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Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type – by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger

This is a great book, which should be used by job seekers and job placement counselors alike to determine types of jobs best fitting specific personality types.

However, the jobs recommended occasionally apply across the board to a broad spectrum and don’t necessarily seem all that targetted to the individual, and “testimonials,” which are supposed to be written in a person’s own voice, but clearly seem to be written by the authors, themselves, become a particularly annoying feature of these authors’ writing styles and detract from the credibility of their work.


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Blog Job Wanted!

I have a free site; why not do a little unabashed self-promotion and ask for the job I’d truly like: a salaried writing position, much like my own blog, but one for which I’d be earning a living!

I’m looking for a pro-Israel opportunity with a pro-Jewish slant, perhaps a bit on the Conservative side, but with an independent bent. I’d like a salaried position (all taxes appropriately withheld by employer) and, as I write via public computers, one in which a not-so-important content deadline is flexible. Any such thing?

Any takers, please feel free to comment — and I hope to earn your patience, as it may take awhile to respond. I am one of the poor populace receiving some public assistance I’d prefer to remove myself from once I earn enough to support myself again; I can’t afford a vehicle, and so commute via bicycle, and other than a few weeks of sporadic work, here and there, I basically haven’t been able to locate work in three years!

The reason I lost my job in the first place was to help a disabled brother in the last months of his life as he dealt with a fatal cancer diagnosis, which took his life. I had to travel to another state and basically used half of my savings while there. At the same time, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer (my father already passed away while I was in my mid-twenties of a fatal cancer condition). Rather than leave my previous employers in the lurch, I did a nice thing and asked an unemployed-and-searching friend of mine to fill in for me. Not only did she do so, but when I returned and started to work part-time, in addition to assisting my mother by attending her doctor’s appointments and treatments with her, this friend refused to let me have my full-time hours again, stating that she’d let me work full-time if I would come live with her and give her what I could afford, knowing that I’d already lost a place to live, and my brother! Well, this person is no longer a friend (this being the last straw in addition to other things over the years).

So, unfortunately, I became homeless and lived for a short period of time at a homeless shelter. It teed me off that this agency was receiving state funding, yet two teachers there (we had to attend classes all day) were promoting a Jesus-based view. One of the teachers was a fill-in one, who indicated that he would be saying other things, but since there were “children of Israel” present, he could not. The other was a regular teacher there — one of my favorites — and I almost wrote him up about it, but decided to leave, instead.

I don’t know why it is that I usually favor the people who are most anti-semitic (until I find out that that is their view). I guess it must be that they are highly spiritual people, with a strong belief. I just don’t appreciate when their viewpoint becomes one which causes our people to be attacked and killed.

No anti-Semitic job offers, please…….


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