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Know This


Know This (Randyjw; August 24, 2016)


Things you might be unaware of, giving pause for thought (pertinent to the U.S.)… I may update this in the future, if I think of other things to add…


Homeless Shelters:


Sharp instruments, such as toenail clippers, manicure scissors, tweezers, etc. are not allowed in homeless shelters (at least the one where I was at). How inhumane to have to live with bloodied feet from toenails grown too long. How is one supposed to retain just one small vestige of humanity inside such an institution? Given the circumstances, I can imagine this extending to circumstances inside a jail. That’s cruel and unusual punishment, in my opinion!


The fine print of the homeless shelter institution reads, in effect, that said institution is allowed to experiment on its residents. This is also a military policy, giving the government authority to order vaccinations for all military personnel as innoculation against possible bioweaponry used by an enemy. It led to a mighty outcry against this military policy during the time of increased anthrax spore attacks in the United States due to the concerns of unknown or unanticipated effects this vaccine would have on its recipients. When I was in a homeless shelter, both myself and another man were pushed back to the end of the line by the tuberculosis testing administrators, again and again, until we were its last recipients. We both received a weird rash across our forearms after receiving the TB test, although we were both certified TB-free. Having had to raise my hand in response to a (visiting) class teacher in response to his question posited as to “Do we have any Children of Israel here?”, the other two or three girls, plus myself, who are Jewish, were then identified and made known, and were also assigned undue blame for his being unable to say what he wanted before the rest of the class due to our presence, as he so succinctly stated was the case to the class. The other person with the rash, a young black man named R.H., had come to me at the break-area tables outside and had stated that he was “Benny Israel”, so it was also heard that he is supportive of Israel. What was in/on the testing prongs that gave us both adverse reactions? Does it have anything to do with the fact that we were both supportive of Israel?  Does it have anything to do with the tumor growing from my forhead these six years later? In any case, why do we give up our rights as human beings free from bodily search/experimentation when we find ourselves in desperate situations and needing assistance from others at such places? By the way, my Mother just saved me from my impending September homelessness, although its very difficult for her… Thank you so much, Mom; I love you.


Government Classification:


Many assistance programs, administered by the state, such as food stamps, Medicaid, and emergency cash assistance, etc. typically are handled by one agency. On the official application, just one group is listed as an official “ethnicity”, which is an optional category provided per applicant discretion — but, why is ethnicity, or race, there to begin with? What advantage/disadvantage does singling out race and/or other ethnicity provide in a supposedly raceless society in the favoring of contracts and other considerations? The only ethnicity which is listed is that considered “Hispanic or Latino”. No other group is given this consideration — either you’re “A”: Hispanic or Latino, or “B”: Not Hispanic or Latino.




What about the considerations of other ethnicities who are minorities, such as the Jews, who share a haplographic genotype indicating inherited ancestry not often found in other groups; as well as shared culture; an originating, shared language which is Hebrew, although individuals adapt by assimilating and speak the language of their host countries; and other identifying characteristics, which set groups apart? Instead, what was once listed in Census information as Jewish, has become “Fill-in-the-Blank”; then “Other”; then “Middle Eastern” combined into the “White” category, provided that you hadn’t been quantifiably intimidated enough from government focus on their targetting of Jewish businesses and Israel right-wing groups for scrutiny via raids to write-in “Jewish” without fear of recrimination, as I was, (probable set-ups beforehand to create incriminating situations) and tax audits or non-provision of exemption, such as the harrassment received by Conservative, Tea Party-type groups from the IRS scandal, which was admitted, but I don’t believe was ever prosecuted. I am still significantly fearful enough not to change my “White” (“Middle Eastern”) classification, even though they also now allow for write-ins on the same classification, since I’ve been pigeonholed into the “White” category by this progression and non-allowance to let us self-classify and the fright with which they’ve come down hard on Jewish businesses and groups.



I had also written further, not necessarily in this article, regarding the consideration of a new census classification, known as Middle East(ern) North African (MENA), which I considered a deliberate attempt by Arabs to find themselves some way to suss themselves out as a class of people, while at the same time being able to diminish, and not raise, the status of the Jews above their own. This classification does just that, by allowing the Muslims to have their own protected class as a majority over the Jews. This would make the Jews have to go into either the MENA category, as a negligible minority with the Arabs, or to be considered “White”, as, again, yet another minority with no voice of our own. Jews are still being discriminated against as a distinct, provable minority group, yet we are given no direct representation of our own group within government-arranged classifications. Such classifications can be utilized legally in the fight against discrimination against certain protected “classes” of people. However, if you’re discriminated in even being considered a class of people from the very start, how can it be considered a fair fight? MENA includes people considered at the present time as being in the continents of Asia and Africa. The primary groups represented from the peoples on the two, each, of these distinct continents have had their representation within the fields already considered “Asian” and “Black” (varying at times, and to some extent). Why should parts of these separate continents be now separated out, and bridged to span the gap over two very distinct continents, when no other such exception has been made previous for any other group, at any other time, per se? The only time this has been really been done is in lumping Alaskan and Indian natives together recently, or in the making of the only known “ethnicity” to exist (which effectively bridges continents), known as “Hispanic or Latino”. I have long felt that Middle Easterners were never clearly white. Jews, indeed, were considered a separate class as a people/group/race, and this was noted in incoming U.S. immigration and other records, like ship’s manifests, etc. See the link to this 1913 document, declaring Nationality as to the country of citizenship to or subject of; and also gives classification of “Race or People”, clearly listing “Hebrew” as a classification of people – they may still have been reticent to use the term “Jew” or “Jewish”:

(http://www.bakerbluminfamilytree.com/Records/ships/maxbaker2.jpg )

In its beginnings, the classification of the Jews was done so with discriminatory ends. Yet, deleting them as a people entirely and eliminating them from further classification also perpetuates the same. Consideration as an altruistic stated purpose to prevent the discrimination against Jews by being overly cognizant to the “sensitivities” against their labeling as comparable to their experiences during WWII and the Holocaust, just doesn’t bear water.


I believe I erased my initial thoughts on this for not wanting to give anyone any further ideas. We can now realize that the Arabs have been busily at work on this for some decades, now, yet, of course, classifying it as an anti-Muslim measure, and not the actual anti-Jewish measure, which it really represents.


For further information and additional reading, please refer to this new Associated Press article:


Kellman, Laurie and Karoub, Jeff — Associated Press. “Counting Americans: A New Mideast Box On Census Is Sensitive”. Associated Press (via msn.com); March 20, 2017:





Medicaid is a Federal program, administered through the state, to assist in the medical care of poor individuals with families. Unless through disability or perhaps a few other qualifying events, single childless individuals are exempted and do not qualify for Medicaid. They are just plain out-of-luck. The term “expansion of Medicaid”, or “expanding Medicaid”, means the individual decisions undertaken by some states to allow for the inclusion of the uncovered childless individuals, who would otherwise remain uncovered. Many states have still not expanded Medicaid coverage for these individuals (I was one; I know from firsthand experience what I’m talking about).


Qualifying for the Affordable Care Act (ACA):


The Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare” as it’s more popularly known, was touted as the panacea to shoehorn everybody into an insurance coverage program to make healthcare affordable. For one thing, insurance coverage is not actual healthcare, but only a payment to an insurer for coverage of varying degrees to help in medical costs. If unused, the monthly payment premium of your good money was just handed over to enrich an insurance company, and no actual value was received, other than an imagined “what-if” scenario. The Affordable Care Act does exactly what Medicaid did, except that it now has become mandatory that everyone is required to participate, by law. A fine is levied upon you by the IRS if you do not participate. For low-wage earners, this is a disaster, as they can barely make ends meet prior to this new law. Now it is a death knell. The extremely poor are not required to participate, but still have to go through the motions of the paperwork. In fact, they derive no benefits from the law, as they are exempted (disallowed) from participating, as they do not contribute enough money into the system through payment into it by their taxes. The poor are treated as if they are illegal aliens, whose low wages do not allow them benefits to which other Americans are entitled. Meanwhile, illegal aliens benefit from free education and other entitlements, without receipt into our coffers of tax money from them, for the most part. Illegal aliens knew they could not be turned away for medical treatment at a hospital, and so bankrupted the medical system, which raised costs to cover non-paid and delinquent accounts which the illegal aliens would leave unpaid. Legal residents also engaged in these actions, just to be fair and note the widespread occurence of this manner of operation. Meanwhile, insurance rates are skyrocketing, and insurance providers are disengaging and stopping providing service, making competition practically non-existent and leaving almost a monopolistic gobbling of business by the remaining large insurers, limiting freedom of competition. This is an unfair practice and a boondoggle program, which must be eliminated.




In my opinion, you should be considered an employee upon the first day of work, but there has been a 90-day window favorable to employers in which the person, although paid as an employee, is not considered as such and no benefits need be offered, nor does your status qualify you as such. I don’t know whether this has changed since the Affordable Care Act has gone into effect, but it is a matter of employment law, and not the health consideration, anyways. That is why you often see high turnover at the three-month mark, so that companies escape the obligation to cover benefit expenses and other things for the employee. If this policy were to be eliminated, as I feel it should be, it would provide an employee with a more stable opportunity to keep their position without being considered a throwaway expendible employee. The employer would use better judgment in hiring, as well. It would eliminate needless fights and paperwork regarding the status of the employee, say, for unemployment compensation purposes. There should be no more classifications for seasonal workers, temporary workers, or others of the same. Let them be employees for the time worked; whether they are fired or they leave the company should be irrelevant; let them receive unemployment benefits, if they file, based on their earnings. If there’s a bad reason for this, let me know.



Update (August 4, 2018):

President Trump has created a means to close the loophole for the 28 million U.S. people who are without insurance, and for which “Obamacare” di not take care of their needs. Please read, in the Administration’s own words, what he is doing to combat this problem, inherited under the Obama Administration:




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Health Insurance Is NOT Health Care

Health Insurance Is NOT Health Care

It seems that people are confusing the payment of premiums to health insurance companies as constituting the receipt of an actual health care service. Paying money to insurance companies is just a form of hedging a bet on your health with payments set against a possible eventuality of injury, disease, consultative or preventive medicine. If a negative circumstance occurs to the insured, the insurance company is liable for a pre-set amount, generally paid only after the insured meets a certain level of deductible. Sometimes the insurer will cap their payments, after which additional payment will be denied and service will be discontinued. Oftentimes, the injured party will no longer be able to seek insurance with additional carriers, as a condition will have been considered pre-existing and, therefore, justified ineligible, meaning that the party will not be able to contract for service with any company out there and will be left uninsured.

I often thought that the conspiracy theorists who felt that the banks/bankers and insurers/insurance companies who felt that such aforementioned companies ruled the world would believe that Obamacare is just another of those avenues used to funnel the money to certain-inclined people. In Obamacare, we will all be supporting the health insurance companies who provide no real tangible service other than to act as a mediary to doctors and hospitals and serve as an already existing “death-panel” by previously determining and setting limitations with regards to which services a person will be able to receive. As it previously stood, those with pre-existing conditions couldn’t even buy in to the health insurance system in order to be able to receive some kind of hedged bet against their health.

People have ALWAYS had ACCESS to health care…. It just doesn’t mean that it was always affordable! The access has never been denied anyone….So all those leftist Democrats supportive of a socialised system of medicine, such as what we will be receiving under Obamacare, are not telling the truth when they keep saying that everyone should have access to healthcare, as if we are denying access to minorities and other people. Obamacare supporters feel that such under-privileged payers to insurance companies never before had access to medical service from real medical service providers.

The fact of the matter is, many minorities who cannot afford healthcare (and usually aren’t even legal citizens of the country) and other poor people in our country already know that they cannot be denied medical care if they present themselves or other injured loved one to the emergency room of a hospital. Then, after services have been rendered, they do not pay their bills and leave the hospital and tax-payers on the hook for the indebted balance remaining on the books. This is what has caused our once-great medical and health systems to begin failing, and this is the reason why many hospitals have been put “out-of-business.”

Obamacare will not help the already indebted medical and hospital system with the problem of illegal citizens utilizing the system to receive free services, for which we will all be on the hook. Under Obamacare, illegal citizens will still not be forced to pay into the system, and will still seek services via the most expensive route possible — in the hospital emergency rooms. This is one of the reasons that healthcare costs have gone sky high.

Other reasons for the high cost of medical care can be blamed on the insurer system, to begin with, anyways. Knowing that they will be reimbursed by the insurance companies or might receive millions of dollars in Federal or state grant monies, hospitals, medical doctors, laboratories, medical equipment companies, and other medical service providers charge exorbitant rates.

Another reason for the high costs of medical care and treatment is due to the cost to doctors of attending medical school. They must recoup their student loan rates and other expenses incurred while studying, being an intern in-residence, setting up their offices and paying rents and other business expenses, etc. All of these costs are passed on to the consumer.

It also seems to be a fallacy that Obamacare was meant to support the poor in receiving healthcare; the poorest people, who have already been too poor to pay for medical insurance previously are still too poor right now to be mandated to pay for health care. They still cannot afford it, and more pressing concerns, such as rent, food and other expenses come first. There just is NOT any leftover money with which to pay for medical insurance. No subsidy will be enough to overcome this conundrum of the low-wage or no-wage earner. Knowing this, the Obamacare crafters have allowed for an exemption for the poorest people not to be included in the mandate — Really, it wouldn’t be fair to sic the IRS on them, or to put them into jail for non-payment of something they can’t afford anyways. So, the exemption means that the poorest people will not have to be enrolled in Obamacare — AND SO WILL NOT RECEIVE THE HEALTH “CARE” THAT PEOPLE BELIEVE OBAMACARE WAS SET UP TO DELIVER! Update: Medicaid covers poor people only if they have children; under Obamacare, those people who reside in a state which did not “expand” Medicaid (for the purpose of covering the remainder who fall below the minimum Medicare age limits and do NOT have children) are still not covered, because they do not earn enough to contribute to a plan and receive only an exemption from participating in the plan. They do not earn enough to receive a subsidy from the government. So, most of what you’ve heard about these issues to-date has been inaccurate.

Why anybody thought that this socialized medicine scheme would work here in the U.S. has not taken a good look at how Socialiasm has been working out for the Cubans, the Chinese, or anybody else under the dictatorial regimes thereof. In not studying history, we are condemned to repeat it (and its mistakes — of which Communism and Socialism are two of the biggest). Socialized medicine has worked in Israel, but it was set up at its beginning and covered a small populace. That system is now being dragged under with too many people not paying into the system (like many of the Israeli-Arabs living there).

The U.S. is too big to succeed with socialized medicine!

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