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The Muslim Man March

Twenty years have come and gone since the “Million Man March” on the Washington Mall occurred. It’s mission and goals have remained as unclear now as they were then, and it’s turnout witnessed much more “fizzle” than it did any “sizzle.” Yesterday we saw the re-emergence of this moth-balled gathering on the stairs and lawn at our nation’s capitol, presided over by spokesperson, Louis Farrakhan (born Louis Eugene Wolcott!), of The Nation of Islam religious group.

This get-together was more of a wished-for outlook than an actual result, especially in its original semblance. Had the participants known that its founder’s true intent was to bring Islam to the fore and to win recruits to its battle, than I think that even less people would have attended than had actually shown up just to satisfy curiosity and not seem uninformed.

The same tactics were again in use in this re-hashed re-run. More people than previously gathered were brought together this time for an uncertain cause with an even less-certain outcome. Again, the people were duped into attending something they assumed was to show black solidarity, but which was really a rallying cry to make converts to Islam. Ugh.

The sneak-attack was an increasingly common tactic used by left-leaning liberals to ensnare unsuspecting individuals into becoming foot soldiers in their nefarious factions. By leaving their victims in the dark as to the purpose of their cause, the individual then finds themself deeply involved in the actions of a group they knew nothing about. At this point, they continue to go along with everything as if it was always their original intent, rather than admit to having been played for an ignorant fool — for no-one wants to look as if they weren’t smart.

It is also the main reason why the original Obama campaigners and supporters refuse to acknowledge that they may have gotten in too deep when they learned that the real significance of “hope and change” really meant that “re-distributing the wealth” was actually a trashing of our capitalistic Democracy for a Soviet-style communism. So they still go along with it, rather than admit that they attributed their own meanings and hopes to those words, rather than what the actual speaker had in reality made future plans to enact. It’s a con on a massive basis, and no-one likes to have been made the “mark” as a victim of this ruse.

I think this has again taken place, this “Second-Coming” of this particular gathering. It has not gained momentum, its initiative is forced, and its origins are false. That is why it is not attaining the heights its creators had envisioned for it. There is no white supremacy movement afoot by policemen or others as a whole to kill black people, as some seem to purport. It is not even black people, per se, who are actually even the insistent individuals creating this message. But there are, certainly, hateful people who do both hold those views and act upon them. The KKK was not a figment of the imagination. While it almost disappeared, it never completely was buried, and some aspects have gained traction again and have even flourished.

Those who instigated this march in its initial and secondary revivals are also among the instigators of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Those who want to take over our culture in our own land with their own people are the ones who are calling for our downfall and our destruction. It is comprised of people with their own, distinct culture — one that does not mesh well with our own.

The difference today is that it is not an institutionalized prejudice as had existed decades ago. While some individuals still hold biased viewpoints, and that may take a long time to eradicate, they do so on their own and not via an enshrined policy in our communal institutions. At least — it shouldn’t be.

Affirmative action policies enforce the selection of a diverse culture of people as a requirement, and not necessarily as attainment by merit or qualification. It may have been a needed action to accustomize different people into working in proximity with one another, and it has likely helped overcome the barriers which may have divided people previously.

But it is also continuing to foster a “separateness” identity of the “us” as the inferior, versus the “them” as the privileged class. If we are going to be equals, than perhaps we should no longer allow the classification of any “minority status”. We are all people, and should get by on applying our unique qualities towards our own unique paths in life.

We don’t have to be homogenous individuals. We should be able to express both our individualness, as well as our collectiveness, in the ways in which we see fit. To be fair, black people in Africa are a majority, and Hispanic culture is the norm in South America. There is no real basis to consider their numbers as a minority in the world. Jews, on the other hand, are indeed a minority people in the world, but the United States and the world would continue their bias against them and would never favor their status as such.

That the administration of the sitting President would grant special dispensation to the group called the Nation of Islam, a subset not unknown for their hatred against the Jews, and for their call to rise up as a group now to take hold of what they feel is to be rightfully theirs, speaks volumes about the mindset of the occupants presently in power in residence. Farrakhan was agitating for native American Indians to rise up and take this land and saying that black people were akin to being the indigenous people of this land (while simultaneously being shipped over as slaves) also. He cannot tie himself in with the Indians, as such. The black people are not the American Indians. So, basically, he was given a platform on the steps of our nation’s capitol and broadcast via C-Span, which covers the proceedings of our government in-session, to call for war via a popular coup/uprising against the implied establishment of the “other” — the white people.

There has been so much prejudice that emanates from the black and Hispanic cultures. La Raza, for instance, DOES mean “The Race”. And we do see that most of the wars being waged around the world are being waged by those coming from an Arabic culture (and NOT, as some might maintain, a Jewish one).

So, it is quite unfathomable that the prejudices of the White House against the Jewish people are revealed in that its administration would make a visiting dignitary, the Prime Minister of Israel, enter the premises via a backdoor entrance, as if we were back in the KKK days — and from a black President, no less! Not to mention leaving the Prime Minister without an invitation to dine, while you yourself go off and eat your dinner — hardly exemplary behavior as President of the United States…

Yet, still, the Muslim Farrakhan is given center stage and top billing, seemingly relative to the fervor of his Jew-hatred. Ditto in the extension of favor toward the Pope.

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