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All’s Swell


Here are a few things in life that I feel provide palpable health benefits (and I tell you this to help you derive the same benefits, as well). Of course, individual circumstances vary, and this is, in no way, meant to be construed as medical advice, nor is it meant to replace the medical care of your own physicians. I do not practice medicine, nor engage in such, so please consult yours before undergoing any new regimens, including changes in diet, exercise, therapies, and the like.


Usually, I have found that the products which work best for me generally get removed from the supermarket shelves and are then discontinued. Like…. Lemon-scented Dash. It was a laundry detergent, and it worked superbly. It was given the heave-ho, a long time ago.


It’s rumored that manufacturers and drug companies don’t give you the best of, or enough of, whatever product it is that they make, in order to keep the consumer as a continual purchaser of their product.


My mother and I have completely different evaluations of products: what works well for me, she doesn’t like; and, what works for her, I don’t like.


Nevertheless, since there are a lot of people looking for help, I can only think to help at the moment by providing my own revelations of a few things which I feel really do, and can, help. I know this post is a departure from my normal types of subjects, but in the mode of attempting to assist some of mankind, here I go. Consider it a product review, if you will — even including some foods.


Kirkland Signature Daily Multi Vitamins and Minerals. With lycopene and lutein. And calcium… This 500-tablet container, with the blue labeling, costs less than $15.00USD, and it packs a whopping punch. I’ve only once before felt the practically immediate effects of any dietary supplement, and that one was Andersen’s stress tabs, but I haven’t seen them in decades (and I’m not even sure of the correct spelling). I really feel this one working. It is the home-brand of the Costco warehouse-membership bunch, and is available online. Item #416076. July, 2016.


Assured (brand) cough drops. These are the Dollar Tree brand of Greenbrier International, and are the mentholated kind, with eucalyptus. These generic items from this dollar store far surpass the name-brand ones. Any time I’m low on supply and I can locate a neaby store, I stock up on the multiple varieties, because they seem to dampen any type of oncoming malaise I might start to feel, whether cold, sorethroat, etc. First of all, they’re the only cough drop I’ve seen which is Kosher. That’s one plus. Frankly, it’s permissible, in many cases if unwell (check with proper authorities), to use medicine that is not Kosher. But, nevertheless, the fact that they do so is awesome. Secondly, they are the only cough drops I’ve seen which also offer sugar-free versions. Thirdly, they have a few flavors: cherry, honey-lemon, and menthol. They all taste very good, and they’re cheap, and work great, in my opinion.


Theraflu. This is my favorite cold-fighter. It’s been pulled on and off the shelves, due to health concerns. It disappeared for a long time. It’s now back in many versions. Even if any of the formulas have changed, I still think it works well for me.


Contac Cold. This was my long-ago favorite cold “remedy”. I think it has come and gone from the market, and I don’t think it’s newest formulation, if it differs in any respects from its first, is as good as it used to be. Or, maybe it’s that I found other products to replace it, when this product, itself, was lacking. In any case, it’s now back.


Alka-Seltzer Plus. This is my next go-to cold-fighter, if I can’t get to Theraflu, and sometimes by choice. Plop two fizzy tablets, orange-flavored, please, into some warm water, and drink it up! Or down! This works pretty well, too.


Mackerel. Seriously. It’s a bit rad for a squeamish person, such as myself, to deal with these things, which are fish, minus the heads and tails, but still with the bones, and stuck into cans and brined. If you think about it, that’s really not appetizing at all. Anyways, I suffer a bit through the episode of deboning, and even eating it, but I find the health benefits incredulous. No kidding. It was an immediate mood-lifter and made me feel super-happy. It also made me feel less achy and more flexible in my joints. All because mackerel are fatty fish which contain Omega 3’s and a little bit of Omega 6’s (acids) which really do hold up the hoopla that’s said about it, as far as what this fish does for me (slip of the finger, I typed “dies” for me… Ughh… Oyyyy…..).


Update: A November, 2016 article by A.C. Shilton in Outside magazine also extols the virtues of oily fish, such as mackerel:


Shilton, A.C. “Canned Seafood is Having a Moment — and for Good Reason”. Outside, November, 2016:



Borscht. I feel this just pouring into my cells and somehow making things much better. Buy large fresh beets. Scrub clean and place into pot with water. Cook until soft. Peel skins and discard/compost. Dice beets back into purple water/soup. Let cool. Stir in a large dollop or so of sour cream. It’s probably not the greatest-tasting soup in the world, but it sure helps make you feel healthier.


Thanks for reading. Hope this helps.


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