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 Loss (Randyjw; May 24, 2017)


Sorrowful offerings of sadness

shared wherever you are

across the pond

in a market in Jerusalem

it knows no bounds

only grief which reaches

to all hearts beyond

when humanity is breached

to end another’s song


Dedicated to the strength of the United Kingdom in the loss of souls by suicide bomb in Manchester, England, May 22, 2017.


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Lean-Two (Randyjw; May 22, 2017)


Yellow flowers on dainty stems

nod their acquiescence

in the enveloping breeze

and blades of grass

twitter excitedly in silence

as it comes to pass

I watch the sunlight

glint off the roof

of the next building

in the fading day

my new eyes gaze

from ground height

dreaming my life

a different way

But I’m calm

as I go slightly feral

black-and-white kitty guide

leading me to mango

feeling your presence

as I track yellow dust

across the back alley

I’ll trade the mosquito’s hum

for yours in my ear

squashed in this lean-to

with raffia in our hair


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A Sprouting Seed

A Sprouting Seed (Randyjw; May 15, 2017)


Without due favor

it was claimed by some

that the fruits of its labor

would never come

that its surface exterior

was too hard to crack

that its hollow interior

could never give back

But the little tree fruit

grew green, then yellow

destined to take root

amongst its compatriot fellows

It nursed in the pods

and drew strength from its provider

with the nectar of the gods

it grew bigger and stronger

And one day it broke off

from the hordes of the rest

its source shared with love

from the self it knew best

Its milk tasted sweet

its oils of pure notes

its flesh good to eat

of good fiber its coat

And one came along

who discovered this prize

a cherished song sung

and with wizened eyes

Uncovered further goodness

of the one that rolled astray

whether enriched with its present nutrients

or set in earth to be a tree, someday


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Centaur Angel

Centaur Angel (Randyjw; May 11, 2017)


When you want to recall me

just look to the sky

G-d painted you this picture

to remember me by


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Where You Are

Where You Are (Randyjw; May 11, 2017)


Are you parked inside my heart

nobody’s business to know where you are

Are you dreamed in my head

eyes open and awake to the heartbeat timed with mine

Are you the words that make the salt depart my eyes,

Yes, love, you are all of these

regardless where you are


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Leah (Randyjw; May 11, 2017)


Passed over through obligation

Love of a second-born

a burden to feel the rejection

as fallen chaff to the floor

the scythe slicing through the stalks

Golden rays catch the gleanings

tracing footsteps others walk

life sustained with separate meaning

To see the suffering of another’s soul

is an infliction of a deeply made wound

embodied in my name of Rachel

I feel Leah’s spirit in the stars and the moon


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Karma (Randyjw; May 9, 2017)


My heart only thinks of you

there is none other I would care to give it to

A friend, whether old or new

can share some of the recesses to make it more full

My life, without you, is riven in two

We each give our lives to one another

when we spend time in thought or in being with the other

If doing so, rather than grasping my straws to stay alive and give us more

has no worth and you just choose to rattle your sword

then, please, do us both a favor and take your trust right out that door

In other than concrete terms, karma will always find its way to seeing we both receive what’s in store


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