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Little Doll


Little Doll (Randyjw; December 29, 2016)


Arrived in its gift wrap

shiny and new

little girl loved it

through years as she grew


It never was fancy

it came without bother

no excess enhancements

no wardrobes and other


the staunchest supporter

was steadfast and true

through ease or disorder

she stuck there like glue


She had no thoughts to say

in her love strong and pure

Just reflecting the way

others thoughts thought they were


No trite string-pulled greetings

No milk bottles fed

just packed into sheeting

and moved to where led


The years passed less kind

on both girls real and doll

what fate had in mind

for both each took their toll


the patches grew larger

the fabric wore thin

the seams could no longer

hold everything in


the moving and shuffles

had torn past repair

now gone were the ruffles

the girl had sewn there


And each time the wheels

of the suitcases turned

Both objects could feel

that their love had been spurned


A little more worn

for the wear and the tear

And neither were born

to those found in their care


Now void of the features

that brought them to life

the delicate peaches

of cheeks now gone white


The stains that stayed ground

and would not wash away

the others now found them

good cause for dismay


The pleasure conferred

was good only complete

And now what they offered

was deemed rather effete


Their visages ravaged

the stuffing pulled out

New models undamaged

which still held their clout


They could clean, they could cook

they could even give birth

Their incomparable looks

were like heaven on earth


With their mansions and stables

and the multi-storied homes

their toy-storied fables

were flouted and sown


Their repute and their dignity

were torn fast asunder

they learned love with impunity

to be downfall and blunder


Its not for themselves

to close love at the door

but they sit on the shelves

so that others have more


The lives they were meant

to live happy and free

with smiles never spent

for the family-to-be


For both surely knew the love

locked in their ticking

sewn by the One above

for their self-picking


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