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Flame (Randyjw; October 12, 2017)


If I could hold a candle to yours,

that would then touch mine,

the flame combined

would be enough to blind



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Exquisite (Randyjw; August 16, 2017)


Cloud cover

could never diminish

what’s perfectly made

from start to finish

The shine still sheens

through the windy bluster

For close-up scenes

show another luster


(P.S. — Zoom-in on the stamen to see the delicate purple coloring; they’re so exquisitely made)



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Love (Three)

Love (Three) (Randyjw; July 15, 2017)


Love One, Me

Love Two, You

Love Three, We


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Deja Vous

Deja Vous (Randyjw; July 15; 2017)


It’s strange to find

that though you look

to the world

with solely just one mind

and from just one end,

To discover there

on the opposite side

one who sees things alike

as through the

exact same lens


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Love (One)

Love (One) (Randyjw; July 7, 2017)


What is this mad obsession

named love,

but a strange sort of possession

inescapably sent from above?

Rushing in to fill

every space and thought;

Ousting all others

and displacing what was naught

I sometimes wonder

whether one should be distraught,

as I sit and ponder:

Does this feeling ever stop?


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If Ants Were Angels

If Ants Were Angels (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)


If ants are really angels

that crawl upon the ground

My arm would be their ladder

to scramble up and down

and G-d would chuckle with us

for proving we’re both right

No need for spectral vision

when everything’s upfront.


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Little Buddies Hanging Out

Embody Light (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)



Little Buddies Hanging Out (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)


I miss you so much

The sea my eyes have allowed to flow

have brought out the little elements that were always apparent in your special touch

things that make it so hard to let you go

The earth’s creatures gather

capturing the moistness of this mist

drinking in small measure

the sea my eyes have kissed

the snail steps out halfway

into the world from its comforting home

embodying the light

it has always known

and the ant waves

like it’s a rodeo ride

hanging on for dear life

pretending there’s never

been a single word

in the dictionary

with “goodbye”

its meaning and intent

Little Buddies Hanging Out (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)



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