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Tree Sun

Tree Sun (Randyjw; April 25, 2017)





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She’s A Grand Ole Flag

She’s A Grand Ole Flag (Randyjw; April 25, 2017)




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BaYom HaShoah Hazeh

BaYom HaShoah Hazeh (Randyjw; April 23, 2017)


Today we mark a day to honor the lives of those who have perished

Usually, we celebrate G-d’s miracles in our lives both freely, or at His call

This day, this rite of our gathering is to celebrate those whom G-d has cherished

And G-d marks and joins us, on Yom HaShoah,

For six million Jewish,

one-and-a-half million children,

the skies are opened

and the deluge falls


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Israel Stands Still

Yom HaShoah (Randyjw; April 22, 2017)


Yom HaShoah, 5777

Sunset; Sunday, April 23, 2017 –
Nightfall; Monday, April 24, 2017




Israel Stands Still (Randyjw; April 22, 2017)


Israel stands still

when the siren sounds across the land

recalling the fallen

the never again

You are not forgotten

but remembered again




Siren of Rehovot, Israel (2012):






I Am poem – Anne Frank

by Natasha Hashemi and Claire Hawer






Eli Atah – Shlomo Gronich and the Sheba Choir






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The World Is Your Oyster

The World Is Your Oyster (Randyjw; April 21, 2017)


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Magnetic East

Magnetic East (Randyjw; April 21, 2017)


Positivity rejecting neutrality

magnetic east heading

reads meteor shower

due for collision

yet under the hour


Oscillating waves of


always present,



in the background

of an ironic atmosphere



in the right amounts,

perfect for habitation


when fused

sometimes deadly in



and inscribed

in ionic pentameter



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Re: Generations

Re: Generations (Randyjw; April 20, 2017)


Two stars burned out

at the end of their skies

novas imploding

from their heat in the night


On closer inspection

it was discovered anew

faint pulses in the direction

from which the inner lights grew


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