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And With My Hand


And With My Hand (Randyjw; June 27, 2016)


Your little nails just cannot clasp

the width around my finger

If you would know, then you would grasp

How time can never linger


With fingered paints in egg-shell crates

Your tiny hands so small

impressions held in plaster plates

that hang still on the wall


Your shoelace long and dragged through dirt

Because they’ve come undone

The little bunny bows to learn

were still not yet begun


We’ll stop right here upon the lane

And stoop to get them tied

And swinging hands we’ll once again

Regain our faltered stride


I walked with you those first few times

and dropped you to the door

We crossed inside the wide white lines

The crossing guard was sure


The teacher folded each young rook

within her broad, wide care

Amongst the group I searched and looked

But you were not aware


I felt the loss so vividly

My baby growing up

Remembering, Oh, so tenderly

How precious was our love


And now your hand is calloused

caused by chores you do at home

Amongst the lost sweet ballads

Children now gone on their own


I feel each indentation

made by each sweet little hand

My life gave them formation

So that they would understand


To hold each hand with love that’s sown

And with it to make known

My hand that’s clasped inside their own

They now must let it go


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