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A Time For War – by Michael Savage

Wow — this book was incredible. A real page-turning, gripping, suspenseful thriller, as only Michael Savage can bring us. The topic is not just timely, but prophetic, as the rest of the world goes about their mind-numbing day, in a haze about the dangers that despotic regimes pose to our way of life, to our nation, and to our world.

Like The Savage Nation, Michael Savage’s radio show which touches on potential future scenarios (which usually come to pass), this book of fiction spins a tale of fifth-column and international treachery unleashed by the crazy leaders of today’s non-democratic regimes. The realities of this imagined work by author Savage can be seen slowly revealed in the laws of our country and the actions made against it by those who would dance to its downfall.

A must, must, must-read book.

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Train Tracks – by Michael Savage

If you are a listener of the popular radio show, The Savage Nation, hosted by Michael Savage, you will have heard stories of his childhood such as “Woodchuck Bill” and the one about the electric blue saddle-stitched pants. It is really nice to have a compendium of this sort, saved for posterity, and to learn the whole story behind the teasing tidbits he gives out on-air. It is a really special book. In many ways, I’m glad he offered it. In another way, and I don’t know why, I almost wish he would have kept his personal memories as only on-air offerings. To leave the mystique to our imagination, as only a successful radio host can generate… Oh, well. It was wonderful.

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The Enemy Within – by Michael Savage

Another fine Savage book, but I am going through all of Savage’s past books, looking for good reads, and this one absolutely fills the bill! Definitely a must read, and still current, even though written several years ago. The basic concepts Michael relays are timeless: borders, cultures, language. We can see, years later, just how prophetic his writings have become. When I took out Trickle Up Poverty from the library sometime after it had just been published and was hard to get ahold of, the librarian here, looking of Middle Eastern descent, wrote down the number or some type of information while he was attempting to help me find it, and stuck it in his pocket! I thought he was tagging me for one of those “subversive” types that need to be looked at more closely, because of the books I read. You do know that that is what happens, don’t you? Unfortunately, being on the right side means you are now on the wrong side and subject to intense scrutiny! So, I relate my own experience in regards to reading Savage books — and you can now see how that pertains to “The Enemy Within.”

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Abuse of Power – by Michael Savage

Abuse of Power, by Michael Savage, is a gripping thriller with a topical theme — terrorism. Dr. Savage does a great job, as always, in keeping his readers/listeners glued to either their pages or radios. This latest effort should “unban” him from Britain, if we lived in a world where right was might. Since we don’t, I guess it won’t matter that the heroine of this novel is both Muslim and female. So, U.K. — let’s get that ban lifted; unless, of course, you really want to show the world how far you’ve fallen in their estimation! This is a wonderful page-turner which will keep you up late into the night, reading just one more page, then just one more page, and then…before you know it, it’s the next morning and you’re tired as heck from staying up all night to keep reading this book! I can’t wait for his next efforts! Please don’t stop, Michael Savage — your fans count on you to set them straight!

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Trickle Down Tyranny – by Michael Savage

Excluding the Bible, its commentaries and other religious tomes, Trickle Down Tyranny is probably one of the best books I have ever read. I have my own take on news analysis, reading many sources and piecing things together from a somewhat singular perspective. I find myself in agreement with what Dr. Savage relays, but he goes even way further beyond the pale in researching and delving into the subjects of which he speaks.

If you really want to know what’s going on in the world, you MUST read this book. He goes into more depth than even his radio shows can relate. Pick this up from the library or at your local bookstore immediately, and make sure to buy several copies to pass along to friends and relatives.


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A Few Thank-You’s

My favorite three radio talkshow hosts are: Michael Savage, Todd Schnitt and Joyce Kaufman.

But, first of all, some thanks:

I.)  To Joyce Kaufman, in general, for being the only radio host I know of to continually memorialize, on a regular basis, our fallen soldiers, who have given the ultimate sacrifice of themselves in defending democracy and our country around the world. On her show, Joyce vocalizes the name of each hero whose life was given in defense of our ideals and freedom. This solemn invocation raises their lives before Heaven and brings the blessings of remembrance upon them and honors their families. It is reminiscent of the Yizkor services in the Jewish faith, where Kaddish (a prayer of life and affirmation) is intoned in honor of those who have passed, and their names recited in testament of their existence, as memory and in memoriam.

Now, some of the topics and guests on the first two shows previously mentioned (Savage and Schnitt) follow:

II.)  Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn, the parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn, one such hero whose life was left on the battlefields when the Chinook helicopter he was riding in with other members of the Navy SEALS team he was with went down.

Thank you to the Vaughns for raising a terrific son and letting us share in the pride and joy of your lives. Your values are appreciated and the loss to our country is immense. You can visit their website: forourson.us. (this is not a link).

III.)  To those in the Middle East fighting for peace. I don’t like war. It should not be necessary. I wish it were not. Unfortunately, idealogies clash. I hope ours wins. My side is on the Jewish one. If you believe just like me, then I wish you care and courage in the battle which confronts us.

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