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For My Mother


For My Mother (by Randyjw; April 3, 2016)


The beautiful piece of your heart and life

which you opened to another

touches them in ways in which

it always seems to matter


The wellspring of my eyes is turned

in seeing that you bother

Consider what I’ve seen and learned

The yearnings of a mother


Your days of toil upon the floor

to clear each path before

the soil from our wayward path

and what will lie in store


The dreams you set into our mind

we never leave behind

and when in time we reach the line

and take our turn in kind


Each small and heartfelt victory

the labors of your youth

Through days of untold hardships

you rebirth our lives anew.



Thank you, Mom.


a special thank-you to the inspiration found in the lovely words of poetess, Diana, whose inspiring work gave me cause to leave and create my own inspired work, above. Thanks, Diana. View her work at:





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There are questions we may never learn

the proper answer for

And wonder in the wondering

beyond each unsealed door


We first must learn to take one step

in order that we may

begin the onward process

which will set us on our way


To paths we find before us

which were never known before

And now we have the answer

Since we opened up the door!



Inspired by the poem, “Is Life But A Dream?”, by Keith Garrett: http://keithgarrettpoetry.com/2016/03/19/is-life-but-a-dream/.



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Life is so precious;

You don’t have very much of it.

Life is the stars in the sky,

Life is nature’s beauty all around us,

Life is just being together.

We must learn to appreciate it;

Life is beautiful.


I wrote this poem for a Hebrew class assignment when I was maybe about 9 or 10 years old. It was submitted by my teachers and Rabbi to a Jewish magazine for children called “World Over”, and was published by them. The “Temple” thanked me for representing them in the pages of this national magazine. I thank the best Rabbi in the world for his tutelage. Mi Kamocha? Who is like unto you? Ein… (there is none).


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