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Land Theft In Judea/Samaria


Land Theft In Judea/Samaria (Randyjw; April 24, 2019)


This is another really important and informative article toward understanding what is occurring now in Judea/Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”):



Linder Kahn, Naomi. “The European Union: Nurturing Instability and Terrorism in the Middle East”. gatestoneinstitute.org; April 24, 2019:




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Any Leader of a “State” without Recognized Borders is Illegitimate

Any Leader of a “State” without Recognized Borders is Illegitimate.

One can only legitimately negotiate with leaders of recognized, sovereign states which retain lines of demarcation iterating their borders.

Additionally, agreements reached by unrecognized parties to negotiations between states would be invalid because the individuals are talking in an unofficial capacity. If they are not government officials representing their state, then they have no standing to conduct business in any official capacity, nor should any conclusive agreements reached by them be deemed to hold valid standing.

Furthermore, there must first exist recognized sovereign borders delineating a state in order for there to be any type of official status conferred upon a ruler over the governance of this physical land mass. While it is possible for a government, or one of its rulers, to exist in-exile, the land mass must have first been a recognized body with incorporated boundaries prior to the exile of its leader(s). This holds true in any form of government that exists now: whether kingdom, democracy, theocracy, parliamentarian or other category.

A group of people do not constitute a nation when they usurp the name of a land mass ruled over and named by other people, such as during the times the Romans ruled over the vassal state they conquered from the Jewish people, renaming it “Palestina” to remind the Jews of their former vanquished nemeses, the Philistines. The history books, the Bible, and other extraneous outside sources relate this aforementioned domination over the Jews of Israel in their sources — not once mentioning an Arab people, person, or language in this entire period occurring approximately two thousand years ago. A new people cannot just usurp that name and assert that they are the rightful, indigenous people of that region — yet, that is what the present-day, so-called “Palestinians” are doing.

What is their proof that they were the original inhabitants of this land? What was the name of their currency or their kings/rulers? For how long did they rule? Where is the material evidence to support this assertion? Where are the written sources to confirm proof of this statement? The last several decades can’t be counted in the propaganda of that assertion, as that is only an assertion without validity or proof. What about what is written in any outside sources? There is nothing to confirm the existence of a so-called “Palestinian” people in any outside sources.

When it is said that Israel has no partner with whom to negotiate peace, it is therefore a truism, because the Jews are really the people who were called the Palestinians by the Romans to begin with! Secondly, the Jews have ruled over Israel/Judah for thousands of years under a theocratically-styled governance at first, and then under at least 31 Kings in succession thereafter, even when they internally split into two kingdoms (the Northern kingdom and the Southern kingdom) before reuniting again, and even in more recent times under a democratically-elected Parliamentarian style form of government. We have even retained vassal kings (like Herod) who ruled over Israel at the time of occupation by others. We have also had a succession of Maccabaean rulers and Hasmonean dynastic rulers, all Jewish. We’ve even been ruled over by Mandatory assignees, when the Ottoman Empire (Turkish governance) lost the war and had to cede Israel to the League of Nations, the former name and pre-cursor of the same agency which became today’s familiarly-titled United Nations.

While most people may not be familiar with all these different Jewish rulers which have reigned over Israel, they probably have familiarity with at least some of them. The Old Testament stories tell of many of them, and our Chanukah holiday speaks of the Maccabaean successors who reigned victorious over the Roman occupiers and recaptured our Temple from the pagan idolaters.

And what stories can you tell about the so-called Arab people being referred to as the “Palestinians” today? What anecdotes can a schoolchild recite about the deeds of a valorous king amongst the Arab people? Any young teen would certainly be aware of our former Jewish king, David, wouldn’t they? Do you think they might know the name of King Solomon, also another of our Jewish kings over Israel? Indeed, I think they would.

The so-called Palestinian Arab people referred to today are a mixture of Arabs from differing backgrounds and birthplaces. Most of them moved to Israel after its establishment in order to find work and receive better wages than they would have in their neighboring Arab states. There were relatively few Arabs living in Israel during the Ottoman reign anyway, as they were mostly ruled in a feudal-style arrangement whereby the rich Arab effendis employed tenant serfs to farm their plots of land in an absentee-ownership basis. When the Arabs then again lost an aggressive war they pursued against the already established state of Israel in modern days, most of these Arab tenant farmers and Arab squatters sitting in Jewish properties then left Israel, hoping to just mosey on back into their ill-gotten holdings when the war ended. Except, they didn’t anticipate that Israel would win the war (and mostly every other one they’ve ever tried to wage against us)!

One cannot negotiate with one who has no legal standing to do so. The so-called recent elections to governmental-sounding Palestinian administrative positions, such as President, is just a false formation of an entity which has no legal basis or standing, as there exists no internationally recognized border lines over which these so-called government officials would reign!

I could call myself president of Randy-land, based on a name I made up after my own moniker, but that would not make me president over any square inch of land anywhere in existence, would it? I could even appoint additional members from my family to this governmental ruling body and call it an administration, but that still wouldn’t make it legitimate, right? So, why would this standard apply to the Palestinians, who have appointed themselves, or even voted others into, such positions?

None of it is valid or legitimate. It is all just null and void!



Of Additional Interest (August 20, 2018):


Mohamed, A.Z. “In Islam, Jerusalem Is Not Mecca”. Gatestoneinstitute.org; August 16, 2018:






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Who Supports the Palestinians?

In the preceding half-century in America, the civil rights movement was joined and supported by many Jewish people, many of which have given their lives in the efforts to promote equality among people of differing races, religions and other definitions. Jewish people particularly know persecution and oppression of their people, whether through personal, first-hand experience, or via second-hand knowledge gleaned through stories handed down from their ancestors or other sources. Because such instances are the subject matter of entire books of Jewish history, each particular happenstance cannot be mentioned here, as they are too numerous and encompass too broad a topic. Such of these can be distilled in actual names given to these occurences: the Inquisition, pogroms, the Holocaust, etc. Whether through active participation or passive existence, the Jewish people have been a targetted group for hatred directed at them from people the world over, in modern and in archaic times.

Bias promulgated against a particular group of people is known to many groups, and is still being fought against today. Even here in America, civil rights were not known by the Jews, having been treated as second-class citizens within its communities. Through many decades, American Jews have fought back against the policies of the institutions and people which would exclude them from housing, education, professions and recreation. Small gains were realized in court battles and in the battle of public acceptance, slowly, but surely. However, the process has remained incomplete and has even backslided, as the victories which have emancipated the doctrination of the biased have still not disappeared in the attitudes and actions of the people meant to ensure non-discrimination.

The fact that these attitudes, and their resultant consequences through actions, have resulted in the perpetuation of anti-Semitism here in the United States, indicates that old teachings and biases are passed on through the ages via parental modeling, educational pursuits, and other methodology.

In today’s day and age, as we mourn the passing of a titan like Nelson Mandela, whose recent memorial service was attended by the likes of over one-hundred dignitaries of all racial backgrounds, and was attended by the first of our Black, American presidents, it is hard to believe that we still have miles to go to realize equality in the tip of Africa, just as we do in the whole of America.

How is that so, you say? Well, the educational system here in America is still fraught with an ideological line that perpetuates the lie that Jewish people are not entitled to the land of Israel, the land of their forefathers, and must turn it over to the Arabs who have self-declared their hatred of the Jewish people and declared themselves enemies to them. The Arabs are so virulently attached to this ideology that they will attack the Jewish people physically, emotionally, spiritually and any other way I haven’t mentioned.

I have written about the origins of the land of Israel in other entries and other places, but you won’t find much of this representation elsewhere. And that is where the problem starts. Because the education system is telling a wrong, mean-hearted story against the Jewish people by declaring that they are usurpers in a land not theirs, when in fact it IS their land, is turning the whole world against the Jews. Denying our heritage and ancestry, by any means, is a crime against our people. Making up a history, or appropriating a wrongful history, such as the so-called “Palestinian People” are doing, is also a crime against the Jewish people.

Continuing in this vein, it is equally stunning that our elected officials perpetuate the physically harmful policies that result in our state department declaring that they believe in a two-state policy meant to divest Israel of their land. I have heard it said that during or after the second World War, many Nazi Germans were incorporated into the state department or the CIA or in many another official capacity. Certainly, it would seem that way, given the anti-Jewish and Pro-Arab stance our officials have taken in the more than sixty years since.

It has continued today in our state department with the hiring of John Kerry, in the continuing American policy of our overall government, and in both governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations that our present and former officials support — whether emotionally, with their time, or with our own, tax-payer funded dollars.

I recall at one time, many years ago, when John Kerry was being ribbed about the great wealth of his wife, Theresa Heinz Kerry, doyenne of the Heinz Ketchup emporium, due to her family association. He had responded, in essence, that her wealth was her own, and that he practically had no wealth, to speak of. Sometimes, the complete separation of wealth or the financial dealings of the other may remain unbeknownst to one or the other of the spouses, but it would hardly appear, in dress, or in other manifestations, that this would be the case of Mr. Kerry. The Heinz Endowments and their family philanthropies have given extensively to organizations, such as Tides, which in turn support radical left-wing groups, including the Council on American Islamic Relations, whose supporters have included violent, jihad-supporting members and others co-affiliated with terrorism, or the ideas espoused by Arab terrorists.

In addition to military weapons and war machines, with which our government deems fit to outfit terror-sponsoring countries, our hard-earned dollars also go to support “slippers-on-the-ground” actions (my coined term for non-military boots-on-the-ground efforts) to benefit the Palestinian cause via developmental efforts provided gratis (“free”), in their behalf, such as laying pipe in Jerusalem and outlying areas to divert water from the Jewish state for the Palestinians, via USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and other like-intended groups.

Nationally, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency is the only national refugee-relief organization dedicated solely to one people; the rest of the world must come under the aegis of the UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). While the UNHCR also provides assistance to Arabs and other Muslim countries and people, the UNRWA is concerned solely with so-called Palestinian people or other Arabs said to have been displaced in the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. The UNRWA has consistently been a source of terror attacks upon the Jewish people and State of Israel, and has often bankrolled known terrorists on its payroll in the past.

Other means by which American support reaches the Palestinians is via NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), which have quasi-official recognition. One such NGO is called Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO). This NGO supports Palestinian and Lebanese efforts, affiliates and locations, such as Nablus (which we Jewish people say is Shechem). Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO) is supported by: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA); Cherie Blair (and probably her husband, Tony, former Prime Minister in England, must certainly know about this) via cherieblairfoundation; Bill Clinton (and probably supported by Hillary, of Secretary of State and BenGhazi fame) via clintonglobal initiative; JP Morgan; and USA consulati general Jerusalem! Tony Blair is supposedly living in Israel, working as an unpaid envoy to the “Middle East Peace Process,” but who, in fact, favors the Palestinian cause and supports their efforts.

Following is my letter to President Obama regarding keeping the so-called West Bank, which is actually Judaea and Samaria, in Jewish hands, and his response sent me via email, in addition to a second email of my continued response to him (I never even really read his response; perhaps I’ll do so now. All I had to do was see “two-state solution” to know that getting him to see the truth was a futile effort):

It is a shame that the United States’ policy toward Israel continues to promote apparent discrimination against the Jewish people. Israel is held under sovereign rule by itself now, thank goodness. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, whether considered to be on its “east” or “west” sides. Please alert John Kerry that homes are homes; not some kind of impermanent “settlements,”and that if room is needed for expansion, we can build where we please. Also, please stop aiding and abetting the “enemy” with weaponry, which will be turned against both Jewish and Arab people. Thank you.

Following is the response received to my first (most-recent) letter to the White House (there were also photos/videos attached):

Dear Randy:

Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans concerned about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and I appreciate your perspective. I remain committed to a sustained diplomatic effort to promote peace in the region, because achieving a secure and lasting peace is critical not only for Israelis and Palestinians, but also for their neighbors and the United States.

Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict demands our immediate and continued attention. For generations, the conflict has taken a terrible human toll, and continued instability in the Middle East makes us all less safe. We must open a more hopeful chapter in the story of the Holy Land.

Through comprehensive and sustained efforts, we can achieve the goal of two states: a Jewish state of Israel and a viable Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security. This approach requires working with Israelis, Palestinians, and other stakeholders over the long term, and my Administration will do just that.

I encourage you to join me online and read more about my Administration’s approach to this complex issue and other critical foreign policy matters at http://www.WhiteHouse.gov/Issues/Foreign-Policy.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Barack Obama

I sent an email reply, copied below, but have never received any additional responses or information; I guess his stance is included in the link which was provided to me, in his (probable) form letter above:

Dear President Obama, Family and Staff:
Thank you for your recent reply to my question with regard to Israel. I appreciate your quick response, and the fact that you even responded, at all.
Again, I think US Foreign Policy needs to readjust itself to facts, which it continually ignores.
So-called Israeli “settlements” are not illegal; Jewish people are entitled to “settle” their own land, and build as they see fit. Israel is a sovereign nation, and the Jews have been it’s developer for, oh, THOUSANDS of years.
Under British and French Mandates, our land was already illegally ceded to the Arab people, in the so-called land of Jordan. Therefore, Arabs already live in a land of “Palestine”. Frankly, it should be given back to the Jews, if anything at all!
Forget about Israel giving further land to the Arabs. Tell them, too bad — it’s not yours to take.
Also, don’t attack Syria. The Arabs say they’ll retailiate against Israel, which has nothing to do with America’s decisions, but Israel will be scapegoated for the poor US decisions.
Focus on jobs, of which I need one (going on practically four years now!)
Forget healthcare — we cannot afford it as a country, and those who have bankrupted the system are exempted from contributing to it, anyways!
Keep illegal immigrants out, or send them back to where they originated from.
Thanks Again,
(my name was placed here)

With Arab bad behavior rampant, it forms the model for getting what you want. Threaten and Attack? Good behavior! It is rewarded with billions of dollars in U.S. monetary aid, food, and weaponry (with which to attack Israel). Be nice and acquiesce (Israeli/Jewish behavior) and don’t make waves, or, if you’re the Jewish state, you won’t receive any weapons, help, or assistance. A nuclear rogue state has threatened your existence off the map, you say? (Can you recall Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the former president of Iran, threatening to wipe Israel off the map? or into the sea? Well, I remember…and I won’t forget!) Wonderful! Now you’ll be rewarded with lifted sanctions and all the time in the world, while Rome fiddled and the US dithered, so that you can make sure to be able to get all the fissile material you might need to dirty-bomb or nuke Israel, as you so want to do! And we, the United States of America, which had no reason to address and bring up the issue, when our former sanctions were already so finely in place, decided to bring them up again in order that we could lessen the sanctions on Iran and give them time to annihilate the Jewish people! Yay for us!

Obviously the above is my facetious Jewish humor coming out. But, I cannot stress to you the importance and significance of John Kerry and the United States’ actions in the above matters. They are crystal clear.


Additional Reading:




Update / See post and video (June 30, 2019):


Sandler, Ebin – via secondary: World Israel News. “WATCH: Stop Calling Israeli Towns ‘Settlements’ says Trump Advisor”. worldisraelnews.com; June 29, 2019:




Update (June 30, 2019):


President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” reminds me of the USAID program, a program which has been in place for many years, surreptitiously, since being mostly unknown, working to advance Palestinian aspirations by developing infrastructure for their people, much like the above NGO’s (which I also discovered) listed above, have been doing. I discovered USAID in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately, I was too scared to say anything, and my blog did not yet exist. Now, it’s pretty well-known, and the EU has also been illicitly adding its own structures for the Palestinians on Judean land. At one time, I was of the opinion that we should just build country-club style communities, with pools and tennis courts, in Jordan, so the Arab people calling themselves “Palestinian” could live “side-by-side” to the Jews, as they state is their desire, in “Palestine,” of which the eastern lands were wrested from the Jewish home, anyways, to become “trans-Jordan” (which means “across the Yarden” River from Israel), and then “Jordan,” after still more land appropriations. I think I even suggested this to President Obama – – I know I’ve written it for a long time. But, now, I’m sadly pessimistic of providing any financial support to all these regimes who declare themselves enemies to the Jewish people. Like negotiating with Yasser Arafat, it gives a dwindling entity a chance to absorb more energy and power to advance its never-changing goals to destroy the Jews and Israel — and that, to me, is the worst deal of all time. So, I love President Trump, but I hope he can wisely steer in the right direction for this matter of life and death that often occupies both my mind and time.



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Help the Economy — End Financing to Terrorists

Congress recently passed a vote to withhold further funding to the terrorist Palestinian Authority. With the swipe of a pen, President Obama released this aid, amounting to $192 million USD, which will likely be used to further anti-semitic verbal attacks and physical assaults upon the Jewish people living in Israel and elsewhere, via rocks and rockets. Much as I agree with US policy to further democracy abroad, the end result, in all actuality, has been so far from this ideal. I wish it were not so. And as much as I wish this delusion were not reality, all the wishes in the world cannot stop the onslaught against the Jews that the Arabs perpetrate against us. Of course, this matters not a whit to the powers that be — as usual, I hate to say it, but the blacks and the jews seem to be the least of anyone’s priorities (hence the practically non-existent help to the African nation fighting off Islamic powers that are committing genocide there)! Never again? When will they learn!


Rosenberg, David. “Report: UK Bankrolling Fogel Family’s Killers”; Arutz Sheva / Israel National News; March 27, 2016: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/209936


Update: The idea to just stop funding terrorists, as I try to put forth, seems to be gaining traction. A recent NY Post editorial promotes the defunding of the Palestinian Authority. It’s a good start, but we musn’t limit it to just thos group. We must end financing to all those promoting violent terrorism. And that means funding to all Islamic nations must end.


Post Editorial Board. ” It’s Time for Uncle Sam to Stop Funding Palestinian Terror”. New York Post; July 1, 2016: http://nypost.com/2016/07/01/its-time-for-uncle-sam-to-stop-funding-palestinian-terror/


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So Sick of Red Cross Anti-Semitism

For more than 60 years, the Red Cross has been a savior in a sea of hurt. However, for 60 years, this has excluded Jewish inclusiveness into its organization. Why, might you ask, would the Red Cross allow its ambulances to carry terrorist bombers in its International Red Crescent trucks? And why, might you ask, would the Red Cross allow the symbolism associated with Islamic nations to be plastered on its ambulance trucks, but not the “Jewish Star?”

That is a good question, and one that has still gone unanswered after more than 60 years of its operation. For most of its years, the Red Cross would not even admit the Jewish Red Magen David Adom (Israel’s “Red Shield of David”) agency into its operations. Even with its reputation among the top in the world for its medical care, Israel has not been allowed to be part of this organization which has allowed the Muslim crescent-and-star symbol to operate.

There have been ongoing responses from the Red Cross, stating that the symbol of the cross is really not associated with Christianity, and is a medical symbol. A similar argument has been used by countries which use a depiction of the cross upon their national flags — stating that the Cross had nothing to do with Christianity (although we all know that this is a farce, and that, indeed, it does — the argument is used just so that they can portray the symbol without penalty).

Finally, in recent years, Israel would be allowed to be a member of the organization if it would abide by new regulations stating that it should change its symbol to a red “crystal,” a red rectangular object of no particular significance, so that it would not offend anyone. And pray tell, why should the Jewish star be offensive to some, whereas the cross and crescent would not? Under these symbols, the Jewish people have been persecuted and killed for millenia! Yes, read that right — millenia! And it still goes on to this day. And this is not supposed to be offensive?

So, I do not understand why there was supposedly a recent full-page ad taken out in newspapers to boycott support for Magen David Adom. I disagree wholeheartedly with this effort! Magen David Adom must be supported! It is the only non-partisan medical staff of the three which will accord human rights to ALL, regardless of religion, race, or creed.

Please support Magen David Adom, so that the victims of Kassem and Katyusha rockets in Israel can be transported to facilities where they will be cared for by medical staff of all religious and national backgrounds, and so that the victims, who may be comprised of all nations (Israel has amongst the most diverse backgrounds of people in the world) may be treated indiscriminately.



Staff: Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA). “Red Cross: Palestine Red Crescent Society Acted Impartially in Attack on Jewish Family”. November 18, 2015; Jta.org: http://www.jta.org/2015/11/18/news-opinion/israel-middle-east/red-cross-palestine-red-crescent-society-acted-impartially-in-attack-on-jewish-family/


Added Information:

Marcus, Itamar and Maurice Hirsch, Adv. “Special Report: PA abuses goodwill of International Red Cross (ICRC) to pay salaries to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons”. June 22, 2017; Palestinian Media Watch:




Jewish Press News Briefs. “Hamas Caught Using Cancer Patient to Smuggle Explosives into Israel”. Jewish Press.com; April 19, 2017:

Hamas Caught Using Cancer Patient to Smuggle Explosives into Israel


Pileggi, Tamar. “Red Cross Asked to Expel MDA Over Emblem Violation,” September 20, 2015; The Times of Israel: http://www.timesofisraelcom./red-cross-to-weigh-expelling-mda-over-emblem-violation/


Volli, Ugo. “Sparare Sulla Croce Rossa”, May 13, 2013; Rassegna Stampa/Rubriche/Cartoline, Informazione Corretta: http://www.informazionecorretta.com/main.php?mediaId=&sez=280&id=49159


Kurtzman, Daniel. ” Red Cross Knew of Nazi Death Camps, Records Show”, January 3, 1997; jweekly.com: http://www.jweekly.com/4807/full/4807/red-cross-knew-of-nazi-death-camps-records-show/


Mayer, Jane. “Fallout at the Red Cross”, December 24, 2001; The New Yorker: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2001/12/24/fallout-at-the-red-cross/


More on Arab Use of Medical Facilities/Transport toward Terrorist Purposes:

EMET News Service. emetnews.org: https://emetnews.org/analysis/hamas-uses-medical-facilities-and-ambulances-for-terrorist-purposes.php



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Heal your heart

the hatred has consumed it

Break your heart

into pieces of stone

Reveal your face

the cover of cowardice

inkiness of night

all alone

Fight like men

the power of the sermon

wall of shame

only ten years old

Died like dog

hanging on your legs

reprisal cold

no, attacked by your own

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5,000 Years Hence

G-d came to me in the form of an Arab

and I, as the Jewess, the temptress, the seductress,

knew this not

Humanity came to me in the form of an Arab

and it touched me,

but I ran,

hoping to hide myself away from it’s reach

Conscience beckoned to me

in the form of an Arab

and I shook my head

and denied it

Truth came to me

in the forms of many Arabs

calling from my past

All the souls from the days since our beginnings

are tied up in this land;

All contribute to the feeling one gets of the

connection to this land

We hold hands, this Arab and I,

in a meadow of long-grass

We are happily at one

these more than 5,000-year-old people,

this Arab and I,

for we know completely,

the souls of each other and

completely are we so in love

5,000 years later,

upon seeing one another again,

We have not forgotten –

No, our souls have not forgotten

the joy of one another,

but our lives have changed

and the times have altered our landscape

We have allowed the dust of the dry bones

to settle among us and to grow stale

our knowledge of one another.

We have now become unrecognizable to one another

as we accuse each other

of falsehoods that belong to other people

until it drives us apart

But our souls ache for the spirit that we know

that still resides

that will have to wait

for eternal time

some time

maybe 5,000 years from now

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