Jewish people came to shore and reached safety.

USHMM: https://www.ushmm.org/watch


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Yom HaShoah 2016


Yom HaShoah 2016 (Randyjw; May 4, 2016)


Did you know that today (yesterday and today, due to the Jewish day running from nightfall to start of same) was Yom HaShoah? Neither did I. Unless you read the Jewish newspapers today/yesterday, you would likely have missed the fact that today/yesterday marks the Israeli commemoration of a day to honor the six million Jewish lives taken in The Holocaust. There was even no run-up in the Jewish internet series I usually subscribe to, unless I was just not paying attention very well. Could be; I’ll admit to that character fault… I also have been well-drawn, at this particular point in time, to some personal matters taking away from other issues needing my concentration.


Therefore, I find it rather dismaying to sort-of learn, off-handedly, and rather late in the day, that today is a rather serious day given over to thinking about the Jewish people who were killed for being Jewish, and for remembering those individuals. Six million of us.


Since the world doesn’t seem to want to remember us, or this event that they partook in to make it happen so that six million of us would be killed, we have to undertake the remembrance of these Jewish lives and commemorate its victims ourselves.


In a Google search from my phone, prior to writing this article, I found 175 articles on the subject. Seems pretty impressive, until scrolling through nine pages I count only the following among the sources which may, or may not be, written by a source that does not come from a specifically Jewish publication: 18 sources. That leaves 157 other Jewish-sourced bases that did report on it.


Even in trying to forget, they cannot escape the implications of their actions in the higher realms; for you see, the number 18, in Jewish significance, is related to the meaning for “Life”. Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is ascribed a numerical equivalent. The numerical equivalent for the word, “Chai”, which means “Life”, is eighteen.


The eighteen sources, which honors the Jewish victims include: Times of India, Montreal Gazette, The Suburban Newspaper, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Ottawa Citizen, Breitbart, Cincinnati.com, Fox61 New Haven, New York Daily News, metro.co.uk, ABC News, Miami Herald, NY Blueprint, Allentown Morning Call, The Albany Herald, Canada Newswire (press release), USA Today, and whitehouse.gov. Actually, I forgot to add two from a quick, previous search: Xinhua.net and scoop.co.nz.


Regardless, what this displays is a very limited response to a major issue, with deeply-felt ramifications, especially in today’s extremely hostile, anti-Semitic environment. Is there much that has changed since the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s? Sadly, the latest news round-ups prove that things mostly remain the same.


The world body in charge of identifying and preserving heritage sites from around the world, UNESCO, has declared that most Jewish sites, even those with strict Jewish reference in the Old Testament, like Joseph’s Tomb and Rachel’s Tomb (my namesake), like the tombs of our Patriarchical Fathers (the Cave of the Patriarchs, purchased for four hundred shekels, I believe it was, from Chet’s children), and the Temple Mount, are now considered Arab heritage sites. What!? UNESCO is part of the United Nations.


Another cooperative governing body, the European Union, consisting of all countries who signed on to be participating members, arbitrarily imposed labelling requirements on items emanating from Israel’s heartland, Judaea/Samaria. Not only are these erroneously referred to as non-Israeli land, but there is no related restrictions imposed upon any other nation which could be deemed as controversial “conflict areas”; only the Jewish nation is given this double-standard requirement.


The United Nations, because it consists of so many Muslim nations, as well as those classically-engaged in committing officially ignored acts of anti-Semitic crimes, has continually singled out Israel, the only democratic Middle East nation, despite the humanitarian horrors perpetrated upon Islamic citizens and the declared Jihadist intent to kill Jews declared in the Muslim world by those countries which surround Israel and who declare it their enemy.


It is the Islamic ideology which breeds Jew-hatred. It might not be always taught as such, and it might not always manifest individually, as such; but the broad-brushed application has always been ingrained as part of the culture. When the Koran implores its readers, stated by name as Muslims, to come and kill the Jews who are hiding behind the rocks and the trees (who will betray the Jews by crying out to the Muslims that the Jew is there; except for the gharkad tree, which is supposedly Jewish, and wouldn’t do such things), then it doesn’t really matter which sect of Islam the murderous wannabe belongs to: equal opportunity is extended to all. Sunni, Shia, Wahhabi, Salafi — all. DAESH, PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, ISIS, PFLP… 9/11, 07/07; Munich Olympics/Entebbe, Benghazi, Charlie Hebdo/HyperCacher.


The sentiment is portable and is carried out by individuals who do not want a different world view, other than Islam, to prevail upon the earth. Therefore, they feel justified to treat the other as substrate humans below their own class, at best, or they will attack the non-Muslim for being impure infidels. Lone wolf attackers don’t need to be radicalized; the words are already such. It’s just whether they will act on them, or not.


There are plenty of calls to attack others in the Old Testament. While we may have, indeed, done that, thousands of years ago (from which groups none today can claim descent), we do not do so today. We value life and want others to do so, as well; we don’t go around murdering people wholesale.


Meanwhile, this ideology is being carried out in Jewish communities across the United States. I bet you didn’t hear of this, either. A bomb threat was called in against a Jewish Community Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, home to a Jewish Day School for children; something was heard about Detroit; and the FBI caught a man in a sting, attempting to bomb a Jewish synagogue in Florida during holiday prayers this past Passover (last week, or so). Another two individuals in on the plot (TI) and (BH), according to the special agent complaint, do not seem to have been arrested, it appears. Why? Wouldn’t they be accomplices, even if they did not participate in the actual attempt, itself? Do they get to try again, then, at a later date?


In taking to task some companies which have a long-held bias against the Jews, efforts seem to finally be going somewhere, after decades, and even, in some cases, hundreds of years. Regarding Arab boycotts of Jewish businesses, to which American companies acquiesced (we know about them, still), some are having a boomerang effect and bouncing back at them. Arabs involved in planes have long denied Jewish passage — it even extends to air-hijackings, where Jewish passengers are singled out to be held and shot, where others are let off the planes. Airlines would not allow Jews/Israelis to fly. Arabs denied business to anybody engaged in doing business with the Jews. The U.S. Department of Transportation finally took a stand and ordered Kuwait Airlines to enable Israeli passengers to purchase airline tickets on their airline. A Jew had to bring suit, apparently, for this to occur, it seems. Rather than do so, Kuwait ended their New York-London air route!


Michelin, the restaurant-rating company, has never published an Israeli guide. They give a business-related excuse, but we’ve followed their attitude for years. We know where they stand.


So, this was the news as some of it was relayed to me, via honestreporting.com and its round-up of various sources, in my email inbox lately. The Jews are being targetted, and nobody has time to even bother.


Read further:

Knake, Lindsay. “Jewish Center, School in Ann Arbor Receives Bomb Threat.” Mlive.com, May 2, 2016: http://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/index.ssf/2016/05/jewish_center_in_ann_arbor_rec.html


AP and Times of Israel Staff. “Jewish Leader Calls on Michelin to Rank Israeli Eats”; Times of Israel.com, May 3, 2016: http://www.timesofisrael.com/jewish-leader-calls-on-michelin-to-rank-israeli-eats/


Dvorin, Tova. “Report: FBI Stopped Attack on Jewish Center Near Miami”; Arutz Sheva7/Israel National News.com, May 2, 2016: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/211621


Weaver, Jay. “Plot to Blow Up Aventura Synagogue Ends with Man’s Arrest”; Miami Herald, May 2, 2016: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/aventura/article75089722.html


Jansen, Bart. “Kuwait Airways Drops NYC-London Route”; USA Today, December 15, 2015: http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/2015/12/15/kuwait-airways-drops-nyc-london-route/77370416/


Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “Christian Leader Calls for Christians to Protest UN Temple Mount Resolution as ‘Worse Than Holocaust Denial'”; Breaking Israel News, May 6, 2016: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/67132/christian-leader-calls-christians-protest-un-temple-mount-resolution-worse-holocaust/


Countering Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions Actions Against Israel in Congress:

Balofsky, Ahuva. “Illinois First State to Expose Companies Banned for BDS Support”; Breaking Israel News.com, March 21, 2016: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/64038/illinois-first-state-to-expose-companies-banned-for-bds-support-judea-samaria/


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Lazer Focus


Lazer Focus (Randyjw; April 30, 2016)


We often find our highest forms of expression in music. Bridging language barriers, it spans the divide to reach into our souls and to bring forward our humanity.


For years, music lyrics were often the first means used to broadcast the cultural mores represented within our society — the ones which our youths would most often like to see changed!


So, “message music” became a popular way to start a popular movement of the masses in protest of the ways society was presently operating. Folk music of the 1960’s and 1970’s expressed a subset of society’s displeasure of our war efforts in VietNam and toward authority, in general. Because radio reached a broad audience, the influence of mass communication became palpable, though often overstated (Many people still don’t realize that the “loud” voice that the mass media displays neither makes it, necessarily, the popular, nor the majority, opinion).


In any case, the modes and methods of the message delivery system may have changed, but the basic precept is still there, and always will be. People need to be heard. They need to feel that they are important, and that their opinions matter. They are the clarion call to wake us up to our mistakes and to correct our actions, before it becomes too late.


One such man, with important things to say, is Lazer Lloyd. He is a blues musician with a prescient message, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum. His latest release, “America”, puts together all the shortfalls we could express about this great nation, while still acknowledging that this is a good land, overall. The beauty in the fretwork, and the wording of the sentiments, express what I would’ve also brought up in past wrongs America has committed. On a personal level, to those we’ve hurt, or to those I might have hurt, as well, I would add, “I’m sorry”. This song was touching and I have to admit that I cried while listening to it. Please visit YouTube and click the black arrow in the white portion of the YouTube song identification area to see the lyrics while viewing the song video.


“The Bomb Shelter Blues” addresses the realities of being expected to live under the insane conditions imposed upon us in Israel, while others who have the power to stop and change this warring against us hypocritically do nothing and, instead, condemn those upon whom the bombs and rockets fall. I particularly like the message revealed when you click the black YouTube arrow at YouTube.


Giving away the surprise, “Back Porch” feels like a really great Indian-style instrumental piece, but simple lyrics about serving G-d find their way between the meditational meanderings of the acoustic arrangement. I really like this piece.


“Eye of the Storm” is a really good “L-rd Have Mercy” plaint, plain and simple. Hear the sample, below.


“New Year’s Blues (Tears For Dikla)” is a really mellow, really wonderful blues tune to chill out to. I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s on YouTube, for those who don’t have Facebook.


Here social justice in action via the Jewish voice (our concept of repairing the world, in Hebrew, called “tikkun olam” and via righteous works, called “tzedakah”, or “charity”, is prevalent as a precept in our traditions). Here a sampling of this in a YouTube link to Lazer Lloyd’s “Eye of the Storm”:


Eye of the Storm:



“Lazer Lloyd”, the album by Lazer Lloyd, was the Number Three Blues-Rock Album of 2015 (RMR). He also had the number two Blues-Rock song and the number six Blues-Rock song for the year, as well. His song, “New Years Blues (Tears For Dikla)” received over 3.1 million views on Facebook, was shared more than 33,000 times, and generated more than 14,000 comments.


Lazer Lloyd is now on tour. See his official website to verify dates, times, locations, updates and additions to the touring schedule – Go to: (http://lazerlloyd.com/)



Erie – 04/30/2016 – Erie Harley/9:30

New York:

Buffalo – 05/01/2016 – DHU Strand Theater/7:30


New Lima – 05/02/2016 – RSVP for Location/6:00

Columbus – 06/01/2016 – Woodlands Tavern/7:30


Decatur – 05/22/2016 – Pop’s Place/3:00 – 6:00

Springfield – 05/23/2016 – Alamo/8:00

Kankakee – 05/24/2016 – Moose Hall/8:00

Chicago – 05/26/2016 – Buddy Guy’s Legends/9:00

Berwyn – 05/29/2016 – Fitzgerald’s/9:00


Griffith – 05/25/2016 – Wildrose Brewing Co./7:00


Silver Lake – 05/28/2016 – Benders/9:45


Petoskey – 05/30/2016 – Crooked Tree


Grand Rapids – 05/31/2016 – Open Source Studios/7:30


Indianapolis – 06/02/2016 – Slippery Noodle/8:30


St. Louis – 06/04/2016 – Beale on Broadway/10:30

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Yiddish Folksongs: Orchestra of the Jewish Theatre Bucharest (CD)


Yiddish Folksongs: Orchestra of the Jewish Theatre Bucharest (CD)


Conductor: Chajim Schwartzmann; International Passport; Laserlight Digital 15 185. (p) 1990 Delta Music Inc., Los Angeles, CA, 90064. © 2002 Delta Entertainment Corporation; 1663 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90025. Laserlight Digital is a registered trademark of Delta Entertainment Corporation. According to Wikipedia.org (accessed April 11, 2016), the company filed for a reorganization under Chapter 11, and decided by mid-2008 upon liquidation, including the sale of 170 music licenses. The dust jacket website for Delta Entertainment didn’t come up in my search, but, instead, I found this very interesting website from the digital library at the University of Pennsylvania, listing extensive notes corresponding to the album and CD, including transliterations of the Yiddish, and other unique information:



Wow, does this take one to another era. It’s a good thing, too, because nobody’s culture should be systematically eliminated, as the Germans tried to do to the Jews by barring their participation in the arts in Germany during various phases in their history, but especially during the Nazi regime, leading to the murder of six million Jews.


Each song represents the European settlement period following our expulsion from Spain, ordered by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1492. Heading East across Europe, we settled mainly in the areas of Germany and Poland (Russia would do the same, transferring us to a slim area of its territory called the Pale of Settlement, essentially the first Jewish ghetto).


Generally blessed with a sardonic sense of humor and optimism, we infused our song during this period with appropriate emotion reflective of our inner drive to rise above our situations. And yes, despite the worst, we have.


  1. A Ngindl (2:49) – female
  2. Gei ich mir spazim (1:48) – female
  3. Leig ich mir mein kepale (3:05) – female
  4. Iamce ram ciam (1:35) – man / Really good
  5. Di Mame is gegangn (2:27) – female
  6. Inter a klein Beimale – male
  7. Di Warnicikes – female / I hear something about “schmaltz” (fat) in this
  8. Ein mul ti ich si banaien (2:42) – male
  9. Lomir singen ciri bim, ciri bom (2:43) – male and female
  10. Wus dergeisti mir di lurn (3:22) – male and female
  11. Oi Awram (1:16) – female
  12. Di Mame kocht Warenikes (1:43) – male
  13. Mamaniu, liubeniu (3:53) – female / The best “Oy!” at the end
  14. Mit a Nudl un a Nudl (2:17) – male
  15. Asoj wie-s is bitter (2:40) – female
  16. Bin ich mir a Schneiderl (1:25) – male / Good representation of humor and emotion, like Italian
  17. Meheteineste meine (2:29) – female
  18. Wus-je wilsti? (2:13) – male and female



1, 7: Rochele Schapira

2, 3, 5: Nuscha Grupp-Stoian

11, 13, 17: Leonie Waldmann-Eliad

4, 14: Dorian Livianu

6, 9, 10, 18: Bebe Bercovici

8, 12, 16: Carol Marcovici

9, 10, 15, 18: Trici Abramovici


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Shalom Aleichem: Peace Be Unto You

Shalom Aleichem:

Peace Be Unto You






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“…And All Its Paths Are Peace”


“Its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace”.


These words describe the Torah, the five books of Moses, which encompass the L-rd’s laws given to the Jews from the mountain in the midst of the wilderness. The books set forth the ten commandments as inscribed by the finger of G-d, as well as the Oral Laws, which were written to preserve eternal knowledge.


They encompass a major body of work setting down the history of the Jewish people and their lineage; their chronology throughout the reign from family patriarchs, to the growing body split into tribes; side forays where they were ruled by others; returned rule to judgeship and prophets; succeeding, eventually, to kings in their successions.


Dispersion brought us out of the land G-d gave to us and thrust us to the four corners of the earth, with promises for our eventual in-gathering and return. The gathering of the Exiles has been happening ever since, but has been most noteworthy in the past century, with the accelerated rate of our return to Israel and the acknowledgment of its occurence as witnessed by the rest of the world.


King Saul was the first-named Jewish king. He was followed by King David, the shepherd boy from Bethlehem (our favorite); after which David’s son, Solomon (Shlomo), reigned. It was Solomon who is credited the collection of wise sayings found in the pages known as Proverbs, included as part of the Jewish Bible.


This proverb (Proverbs/3:17) affirms that the word of G-d contains within it the proper path in which the Jewish people are to follow in order that their lives will reach their happiest fulfillment with length of days. Our prayers maintain that these Laws and these ways should be always on our mind, as if we were wearing blinders to block out other distractions and to give our full-fledged focus to this task.


The premise is a repeated one throughout the entirety of the Bible. It features in the many stories of the enemies who have come up against the Jews, and had been either defeated, or victorious, relevant to how closely the Jews had acted in accord with G-d’s commands. If the Jews had followed G-d’s accords closely, they were treated favorably by G-d and were blessed. If they had fallen to worship of strange mannerism and custom not relayed as appropriate for them by G-d, then they were sorely punished and often met their downfall.


I have seen this directly in my own life. If I look back, I see how I have not been hewing to the ways established for me, and my life has suffered. As much as you put into it, is how much you will get from it. What you reap is what you have sown — both in the positive sense, and in the negative sense.


It is for this reason that I’m thinking that perhaps Israel ought to consider becoming a theocracy, as it once was. It was during those times, at least when the ruling kings of Israel were pious and listened to their Prophets, that Israel was a great and admired nation, with extensive land holdings in the Middle East, as well as great wealth. Our ports were humming with trade from nations far and wide, and Israel was a respected and feared nation.


King Solomon, David’s son, was a wise and great man. In addition to the book of Proverbs left as one of his legacies, he built the First Temple of G-d in Jerusalem. Our leaders in those days had great relations with other regional leaders, such as those of Tyre and Sidon. Other civilizations were more than happy to send their best craftsmen to work building Israel’s important edifices or other structures. It is still the case today where Israel has better employment opportunities than can be found in the vicinity of other places within the Middle East, but the respect and willingness to deal with Israel as it exists, nowadays, has all but evaporated.


Let us remember that our Bible stories were accurate depictions of the times and attitudes that reigned in those days. If we were to apply the same fortitude to living with the paths set before us today, as we had so long ago, then we might be able to see clear to being that light unto the nations that our nation deservedly needs to be.


We don’t need to return to the monarchy just yet, if at all. I do vaguely remember there being some consternation in the religious line to G-d, which frowned somewhat at our freewill choice to become like other nations by ruling as they did — with a man over us, rather than by directly by G-d. However, once the decision was made, G-d kindof got on board in trying to help us find those worthy enough to reign.


Israel presently runs on two separate systems: a Democratic Parliament, which is entirely secular, and via a consortium of religious bodies running in the background handling religious needs. One would hardly know the religious entity exists. Perhaps we could bring that to the fore. Perhaps Israel could be a religious country again, and just be a theocratic Democracy — meaning that positions would still be voted for, and elections would still be run, but just under the banner of Judaism. We could make Judaism king again.


That would help put to rest any gainsay regarding the direction toward which the naysayers and detractors think the country ought to be headed. It would remain Jewish, as it has been for millenia (with exceptions) and as it was recognized to be, yet still, as a Jewish national home, as per the Balfour Declaration of 1917.


In our Democratic fashion, we could still take a vote on whether Israel should become a theocratic Democracy. It could still retain the Parliamentary style rule that it has been using for decades, if it finds this preferential. So, it would be a Democratic Parliamentary theocracy. That would be interesting. It might even be a first. The only thing close I can think of would be the Saudi kingdom, because it is ruled as a theocracy, but it is also run as a monarchy. The problem is that it has become almost a “thuggocracy” due to nepotism, demanding that all relatives of the Saudi family be placed in ruling government positions. Alot of them do rise to the challenge, but not all are entirely meant to be doing what they’re doing. It could also be an open door to corruption, if one lets it.


Seeing as how the United Nations roundly condemns Israel, the single Democracy in the Middle East, yet never takes to task the human rights violations of those other nations surrounding Israel, such as the inequal, second-class status of women, or the staggering amount of violence of the continued wars waged against the Jews and Israel, it would seem utterly appropriate that the United Nations would be pleased to accept Israel as a sister-state in theocracy, given their self-same acceptance of all others.


Doing so would coaelesce the government into a more unified body, and the citizenry would still benefit under the state in its fairly well-established standards of education and economy. They would still be better off than living in many places elsewhere. And as before, the United Nations would have to find this arrangement acceptable where the citizenry is concerned, since they find it acceptable in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Standards must be applied equally, and Israel has been condemned as a democracy by the United Nations and by the world for far too long.


To everything there is a season, a time, and a purpose. Perhaps it is now the time and the season for a change.



Update (July 24, 2018):


And, so it did. Israel just passed in The Knesset a law reiterating and stressing the primal character and nature of the State of Israel as Jewish. While not a theocracy, Israel still retains its democratic character, while making the foundations of the thousands of years of Jewish rule and sovereignty over the area clear to outsiders and enemies, who wish to deligitimize the ancient and continual ties to the Jewish land that has existed for millenia:


Read here for an idea on the Basic Law as propounded, with further analysis:


Gherkin, Paul. “Deciphering the 2018 Basic Law in Israel — the Nation State of the Jewish People”. firstonethrough.wordpress.com; July 23, 2018:





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Harry Belafonte, Miriam Makeba, and Chubby Checker Sing Jewish/Jewish-Themed Songs


I have one post dedicated to Jewish/Israeli song artists called “Shema Yisrael”, and another dedicated to the familiar songs of my youth and upbringing here in America, called “American Culture In Music”.  “American Culture In Music” contains many songs in many languages, reflecting the diversity and melting pot which is America. Jewish songs were a part of my youth, but did not receive as broad a recognition in American culture as the rest of the type of songs represented “American Culture In Music”.


It is interesting to see how individual cultures adapt to their newfound societies, combining their old traditions with the new. It is an educational experience to look at a review, from the future, back to the past, to see how it’s developed, integrated, and been influenced by the melding of different cultures within societies. While many people can probably sing “Havah Nagilah” and many of the tunes written for the film adaptation of Shalom Aleichem’s novel based on the reality of life for the Jews during Russian pogroms against them, via the popular movie musical, “Fiddler On The Roof” (for which I played the part of ‘Hodel’ in a grade school musical presentation), other artists’ renditions of some of these songs deserve a posting set aside and apart from both these lists for the special classifications or designations into which these fall. Two such are those by Harry Belafonte, Miriam Makeba, and Chubby Checker. It shows a blending of cultures in the performances of one through the songs and representative styles of the other.


Here they are singing one of my newest favorite songs, ‘Erev Shel Shoshanim’, and several renditions (live and on studio albums) captured via film and video, or pressed into vinyl, of Harry Belafonte’s versions of: “Havah Nagilah” and “Hineh Mah Tov”. I hope you enjoy their versions of these Jewish songs, and this informational, educational look at cultures of American society through song:


Erev Shel Shoshanim:

Harry Belafonte:



Erev Shel Shoshanim:

Miriam Makeba:



Harry Belafonte:

Hineh Mah Tov (1960; Concert: England):



Harry Belafonte:

Hineh Mah Tov (Album: Return to Carnegie Hall):



Harry Belafonte:




Chubby Checker [Added September 28, 2019]:

Havah Nagilah



Harry Belafonte:

Havah Nagilah (Album: At Carnegie Hall: The Complete Concert):



Harry Belafonte:

Havah Nagilah (Harry Belafonte From Jamaica: Calypso):



Harry Belafonte:

Havah Nagilah (TV: The Danny Kaye Show; with Danny Kaye):



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Purim for Belgium

Purim for Belgium


Purim celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, peace and happiness over terrorism. It is the Jewish story of a tempered decree meant to kill all Jews under the Persian Empire, at that time, supplemented with an additional decree allowing for our self-defense. We were victorious. We celebrate today to commemorate that victory. We stand with you, Belgium, in fighting terror today. We may not be able to celebrate our holiday openly, due to the present security considerations after the recent terror attacks, in Belgium’s public squares as originally planned, but know that we will celebrate privately, in solidarity with you, in private homes and synagogues worldwide. Terror shall not prevail. We stand with you, Belgium!


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Shema Yisrael

Created: Approximately November 24, 2015

Re-posted: March 5, 2016; Continual updates.

Shema, Yisrael are the opening words to one of the most meaningful, and probably one of the most well-known, prayers in Jewish precepts. The English translation of the Hebrew renders “Hear, O Israel”.

Following is an introduction to some wonderful Jewish and/or Israeli artists for you to Hear Israel for yourself. I hope this will open up a new world of the Middle East to you, with the ancient sounds of our various traditions, lands of our dispersion, modern interpretations, and others, as no other education could possibly inform you better than via our cultural heritage and language as expressed through performance. I hope it will give you an enhanced appreciation of Israel and her people through music appreciation, as well as showing you via other avenues. Please enjoy!


Ofra Haza: Ofra’s beautiful voice transcends cultures and ages in pure and timeless wonder. Find her music on: Youtube – Some great songs include: Neshikot BaYam; Im Ninalu; Shecharchoret; Yerushala’im Shel Zahav.

Ofra Haza – Im Ninalu (later version):


Ofra Haza – Yerushala’im Shel Zahav:


Here’s a nice, rhyming transliteration of Yerushala’im Shel Zahav:


Ofra Haza – Im Ninalu (earlier version):


Ofra Haza – Shecharchoret:


Ofra Haza – Neshikot BaYam (static-y intro):


Ofra Haza – Mi Li Yiten:


Ofra Haza – Forgiveness:


Ofra Haza – I Want to Fly:


Ofra Haza – Kaddish (Montreux Jazz Festival):


Ofra Haza – Eli, Eli:


Ofra Haza – Ha’Kotel (The Wailing Wall):


Ofra Haza – Adamah:


Ofra Haza – Kol Ha’Neshama:


Ofra Haza – Shir Ha’Frecha:


Ofra Haza – Love Letter:


Ofra Haza – Chai (1983 Eurovision song contest):


Ofra Haza – Sof Kaitz (Summer’s End):


Ofra Haza – Laila b’Kna’an:


Ofra Haza – Hatzrif HaKatan:


Ofra Haza – Yad Anugah:


Ofra Haza – (can’t read this; Arabic; ‘avi’):


Ofra Haza – A’salk (Montreux Jazz Festival):


Ofra Haza – Shaddai (Montreux Jazz Festival):


Ofra Haza – Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh:


Ofra Haza – Ya Ba Ye


Ofra Haza – You:



Ofir Ben Shitrit: A sweet and beautiful voice. Find her music on: YouTube. Some wonderful songs include: Kiryah Yefeyfiyah, Im Ninalu, and more.

Ofir Ben Shitrit – Kiryah Yefeyfiyah:


Ofir Ben Shitrit –


Ofir Ben Shitrit – (an excerpt on The Voice/Israel):


Ofir Ben Shitrit – Im Ninalu:


Ofir Ben Shitrit – My Favorite Things (Hebrew):


Ofir Ben Shitrit – HaKayitz Ha’Acharon:


Ofir Ben Shitrit, Aviv Geffen and More – Kutzim:


Ofir Ben Shitrit – Katonti:



Dikla Hacmon: Find her music on places including Youtube. Great songs include: Ana Bachoach; Nishba; Harei et Mekudeshet Li; and Va’Eem Tavo’ee Elay.

Dikla Hacmon – Ana Bachoach:


Dikla Hacmon – Nishba:


Dikla Hacmon – Harei et Mekudeshet Li:


Dikla Hacmon – Va’Eem Tavo’ee Elay:



Nana Mouskouri: Internationally acclaimed, unique styling, and diverse range of genres have set Nana Mouskouri as a fan favorite. Find her music on Youtube. Able to sing in multiple languages, some of her best include, with Mike Brant: Erev Shel Shoshanim.

Nana Mouskouri – Erev Shel Shoshanim:



Reb Shlomo Carlebach: Music on YouTube.

Reb Shlomo Carlebach – Kol Nidrei:



Esther Ofarim: Find her music on Youtube. Great songs include: A Taste of Honey; Le Vent et La Jeunesse (French).

Esther Ofarim – A Taste of Honey:


Esther Ofarim – Le Vent Et La Jeunesse (French):



Yasmin Levy: Find her music on YouTube. Great songs include: Nacio En El Amo; Adio Querida; Firuze; Mal de l’Amor; Una Hora En La Ventana.

Yasmin Levy – Naci En El Amo:


Yasmin Levy – Irme Kero:


Yasmin Levy – Ven Kerida Ven Amada:


Yasmin Levy – Keter (Crown):


Yasmin Levy – Adio Querida:


Yasmin Levy – Firuze:


Yasmin Levy – Mal de l’Amor:


Yasmin Levy – Una Hora En La Ventana:


Yasmin Levy and Amir Shahsar – Niña de las Flores:


Yasmin Levy – Madre…


Yasmin Levy – Porque:


Yasminb Levy – Sho’ef K’mo Eved:


Yasmin Levy – La Allegria:

(https://youtu.be/Ry1YjNYu6YY)Yasmin Levy – La Hija…



Rivka Zohar: Meaningful, and beautifully sung, songs. Find her music on YouTube. Great songs include: Mah Avarech.

Rivka Zohar – Mah Avarech:



Hadar Ozeri: Beautiful Psalms and more. Find her music on YouTube. Some of her great songs include: Psalm 121.

Hadar Ozeri – Psalm 121:



Shaylee Atari: I found this beautiful singer through the writer of the song, Ifty Kerzner (via YouTube). Find her music on Youtube. Great songs include: Etzleinu Bagan.

Shaylee Atari – Etzleinu Bagan:



Avaya: I found this beautiful singer on Youtube. Find her music also on Youtube. Great songs include: Hatikvah.

Avaya – Hatikvah:



Shalva Band: So special. Find their music on Youtube. Great songs include Hadelet Tihiyeh P’tuchah, their One Day/Medley song, and Shir Ha’Re’ut.

In sign and song:


Shalva Band / God Bless America:


Shalva Band – Hadelet Tihiyeh P’tuchah:


Shalva Band – One Day / Medley:


Shalva Band – Shir Ha’Re’ut:



Havazelet Ron: A pure and mature voice. Find her music on Youtube. Great songs include: Kiryah Yefeyfiyah, Tiyul Leili (Cholot Midbar), and more.

Havazelet Ron – (This one in German):


Havazelet Ron – Kiryah Yefeyfiyah:


Havazelet Ron – Tiyul Leili (Cholot Midbar):


Havazelet Ron – Haroa Hakatana:



El Banat: Find their music on YouTube. Great songs include: Maksima; Maagalim.

El Banat – Maksima:


El Banat – Maagalim:



Yamma Ensemble: Putting Psalms to music. Find their music on YouTube.



Tamar Bloch: A beautiful singer in many Middle Eastern voices. Find her music on YouTube in these great ensembles and groups: Habibti Ensemble; Zaaluk; Andalucious; El Banat; and more:

Zaaluk – En Casa de mi Padre:


Habibti Ensemble – Baghdad:


Andalucious – Hassebni:



Dudu Fisher: Dudu Fisher was a cantor and is the son of a Holocaust survivor. His father grew up in Poland and was taken into hiding from the Nazis by his best friend’s family, the Kvarchuks. Attending a Dudu Fisher concert is an emotional and moving experience, as these videos attest. Find more of his music on: Youtube. Some of his great songs include (theme song from) Exodus, which was penned by Pat Boone, and these:

Dudu Fisher – (Posting): Kantor’s Tears: Dudu Fisher at Synagogue Krakow:


Dudu Fisher – The Prayer, Les Miserables (Bring Him Home), sung before Pastor John Hagee during the time of his birthday, referencing the four-years’ captivity, to-date at that time, by Hamas of Gilad Shalit:



HaDuda’im V’HaParva’im: Find their music on YouTube. Great songs include: Tsel U’me Be’er:

HaDuda’im V’HaParva’im – Tsel U’me Be’er:



Yaakov Shwekey: Find his music on YouTube. Great songs include: If I Should Forget Thee, O Jerusalem; Shema Yisroel.flv.

Yaakov Shwekey – Shema Yisroel.flv:



See also these nice YouTube compilations of “Im Eshkechek Yerushalayim”:

Yizkerem YouTube Compilation; Yaakov Shwekey – Im Eshkechek Yerushalayim (If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem).

~~shaynky911~~ YouTube Compilation; A Shmuel Borger / Amudai Shaish Production; Im Eshkechek Yerushalayim.


Simcha Leiner: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: “A Musical Masterpiece” with Yedidim Choir; Conducted by Yisroel Lamm:

Simcha Leiner and Yedidim Choir – A Musical Masterpiece:



Shloime Dachs: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Shema Yisrael.

Shloime Dachs – Shema Yisrael:



Mordechai Ben David: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Kumzits 1 / Shiru LaMelech:

Mordechai Ben David – Kumzits 1 / Shiru LaMelech



Idan Amedi: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Mah At Margishah; Sivon; Chelek Mehazman; Ad Sheyaaleh Hayom Habah.

Idan Amedi – Mah At Margishah:


Idan Amedi – Sivon:


Idan Amedia – Chelek Mehazman:


Idan Amedi – Ad Sheyaaleh Hayom Habah:



Neil Diamond: Find his music on YouTube, and Everywhere. Some great songs include: Cracklin’ Rosie and Cherry, Cherry.

Neil Diamond – Cracklin’ Rosie and Cherry, Cherry:



Aviv Geffen and Matti Caspi: Find their music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Mistovev. Update: On March 8, 2016, a knife-wielding Arab terrorist killed visiting Lubbock, Texas student, Taylor Force, in Tel Aviv-Yafo. Breaking free of a gathering crowd, the terrorist headed toward 26-year old Yishay Montgomery, whose father and grandfather are, incidentally, also from Lubbock, Texas. Clumsily, Yishay fell. (Frankly, I believe, an angel watched over his step.) He was able to whack the guitar he had been carrying over the terrorist’s head. The police shot the terrorist further along down the tayelet. (Hartman, Ben. “‘Guitar Hero’ Adjusting to Newfound Fame After Trying to Hinder Jaffa Terrorist”; The Jerusalem Post; March 9, 2016.) The singer in this video, Aviv Geffen, replaced Yishay’s broken guitar. Thank you, Yishay, and thank you, Aviv. You both rock! In addition to ten others injured, Fox news writes a nice article about the slain victim, Taylor Force. Taylor had been an Eagle Scout, a National Honor Society student, a West Point graduate, and came from a long line of military servers in his family. He had served at Fort Hood, as well as having seen deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has seen major terror hotspots by going out and confronting them. Terror felled this fine gentleman, at 28, in Israel, while he was on a school trip with Vanderbilt University (Fox News: “American Murdered in Israel was West Point Grad who Served in Iraq and Afghanistan”; FoxNews.com; March 9, 2016). I don’t know how to thank you for your service, Mr. Force, and family. My gratitude goes beyond words, but… Shalom. Thank you. Rest forever at peace, knowing that you did your best to try to bring peace to the rest of the world. I’m sorry you lost your life to the purpose. Update – December 21, 2018: The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations passed the advancement of the bill on August 3, 2017, and on March 23, 2018, President Trump signed it into law.

Aviv Geffen and Matti Caspi – Mistovev:



Eliad: Find his music o: YouTube. Some great songs include: Siman.

Eliad – Siman:



Maor Edri: Find his music on Youtube. Some great songs include: Kululu.

Maor Edri – Kululu (sound is silent, at first):



Eyal Golan: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Elohai; K’She’At I’to; He Who Believes; Va’Ani Koreh Lach; Al Tamori; Ha’Ahavah Ha’Yeshanah; Bi’Ladai’ich; Kol Ha’Chalomot; Ba’Iri; Bishvilech.

Eyal Golan and Nikos Ortis – K’She’At I’to:


Eyal Golan – Mi Sh’ma’amin:


Eyal Golan – Va’Ani Koreh Lach:


Eyal Golan – Bishvilech:


Eyal Golan/Variant Versions of K’She’At Ito:

Eyal Golan – K’She’At Ito (Studio Version):


Eyal Golan – K’She’At Ito (Music Video Official):


Eyal Golan – Kol Ha’Chalomot (Studio Version):



Moshik Afia – Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Mah Itach; Chalom Matok; Tfos; Shover Sh’tikah; Al Tachil; Holechet Lach BaSheket; Sach HaKol Neshikah; Mekavim; Rega Amitai; Letof Mesuchan; Od SheMatzati; At Ba’Achat.

Moshik Afia – Mah Itach (Music Video Official):


Moshik Afia – Shover Sh’tikah:


Moshik Afia – Al Telchi:


Moshik Afia – Holechet Lach BaSheket:


Moshik Afia – Rega Amitai:


Moshik Afia – Letof Mesuchan:


Moshik Afia – Od SheMatzati:


Moshik Afia – Mah Itach (Studio Version; Same as Concert Version, with Different Picture):



Shlomo Katz: Find his music on Youtube. Some reat songs include: Od Yishama (There Will Be Heard).

Shlomo Katz – Od Yishama (There Will Be Heard):


Shlomo Katz, et al – Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Yartzeit Concert finale.mov:



Yehuda Katz: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Bachatzi Halayla (Midnight Escape); Woman of Wisdom and Valor (Eshet Chayil); B’Simchah Rabah (We’re So Happy); Calling Out to You (Elecha); Libi U’b’sari; Loving Life (Mi Ha’Ish); Reflecting Light (K’Gavnah); All Together; Purple Royalty (Shoshanah Ya’Akov); Dancing in Mezeritch; Hand in Hand (Yamin V’Smol); Nigun Lewis; You Are the Kind; Traveller’s Prayer (T’filat HaDerech); Yibaneh HaMikdash, with friends: Raphael Barkats, Chanan Elias, Shlomo Katz, Aron Razel, Yankele Shemesh, Chizki Soifer.

Yehuda Katz – Bachatzi Halayla (Midnight Escape):


Yehuda Katz – Woman of Wisdom and Valor (Eshet Chayil) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):


Yehuda Katz – B’Simchah Rabah (We’re So Happy) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):


Yehuda Katz – Calling Out to You (Elecha) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):


Yehuda Katz V’hamagal –  Libi U’b’sari:


Yehuda Katz – Loving Life (Mi Ha’Ish):


Yehuda Katz – Reflecting Light (K’Gavnah):


Yehuda Katz – All Together (composed by Meir Banai, Yair Nitzani):


Yehuda Katz – Purple Royalty (Shoshanah Ya’Akov):


Yehuda Katz – Dancing in Mezeritch:


Yehuda Katz – Hand in Hand (Yamin V’Smol) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):


Yehuda Katz – Nigun Lewis (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):


Yehuda Katz – Givat Shmuel Carlebach:


Yehuda Katz – You Are the Kind (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):


Yehuda Katz, Reva L’Sheva – Traveller’s Prayer (T’filat HaDerech):


Yehuda Katz, Raphael Barkats, Chanan Elias, Shlomo Katz, Aron Razel, Yankele Shemesh, Chizki Soifer (recorded by Chanan Elias) – Yibaneh HaMikdash:



Benny Friedman: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Yesh Tikvah.

Benny Friedman – Yesh Tikvah:



Sliichot prayers:



Yuval Dayan: Find her music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Od Shetachazor.

Yuval Dayan – Od Shetachazor:



Beinoni: Find his music on YouTube. Great songs include: Deep Roots.

Beinoni – Deep Roots:



One Family – Music on YouTube includes, World Champion:

One Family – World Champion:



Ishai Levy: Beautiful music. Find on YouTube, Spotify and others.

Ishay Levi –



Narkis: Find her music on YouTube. Great songs include: Galbi.

Narkis – Galbi:



Keren Peles and Ron Buchnik: Find their music on YouTube. Great songs includeL Me’Ever Lanehar.

Keren Peles and Ron Buchnik – Me’Ever Lanehar:



Maor Edri and Mooki: Find their music on YouTube. Great songs include: Kotev Shirim.

Maor Edri and Mooki – Kotev Shirim:



Izkis and Eti Biton: Find music on YouTube.  Great songs include: Sagapo.

Izkis and Eti Biton – Sagapo:



Akiva Turgeman: Find his music on YouTube. Great songs include: Al Tazvi Yada’im.

Akiva Turgeman – Al Tazvi Yada’im:



Rotem Cohen: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: El Ha’Olam Shelach.

Rotem Cohen – El HaOlam Shelach:



Shuli Natan: Find her music on YouTube. Great songs include: Yerushalayim Shel Zahav.

Shuli Natan – Yerushalaim Shel Zahav:



Roni Dalumi: Find her music on Youtube. Some great songs include: Ten.

Roni Dalumi – Ten:



Noa Kirel: Find her music on YouTube. Some great songs include: מגיבור לאויב



Ohad Moscowitz: Find his songs on YouTube. Some great songs include: Melech Malchei Hamlachim/Mi Bon Siach (The Rose – Cover); Chupah (with Yedidim Choir); Birkat Chupah (All of Me – Cover).

Ohad Moscowitz – Melech Malchei Hamlachim/Mi Bon Siach (The Rose – Cover):


Ohad Moscowitz And Yedidim Choir – Chupah:


Ohad Moscowitz – Birkat Chupah (All of Me – Cover):



Jo Amar: Find his songs on YouTube. Great songs include: Kochavi Sokah; Shalom Leven Dodi:

Jo Amar – Kochavi Sokah:


Jo Amar – Shalom Leven Dodi:



Samson Kemelmakher: Find his songs on:= Youtube. Some great songs include: Shtetele Beltz.


Moshe Peretz: Find his music on Youtube. Some great songs include: Ulai Ha’Lailah; Yaldah K’tanah; and the very moving project with Israeli newspaper, Yediot Acharonot, named “My Brother”.

Moshe Peretz – Ulai Ha’Lailah:


Moshe Peretz and Agam Buchbut – Yaldah K’tanah:



Agam Buchbut: This young singer has been at her craft for years. I like her early work. Find her music on YouTube. Some great songs include Yaldah K’tanah, with Moshe Perets (see above), and BaYom HaZeh.

Agam Buchbut – BaYom HaZeh:



Shlomit Levy: Find her music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Tzur Menati; A’Salk.

Shlomit Levy – Excerpts of concert footage: Tzur Menati; A’Salk…



Shir: Find their music on Spotify. Some great songs include: Laila, Laila; Erev Shel Shoshanim; Have Nagila; Ba’Shanah Ha’Ba’ah.


Chava Alberstein: Find her music on Youtube. Some great songs include: Chad Gadya.

Chava Alberstein – Chad Gadya:



Idan Raichel Project: Find their music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Bo’i.

Idan Raichel Project – Bo’i (with dedication):



Chanan Ben-Ari: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Mimcha Ad Elai.

Chanan Ben-Ari – Mimcha Ad Elai:



Pe’er Tasi: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: the Yves and Lir Remix of ‘Way of Peace’.


Liel Kolet: Find her music on YouTube. See if you can find her really nice PBS special; Some great songs include: Hallelujah; and The Dream of Tomorrow.

Liel Kolet – The Dream of Tomorrow (with Kol HaNeshamah intro):




TheGuitarNick (Learn Guitar Fingerstyle + TAB; http://www.GuitarNick.com):



Leonard Cohen: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Hallelujah.

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah (Considering the person/listing, do you see anything ironic with the URL address containing the word, “pork”, in it?):



Daniel Kahn: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Hallelujah.

Daniel Kahn: Hallelujah (Yiddish):



Mike Brant: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs (in Hebrew; most others are French) include: Erev Shel Shoshanim; Erev Tov, and Diber Elai B’Prachim.

Mike Brant – Erev Shel Shoshanim:


Mike Brant – Erev Tov:


Mike Brant – Diber Elai B’Prachim:



Shai Hamber: Find her music on YouTube. Great songs include: B’toch; Yesh Li Koach; V’At; Karov Elecha; Pri Ganech; Shalechet.

Shai Hamber – B’toch:


Shai Hamber – Yesh Li Koach:


Shai Hamber – V’At:


Shai Hamber – Karov Elecha:


Shai Hamber – Pri Ganech:


Shai Hamber – Shalechet:



Eden Ben Zaken: Find her music on YouTube. Great songs include: Pisah Mezichroni.

Eden Ben Zaken – Pisah Mezichroni:



Barbra Streisand: One of the greatest voices of all time. Find her music and movies: YouTube and everywhere. Some great movies include: Yentl; Some great songs include: Avinu Malkeinu; HaTikvah.

Barbara Streisand – HaTikvah; and Conversation with Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, approx. 1978:


Barbra Streisand – Avinu Malkeinu:



Alma Gluck: Find her music on YouTube. Great songs include: HaTikvah (Israeli National anthem recorded in 1918!); and Chanson Hebraique (recorded in 1917!). Violinist Efrem Zimbalist (Sr.), her husband.



Mordechai Ben-David: Find his music on YouTube and Spotify. Some great songs include: Mi Ha-Ish?:

Mordechai Ben-David: Mi Ha-Ish?:



Helmut Lotti – Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Shalom Aleichem; Havah Nagilah.

Helmut Lotti – Shalom Aleichem:


Helmut Lotti – Havah Nagilah:



Eden Alene: Israel’s winner of The Next Star to Eurovision contest for 2020, find her music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Fire; Better.

Eden Alene – Better:



Daklon: Find his music on YouTube. Great songs include: Ahuvat Levavi.

Daklon – Ahuvat Levavi:



Moshe Haim: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Od Yom Yavoh.

Moshe Haim: Od Yom Yavoh



Moshe Giat: Find his music on YouTube. Some great songs include: Shmur Eli Al Chayali:

Moshe Giat – Shmur Eli Al Chayali:



Mashup of Jewish songs through the ages; brought to you by YouTube:

Benny Friedman and Meir Kay:





Radio Lev Hamedina (radio station): Find it on: TuneIn (Requires free app download); net streaming and other apps available for this station via the internet.


Kol Israel (curated radio and news):



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Randy’s Recipes: Eaty Beety Borscht


Randy’s Recipes: Eaty Beety Borscht


There are certain food items or combinations that, in my mind, provide a noticeable benefit which can be felt at the cellular level. Now, don’t ask me the science behind it, or the proof that the phenomenon exists. I often propose wildly outrageous theorems based solely on creative mind-bending fancies. They occasionally feature in my discussions and writings. This is one of those times where  I feel that the oft-maligned root vegetables deserve their place in the sun.


The earthy beet was often a staple found on my family dinner plate, taken with care to be put there by a Mother striving to provide balanced nutrition with a vegetable accompaniment to the main meal, childhood “ick” factors notwithstanding.


This inspired dish, from the lands of our dispersion, is based from the Jewish community of the Russian Diaspora. I believe that the nutrients found in this “earth pomegranate” enhance human functioning to its core — it’s some wild theory I hold based solely on the feeling I get soon after its consumption. So, that’s not scientific pablum, but opinion, dearests.


But, I hope you, too, will benefit from its inclusion in your menu. Please try to obtain raw produce for this dish — but if you must use the canned variety, you must.


Fist-sized Beet(s), trimmed; leave the skins on the beet(s) to impart flavor: (I generally use between 1-3 for myself; gauge according to desired volume)

Sour cream



Some people would insist this soup is incomplete unless it contains at least one of the following items:

Garlic:  (powdered, minced, chopped, or in cloves)


Cucumbers, diced (within the body of the soup)


Cucumbers, sliced (atop soup)


Trim from the bulb of the beet(s) any extraneous matter, such as root, hairs, etc. Scrub and rinse the beet(s) clear of all dirt — in a soup, you don’t want to taste that! Use enough water to reach to about 1/2 to 2/3 of the beet level. The point is to thoroughly infuse the water with the beets, and not to add beets to water, almost as if an after-thought. Cook the beet(s) in a pot on the stove top until you reach this desired effect, checking that water hasn’t evaporated (more can be sparingly added, if required). The skin should be readily removable, once cooled. Remove the beet(s’) skin(s). Chop the beet(s) into small pieces and add back into the soup. Add a good scoop of sour cream and stir-in, to taste. If adding other ingredients, most can be inserted towards the end of cooking, and cucumbers or garnish applied/inserted in the finishing touches. Enjoy lukewarm, or further chilled from the refrigerator.

4.9 Yums Up

For Anisa (and Japan)


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Jewish Temple Mount Heritage Claim


"The site is one of the oldest in the world. Its sanctity dates from the earliest (perhaps from pre-historic times). Its identity with the site of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to the universal belief, on which "David built there an altar unto the Lord, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings". - A Brief Guide to Al-Haram Al-Sharif; Supreme Moslem Council, Jerusalem, 1924.

“The site is one of the oldest in the world. Its sanctity dates from the earliest (perhaps from pre-historic) times. Its identity with the site of Solomon’s Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to the universal belief, on which “David built there an altar unto the Lord, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings”. – A Brief Guide to Al-Haram Al-Sharif; Supreme Moslem Council, Jerusalem, 1924.




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BDS? No Thx!

A loud and raucous group on college campuses has been pushing American Universities to join the Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions movement, and they have somewhat succeeded in bullying the financial departments of these schools to pull out money they previously invested, and which generated fantastic returns and dividends to the schools, due to their belief that this Middle Eastern nation and its government engage in massive, wide-scale oppression and subjugation of its people. The matter and its mantra have been so popular, that it has been the major directive of an entire body of world leaders engaged in measures to curtail this threat to the world. Additionally, this world body exacted further requirements that this nation submit to the labeling of products manufactured in so-called conflict areas, so that economic boycotts may be effective in crippling the economy of this possibly nuclear-armed state. Special sessions convened by the UN have set into motion these measures, first demanded by the European Union (in present times and in days of yore) and succeeded by the United States.  We should shout to the world that this country is “Iran”!*


The actual target of these discriminatory measures, however, is Israel. In response, Israel is penetrating new markets in cross-continental shows of commercial support. The same type of discriminatory laws which previously prevented Jews a livelihood by barring them from the craft guilds or Universities of Europe, enabled them to excel in the few areas in which they were allowed to operate. What was the bane to its perpetrators became the boon to its recipients. Such restrictive actions having the inverse, and unintended, effects certainly proved a frustration in limiting these major players in this arena and dealt the narrative a jarring blow.


Thanks to BDS — But, no thanks!


* Country names appearing in this article have been changed (to protect their innocence, it is said).



The following article gives a succinct background treatment to and summarizes the Jewish experience regarding the proliferation of anti-semitism on campus:

Hausman, Matthew M., J.D. “Gross Hypocrisy Or Willful Complicity: The U.S. Campus: Free Speech Is Hardly Being Respected; Anti-Semitism Is”; April 2, 2016. Arutz Sheva / Israel National News.com:



Update June 7, 2018:


Here’s a great quote from Steven Shamrak countering BDS:




Buy Israeli and end discrimination of the BDS and Labeling movements. Sites producing Judaica and Israeli goods will be featured sporadically to show interesting products.



Robert Indiana, an American artist, created the iconic LOVE sculpture, comprised of two letters, “L”, “O” (tilted to lean forward from the “L”) situated on top of the “V” and “E”. The form found expression in many products during its heyday, including as pendants for necklaces. An equally stunning statement in Hebrew, the AHAVA sculpture, and other sculptures of the same concept in additional languages, all with the meaning ” Love”, have sprung up around the world.


Peter Max defined a generation with his iconic and immensely popular “LOVE” logo and work. Such work created an entire culture, inspiring the art of the era.


I was lucky enough to attend an opening reception for one of the studio galleries of Peter Max’s work. Most impressive, to me, were his depictions of Lady Liberty.


As a Jewish artist, Peter Max has made a major impact in the future for the fuller appreciation of modern art, while similarly expounding a universal proclamation to love — the antithetical and transverse message to those condemning us with their own messages of hatred.


His official website, where you can view his works and purchase posters and other items is:




Show your love for Israel and the Jewish people, and maybe your love for someone else, as well, this Valentine’s Day, with these special heart-shaped jewelry items, as well as the “AHAVA” designs, found online via the Simon Wiesenthal Center gift shop, whose agency I wrote briefly about in the article, “Let’s Not Forget”. They also feature some other beautiful pieces, such as the silver with scroll-ornamented design and blue “Chai” (meaning “Life”) matchbox cover, which also looks like it could possibly be used like a pillbox, found in the Clearance section; the silver filigree-style Jewish star with turquoise center necklace is also really stunning. Check out other items for purchase (or admiration) here:




and then click to open where it says “Shop”, and that will go to a new page with a listing of product categories to browse at your leisure.

No shame for promoting this endeavor, and it helps multiple good causes.



Update (October 19, 2018):

United With Israel Staff. “France Forced to Stop Discriminating Against Israeli Products”. unitedwithisrael.org; October 16, 2018:




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It’s not my imagination — it’s official. What I’ve been trying to tell people for years is confirmed by others who have independently reached the same conclusion as I.

The matter to which I refer involves long-held viewpoints from pagan and Christian dogma metamorphosing and metastasizing to conform to ever present realities in which it finds itself. One factor has remained constant throughout the continent, and it has been the institutionalized, top-down aspect of anti-Semitism as disseminated by its governmental and religious leaders meeting to meld with a bottom-up approach to vigilante action by the local population to eliminate and neutralize the Jews within their midst. Various countries have developed their own preferred methodologies to attack what they see as this “problem” of there being Jewish people living amongst them, whether by killing them, banishing them from certain industry, or expelling them altogether. Yes, it has even developed a “flavour-du-jour” as to the lasting, permanent stench clinging to each countries’ historical reputation.

England has been no exception and has even led the pack, developing and instigating libelous accusations blaming the disappearance of Christian children upon Jews, who were preposterously charged with the murder of these children in order to use their blood in baked matzah. First, Jewish law forbids the consumption of blood. Second, matzah is just flour and water, with maybe a flavorant (onion, salt, etc.) minimally added. It represents the day we departed Egypt out of bondage, in a big hurry to get out of there as per G-d’s orders to us before he would harden Pharaoh’s heart once again against us. There was no time to let the bread rise, and as we are commanded by G-d to celebrate and recount this festival since that time, thousands of years ago, every year — we do so.

The accusers mix in another aspect of this story, when G-d commanded us to anoint our doorposts/entrances with blood from a lamb which each family was to eat, as a sign of obedience for hearing and following Him, and sparing us the deaths of our firstborns when our houses were passed-over, as bestruck the Egyptians. So the story of the Bible became a weapon which others would malign to fit their narrative to act maliciously towards the Jews.

Such stories were often traced back to the Archbishop of Canterbury in England, whose position is still in existence these continuous centuries later since the stories’ perpetration. In 1290 of the Common Era, England expelled all her Jews, which began another exodus out of foreign lands, leading to our continued spread throughout Europe, with additional expulsions and Jew-hatred programs, such as the Spanish Inquisition, Russian and French pogroms, confinement to the Pale of Settlement, ghettoization, Nazi German extermination of Jews in death camps or in the backs of vans, etc. An illustrious past befitting the continent today reaping the beginning of its consequences for policies concurrent with its alliance to destructive nations advocating Israel’s/the Jewish people’s demise.

Today, the so-called “Arab Spring” has become a nightmare for the Middle Eastern Arab countries, each one experiencing internecine life-or-death warfare between neighbors. These civil wars among their own people spurred masses and migrations of people creating chaos — some fleeing for safety, others using the situation to their advantage to search for better economic opportunity elsewhere. The designation of Syrian refugees admitted as political-asylum seekers due to the civil war there creates a current black market of opportunists trafficking forged Syrian documentation. As a matter of fact, I just read somewhere that the passport office in Syria had been overrun by a bunch of brigands who are generating false documents with all the supplies that were still sitting there at their disposal (see September 17, 2015 article by Nick Fagge: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3235320/PASSPORT-TO-TERROR:MailOnline-reporter-buys-syrian-papers-being-sold-to-ISIS-fighters-sneaking-into-europe-hidden-among-refugees). So there really is no way to vet these people into any country.

For a regular background check, you might use a person’s name, date-of-birth, or Social Security number (here in the U.S.). You could also search Worker’s Compensation records. You could conduct reference checks with neighbors or perhaps even previous employers. You could check police records to see if there are any criminal charges. Basically, you’ll wind up with a list of previous addresses of the individual, perhaps their previous employment, the impressions of others about this individual, and whether they’ve been injured or have any crimes on file. This doesn’t presage what an individual is capable of in the future, nor is it an accurate depiction of their lives. We always hear the disbelief when neighbors state their shock over some scandal or another.

With much of Syria in rubble and waging war right now, do you think we can just pick up the phone and request school records from Syria of refugee “x”? Do we fly over to knock on the neighbor’s door for a reference check, when they’ve all fled the country?

Our government probably is able only to get that information on a U.S. individual in recent times in a centralized format; how much less so for a smaller country in raging chaos? There is just not going to be any realistic way to do so, that I can foresee. Unless someone is previously known to the government, it would be euphemistic, at best, to expect otherwise.

We do have the option of coordinating intelligence with other countries to see what they can come up with, as well, and this is what any (and possibly all) good spy agencies would do. So, let’s just say that they’ve all been doing that and not beat around the bush. (Remember the feigned surprise and indignation about German chancellor, Angela Merkel’s, phone being tapped?) It’s also, I think, what got Jonathan Pollard in trouble (For more background information about his case, please see: http://www.jonathanpollard.org/facts.htm).

A loophole allows foreign intelligence to go where no domestic agency was allowed to tread, at least until the expansion of local access in the proviso of the Patriot Act laws. Search and seizure parameters were broadened to allow police at the local level easier access to citizen property. Surveillance on citizens connecting with people abroad was allowed to be conducted through bulk collection of data — no matter how many degrees of separation existed, you could be targeted for knowing someone, who knows someone, who knows someone else, whose son had a bar-mitzvah in Israel, even though you knew only the first individual in this tangled, non-connected web. Now the NSA is supposedly abandoning the idea after being challenged, without admittance to “above-and-beyond” reasonable search – only that it doesn’t work to stop terrorism. Perhaps it would, if they weren’t so focused on Shmuel’s bar-mitzvah gathering.

In my always ubiquitous job search, I ran across a job position which I thought sounded perfect for me. It was called a ‘monitoring journalist’ and it was offered by the BBC. Apparently, the BBC uses content provided by other sources in their news-gathering departments, for this is what the job entailed.

As I basically love to read the news, I thought it would be great to have a job I love to do, so I looked into it. A requisite part of the job requires conformance to six values (careershub.bbc.co.uk: BBC Values Guide.pdf; accessed 12/02/2015), the first being trust — they claim to be impartial and honest.  They say the second is the audience, and they put them first, stating that their audience “is not all like us and our friends…” and that they “adapt” (to the audiences’ changing needs). Creativity: “We seek out different perspectives, others’ ideas and opinions.” Then why never the Israeli perspective? “We respect each other and celebrate our diversity.” Hah! (Managers): “… They help people move around the BBC.”

I cannot apply for this position; I do not meet their pre-established standards, and do not speak the “voice” of their presentation. They present biased reports against Israel, and I’m Jewish and pro-Israel. Never this twain shall meet.

Anyways, I decided to look for other companies that offer these opportunities to monitor “open source” media, and while doing so, I came across a LinkedIn web post (https://www.linkedin.com/title/monitoring-journalist) with a list of twenty-three monitoring journalists who perform this job (some with similar variances in title or areas) for the BBC in Caversham, Reading, England:

Lamia Estatie (Arabic Team); Sara Fayyad; Lina Shaikhouni; Nesrine Kamal (Media); Juliet Njeri (Senior); Adam Robinson (Media Production); Zainul Abid (Journalist); Tulika Bhatnagar (BBC World); Diana Barseghyan (Translator); Tim Bard-Jones (Senior); Molly Corso (Senior); James Vick; Dina Aboughazala; Evan Ostryzniuk; Mohamed Gade (Journalist); Amira Mohsen Galal (Arabic Media Analyst); Mariam Rizk; Olena Rudenko; Farhad Daneshvar; Nada Hussein Rashwan (Journalist); Oleg Yefimov; Mohamed El Assar; Marina Fokina (Business Management position).

The list is made up of about fifteen Arabic-sounding names, comprising the majority role in the composition of this listing. To be fair, there is another list which has less Arabic-sounding names and comprises the top twenty-four “Senior” monitoring journalists (https://www.linkedin.com/title/senior-monitoring-journalist-at-bbc-monitoring).

Some of the descriptions for the monitoring journalist job (especially the one for Iran: http://careerssearch.bbc.co.uk/jobs/job/Monitoring-Journalist-Iran-Team/14111) describe: “… As a monitoring journalist, you will help us show not only what the media are reporting, but also how they are telling the story… Conforms to our editorial standards… You’ll understand and embrace BBC monitoring’s purpose and vision with the ability to implement this into everyday editorial tasks.”

Perhaps these factors might help to explain why the BBC so often portrays Israel in a negative light? Now, one might be inclined to think that people are entitled to their viewpoints, as we are accustomed to, and even insist, upon doing here in the U.S.

But the BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation, and it is operated as a state-run entity, and so is an institution of the British government run for public consumption, in effect. So, it is, in its way, representing official dogma of the British government in its operation. And so, when it presents biased reportage favorable to the Palestinians and accusatory to Israel (and by extension, to the Jews), then it is presenting what would be deemed to be British policy, per se, on-air.

By not showing the story of the Jews’ thousands-upon-thousands of years of life being lived in the Jewish homeland of Israel, it presents a contrarian point that shows the BBC as a biased operator, favoring the side of the Arab enemies who attack the Jews. Their broad-based spectrum as a world service with portions of their operations (full support was cut from other streams of revenue a few years ago) funded through the government give it an unprecedented platform from which to trumpet their message. Such a responsibility should be shouldered with dignity and forthrightness — all found lacking in this single-minded endeavor.

Arab and/or Islamic terrorism has (once again) reached Europe, and England is experiencing some of its after-effects. As in so many other issues, we are still at a point where we can reverse course while we are able to, rather than charge straight into the lion’s den. The mouths of these lions will not be shut up and will devour, roar and rage against all in its path. I would hope that the leaders of those respective countries would fight against and tame that wild beast. Stay tuned for full coverage and news at 5:00 p.m.


Additional (November 25, 2019):


I turned off commentary to my site, and, so, had to delete individual comments, too. The respondent, one of those listed on the Linked-In site attributed to BBC, had written of his objection to his name appearing in my posting. My response to him, way back then, and which I’m adding to the original post now, was the following:


Dear Mohamed,

That my little, tiny blog post reached your attention surely means that the reach and scope of BBC’s ‘monitoring journalists’ is vast (or possibly that you have an alert tied to your name).

I had no way to know that you would object to being associated with the listing of BBC Monitoring Journalists appearing on the LinkedIn posting (to which I linked in my own post). I would have been remiss to have left your name off after having transcribed all the other ones so diligently. Surely, I couldn’t do that, and you would have to agree that leaving you off would have been slovenly.

The LinkedIn listing is apparently fluid, as new names appear not previously noted. If the LinkedIn post was inaccurate and I was wrong and you don’t work for the BBC, then I apologize. You shouldn’t be associated with the BBC (or anti-Semitism for that matter, as referenced in your statement) if it’s not true.

You have contacted the wrong person regarding this matter as I do not work for the BBC, nor do I control the LinkedIn account to which someone posts the (alleged) BBC’s rostrum of staff. Your confusion can be addressed by immediately contacting LinkedIn and the BBC to inform them of their mistake in listing you amongst their staff, as I see that you are still listed in the LinkedIn posting. Perhaps that would solve the conundrum of your objections to appearing in a post of “BBC Monitoring Journalists” were you to be removed from such listings.

Would you believe I almost didn’t list you in my own post? I did notice that of all the other journalists, yours did not have a title. Rechecking it again, I see that you have listed “Writing and Editing,” although those descriptions would more aptly apply to the departments to which they correlate, rather than titles such as Writer/Editor might imply.

Your reply includes a “bbc.co.uk” designation, which I will not list here. If you are with the Legal department and speak for the BBC, your right to do so would be called to question, as this is not, you will note, an article about Mohamed El Assar. The scope of my article is varied and wide, and touches on: Judaism; “blood” libels against Jews; the Biblical story behind the Jewish celebration of Passover; Jewish Law; the expulsion of the Jews from many lands (including England); various Jew-hatred efforts, such as the Inquisition, pogroms, the Final Solution, ghettoization, etc.

The edicts against the Jews have been top-down and bottom-up. I touch on the “Arab Spring” and the civil warfare ongoing in the encompassing region, and of refugees and vetting of such. I write of intelligence gathering and sharing. I also write of a job search conducted for myself, leading to the BBC advertisement for the monitoring journalist position and my further discovery to the BBC Values Guide, as well as the LinkedIn post (only after that).

I almost did, ironically, leave your name off the post — the omission of your title amongst all others made it seem unimportant — but my aforementioned argument that you were included in the LinkedIn “BBC Monitoring Journalists” list won out — before even your reply!

I see that you are also being vague in not succinctly stating your argument. You state that you “do not cover that area at all,” which implies that you do cover something. What, specifically, are you referring to as the “area” in my post which you do not cover?

As mentioned, they are many — mainly dealing with this Jewish girl’s writing on Jewish things and my job search. I would certainly hope that you would not “cover that at all!”

But you have chosen to make it your business, I see. 38KB of data you took in that simple response to pursue an illogical action unwarranted on your part. If you indeed do not work for the BBC and wish your name removed from the LinkedIn post, you must contact those agencies directly. If you address these matters satisfactorily and prove that you have done so to me, then I may consider removing your name after the appropriate agencies have removed it first. Thank you for drawing attention to yourself in this way, so that I can correct the spelling of your name: Mohamed El Aassar.



For a sampling of sites and incidents on the issue of BBC anti-Semitism, see:

Soffer, Ari. “BBC Anchor Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Comment at Paris Rally,” January 12, 2015; Arutz Sheva: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/189837

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)’s subcategory, BBC Watch: http://bbcwatch.org/

Korol, Tabitha. “Bias at the BBC,” January 19, 2015; Opinion Piece; The Jewish Press: http://www.JewishPress.com/in-depth/opinions/bias-at-the-bbc/2015/01/19/

Further Information/Updates:

Sela, Hadar. “New Report Again Highlights BBC’s Gaza Conflict Reporting Failures,” December 12, 2015; Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA): http://bbcwatch.org/2015/12/12/new-report-again-highlights-bbcs-gaza-conflict-reporting-failures/

Yahoo news re-post of December 20, 2015 Agence France-Presse article, “Jihadists Stole ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Blank Passports: Report,” citing German newspaper Welt am Sonntag report citing Western intelligence sources: http://news.yahoo.com/jihadists-stole-tens-thousands-blank-passports-report-154955786.html

Additional Information (January 14, 2016):

Kent, Simon. “BBC Admits ‘Jews’ Anti-Semitism in Israel Coverage,” July 9, 2015; breitbart.com.: http://punditfromanotherplanet.com/2015/07/12/simon-kent-bbc-admits-jews-anti-semitism-in-israel-coverage/; (breitbart: 2015/07/09).

Crossley, Lucy. “BBC Reporter Faces Calls to Resign After He Tells Daughter of Holocaust Survivors After Paris Attacks: ‘Palestinians Suffer Hugely At Jewish Hands As Well,'” January 12, 2015 (Updated: January 17, 2015); MailOnline, DailyMail.com.: http://www.dailymail.co.UK/news/article-2906539/Calls-BBC-reporter-resign-told-daughter-Holocaust-survivors-Paris-Palestinians-suffer-hugely-Jewish-hands-well.html

Asserson, Trevor. “What Went Wrong at the BBC: A Public Monopoly Abusing Its Charter Through Bias Against Israel,” January 15, 2004; Jerusalem Viewpoints, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.: http://www.jcpa.org/jl/vp511.htm

Proclaiming Justice to the Nations. “BBC Admits ‘Gaza Under Attack’ Images Fabricated” (reprinted from an original article by Nick Hallett on July 8, 2014, entitled “Watch: BBC Admits ‘Gaza Under Attack’ Images Fabricated” at breitbart.com.: http://www.pjtn.org/bbc-admits-images-fabricated

Sela, Hadar. “The BBC Says Only Jews Can Be Terrorists, Not Palestinians,” January 7, 2016, Algemeiner.com.: http://www.algemeiner.com/2016/01/07/the-bbc-says-only-Jews-can-be-terrorists-not-palestinians

Harris, David. “Why Won’t the BBC Call Charlie Hebdo Attackers Terrorists?'”. clarionproject.org; January 27, 2015:



Update (November 25, 2019):


An article by JNS published in World Israel News yesterday (November 24, 2019), summarizes a report by the Church of England which acknowledges the role that Christian beliefs have perpetuated in leading up to the Holocaust, during the genocide of six million Jews. The article states that the Church of England issued a large report (I’ll see if I can track it down) admitting that such attitudes did, indeed, play a role in leading to Jewish deaths. The fact that this is a hard matter to publicly admit means that, in light of new anti-Semitism rearing its ugly head, this country realizes its ashamed behaviors, and, perhaps now, is really on a path to begin the process of healing (themselves, and the Jewish people). I’m heartened by this. I hope it is for real, and not just propaganda for a good PR image. I believe in Britain, and I believe they will, at last, hopefully do right by the Jewish people. Good luck, England, and I hope you can exit the accursed, anti-Semitic European Union. Go, England! With love, your little children.


JNS via World Israel News. “Church of England: Centuries of Christian anti-Semitism led to Holocaust”. worldisraelnews.com; November 24, 2019:




Here is a link to the non-commercial pdf file of the report:







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Abayudaya: Music from the Jewish People of Uganda

Address updated from the liner notes to correspond with website information (please verify this information before use):

Smithsonian Folkways Mail Order, PO Box 37012, MRC 520, CG 2001, Washington, D.C. 20013-7012; Phone/U.S.: (800) 410-9815, or (888) FOLKWAYS; Phone/International: (202) 633-6450; Fax/U.S.: (800) 853-9511, or (202) 633-6477; Website/(http://www.folkways.si.edu); Informational Requests (not secure for orders!): (smithsonianfolkways@si.edu). (p) and © 2003 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Compiled and annotated by Jeffrey A. Summit, co-author with Richard Sobol, of Abayudaya: The Jews of Uganda (New York: Abbeville Press, 2002). He is a Research Professor at Tufts University, where he also serves as Rabbi and executive director of Hillel.

Folkway Records was founded in 1948 by Moses Asch. The Smithsonian Institute acquired the collection in 1987 from the Asch estate. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings is a non-profit label “expressing a commitment to cultural diversity, education and increased understanding.”

I’m glad I wrote my comments prior to reading the CD’s liner notes and revealed my own impressions without being influenced by someone else’s thoughts. In the end, though, after hearing the entire CD and then reading the story, I must say that the story did influence my thoughts.

Nowadays in this crazy world, everybody criticizes and hates the Jews and tells them what awful people they are — so much so that the United Nations disproportionately issues resolutions against them; the Christians and others start a boycott and divestment campaign to stop others from doing business with us (the Jews), which, with the exception of oil, is the original way that the Arabs got others to boycott us and use them instead. If a business “did business” with the Jews, then the Arabs would not give that company its business; and if the Arabs were courted by foreign businessmen, then the foreign businessmen had to cease all dealings with the Jews before acquiring any Arab business! Given the Inquisition, the Crusades, the pogroms and The Final Solution against us, why on earth would anybody desire to be a part of the Jewish people?

The answer is — for the same reason that they hate us. For because G-d said that we would be His people and He would be our G-d, we are envied and despised and need to be made to look unworthy of the honor (already bestowed). That is the reason for “replacement theology,” whereby another group claims conferred status for themselves and tries to make it appear that our position (in G-d’s eyes) has been replaced.

That is why I am very wary of all those who have gone before and all those who will come since who wish to ally themselves to Judaism in claims of being Jewish. Some claim to be lost tribes, and if we get it wrong by forsaking them, we will be in sore trouble with the L-rd for doing so.

This group of people from Uganda, calling themselves ‘The Abayudaya’, does not claim Jewish lineage, but claims to be Jewish through the practice of faith. The CD notes say that, of the approximately 600 people which comprise this community, there span five Bantu ethnic and language groups: Baganda, Basoga, Bagisu, Bagwere, and Banyole. It has been long known that Christian missionaries have, for hundreds of years, been actively engaged in the proselytization of the African continent to make Christian converts of the African people. They have succeeded tremendously. Many of the Abayudaya converted to Christianity under the regime of Idi Amin. The Anglican Church Missionary Society even evangelized the Abayudaya’s founder, Semei Kakungulu, for the Anglican Church.

Kakungulu had hoped to be recognized by Britain as a king in the eastern region of Uganda, but when he was not, he joined the Malakite Protestants instead. By 1919, he is said to have embraced the concept of male circumcision on the eighth day of life, which the Malakite’s founder, Malakai, told him only Jewish people practice. He, his sons, and male followers were circumcised, and they practiced a mixed style of Biblical observance and Protestantism.

Kakungulu adapted Malakite worship music and developed the Sabbath liturgy for the Abayudaya. Their first contact with Judaism occurred when Kakungulu met a Jew named Yusuf, a trader who taught them certain prayers and blessings, elementary Hebrew, and the basics of Kosher slaughtering.

At this point, they dropped references to Jesus and the practice of baptism. Another Jewish man from Yemen, David Solomon, provided them basic Hebrew books and Jewish calendars. It is noted that they had had little contact with Jews up until the mid-1960’s.

The Abayudaya still celebrate the local traditions of their language and ethnic groups and don’t find this to be in conflict with the Jewish identity they have chosen for themselves.

In 1962, Mr. Solomon asked Arye Oded, secretary at the Israeli Embassy in Kampala, to visit them. Mr. Oded did so and arranged for prayerbooks to be sent to them. They began to restructure their worship to more closely resemble Judaic practice, but Idi Amin (1971-1979) put an end to all that.

I guessed that “Yudaya” meant having to do with the Jews; I was right — it means “Jew” in the Luganda language. The plural, “Jews,” is “Bayudaya.” “Abayudaya” means “The Jews,” repeating the definite article when referring to themselves as “The Abayudaya.”

They continue to use their African dialect languages; Hebrew is not used as a communicational language, and is not indigenous to their culture. Hebrew mistakes I noted in several places where it is used in song are referenced in the liner notes, explained as the Luganda influence adding vowels to the Hebrew pronunciation. For instance, I thought I heard an “i” sound at the end of “likrat,” which should not be there. In Hebrew, adding an “i” would mean “to me”, where it is not warranted; I also thought I heard a “u” sound added (some Hebrew dialects do seem to have this, though).

During Idi Amin’s eight- to nine-year reign of Uganda, many Abayudaya converted to Christianity, leaving only about three-hundred of the community remaining with what faith they had acquired to-date. Much of it was forgotten during this time, and they allege to have worshipped in secret, attempting to make its revival beginning in the early 1980’s with the “Young Jewish Club.”

In 1988, the Anglican School claimed Nabugoye Hill where the original Moses Synagogue was. Joab (J.J.) Keki, his brothers, and some youth formed a new group they named “The Kibbutz,” and squatted in one of the buildings on the hill. Kakungulu’s son, though, had converted to Christianity.

As representative of the Abayudaya, Keki first visited the Nairobi Jewish community in the late 1980’s, but was disbelieved. His brother, Gershom Sizomu, however, began to study with one of their members in the early 1990’s.

Many of the Abayudaya now wish to move to Israel. To be recognized formally for one who was not born into the Jewish faith, a halachic conversion must take place and would generally need to be performed by an Orthodox Rabbi. Three Conservative and one Reform Rabbi went in 2002 there to perform conversion for more than 350 members of the community.

Kakungulu divided the Song of Moses into eight songs, which was the basis for Abayudaya worship in the early 1980’s; new compositions were created later on by the Young Jewish Club and were based on various sources and influences: Zulu music, music of the Independent Churches in Kenya, The Salvation Army, Israel Church, and Bantu folk music. Most are sung in the Luganda language with an occasional Hebrew word added. In one of the songs on their CD, they sing of “Musa,” which is the Arabic word for the Jewish Moses, whom the Muslims consider a prophet. The Psalms were all originally sung in Luganda, but they are now starting to be increasingly sung in Hebrew.

Popular African music also plays a role in shaping the composition of Abayudayan music. They seem to prefer their own compositions and liturgy over incorporating traditional Jewish music and prayer services into their own. It does not seem to me to be part of the Jewish community when tradition is held in such disregard, in deference to secular, non-religious factors. What has held all Jews together, despite differences in worship style, are certain prayers and traditions which cannot just be jettisoned and its results considered Jewish at the same time. While Reform and Orthodox practice, on outward appearance, seem to be unrelated at-best, the premise of Judaism remains essentially, at its core, the same.

In a dustjacket photo, the menorah crafted by one of their people is a symbolic rendition only — a metal sculpture without a place for candles or oil. We use a chanukkiyah to commemorate the Hasmonean Jewish victory more than 2000 years ago over the occupying Roman pagan forces, when we recouped our Temple and resanctified it with the cruze of Holy oil found there, which burned eight days, ensuring enough time for additional oil to be produced. The chanukkiyah, used only for this festival commemoration, has eight place-arms to represent each day for which the light was kindled, plus one holder more for the lead candle. There is to always burn an eternal flame kept lit in the Temple.

I don’t know whether the Abayudaya have been formally recognized, but without going through an Orthodox conversion, it seems unlikely to be a possibility, despite everyone’s best wishes. They insist on maintaining their own traditions and not adopting the other Jewish ones. They are adamant about that. So, what makes that Jewish? To me, that pretty much makes it… Bantu.

1) Psalm 136 (3:24) – Beautiful in phases I and II (upbeat mode). Swahili Mapambio style used in evangelical Churches throughout East Africa. Composed by J.J. Keki.

2) Katonda Oyo Nalimana (G-d is All-Knowing) (4:09) – Crazy drums, crazy chanting, frantic clapping and crazy yips (as in, “whoo-whoo” crazy). So crazy, singers even do the “whoo-whoo” screaming where you pat your lips with your flat hand. Undignified. A traditional song of the Basoga people with improvised words in Luganda (as they traditionally are in this style and context).

3) Hiwumbe Awumba (G-d Creates and then Destroys) (2:31) – Crazy music-box ukelele-sounding song with bird-twittering in the background. Mentions airplanes, bicycles, cars and death. By Michael Mausoni, whose own family are Christian converts. Similar to 1990’s-style sounds. Umm……………….

4) Mwana Talitambula (The Child Will Never Walk) (1:18) – A child singing about a child who will never walk. I like this. The child uses vocalizations as if it were an instrument. Lusoga text based on local traditions.

5) Mwana, Ngolera (Baby, Keep Quiet) (0:49) – An older child in a deeper tone singing rhythmically, as if an instrument. Lunyole text based on local traditions.

6) Tulo, Tulo (Sleep, Sleep) (0:52) – One singer, singing softly, “Sleep, sleep.” Very nice. Popular Baganda lullabye, Luganda text. “Sleep, sleep, take the child. If you don’t, then you are a witch! I want to go dancing, change my life. You only live once.” Sounds like typical American crap from too-young parents with children, who still want to party and foist their children on others. Not Jewish values at all.

7) I am a Soldier (0:46) – Lots of children singing that they’re a soldier in the Army of the L-rd. (In English). This song made me angry. I feel they are mocking Israel and Jews with their English, saying they are a soldier in the L-rd’s Army. It comes across very poorly, as if it was meant to. Indeed, it was a Pentecostal Church song to which they added the final verse, “in the Army of the L-rd” to supposedly make it “Jewish”.

8) Mi Khamokha (Who is Like You, O, G-d?) (0:18) – Parts of a Hebrew prayer. Different than I’m used to. Different melody, as theirs is composed by Aaron Kintu Moses. (One verse, in Hebrew).

9) Kabbila (The Patch of Forest) (3:49) – Repetitive. Woman’s voice too shrill for my ears. Traditional Baganda folk song, text in Luganda.

10) Twagala Torah (We Love the Torah) (1:33) – Text in Luganda, English and Hebrew. Melody and Luganda text by Moses Sebagabo.

11) We are Happy (3:25) – An actual song with accompaniment, singing ‘they’re happy’. Village guitar music, keyboards, occasional drums and adungu (harp) about Purim, with improvised lyrics to mark occasion of the festivity. Composed by Gershom Sizomu. (In English).

12) Adon Olam (Master of the World) (1:53) – I nod in praise. Hebrew text. Melody by Gershom Sizomu.

13) Lekhah, Dodi (Come, My Beloved) (5:21) – I think I hear some Hebrew mistakes. Hebrew text, sung in Hebrew. Melody by J.J. Keki.

14) Psalm 92 (4:59) – Sounds like they’ve received some coaching from Missionary Christians teaching hymns. Composed by Jonadav Keki (J.J. Keki and Gershom Sizoku’s father). Influenced by Protestant worship. Text in Luganda.

15) Psalm 93 (2:44) – Another Christian hymn-sounding song. (“Musa?”). Text in Luganda. Melody by Jacob Mwosuko.

16) Kiddush and Motzi (Sabbath Blessing over Wine and Bread) (1:11) – The blessings over bread and wine (different tunes than I’m used to). (In Hebrew). Melody by Gershom Sizomu.

17) Psalm 121 (1:31) – With jingle bells! Text in Luganda. Melody by Miriam Keki (1980’s).

18) Maimuna (2:13) – Crazy yips, ululations, whistles — too much! J.J.Keki’s campaign song for chairman of Namonyonyi subcounty. He first ran unsuccessfully in 2000, and then again at a later date, after 9/11/2001, which was successful (Keki was walking up to the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, when the first plane hit the tower). Based on a modified version of a Bagisu circumcision song, although Abayudaya do not participate in Bagisu circumcision rituals, but have close contact with them. Maimuna is a woman’s name. “Maimuna, the animal is in the trap. Maimuna, ‘Where are we going?’ You are required to go to school before you obtain leadership positions.” The final line is sung with an alternated response: “J.J.”, “Keki”. This sounds like the situation they were in under British Colonial rule, not Judaism.

19) Hinei Ma Tov (Behold How Good it is for Brothers to Dwell Together) (1:23) – Hebrew mistakes again (adding an “i” after a word where it doesn’t really belong, and a “u”). Different tune, also. Text in Luganda and Hebrew. Group composition of the Young Jewish Club in the 1980’s.

20) Ali Omu Yekka (My Only One) (4:45) – A song with musical accompaniment. It’s very nice. Some words include: “My Beloved”, ” My Doctor”, “My Wealth… the only one I choose”. Sounds rather like stereotyping of the Jews, no? Sounds like a choice based on acquiring traits by association, as if talismanic, no? Text in Luganda by J.J. Keki. Melody by J.J. Keki.

21) Psalm 150 (3:33) – I started singing along; I must know some of the tune. Text in Luganda, with last verse in Hebrew. Melody by J.J. Keki.

22) Deuteronomy 32:8 / Song Two (Selection) (0:35) – A chant. Text in Luganda. Adapted by Kakungulu, founder of the Abayudaya, from Malakite melodies. This song is no longer used, except at sad occasions.

23) Deuteronomy 32:39 / Song Eight (3:35) – Slow singing by men. Text in Luganda (some seemed to sound like Arabic: I thought I heard the word, “Sura,” meaning, ‘Chapter.’). Adapted by Kakungulu, founder of the Abayudaya, from a Malakite melody. Sung by J.J. Keki, Gershom Sizomu, Aaron Kintu Moses, and their mother, Devorah (they are one family). This song is no longer used, except at sad occasions.

24) Psalm 130 (1:52) – A little ditty. Text in Luganda. Melody by Yael Keki. This song is only used for sad occasions.

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Who Supports the Palestinians?

In the preceding half-century in America, the civil rights movement was joined and supported by many Jewish people, many of which have given their lives in the efforts to promote equality among people of differing races, religions and other definitions. Jewish people particularly know persecution and oppression of their people, whether through personal, first-hand experience, or via second-hand knowledge gleaned through stories handed down from their ancestors or other sources. Because such instances are the subject matter of entire books of Jewish history, each particular happenstance cannot be mentioned here, as they are too numerous and encompass too broad a topic. Such of these can be distilled in actual names given to these occurences: the Inquisition, pogroms, the Holocaust, etc. Whether through active participation or passive existence, the Jewish people have been a targetted group for hatred directed at them from people the world over, in modern and in archaic times.

Bias promulgated against a particular group of people is known to many groups, and is still being fought against today. Even here in America, civil rights were not known by the Jews, having been treated as second-class citizens within its communities. Through many decades, American Jews have fought back against the policies of the institutions and people which would exclude them from housing, education, professions and recreation. Small gains were realized in court battles and in the battle of public acceptance, slowly, but surely. However, the process has remained incomplete and has even backslided, as the victories which have emancipated the doctrination of the biased have still not disappeared in the attitudes and actions of the people meant to ensure non-discrimination.

The fact that these attitudes, and their resultant consequences through actions, have resulted in the perpetuation of anti-Semitism here in the United States, indicates that old teachings and biases are passed on through the ages via parental modeling, educational pursuits, and other methodology.

In today’s day and age, as we mourn the passing of a titan like Nelson Mandela, whose recent memorial service was attended by the likes of over one-hundred dignitaries of all racial backgrounds, and was attended by the first of our Black, American presidents, it is hard to believe that we still have miles to go to realize equality in the tip of Africa, just as we do in the whole of America.

How is that so, you say? Well, the educational system here in America is still fraught with an ideological line that perpetuates the lie that Jewish people are not entitled to the land of Israel, the land of their forefathers, and must turn it over to the Arabs who have self-declared their hatred of the Jewish people and declared themselves enemies to them. The Arabs are so virulently attached to this ideology that they will attack the Jewish people physically, emotionally, spiritually and any other way I haven’t mentioned.

I have written about the origins of the land of Israel in other entries and other places, but you won’t find much of this representation elsewhere. And that is where the problem starts. Because the education system is telling a wrong, mean-hearted story against the Jewish people by declaring that they are usurpers in a land not theirs, when in fact it IS their land, is turning the whole world against the Jews. Denying our heritage and ancestry, by any means, is a crime against our people. Making up a history, or appropriating a wrongful history, such as the so-called “Palestinian People” are doing, is also a crime against the Jewish people.

Continuing in this vein, it is equally stunning that our elected officials perpetuate the physically harmful policies that result in our state department declaring that they believe in a two-state policy meant to divest Israel of their land. I have heard it said that during or after the second World War, many Nazi Germans were incorporated into the state department or the CIA or in many another official capacity. Certainly, it would seem that way, given the anti-Jewish and Pro-Arab stance our officials have taken in the more than sixty years since.

It has continued today in our state department with the hiring of John Kerry, in the continuing American policy of our overall government, and in both governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations that our present and former officials support — whether emotionally, with their time, or with our own, tax-payer funded dollars.

I recall at one time, many years ago, when John Kerry was being ribbed about the great wealth of his wife, Theresa Heinz Kerry, doyenne of the Heinz Ketchup emporium, due to her family association. He had responded, in essence, that her wealth was her own, and that he practically had no wealth, to speak of. Sometimes, the complete separation of wealth or the financial dealings of the other may remain unbeknownst to one or the other of the spouses, but it would hardly appear, in dress, or in other manifestations, that this would be the case of Mr. Kerry. The Heinz Endowments and their family philanthropies have given extensively to organizations, such as Tides, which in turn support radical left-wing groups, including the Council on American Islamic Relations, whose supporters have included violent, jihad-supporting members and others co-affiliated with terrorism, or the ideas espoused by Arab terrorists.

In addition to military weapons and war machines, with which our government deems fit to outfit terror-sponsoring countries, our hard-earned dollars also go to support “slippers-on-the-ground” actions (my coined term for non-military boots-on-the-ground efforts) to benefit the Palestinian cause via developmental efforts provided gratis (“free”), in their behalf, such as laying pipe in Jerusalem and outlying areas to divert water from the Jewish state for the Palestinians, via USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and other like-intended groups.

Nationally, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency is the only national refugee-relief organization dedicated solely to one people; the rest of the world must come under the aegis of the UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). While the UNHCR also provides assistance to Arabs and other Muslim countries and people, the UNRWA is concerned solely with so-called Palestinian people or other Arabs said to have been displaced in the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. The UNRWA has consistently been a source of terror attacks upon the Jewish people and State of Israel, and has often bankrolled known terrorists on its payroll in the past.

Other means by which American support reaches the Palestinians is via NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), which have quasi-official recognition. One such NGO is called Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO). This NGO supports Palestinian and Lebanese efforts, affiliates and locations, such as Nablus (which we Jewish people say is Shechem). Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO) is supported by: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA); Cherie Blair (and probably her husband, Tony, former Prime Minister in England, must certainly know about this) via cherieblairfoundation; Bill Clinton (and probably supported by Hillary, of Secretary of State and BenGhazi fame) via clintonglobal initiative; JP Morgan; and USA consulati general Jerusalem! Tony Blair is supposedly living in Israel, working as an unpaid envoy to the “Middle East Peace Process,” but who, in fact, favors the Palestinian cause and supports their efforts.

Following is my letter to President Obama regarding keeping the so-called West Bank, which is actually Judaea and Samaria, in Jewish hands, and his response sent me via email, in addition to a second email of my continued response to him (I never even really read his response; perhaps I’ll do so now. All I had to do was see “two-state solution” to know that getting him to see the truth was a futile effort):

It is a shame that the United States’ policy toward Israel continues to promote apparent discrimination against the Jewish people. Israel is held under sovereign rule by itself now, thank goodness. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, whether considered to be on its “east” or “west” sides. Please alert John Kerry that homes are homes; not some kind of impermanent “settlements,”and that if room is needed for expansion, we can build where we please. Also, please stop aiding and abetting the “enemy” with weaponry, which will be turned against both Jewish and Arab people. Thank you.

Following is the response received to my first (most-recent) letter to the White House (there were also photos/videos attached):

Dear Randy:

Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans concerned about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and I appreciate your perspective. I remain committed to a sustained diplomatic effort to promote peace in the region, because achieving a secure and lasting peace is critical not only for Israelis and Palestinians, but also for their neighbors and the United States.

Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict demands our immediate and continued attention. For generations, the conflict has taken a terrible human toll, and continued instability in the Middle East makes us all less safe. We must open a more hopeful chapter in the story of the Holy Land.

Through comprehensive and sustained efforts, we can achieve the goal of two states: a Jewish state of Israel and a viable Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security. This approach requires working with Israelis, Palestinians, and other stakeholders over the long term, and my Administration will do just that.

I encourage you to join me online and read more about my Administration’s approach to this complex issue and other critical foreign policy matters at http://www.WhiteHouse.gov/Issues/Foreign-Policy.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Barack Obama

I sent an email reply, copied below, but have never received any additional responses or information; I guess his stance is included in the link which was provided to me, in his (probable) form letter above:

Dear President Obama, Family and Staff:
Thank you for your recent reply to my question with regard to Israel. I appreciate your quick response, and the fact that you even responded, at all.
Again, I think US Foreign Policy needs to readjust itself to facts, which it continually ignores.
So-called Israeli “settlements” are not illegal; Jewish people are entitled to “settle” their own land, and build as they see fit. Israel is a sovereign nation, and the Jews have been it’s developer for, oh, THOUSANDS of years.
Under British and French Mandates, our land was already illegally ceded to the Arab people, in the so-called land of Jordan. Therefore, Arabs already live in a land of “Palestine”. Frankly, it should be given back to the Jews, if anything at all!
Forget about Israel giving further land to the Arabs. Tell them, too bad — it’s not yours to take.
Also, don’t attack Syria. The Arabs say they’ll retailiate against Israel, which has nothing to do with America’s decisions, but Israel will be scapegoated for the poor US decisions.
Focus on jobs, of which I need one (going on practically four years now!)
Forget healthcare — we cannot afford it as a country, and those who have bankrupted the system are exempted from contributing to it, anyways!
Keep illegal immigrants out, or send them back to where they originated from.
Thanks Again,
(my name was placed here)

With Arab bad behavior rampant, it forms the model for getting what you want. Threaten and Attack? Good behavior! It is rewarded with billions of dollars in U.S. monetary aid, food, and weaponry (with which to attack Israel). Be nice and acquiesce (Israeli/Jewish behavior) and don’t make waves, or, if you’re the Jewish state, you won’t receive any weapons, help, or assistance. A nuclear rogue state has threatened your existence off the map, you say? (Can you recall Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the former president of Iran, threatening to wipe Israel off the map? or into the sea? Well, I remember…and I won’t forget!) Wonderful! Now you’ll be rewarded with lifted sanctions and all the time in the world, while Rome fiddled and the US dithered, so that you can make sure to be able to get all the fissile material you might need to dirty-bomb or nuke Israel, as you so want to do! And we, the United States of America, which had no reason to address and bring up the issue, when our former sanctions were already so finely in place, decided to bring them up again in order that we could lessen the sanctions on Iran and give them time to annihilate the Jewish people! Yay for us!

Obviously the above is my facetious Jewish humor coming out. But, I cannot stress to you the importance and significance of John Kerry and the United States’ actions in the above matters. They are crystal clear.


Additional Reading:




Update / See post and video (June 30, 2019):


Sandler, Ebin – via secondary: World Israel News. “WATCH: Stop Calling Israeli Towns ‘Settlements’ says Trump Advisor”. worldisraelnews.com; June 29, 2019:




Update (June 30, 2019):


President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” reminds me of the USAID program, a program which has been in place for many years, surreptitiously, since being mostly unknown, working to advance Palestinian aspirations by developing infrastructure for their people, much like the above NGO’s (which I also discovered) listed above, have been doing. I discovered USAID in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately, I was too scared to say anything, and my blog did not yet exist. Now, it’s pretty well-known, and the EU has also been illicitly adding its own structures for the Palestinians on Judean land. At one time, I was of the opinion that we should just build country-club style communities, with pools and tennis courts, in Jordan, so the Arab people calling themselves “Palestinian” could live “side-by-side” to the Jews, as they state is their desire, in “Palestine,” of which the eastern lands were wrested from the Jewish home, anyways, to become “trans-Jordan” (which means “across the Yarden” River from Israel), and then “Jordan,” after still more land appropriations. I think I even suggested this to President Obama – – I know I’ve written it for a long time. But, now, I’m sadly pessimistic of providing any financial support to all these regimes who declare themselves enemies to the Jewish people. Like negotiating with Yasser Arafat, it gives a dwindling entity a chance to absorb more energy and power to advance its never-changing goals to destroy the Jews and Israel — and that, to me, is the worst deal of all time. So, I love President Trump, but I hope he can wisely steer in the right direction for this matter of life and death that often occupies both my mind and time.



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Precis of Emile Zola and the Dreyfus Affair

In 1894 in France, Jewish artillery captain, Alfred Dreyfus, was found guilty by court-martial of treason for allegedly selling French secrets about their military placements and weaponry to the German enemy, for which he was placed in Devil’s Island the following year. The next year, further investigations were made into this incident due to flimsy evidence, at which it was determined that a virulent anti-Semite, one Major Esterhazy, was actually the spy. The enquirer of these matters, Colonel Picquart, was then quickly re-assigned by his superiors to North Africa. Eventually, Captain Dreyfus was cleared in 1899.

Although it has been widely reported in other sources, the information for the above account, and for what follows below (in addition to my own opinions), comes from author Stuart Kelly’s interesting creation, The Book of Lost Books: An Incomplete History of All the Great Books You’ll Never Read, copyrighted 2005 by Stuart Kelly and copyright illustrated 2005 by Andrzej Krauze, originally published 2005 in U.K. by Viking, a division of the Penguin Group, London, and published in U.S. by Random House, an imprint of The Random House Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc., New York.

Kelly states: “The Jews, it was whispered in print, had a syndicate to fund Dreyfus’s appeal. They were profiting from both sides of the conflict (pg. 290).” Is the second sentence a conclusive statement of Kelly’s, or is this statement one made supposedly by the press, as per the preceding first sentence? It is hard to tell.

Emile Zola, an author/writer living in France who was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1901 and 1902 (per Wikipedia), respectively, published an account of the conspiracy against Dreyfus in the January 13, 1898 edition of L’Aurore. In the by-now famous article, J’Accuse, Zola sought to uncover the perpetrators by publishing the names of those he thought were responsible for the cover-up and conspiracy. He was brought to court for doing so, was found guilty, and wound up fleeing the country to England, where he continued to write under the assumed name of M. Jacques Beauchamp.

He was free to return to France when Zola was cleared in 1899 of the charges. Three years later, Zola was found dead in his apartment, after having complained of nausea, headaches and dizziness at three in the morning on September 29, 1902. Stuart Kelly recounts that the coroner had declared Zola’s carbon monoxide poisoning an accidental death. Not even demolishing the flue from the fireplace in his bedroom, reconstructing the conditions under which his room existed when he perished, and subsequent testing with guinea pigs (who safely survived) could reveal the actual turn of events which were related by M. Haquin in 1953 to have transpired on that fateful day.

The anti-Semitic feelings and activities continually bubbling under the surface of many a Frenchman, as well as those across Europe and elsewhere, often expressed itself in pogroms, attacks against Jews and their businesses, exclusive laws and policies against them, and scapegoating against the Jews with false accusations, such as that which befell Captain Dreyfus, a man innocently and honorably defending France’s citizens against attack by enemies. That these same citizens should turn around to foist their prejudiced hatred against Dreyfus belies the pervasive effect milennia of teachings have had, to deleterious effect, in heinous acts committed upon the Jewish people.

The slander perpetrated against innocent Jewish Captain Alfred Dreyfus spread like a wildfire, concentrating into absolutes the inner constitutions of all whose lives were touched by this incident. For those with a propensity towards anti-Semitism, it hardened their hearts against the Jews, collectively condemning them as a race and singularly perpetrating actions to discredit, disgrace, dehumanize, and deprive them of the means to life which were given them by G-d.

Some of them, like Zola’s so-called “friends,” belied their true constitution. Despite the evidence clearing Dreyfus, the incident would remain forever cemented in their minds, wrongly accusing Dreyfus, the Jew, as a traitor, and all those even suggesting the possibility of his innocence, condemned via guilt by the intimation of even a glimmer of sympathy, even after revelation of the true facts in the case.

Although France would be the first to repeal its governmental decree declaring Jews as persona non-grata in their country, the old prejudices just never seemed to die off, even in the supposed, so-called “Enlightenment” and “Reformation” of all of Europe.

The distillation of these views perpetuated over time created lingering resentments against the Jews. In 1953, a reader of the Liberation newspaper named M. Haquin revealed that a chimney sweep had allegedly confessed: “I and my men blocked the chimney while doing repairs next door. There was a lot of coming and going and we took advantage of the hubbub to locate Zola’s chimney and stop it. We unstopped it the next day, very early. No one noticed us.”

The apparent implications in this statement may have afforded its alleged perpetrators a stay of justice in an earthly-based existence, but the ramifications of the Dreyfus affair had even further marked consequences, as its result.

It inspired the Jewish people to become more proactive in taking control of their destiny. Although there have always been Jews living in Israel since G-d commanded Abraham to move there, the rest of the nations have attempted to thwart these plans throughout the thousands of years since.

From the Babylonian exile where our most learned sages continued studying and transmitting G-d’s law with the rest of the Jewish communities worldwide (such as those that remained in Jerusalem, as evidenced by the two Talmuds — Babylonian and Yerushalmi), through the Inquisitions and expulsions from Spain and England, and our ghettoization in places like the Pale of Settlement in the Ukraine, killed in the gas chambers of Germany, our graves the mass pits of the forests and the crematoria of the enemies of Jews, the ground of our spilled blood and the souls of our people cry out to the L-rd who has heard —

We are not witnesses to a self-deluded mantra of vitriol purposing our destruction, but a witness to the One whose promises are revealed in every generation. We are reminded of and prompted to the fulfillment of these promises in each generation upon the earth, that every generation might know that the word of the L-rd is true.

The Dreyfus Affair prompted the assimilated journalist, Theodor Herzl, of Austria, out of his reverie of trying to blend into and become like the nations around him (an act actually prohibited of us by the L-rd) and to begin to form concrete plans to promote the return of Jews to the homeland, Israel (known to others as various names, including Palestine). In turn, this led to the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, where Jews got together to find ways to return to our land.

The so-called resultant movement, called Zionism, which others purport to be a recent 19th Century invention, is actually a several thousand year old decree by G-d. Zion is one of the older names for the land of our home, the proof of which can be found in the pages of the Bible, if only one would actually deign to look there.

That fact is written there as plainly as one can see.

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Argentina and Pope: the Meaning Of…

What do the words, “Argentina,” and “Pope,” mean to one who is Jewish? Is there any relevance to the fact they they are combined?

Well, the fact that Argentina was an escape destination for over 9,000 Nazi villains after the atrocities they committed in discriminating against, persecuting, torturing and killing Jews, “Gypsys” (Roma), and the disabled, from the 1930’s until the end of WWII is, first and foremost, a devastating discovery. The fact that these people were not extradited by the Argentinean government for trial to Israel — that they were actually protected by this government –and that a few sympathetic individuals had to surreptitiously extract them from this country (as well as also from others, over the years), does not bode well for forgiveness. That’s first.

Secondly, the fact that the Vatican actively contributed to these escapes via the so-called “Rat Lines” has been documented in numerous books and articles over the years (see the archived Daily Mail (U.K.) article).
This makes things very bad in relations between Christians and Jews.

Thirdly, in 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Jewish Community Center (JCC) was bombed. Not a good thing. More than 80 people were killed, and the world hardly made an outcry.

Fourth, the Jesuit connection with this newest Pope is supposed to mean a highly intellectual individual. Basically, the Jesuits have written a periodical entitled La Civiltta Catolica for several centuries, I believe, that is overseen with Vatican approval. This publication has perpetrated evil lies and libels against the Jews, such as a blood libel which states that Jews use the blood of Christian children in baking Passover Matzah, when, in fact, consuming blood is prohibited in Jewish law. Over the years, this has caused ignorant people to make false accusations against the Jews, causing incitement against the Jewish population leading to their deaths, and destruction of their homes and businesses. It has caused anti-semitic rules to go into effect against the Jews, prohibiting their engagement in certain businesses and industry, or their attendance at universities, etc. While France was the first to lift the second-class citizen status of the Jews worldwide, it was really not until the last several decades that Civil Rights were truly granted to the Jews. In fact, my mother can still remember signs on the beach in Florida stating, “No Blacks, No Jews, No Dogs.”

So, this is some of what the current selection of this “humble” Pope from Argentina means to me. Apparently, I do not speak for all Jews, with some of the Jewish organization heads seeing recent actions as favorable in Christian-Jewish relations. I say, let’s wait and see…

I do have several Christian friends, of many denominations. I hope they read my words as a lesson in historic occurences, and not as meaning offense to their religion, as it is not meant as an offense to a religion, but to point out the manner in which a religion has treated the people of Jewish religion in the past. Let us all learn from it.

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Bethlehem, Hevron and Bet-El


And Ya’aqov went out from Be’er Sheva, and went toward Haran. And he lighted on a certain place, and tarried there all night, because the sun was set; and he took of the stones of that place, and put them under his head, and lay down in that place to sleep. And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of G-d ascending and descending on it. And, behold, the L-rd stood above it, and said, I am the L-rd G-d of Avraham thy father, and the G-d of Yizhaq: the land on which thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed; and thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed. And, behold, I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places to which thou goest, and will bring thee back to the land; for I will not leave thee until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of. And Ya’aqov awoke out of his sleep and he said, Surely the L-rd is in this place; and I knew it not. And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! This is no other than the house of G-d, and this is the gate of heaven. And Ya’aqov rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put under his head, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil on the top of it. And he called that place Bet-El: but the name of that city was called Luz at first.

Ya’aqov (Jacob) had received the blessing of his father, Yizhaq (Isaac), and left Be’er Sheva to stay with Lavan, his mother’s brother, in Paddan-Aram, both to escape the wrath of his brother, Esav (Esau), and to take a wife (both Leah and Rachel, my “namesake”). Serving twenty years for Lavan: six years for the cattle he received, and seven years’ apiece for both Leah and Rachel, he explains to his wives about his dream; I am the G-d of Bet-El, where thou didst anoint a pillar, and where thou didst vow a vow to me. Now arise, get out of this land, and return to the land of thy birth.

Adam and Chavva (Eve)/Shet (et al)/Enosh/Qenan/Mahalal’el/Yered/Hanoch/Metushelah/Lemekh/Noah/Shem/Arpakhshad (and also Aram)/Shelah/Ever (Ivri?)/Peleg/Re’u/Serug/Nahor/Terah/Avram/Yizhaq (and Yishmael and others)/Ya’aqov (and Esav–the “twins;”–“two nations”)/Re’uven, Shim’on, Levi, Yehuda, Yissakhar, Zevulun, daughter Dina (of Leah); Dan, Naftali (of Bilha, maid to Rachel); Gad, Asher (of Zilpa, maid to Leah); Yosef, Binyamin (“Ben-Oni”) (of Rachel): the sons of Ya’aqov are the twelve tribes of Israel (Ya’aqov).

Terach and Avram (with wife Sarai, et al) went from Ur-Kasdim to go into the land of Kena’an and came to Haran and dwelt there. Terah died there. Avram and Sarai (et al) went from Haran –


   …and into the land of Kena’an they came. And Avram passed through the land to the place of Shekhem unto the terebinth of More. And the Kena’ani was then in the land. And the L-rd appeared to Avram and said, To thy seed will I give this land: and there he built an altar to the L-rd, who had appeared to him. And he removed from there to a mountain on the east of Bet-El, and pitched his tent, having Bet-El on the west, and ‘Ay on the east: and there he built an altar to the L-rd, and called upon the name of the L-rd. And Avram journeyed, going on still toward the Negev.
There was famine, and so Avram and Sarai (his wife) went to Egypt, and then afterwards, back to the Negev.
And he went on his journey, from the Negev even to Bet-El, to the place where his tent had been at the beginning, between Bet-El and ‘Ay; to the place of the altar which he had made there at the first: and there Avram called on the name of the L-rd.
Avram had to separate from Lot (the son of Haran, begotten also of Terah) as the land could not bear the great substances of each. Lot went east to Sedom and Avram dwelt in the land of Kena’an.
And the L-rd said to Avram, after Lot was separated from him, Lift up now thy eyes, and look from the place where thou art, northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward; for all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever. And I will make thy seed as the dust of the earth: so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then shall thy seed also be numbered. Arise, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it to thee. Then Avram removed his tent, and came and dwelt by the terebinths of Mamre, which is in Hevron, and built there an altar to the L-rd. (Mamre the Emori, brother of Eshkol, and brother of ‘Aner: and these were confederate with Avram). Here, Avram is called Avram the Hebrew (Avram Ha-Ivri).
Avram begets Yishmael (by Sarai’s maid, Hagar). Thirteen years later, the L-rd speaks to Avram, reiterating the great plans he has for him: that He will hold a covenant with him, make him the father of many nations, change his name to Avraham, change his wife’s name to Sarah, and personally choose the name of his second-born, Yizhaq, whom Sarah will bear, and via whom he will continue his covenant forever through the seed of Yizhaq.
Avraham went back toward the Negev and dwelt between Qadesh and Shur, and sojourned in Gerar, which had a king over it named Avimelech. The two made a pact, and Avraham gave Avimelech sheep and oxen and set aside seven ewes of the flock by themselves, signifying that Avraham dug that well — thereby, he called the place Be’er Sheva (be’er meaning “well,” and sheva meaning “seven”).
The field and cave of Machpelah, in Hevron, was purchased for four hundred shekels of silver by Avraham of the children of Het as a burialplace after Sarah died in Qiryat-Arba (City of Four — likely a reference to the Patriarchs).
Ya’aqov leaves Paddan-Aram after twenty years with Rachel and Leah and his household and goods, sending messengers and presents ahead of his encounter with his brother Esav to the land of Se’ir, the country of Edom (“Red;” as in Esav’s coloring, and as in the red pottage of the exchanged birthright of the first-born). On his way from Paddan-Aram, Ya’aqov pitched his tent in Shalem, on property he purchased for 100 pieces of money from the children of Hamor, the Hivvite prince of the country. Ya’aqov built upon it an altar and called it El-elohe-yisrael.
Hamor’s son, Shekhem, saw Dina; pining with love for her, he took her and defiled her, though he hoped to marry her.
Though Ya’aqov was aggrieved that this trouble had arisen and that his sons, Shim’on and Levi, slew the men and plundered the city of its wealth and inhabitants, Ya’aqov and his retinue then buried their strange gods and went to Bet-El, as the L-rd enjoined of Ya’aqov to do. Rivka’s nurse, Devora, was buried in Bet-El beneath an oak.
They journeyed a short way onward, when Rachel gave birth to Binyamin (Ben-Oni) and was buried in Bet-Lechem (Bethlehem) on the way to Efrat.
While sending everyone ahead, Ya’aqov wrestles with a man all night, after which he is told that he has contended with G-d and with men and has prevailed, and so he accordingly received the name, Yisrael.
The brothers (Ya’aqov and Esav) then meet, and all is forgiven. So Esav returned to Se’ir, and Ya’aqov built a place in Sukkot.
The sons fed their father, Yizhaq’s, flocks in Shekhem, and Yosef was sent by Yizhaq, wearing the long-sleeved coat especially made for him, from the vale of Hevron to check on them. This was when his brothers cast him into a pit, from which he was retrieved by passing Midyan merchants and sold for twenty pieces of silver to the Yishme’elim, from where he was transported to Mizrayim (Egypt) and sold to Par’o’s (Pharoah’s) chamberlain, Potifar, a captain of the guard.
Yosef is called “the Hebrew” by Par’o’s wife many times and is thrown into prison as an innocent man, accused by Par’o’s wife of going in to her. He is finally released and restored to his previous position overseeing all of Par’o’s things — and in the end, saving both Egypt and his family in Israel from famine.
As you can see, many of the place names written about in the Bible have permeated our consciousness because of what was handed down to us in the original Hebrew (or Aramaic) of the Bible, known as the Tanach, an acronym formed by its root letters: “T” (Torah: the Five Books of Moses — Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy); “N” (Nevi’im — “Prophets”); and “K” (Ketuvim – “Writings”). Ancient scrolls and artifacts, such as bullae (clay seals, usually with writing on them; often used, for instance, by Israel’s kings) continually attest to the veracity of the stories enfolded within the Torah. And yet, the naysayers quote by rote that none of this is factual, despite statistically unimaginable correlations to the contrary.
Bet-El is among the first holy namesakes given to the land by our forefather, Jacob (Ya’aqov/Israel). Hevron and Bethlehem are two others, and are especially holy as the final resting spots of the tombs of the Patriarchs. Recently, Arabs destroyed the Tomb of Joseph, hoping to continue to obliterate our irrefutable presence since ancient times upon this land.
 The rest of the worldwide community, raging with seething hostility for the apparent “chosenness” assigned us by G-d, demands that people with no traceable historic proof of lineage to this land be deemed the real, indigenous natives of the land, with full title thereof. The Pelishtim, Kena’ani, Yevusi, Emori and all the others of the Bible assimilated, were vanquished, or were just plain eradicated out of history without a trace. Other than fanciful supposition by wishful thinkers hankering to get their hands on a piece of the Holy Land, these people faded into history, much like what had occured to the two “lost” tribes east of the Yarden (the Jordan river), when we were overrun and attacked.
The Jews didn’t just rage out of the four corners of the earth to usurp a land not their own. Not only the Bible, but continuing sourcebooks written throughout our history and also during long periods of our exile in various lands continue the story where the Bible leaves off at the end of the Old Testament and brings us smack-dab to the present day.
Outside sources, corroborating their attacks upon us, verify that each external occupier came to attack the Jews/Ivri/Yehuda/B’nai Yisrael/(whatever you want to call us), and that it, indeed, was us (the Jews) they attacked again and again (which means that we were always there). Therefore, it goes without saying that the Land that the L-rd has given us is not free for us to be giving away to others. This gift remains a trust given in perpetuity by the L-rd to his people Israel, the Jews.
Many people join us there, though some for non-altruistic purposes. Our leaders should not be forcing Jewish people out of their homes and off their lands — we have enough jealous enemies attempting to do so at every turn. If you lost a war any time you waged one and never had to suffer loss of territory, if would behoove you to keep trying. In fact, even when the land you preside over was once a part of the Jewish homeland or meant to be set aside for such and recognized by law as such, what would it matter if you received that portion of the land (Transjordan-cum-Jordan) in an illegal land grab by the Mandatory powers assigned as (temporary) stewards over so-called “Palestine?”
This is what happened, with the Arabs receiving the Jewish mandate land and renaming it Jordan. They didn’t have any land on the western bank of the Jordan river when they declared independence in 1946, so they conquered that portion of what belonged to Israel in an illegal war they raged against Israel in 1948, basically just after Israel’s own later declaration of independence.
The Arab states encompassing Israel that were also newly created by declarations of independence in the same decades surrounding Israel’s independence joined together to attack their Jewish neighbor. Most lands supposedly claimed by Arabs were usually parts of Jewish land. Just because “Jordan” came across the river and overran the Old City of Israel due to an illegal, aggressive war and subsequent short, nineteen-year occupation of our land, does not entitle every Omar, Sammy and Mohammad to move into the place forevermore, especially when they lost the territory back to us (smiley face here).
When the powers that be see Israel gaining ground in a war waged against them, they always put a halt to it when the enemies are prevailing against us. If we win territory back (nothing we hold now is an expansion of our territory; we are a severly truncated nation of our once glorious selves, relegated to a moth-eaten remnant of one of the oldest proven civilizations on earth), we are forced to turn it over without recompense and without concession from our enemies, declared and otherwise.
   The people of Gush Katif formerly held homes and occupations (work) in Gaza. They were forcibly expelled in 2005, their homes and property turned over to Arabs who did nothing to earn them. They still have no homes and have received no compensation for their losses.
Where is the world outcry over yet more Jewish refugees? What about the 3/4-million or so Jewish refugees who lost their homes and properties fleeing Arab lands and Arab wrath in 1948? Where is the outcry from the world about that? What about the recent expulsion by the Israeli government of Jews living in Migron? And the latest Jewish population areas to be placed upon the chopping blocks include Hevron and Bet-El.
In Hevron, Jews purchased a building previously owned by Arabs. It seems the Arabs are now saying that the validity of the building’s owner was in question and the sale should be void. Did the Jews get their money back? Did the Arabs put up collateral property to give the Jews in place of this bogus trickery they’re purporting? Did the Jews get their day in court prior to being unfairly evicted without cause? No, no, and no. This is not due process. This is bending over backwards to accommodate abuse. This is the sick, Israeli Left — the people who don’t want the burden of owning the Land of Israel and prefer to present it on a silver platter, along with necks outstretched, to their enemies. Take our heads, please…they seem to intone, to everyone around them.
Bet-El, Bethlehem, Hevron…..
These names are Biblical placenames belonging to Israel — part of Judaea and Samaria, for those of you more familiar with those names. These names are what are being referred to as part of the so-called “West Bank.” Where is the disconnect in people’s minds to the Jewish connection with these names? David (of the House of David), son of Yishai, who became King over Israel, was a simple shepherd from Bethlehem. And the people of today somehow insist that this land belongs to Arab “Palestinians,” that country’s name being given to it when it was run as a vassal state by the Romans!
I, too, had a disconnect…I used to write of all the technical and medical advances which have come out of Israel, still somehow thinking that Israel was an ancient-looking expanse of sand and camels. This was not the reality, although it exists in small part; nor was I disappointed at what I found there — a vibrant land of promise and prophecy.
However, like vultures around a carcass, or sharks in frenzy-mode, once the smell of blood and decay stirs the senses of the enemy, they come circling to pick clean the bones.
I once thought that Israel had learned not to worship the golden calf — now this bull is being led by its horns to the slaughterhouse.
Here is an interesting article on the Biblical town of Shechem:
My bat-mitzvah portion was Genesis 28: 16-22, which you can read, here (scroll down to the appropriate verses):
Update (October 11, 2018):
Read how UNESCO promulgates anti-Semitism by claiming Jewish heritage sites belong to “Palestinians”:
Cohen, Guy. “UNESCO: Rachel’s Tomb is ‘Palestinian'”. israelnationalnews.com; October 10, 2018:
Update (February 22, 2020):
Shindman, Paul. “UNESCO, Israel and the Weaponization of Culture”. honestreporting.com; February 18, 2020:

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So Sick of Red Cross Anti-Semitism

For more than 60 years, the Red Cross has been a savior in a sea of hurt. However, for 60 years, this has excluded Jewish inclusiveness into its organization. Why, might you ask, would the Red Cross allow its ambulances to carry terrorist bombers in its International Red Crescent trucks? And why, might you ask, would the Red Cross allow the symbolism associated with Islamic nations to be plastered on its ambulance trucks, but not the “Jewish Star?”

That is a good question, and one that has still gone unanswered after more than 60 years of its operation. For most of its years, the Red Cross would not even admit the Jewish Red Magen David Adom (Israel’s “Red Shield of David”) agency into its operations. Even with its reputation among the top in the world for its medical care, Israel has not been allowed to be part of this organization which has allowed the Muslim crescent-and-star symbol to operate.

There have been ongoing responses from the Red Cross, stating that the symbol of the cross is really not associated with Christianity, and is a medical symbol. A similar argument has been used by countries which use a depiction of the cross upon their national flags — stating that the Cross had nothing to do with Christianity (although we all know that this is a farce, and that, indeed, it does — the argument is used just so that they can portray the symbol without penalty).

Finally, in recent years, Israel would be allowed to be a member of the organization if it would abide by new regulations stating that it should change its symbol to a red “crystal,” a red rectangular object of no particular significance, so that it would not offend anyone. And pray tell, why should the Jewish star be offensive to some, whereas the cross and crescent would not? Under these symbols, the Jewish people have been persecuted and killed for millenia! Yes, read that right — millenia! And it still goes on to this day. And this is not supposed to be offensive?

So, I do not understand why there was supposedly a recent full-page ad taken out in newspapers to boycott support for Magen David Adom. I disagree wholeheartedly with this effort! Magen David Adom must be supported! It is the only non-partisan medical staff of the three which will accord human rights to ALL, regardless of religion, race, or creed.

Please support Magen David Adom, so that the victims of Kassem and Katyusha rockets in Israel can be transported to facilities where they will be cared for by medical staff of all religious and national backgrounds, and so that the victims, who may be comprised of all nations (Israel has amongst the most diverse backgrounds of people in the world) may be treated indiscriminately.



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Added Information:

Marcus, Itamar and Maurice Hirsch, Adv. “Special Report: PA abuses goodwill of International Red Cross (ICRC) to pay salaries to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons”. June 22, 2017; Palestinian Media Watch:




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Mayer, Jane. “Fallout at the Red Cross”, December 24, 2001; The New Yorker: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2001/12/24/fallout-at-the-red-cross/


More on Arab Use of Medical Facilities/Transport toward Terrorist Purposes:

EMET News Service. emetnews.org: https://emetnews.org/analysis/hamas-uses-medical-facilities-and-ambulances-for-terrorist-purposes.php



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Heal your heart

the hatred has consumed it

Break your heart

into pieces of stone

Reveal your face

the cover of cowardice

inkiness of night

all alone

Fight like men

the power of the sermon

wall of shame

only ten years old

Died like dog

hanging on your legs

reprisal cold

no, attacked by your own

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Forgotten View

Where are you?

But I feel your touch

I know that you know

again; this is the

second time I’ve written


having forgotten it,

again; the first time

when you kissed me

and it was again;

again I know

and though you have

forgotten; it is I

who remember

How can you forget?

How do you know?

Are you the L-rd?

Muhammad the Prophet?

How can I feel you

and this you feel, too,

because you tell me

first, so that I know

it is really real

and no illusion

but this is what you felt

or said you did, but didn’t

and so did I, but we

really didn’t feel that

And what was real and true

became a parody that we

didn’t know how to grasp

without letting go

My soul had died when my

first marriage died; I

don’t know when it will

return; but my incarnate

lives have known you all

along and returned to you;

but this time it was

worse; it did not work;

We did not learn when

we asked for and received

that second chance to

live our lives again better

the second time – we both

forgot this promise

Still, you know

You are still there as I

cry and feel your spirit

and your face

and you are not there

But the reality and that

which is true

is that you know me

and move heaven and

earth for me, so that

I feel you


and know that I did

not find Khalil Gibran’s

books, as well as the others,

by chance

and that I did not find

the hurricane lamp;

some force of reason

causing me to think of

replacing Sami’s genie

lamp with one of another kind; and not

until this moment, when

the oil lamp was found and

brought home and the

Khalil Gibran books were

found and brought home

and the moment was exactly

right when I lit the lamp,

moved it about the table

until I got it right and

had it near me, then opened

the book and came

almost immediately to a

poem he wrote about his

love, asking her to place

the oil lamp near her face

so that he can read

with tears what his life

has etched on her face

and to fill the lamp and

not let it dim —


How could you know?

How could this be?

Touching me through other pages

other Arabs

one I think, although

I wouldn’t look, sitting

next to me on the bus,

for my own protection,

unable to look


crying at the end for

believing this as a symbol

sent by you

thanking him in silent

gratitude for not moving

and remaining by me

for you

and thinking of you

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5,000 Years Hence

G-d came to me in the form of an Arab

and I, as the Jewess, the temptress, the seductress,

knew this not

Humanity came to me in the form of an Arab

and it touched me,

but I ran,

hoping to hide myself away from it’s reach

Conscience beckoned to me

in the form of an Arab

and I shook my head

and denied it

Truth came to me

in the forms of many Arabs

calling from my past

All the souls from the days since our beginnings

are tied up in this land;

All contribute to the feeling one gets of the

connection to this land

We hold hands, this Arab and I,

in a meadow of long-grass

We are happily at one

these more than 5,000-year-old people,

this Arab and I,

for we know completely,

the souls of each other and

completely are we so in love

5,000 years later,

upon seeing one another again,

We have not forgotten –

No, our souls have not forgotten

the joy of one another,

but our lives have changed

and the times have altered our landscape

We have allowed the dust of the dry bones

to settle among us and to grow stale

our knowledge of one another.

We have now become unrecognizable to one another

as we accuse each other

of falsehoods that belong to other people

until it drives us apart

But our souls ache for the spirit that we know

that still resides

that will have to wait

for eternal time

some time

maybe 5,000 years from now

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Somewhere near Ashkelon

We are not our souls

We live not as we were intended to be

Instead of being for each other

We each lived according to “me”

You kept on interrupting

the plans I had made in my life

the commitment to school

the language and rules

all changed when you made me your wife

You said I was done

when we became one

and we now would go on with your scheme

The vision you planned

of the house on the sand

and a restaurant, along with this dream

But the house on the sand

made of dreams did not stand

and it crumbled away with the sea

For had I been for you

and had you been for me

than together we would have been “we.”

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V’Atah/After All

Brilliant mind,

two souls intertwined

I thought you would leave

your past actions behind

But thousands of years

through grief and through tears

shows that Judaism and love

are most certainly blind

Blind to the cruelty of hatred’s intentions

Blind to the scheming of man’s machinations

Awaiting the day

when the world will say

We acknowledge your people,

your history, your nation

Alone we now stand

Exiled from our land

Our people have borne each concession

Alone we will stand

With our L-rd’s guiding hand

As we wait for the final redemption.

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The Arabs in History – by Bernard Lewis

From 1947 through 2002, this book has remained in circulation, updated and revised as the author has felt necessary. Great works will stand the test of time, and Mr. Lewis’s works are the tomes toward which many a serious scholar of Middle Eastern studies turns.

The writing is exceptional, the tone always appropriate, with much information reduced to a freshly readable economy of scale and pertinence. A most dedicated and worthy author of the subject matter.

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The Arab World: An Illustrated History – by Kirk H. Sowell

A book chock-full of the chronological and who’s-who type of information necessary in order to lay down a historical narrative for the arab people, complete with a glossary of terms used in the arabic language helpful to the lay person toward an understanding of the cultural underpinnings of its society.

Although the mass of information is such that I would personally acquire such a book for a personal collection, the book does maintain a negative stance on Israel, which passes for “even-handedness” in today’s biased viewpoints against the Jewish national home.

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