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Kitten Update


Kitten Update (Randyjw; August 26, 2017)


Being rooted to a small, fixed area without transportation makes homelessness a recipe for criminality. By virtue of having no place to go, one is subject to charges of loitering or trespass due to the lack of available places where one can legitimately hang out for hours on end. The library was too far to walk to on a daily basis, but I just discovered a great park not too far away with some fantastic amenities, including a small lake and some sporting facilities. I took a couple of photos of some interesting-looking fowl, but the water was too muddy to capture the little turtles and a few fish I happened to notice below the surface.

On the walk “homeward”, I was caught in a deluge of pouring rain, again. Yuck. My clothes don’t have time to dry between downpours, so they’re developing a moldy smell. My physical being is also developing some of the many problems of this institutional and homeless-based life — no elaborations on this, just yet, if at all.


A woman who peruses the shelter was just arrested and spent a night in jail. She then spent the following night in the hospital, the situation having brought on, as she relates it, a case of asthma.


I do have some good news, though. My application for free bus passes was approved, and I’ve now received my first one, which I’ve put to use going to the library. This is great, ‘cuz soon I will be able to visit a clinic to attend to this tumor-thing, which seems to have grown bigger and deeper, in the interim while waiting. Hooray!


I passed by my old residence, and my feral lovebug, sweetpea kitty-cat came out to greet me when I called. She felt really smooth and soft; I’m not sure whether it’s from the rainwater, or if someone bathed her (yeah… good luck with that. Last time I tried that, my shirt and body wound up with several additional puncture holes that hadn’t been there, before…).

Well, that’s the latest in homeless news on my end, and in my life. I’m waiting on the bench for the library to open in a few hours — the same bench where I almost got a ticket for (appearing to be) sleeping (I was really lying on my side using the phone to look at WordPress, etc.) on a public bench. I’d really like to do it again, I’m so uncomfortable…


I guess I’ll try to continue combing the knots out of my waist-length, cavewoman hair, after this post. Bugga, Bugga.


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