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Night Light

Night Light (Randyjw; February 17, 2019)


When the moment is right…

It’s always right.

Night after night.




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Abstract By Design

Abstract By Design (Randyjw; January 16, 2019)


Sitting in this chair

Invisible to the air

Open to your ears







(Above photo uploaded April 24, 2017; YouTube choices made April 25-26, 2017 and Draft post saved)


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MATCHLESS (Randyjw; October 12, 2017)

















(Devil-Randy on-duty, today………………………………………)


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Burnout (Randyjw; October 11, 2017)


All this time

I was looking down

My beautiful stone

was on the ground

Perhaps it formed

inside the earth

as it was born

and given birth

Its name derived

from worldly kings

the malachite swirls

of green within

No fool’s gold found

inside this stone

Its polish ground

by hand, my own

Perhaps it burned

from out of space

to rock my world

ignite my place

But had I known

its magnetic field north

my orbit flown

had been off course

I couldn’t right it

I was done

I melted in

forever sun



Update / October 18, 2017: I had it in my mind about gemstones and jewelry materials, like gold, platinum, tritanium, etc. possibly coming from combustible matter exploding in space, etc. (Yeah, sure…. Right…) Anyways, I just finished reading an October 17th article indicating this possibility: Hotz, Robert Lee. “Neutron Stars Forge Gold”. The Wall Street Journal; October 17, 2017; Page A3.


Israel had this thought even earlier — twenty-eight years ago!


Israel, David. “LIGO Detector Confirms 1989 Hebrew U. Prediction that Neutron Star Mergers Produce Gamma Ray Bursts”. JewishPress.com; October 17, 2017



Julian, Hana Levi. “Gravitational Waves Detected After Neutron Stars Collide 120 Million Light Years Away”. JewishPress.com; October 16, 2017:




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Live Again

Live Again (Randyjw; July 13, 2017)


The truce agreed in saying

in truth will be defied

and riches that are gained

may not be realized


Unshackle every chain

if freedom you must buy

The body might be lain

but the soul again shall rise


A rumor in the main

might mask a thin disguise

A false emotion feigned

compounding every lie


Assumptive statements deigned

won’t then materialize

As peace cannot then reign

where vengeful thoughts reside


It only causes pain

and hearts to slowly die

This feeling can’t sustain

although it often tries


Release the falling rain

held back by clouded eyes

Love is not in vain

in the places hatred abides


Share joy and tears again

and live forgived in life

Happiness will remain

in the spaces sadness hides.


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If Ants Were Angels

If Ants Were Angels (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)


If ants are really angels

that crawl upon the ground

My arm would be their ladder

to scramble up and down

and G-d would chuckle with us

for proving we’re both right

No need for spectral vision

when everything’s upfront.


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Little Buddies Hanging Out

Embody Light (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)



Little Buddies Hanging Out (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)


I miss you so much

The sea my eyes have allowed to flow

have brought out the little elements that were always apparent in your special touch

things that make it so hard to let you go

The earth’s creatures gather

capturing the moistness of this mist

drinking in small measure

the sea my eyes have kissed

the snail steps out halfway

into the world from its comforting home

embodying the light

it has always known

and the ant waves

like it’s a rodeo ride

hanging on for dear life

pretending there’s never

been a single word

in the dictionary

with “goodbye”

its meaning and intent

Little Buddies Hanging Out (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)


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