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Beautiful Halo







Beautiful Halo (Randyjw; February 23, 2020)



I’ve lost my poetry, for awhile

I don’t know when it will return;

I guess when true smiles

return to my face

In signs and thoughts

imagined of the nearness

of your soul to mine




In the meantime,

without this heaven on earth…

Yet, with nothing lost,

I have this beautiful halo you misplaced

and unerringly dropped into my heart.






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I Have A Wish (and A Dream…)

I Have A Wish (and A Dream…) (Randyjw; November 4, 2019)




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Untitled (Randyjw; November 14, 2019)


I recently remembered this long-forgotten poem I’d written at a young-adult period during my lifetime. I guess that deep, and recent, grief in my life has somehow jogged this from the recesses of memory. I thought I’d include it here, now. I believe this completes my entire work-to-date now, except for individual poetry written to individuals, which may have never made it to these pages.



When I am torn with grief

and aching for a love I cannot yet understand

You smile, knowingly,

and say you understand.


Accepting this statement at face value,

I go on.


Once again, the hurt swells up inside me;

tugging. tearing.


I dare not return while the crowned king

reigns his one-man kingdom.



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The Arrowhead And The Gate


The Arrowhead And The Gate (Randyjw; November 14, 2019)


There are no longer any words I hold

that are my own

I shape yours in hidden poetry

taking flint to flint

etching sentiments into

sedimentary stone




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Indulgent Deluge

Indulgent Deluge (Randyjw; May 17, 2019)


Oh, brother…

Look what you’ve done

Opened the faucets

and let the water run


Now all the tributaries

merge into one

When the cascades fall

it’s the time to run



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Collab (Earlier; Rachelgv and Yassy)


I wonder why we love but it happens
Always when you least expect it
We will face it
and surmount all the odds

– a collaboration by Yas and Rach
called …. ____________ ?????



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Shomeret (Randyjw; August 8, 2019)


The afternoon’s reflection:

a grown-up girl

Both woman, and warrior

with a sidelock curl



Shomeret (Hebrew):


The afternoon's reflection:
A grown-up girl
Both woman, and warrior
with a sidelock curl
Shomeret (Hebrew):
השתקפות אחר הצהריים:
ילדה בוגרת
גם אישה וגם לוחמת
עם תלתל בצד



Shomeret (Spanish):


El reflejo de la tarde:
una niña adulta
Tanto mujer, tanto guerrera
con rizo lateral



Shomeret (Hindi):


दोपहर का प्रतिबिंब:
एक बड़ी हो चुकी लड़की
स्त्री, और योद्धा दोनों
एक साइडलॉक कर्ल के साथ
दोपहर का प्रतिबिंब:
एक बड़ी हो चुकी लड़की
स्त्री, और योद्धा दोनों
एक साइडलॉक कर्ल के साथ

dopahar ka pratibimb:
ek badee ho chukee ladakee
stree, aur yoddha donon
ek saidalok karl ke saath

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Will Look

Will Look (Randyjw; July 31, 2019)


and beneath the

lash-fringed eyes,

the shyest broad smile

brings peace and

contentment to mine



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Too Little, Too Late

Too Little, Too Late (Randyjw; July 31, 2019)


Too little

too late

from the more that was in my heart

But found no privacy

to say



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Antennae (Randyjw; July 21, 2019)


I feel the sadness,

and, seeming,

but probably unlikely,



Like a broadcast transmission,

pushing through space,

forward with expansion,

for which no higher being ever captured.


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Re-Made (Randyjw; July 13, 2019)


Why do we take this pain

and internalize it, until we have

nothing to say?


Maybe we’re just too hurt;

Maybe it’s the way we’re made.






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Heart (Randyjw; July 12, 2019)


I wish you could read with my heart

the unstoppable, beating thoughts

you, only, love




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One Breath

One Breath (Randyjw; June 24, 2019)


You leave me breathless;

Wanting, Lacking, and restless…

(peacefully rested).



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Save Face

Save Face (Randyjw; June 21, 2019):


Before valuing another,

Don’t be hasty to rely on the opinions of others

Though they speak loudly

and with seeming authority

Someone that cares will be their own heart- and fact-checker






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A Dream Uncovered

A Dream Uncovered (Randyjw; June 19, 2019)


Unveiling the moon

of her shrouded mysteries




Randy’s Reviews: Tears of the Moon – by Nora Roberts

Beauty and melancholy intertwine in the Irish folklore, music, and deep ties to its land. Among its people, a haunting longing within the heart and soul can only be quenched by returning to the roots of all connections: G-d, Love, and Country. For Brenna O’Toole and Shawn Gallagher, each learn to find the fulfillment of their deepest dreams and desires through a gradual understanding of the meaning inherent in all three.





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US Vets


US Vets (Randyjw; May 11, 2019)



What would you give for these? Ask

any vet you see…



MEMORIAL DAY – – May 27, 2019 (Randyjw; May 5, 2019)



Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It:

mona rose

Published on Jul 6, 2013





Freedom Is Not Free – A poem by Kelly Strong:


Published on Oct 12, 2006





Memorial Day Tribute:

Dennis Henry

Published on May 23, 2013






Norick Hapa_On_A_Moto

Published on Dec 9, 2015




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Calm (Randyjw; May 26, 2019)


Like Saul to David,

calmed with tender, soothing tones

played on the kinnor.



These songs by Yehuda Katz have a rather collective, soothing effect:


Yehuda Katz – Bachatzi Halayla (Midnight Escape):



This next one is by Shlomo Katz:

Shlomo Katz- Od Yishama (There Will Be Heard) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz – Woman of Wisdom and Valor (Eshet Chayil) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz – B’Simchah Rabah (We’re So Happy) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz – Calling Out to You (Elecha) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz V’hamagal –  Libi U’b’sari:



Yehuda Katz – Loving Life (Mi Ha’Ish):



Yehuda Katz – Reflecting Light (K’Gavnah):



Yehuda Katz – All Together (composed by Meir Banai, Yair Nitzani):



Yehuda Katz – Purple Royalty (Shoshanah Ya’Akov):



Yehuda Katz – Dancing in Mezeritch:



Yehuda Katz – Hand in Hand (Yamin V’Smol) (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz – Nigun Lewis (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):



Yehuda Katz – You Are the Kind (composed by Reb Shlomo Carlebach):







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If I Forget Thee

If I Forget Thee (Rachelgv; May 25, 2019)


A prayer to G-d:

Peace upon Jerusalem,

doves upon its walls




Im Eshkachech (If I Forget Thee) (Rachelgv; Hebrew Translation / May 26, 2019)


T’filah L’Hashem:

Shalom Birushalayim,

yonim al hashurim



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Love (Ten)

Love (Ten) (Randyjw; May 22, 2019)


The unseen art, of dabblers, and love,

in the negative space on the wall

was filled to existence by tenderly painters

trading places when the other stalled



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Fuschia Blooms


Fuschia Blooms (Randyjw; May 10, 2019)


Fuschia brush my ears:

caresses near the soapdish

blushes cheeks and hair



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Turquoise (Randyjw; May 10, 2019)


Sunlight pierces the branches of mangroves

the blue heron sailing a vast expanse for the other side

At the bank gleam shining pairs of faceted rainbows

partially submerging preying alligator eyes


Junebugs arrive early

and mayday beacons, like fireflies, bioluminesce in neon green

A striped mullet arcs and twists his agile body,

silvered underbody draped in pearlescent sheen


Sugar kisses coat the cypress swamp,

of which the water was filled and drained

And now sits the still glorious eagle

in its place where the plantation stands


The cypress canoes lay now silent

on the trails, filled with tears, which man tamed

A seminal tale for the Seminole,

at the time when the full moon waned.








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Chamesh (Randyjw; May 9, 2019)


Chamesh is a five-fingered luck sign

of both Jewish and Arab design

To which I added further images

of symbolic peace doves of Israel, in mine



Two birds in the hand

and the world, as a pomegranate

solely… to wish each soul

A good year!

That’s all…




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Love / Amor (Nine)


Love / Amor (Nine) (Randyjw; May 9, 2019)


Verses in reply

from seemingly simple lines

Layered depths to mine



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No Contest


No Contest (Randyjw; May 9, 2019)


Of the bad I’ve done

No excused crimes of passion

emits from forked tongues


The judges human

don’t look at goodness in sums

but each act, as one


Opening statements,

intent, and motivation

Leave the jury hung


The courtroom drama

supporting evidence flung

considerations begun



the cross-examination

A gavel bangs down


So, put to the gun,

Not for, but because… of love,

I admit to none



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Wingwoman (Randyjw; May 9, 2019)


Birds on a wire

at times don’t face each other

but love, together



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Can’t Chew Gum


Can’t Chew Gum (Randyjw; May 9, 2019)


My heart skips its beats

Even while managing to

trip over my feet


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Love cont


Love cont (Rachelgv; May 3, 2019)


Pick for me

another song

and let me grasp

at shadows

that have already gone

While nights grow shorter

and the days grow long

I’ll be seeking your starlight

in the rise of each dawn



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Let Us Be


Let Us Be (Randyjw; April 15, 2019)

(to the tune of The Beatles’ “Let It Be”)


When we found ourselves upon the Nile

bondsmen to our slavery

Built up Egypt’s cities

men unfree


And while the whips rained down upon us

beating us relentlessly

chained into our bondage




Let us be (x4)

G-d proclaims His answer:

Let us be!


But Pharaoh’s heart was hardened

and he had no eyes with which to see

He who rules above us



So G-d sent down ten plagues amongst us

sparing us eternally

G-d would let us worship





Then Egypt wound up devastated

livestock, land, and progeny

but now set forth to our freedom



Still Pharaoh’s woes had deepened

and he suffered economically

the wage paid for those slaves

had come free




The chariot army trotted

G-d endowed the rod and let us flee

by dry ground we departed

through the sea


And Moshe let the rod down

and two walls were one in unity

Pharaoh’s army drowned,

all but he




In wilderness we wandered

seeking solace and a destiny

and false gods we created



And G-d called Moses to the Mount

and gave Laws for eternity

And Torah’s words of wisdom

set us free


(Chorus) (x2)



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Doubtless (Randyjw’ April 15, 2019)


It would be close to impossible

to believe

that the silent conversations

I hold with you – –

without you

Aren’t expelled through

the ether

where they eventually

reach you;

it’s doubtless

Want them, or not,

there they are

before your heart


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Communion (Randyjw; April 14, 2019)


Aching beauty

often finds expression

only in communion

when our souls become one



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Old And Homeless


Old And Homeless (Randyjw; April 12, 2019)


You came out from the library,

looking forlorn

Garbed in like clothing

my father had worn

Then stopped on the walkway

and set your bags down

And you stared, and you stared

at that man, like your son

The man walked away

without once looking round

But you watched over him

as he gained further ground

Then you turned and went over

to sit on the bench

Your glasses were perched

and your shoulders were hunched

And looked around, aimless

Not knowing what to do

While here you sit, blameless,

Bereft of him, too



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The Quarry by Pope John Paul II


The Quarry by Pope John Paul II (Randyjw; April 8, 2019)


New link / Hope this one works:

https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/blog/the-poetry-of-saint-john-paul-ii/amp (scroll down)


Interesting information about Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla):





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Love (Eight, I Think; But, Who’s Counting?)

Love (Eight, I Think; But, Who’s Counting?)


Feelings lead me

to paralyzation;

to the realization:

that I’m in love.


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Scribed (Randyjw; March 17, 2019)


Tell me

of this art

Is it the nib-side

dipped in the inkwell

or the feather end

stroked across the heart?


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Geek Speak

Geek Speak (Randyjw; March 12, 2019)


As much as you might cause it to break

is at least as much as the cause of it’s ache





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From The Depths

From The Depths (Randyjw; March 4, 2019)


Silencing a voice.

Why would you wish to, when by

love it sounds by choice?

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Sky Writers

Sky Writers (Randyjw; February 25, 2019)


A connection, electric within velvet sky,
the rumble of thunder
shared teardrops and smiles


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Mid-Air (Randyjw; February 22, 2019)




beneath the clouds

and ground,


the vastness of silence,

Like Love,




without uttered sound













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Night Light

Night Light (Randyjw; February 17, 2019)


When the moment is right…

It’s always right.

Night after night.




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Liquid Amber

Liquid Amber (Randyjw; February 10, 2019)


In a zephyr state,

there would no space remain

between us



as the wax seal to paper,

or your fragrance

in amber



as our blend

became one


Hebrew (Reverso translate):


במצב של צפריר,

לא יישאר עוד מקום
כמו חותם שעווה על נייר
או ניחוחך
כמו תערובת שלנו
הפך לאחד


Hindi (Reverso translate):


ek zephiyar raajy mein,

adhik jagah nahin rahegee
hamaare beech
dab gaya,
mom ke roop mein kaagaj ke lie seel
ya aapakee khushaboo
embar mein
hamaare mishran ke roop mein
ek ho gaya

एक ज़ेफियर राज्य में,

अधिक जगह नहीं रहेगी
हमारे बीच
दब गया,
मोम के रूप में कागज के लिए सील
या आपकी खुशबू
एम्बर में
हमारे मिश्रण के रूप में
एक हो गया
Spanish (Reverso translate):
En un estado de céfiro,

no quedaría espacio
entre nosotros
Como el sello de cera al papel
o tu fragancia en ambar
como nuestra mezcla
se convirtió en uno

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Abstract By Design

Abstract By Design (Randyjw; January 16, 2019)


Sitting in this chair

Invisible to the air

Open to your ears







(Above photo uploaded April 24, 2017; YouTube choices made April 25-26, 2017 and Draft post saved)


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Figure Eight

Figure Eight (Randyjw; December 7, 2019)


Graceful figure-eights:

The signs of infinity

etched upon the lake






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Nirvana (Randyjw; December 27, 2018)



Nirvana attained

at the heights of ecstasy;

Yet, more still remains



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Moments (Randyjw; December 21, 2018)


Moments are all they are;

and moments all they might be…

But, the nicest moment’s I’ve spent so far

have been moments I’ve spent with thee!



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Twin Gems


Twin Gems (Randyjw; December 13, 2018)


By the eye tonight

dust trails streak across the sky

night showers of light


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In The Woods

In The Woods (Randyjw; November 29, 2018)


finally got it!

And I’m out of the woods now,

warmed by your jacket


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Life Soul

Life Soul (Randyjw; November 24, 2018)


My life soul,

I feel your pain

and my heart beats out

rhythms synced to your name

In grief gone silent

like the whisper of breath

an unending torment

alive yet in death




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Winter Blanket

Winter Blanket (Randyjw; November 19, 2018)


A frosting begins

The doe, beneath mistletoe

Winter settles in

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The Rock And The Dock / Et Ha’Selah V’Et Ha’Mezach

The Rock And The Dock / Et Ha’Selah V’Et Ha’Mezach (Randyjw; November 12, 2018)



mi she’atah rotzeh


Al kol mah


huh ha’kol bishvili


(Todah L’Google-translate assist)




who you want

to be

For everything

you are

is everything to me



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A Dream Encounter

A Dream Encounter (Randyjw; October 30, 2018)


I’m taking us back into retreat

to the hideout, where I found you

in my dreams

Where you slipped beneath the

coils of the bedsprings

And the sleep-sofa cushions

were your impregnable fortresses’ walls

and its ceilings, with seams

Needing a refuge in defense of

the patronage of adults

their silly questioning and our

requisite performing,

like monkeys in a ring,

well-meant intent

yet keeping on to prolong our intrinsic suffering

Awake, these many days onward

and jumping in to join you

to wave a gauzy white banner

of surrender

with which to wrap us, immobile

and dampen our senses

Pretend to numbness

while reveling in a cocoon

of pure whiteness and stillness

The onslaught is tough, my friend

It attacks us on both ends,

from without and within

You grab my hand and have brought a friend

hurtling along before I can quite react or think things through to the end

It hadn’t gone as I had thought and it had not been as it seems

but I don’t know if it’s just the devil in my thoughts

or an actual one that turned up in my dreams

My life on the outside has suddenly plummeted rather steeply

At the moment, I’m muffling us in muted suspension

til we can unravel our protective coverings and take to discovering things more deeply


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Spicy Nights And Morning Fragrance

Spicy Nights And Morning Fragrance (Randyjw; October 27, 2018)


Like Icarus,

the angel wings were melted

upon nearing the sun

Caustic, and intemperate,

searing, scalding one

No love potion

or witches’ brew

no incantations sung

Just a plain girl’s heart in love

by this spell of magic that was wrung



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Stop Of The Clock

Stop Of The Clock (Randyjw; October 18, 2018)


Time pulls me down

like quicksand in its grasp

seeking stronger purchase

more days that scurry past


And G-d , who, in his pleasure,

creates both night and day

For man, who, in his measure,

turns such things to disarray


Both good times and regret,

the betrayal of a friend

Can this clock we aughtst forget

with each tock ticking ’til the end?



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Night Blooms

Night Blooms (Randyjw; October 17, 2018)


Hanging in white space

amidst this gaping absense

Life without fragrance



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Untendered Words

Untendered Words (Randyjw; October 6, 2018)


Words, themselves, can’t be returned;

but solely exchanged in dialogue.


And coined words cast

from minted minds:

Uncommon cents – –

So hard to find.



(but you, reader, deserve the most tender of words)


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Ode To Hillel

Ode To Hillel (Randyjw; October 6, 2018)


Dream large, and hold lofty goals

embrace the day, and all it holds

remember to do so, manifold

Save the world, by saving one soul



A beautiful article inspired around Hillel:


Astor, Yaakov. “Me, Myself and I: Ethics of the Fathers 1:14”; aish.com; June 5, 2004:




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Glide-By Viewing

Glide-By Viewing (Randyjw; October 5, 2018)


Dreamily floating by

on top of apricot clouds,

watching the world glide by

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Disguise (Randyjw; October 5, 2018)


Blessing in disguise – –

Seen just with the days’ eyes;

With time, realized



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Dance Of The Cranes

Dance Of The Cranes (Randyjw; October 2, 2018)


Dancing of the cranes

introductory ballet

both plea and plié



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Sun Spot

Sun Spot (Rachelgv; September 28, 2018)


The day is so bright – –

fallen leaves reveal the light;

Thank you for this sight!


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In Our Dreams

In Our Dreams (Randyjw; September 24, 2018)


In dreams, words run free.

In dreams, they can say what you want them to mean.

In dreams, words can be want you want them to be.

The dreams I’ve dreamt, is the me which is meant.


(for Asha)


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Old Soul

Old Soul (Randyjw; September 23, 2018)


Is my old soul yet learning

to embrace the pain

When it still keeps returning

to face it again?



A song my father sang, and played on the piano (three versions, below):


Autumn Leaves / Nat King Cole (English):


( https://youtu.be/zNBbDJdstZQ )


Les Feuilles Mortes / Yves Montand (French):


( https://youtu.be/Mvi7mFpSO1M )


( https://youtu.be/Ur9XthDjkq0 )




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Seashell Trail

Seashell Trail (Randyjw; September 17, 2018)


Seashells strewn

across the sand

Like breadcrumb trails

we drop by hand


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A Service To Speak Thus

A Service To Speak Thus (Randyjw; September 13, 2018)


Whatever painful truths

lie within,

an honest expression – –

there it is.


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After Dawn


After Dawn (Randyjw; September 13, 2018)


Leaves holding on.

Each gust of wind

an arduous effort

in the gales of the storm.


Leaves coalesce,

becoming one;

brown underfoot

and as dry as the dust.


All seasons do come.

Even the green will turn

when trees fluoresce

into gold and orange.


After moonfall,

on bared branches

nests the solemn owl.

So the sun does set

as it will, after dawn.



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Peace Be Upon You

Peace Be Upon You (Rachelgv; August 31, 2018)


Go, and sit there where you need

Bring your poetry and read it her

by the still water in the light of day

Open your heart and your eyes

to let fall all the water that may

Kiss the book, and turn home

in gentle sleep and dreams

Let peace come, and wash it away


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Astral Rejection

Astral Rejection (Randyjw; August 29, 2018)


I decide to visit you this evening

Embarking on the astral plane

which will fling me into space

on this hologrammatically incorrect journey

where, in seconds, I arrive at my destination

Now a glitch in the reservation system

perhaps due to some human kind of communication error

changed the arrival gate,

along with the weather

And now my soul clinks back

against unanticipated glass

these veins top cool, white marble slab

a rather unexpected reception

(Just writing the way I feel,

of fictional fantasy fancied unreal)


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Ecstatically, Esoterically One

Ecstatically, Esoterically One (Randyjw; August 29, 2018)


I’ve never been so happy

than deepest in my thoughts with you

where, here, you’re with me, too


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Shell On My Shirt

Shell On My Shirt (Rachelgv; August 29, 2018)


Of the oceans we’re apart,

this shell on my shirt

a home within my heart


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Susim (Rachelgv; August 29, 2018)


B’susim, anashim,

u’zeekeinav, achareihem,

ba’rechev rochvim



Translation, English:


Horses (Rachelgv; August 29, 2018)


On horseback, men,

And their elders, after them,

in carriages riding



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Again (Randyjw; August 25, 2018)


How do you know

when love is true?

Again and again,

it comes up “you”


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Sequel (Randyjw; August 25, 2018)


At the risk of repetition

and the sense of deja vu

I’d love the following edition

provided it was you


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Platinum (Randyjw; August 21, 2018)


I emit peace and contentment

that’s taken my lifetime to embed

The frenetic pace of youth

that’s solely appropriate to age

like a noted piece of poetry

from a younger day’s continuum

The dispenser of advice and wisdom

of greater depth through experience

And here I am right now

Wholly radiant in platinum


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Partake (Randyjw; August 16, 2018)


Indulge me

in an utmost joy

of temporary pleasure

Elevate me

with eloquent artistry

to escape the banality

Experience heights

of enlightened sensories

apart from the everyday

Live a lot

equally well with humility

and not solely fraught

with an overwrought decadence



Drowning myself in gluttony with this chocolate cake and ice cream. Someone violated my sleeping space yesterday morning and stole my large sports-team duffel bag with many of my belongings. This self-treat was just what I needed to make myself feel a whole lot better!


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The Dance

The Dance (Randyjw; August 15, 2018)


Leaves curl in piles swept on the ground

The rain drops in misty shrouds all around

Ambling down the windswept avenue

I smile and walk, awaiting that dance with you


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Life On The Outside


Life On The Outside (Randyjw; August 11, 2018)


Birds of prey cry out,

born just the other day

Already circling the skies

they fly from tree to tree

Like the hawks, are men

casting a leering eye

through the walls

of my bedroom,

which should have been

I didn’t ask to be here

I didn’t expect that a lifetime

of working

Would land me curbside

on a stoop of brick pavers

A graffitied backdrop

replacing sheer curtains, instead

If you want, you can check

you can see my verifiable record

from when I started my labor, underage,

and how it continued mostly nonstop

And you can screen my drug-free blood

and wonder why these pincushion-like arms

all red and bumpy, and gnawed on by ants and mosquitoes

Have never experienced the wrong shot

Berate me all you want

through your zip-coded status

or your caste-creating lot

I’ve shunned that kind since childhood

having grown up in that spot

But, I will not forgive you your disrespect

your lack of manners, uncircumspect

inviting yourself bedside, beyond my front door

to wake me and grope me through invisible walls

My body isn’t yours for the taking

My head and heart already found a home within

Stop accosting me and assaulting me

And get your dog’s poop cleaned up from out of my yard

I might sleep near the sidewalk, in dark, outside

So I will pray to G-d I might live through this night

The stark realities of being a homeless woman, tired of shelters which warehouse people for the money, and instead now living on the street in order to have more freedom to look for work and attend to daily needs, means the presumptions of most people, whether homeless or otherwise, that:


1) You choose to be living “the homeless lifestyle”;

2) You don’t want to work;

3) That you’re a drug or alcohol abuser;

4) That homelessness automatically makes you a “lady of the night,” willing to do anything for a couple of dollars, if you’re a woman.


I can assure you that none of the above are true. I have been accosted by men more times than I can even begin to recall. There is a chauvinist power trip aspect by the homeless men over the homeless women, using a pretense of protecting the woman, when, instead, they try to take everything they can get from the women. The men will invade the privacy of a woman and baldly interrupt their private attendings. The men will also wake or keep a woman up, so as to deprive them of sleep. While I have worked for years to, while not negative, to at least keep my credit neutral, I now have several unexpected emergency room visits to out-of-network hospitals resulting in major unpaid medical bills to mar my credit, and which I cannot now pay due to homelessness and lack of employment. One such major bill is due to the lack of food and sleep deprivation I was experiencing, caused considerably by these circumstances. Yesterday morning, I woke up to two different men, both of whom had snuck up while I was sleeping and did G-d knows what – – some of which I became aware as I awoke and they were lying next to me. I was being groped. This happened TWICE, yesterday; and it’s not the first time this has happened. I’ve had it up to where three different men have come, basically in succession, to harass me by various means and methods. I am feeling very disgusted, ashamed, harassed, angry, sad, violated. Even surrounded by other people, they didn’t wake up when it was happening one time, and I was loud. Other people will not “get involved” because of the “snitch factor.” Too many people are being stabbed, shot, and killed. Believe me; I am not here by choice, but, unfortunately, through consequence.


I pour out my feelings online – – to people, about people, about who I love, or who or what types of behavior (terrorism, chauvinism, anti-Semitism, etc.) I don’t. If someone can love someone, without happening to have a consummation of a physical nature, but love them in heart and spirit, isn’t that enough? Who can decide that answer other than the parties involved? Certainly not by bullying from any outside peanut galleries, wouldn’t you agree?


Thank you, angel girl, for coming to my rescue in the midst of this difficult-to-say writing, just as I was beginning to cry. I appreciate the food and cold drinks you brought. It gives me a moment of sustenance and caring, away from danger. Thank you for sustaining me.


I thank those, as well, who are working to help stop just such abuses towards women: you know who you are. xoxo.



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Rainy Day

Rainy Day (Randyjw; August 11, 2018)


To You, L-rd, I pray

Provide a dry place to stay

Have it rain at day


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Soul Song


Soul Song (Rachelgv: August 11, 2018)


Matzati Et



a verse,

3:4 – –

from Song of Solomon

on a ring:

I Have Found



My Soul Loves


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Art/Ant Colony

Art/Ant Colony (Randyjw; August 7, 2018)


Art appreciation

tends to be a never-ending hedonistic endeavor,

needing deeper and deeper fulfillment and realization,

to the point, sometimes, of desensitizing.

You know…

There’s some poetry in that last bit;

perhaps I’ll beg off now

and get that written.


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On: 76 And 86


On: 76 And 86 (Randyjw; August 6, 2018)



and by your behest



at your request


What you sought to find


At the place

where your thoughts have led


for this closing line


that those aren’t mine


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Stitch (Randyjw; August 4, 2018)


Dredge paper

lightly through the water

on the plate

Fingertips press

gently adhere the

flour from the tray

Like a bridge

span the gap

don’t fall through

the widened crack


needing what

a papier mâché fix

to stitch this heart


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Love Transcends

Love Transcends (Randyjw; August 3, 2018)


I said goodbye

It’s not the end

My love remains

For Love transcends


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iwwi (Randyjw; August 2, 2018)



was always

a long,




this great

Just takes time


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Angel In A Vehicle

Angel In A Vehicle (Randyjw; July 30, 2018)


An angel came driving in,

and brought with her

another batch

of frozen strawberries – –

plus, even more goodies…

Some frozen blueberries

and some simply dreamy

Coconut whipped topping

as airy as marshmallow

all fluffy and creamy

(and, not incidentally,

Kosher Parve)

Recently following

a wingless pair the other dusk

who served the self-same things

with some hot sauce

And a smoky leg thrown on top


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Ideal vs Real


Ideal vs Real (Randyjw; July 30, 2018)


In a virtual world

it’s easy to forget

that the actual world

can be dangerous yet



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From The First


From The First (Randyjw; July 30, 2018)


I can understand

Why man tries in good measure

to sublimate the senses

from the experiences of their pleasures

For in abundance

there is a deadening

an insatiable hunger

jaded and desensitizing

I, myself,

am a simple woman

A shout-it-from-the-rooftops

type of person

I often wonder

Could we be together

without needing to talk,


To be content


On our walk


I think I could

And I think I could


since G-d made two of the one

both the trumpeter- –

and the mute- – swan

But your wanderlust

and your creativeness

might dim

And all swans must take

to the wing

But they always

have a reckoning

And a remembering

of Gan Eden



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Bookends (Randyjw; July 30, 2018)


Simple things,

enjoyed alone

Shared with you

in thoughts and poem


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What We Leave

What We Leave (Randyjw; July 30, 2018)


What can I concede to you

All that I am

All that I have

Nothing more

For in the end

All that remains

all we can retain

are our memories

held in store

And even they,

Sometimes, go


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Chill With Me


Chill With Me (Randyjw; July 29, 2018)


Do you know the extreme joy

and the sensual pleasure to be had

from half a box of icebox strawberries

delivered by curbside service

on a sweltering day

When going from sensory deprivation

to a state of heightened elation

brings a waterfall of tears down like rain – – –

It’s everything that they say



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Poet (Randyjw; July 27, 2018)



the exact nature

and essence of

the aura of being…

The words of poetry

and the heart’s

attempts at

futilely reasoning


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Sand Dancing

Sand Dancing (Randyjw; July 23, 2018)



My bearded man

Wear your jeans

and bare your feet

and let’s spin turns

around these sands


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Full (Randyjw; July 21, 2018)


You’ve filled my heart

shared expansive horizons

brought tenderness back in my life

You left interpretation open

to extract what I want

a perfect relationship found me

And lines to read between

and dreams to remake

the nuance of meaning

through mindscapes you paint

Through song and words once spoken

I’d keep on searching still

Wide open and unbroken

because you’ve left it full




Discordant, jarring song choice,

but one I used to like:


Roam (Lyrics) – B-52’s:



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Harmony (Randyjw; July 20, 2018)


Striking the right chords

Like heaven to the seventh

Notes of one accord


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What Of Now

What Of Now (Randyjw; July 20, 2018)


Do you dream of a future

as yet to unfold

For, this I would like to know

Yesterday I lived a day ago

Right now is all I can hold


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Keep Warm


Keep Warm (Randyjw; July 11, 2018)


The dark space

enclosed by the closet

for your coat

the hanger just dangling there

devoid of its soul


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Restless Grey Matter

Restless Grey Matter (Randyjw; July 11, 2018)


I miss smoking

I miss smoking and poetry

and when you’re not around

I miss the urgency of the thought

the adrenaline-propelling acts

of living dangerously, dramatically

expending all that I’ve got

and the pivot of the fulcrum

teetering toward the side

of where I’m not

The time warp

where the world just stops

and the arms reach out

taking in vagrants

and fragrance

the carouselled stallion

flies off of its mount

How a grey day filled with rain

looks from the inside

the sheafs of papers

and the sweep of ashes

as they fall, non-committal-like

by the ashtray- and feature-less wayside

To seek vibrations in the water

the rippling undercurrents

with their possibly frightening and existential monsters

Enjoying it and living it

conjuring it, envisioning it

before some heedless reason

or aught reckless diversion

compels one or another

to ending it, mid-season


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Drawn Emojis

Drawn Emojis (Randyjw; June 25, 2018)


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Language And Thought

Language And Thought (Randyjw; June 22, 2018)


Energy of thoughts

in recognizable language,

transformed into binary data,

so easily read.


The generation of this independent process,

to begin with, though,

an act of G-d

inside our heads.


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The Roar Of Thunder

The Roar Of Thunder (Randyjw; June 15, 2018)



nothing is needed to say —

nor can it find the means

or the proper venting

with which it can even be said.

Listen with your ears

to the low rumbling of thunder

as the clouds rub together, instead

Stand in,

as the black clouds gather

the rain pitter-patters

and the lightning subsides again

Watch the petals roll

over concrete pavilions

in a burst of storm rain

blown by a sudden wind

Seek shade by the pine

to hold private conversations

in the mind

Whether that would be

thought to be by myself

or else with someone

I dream of by my side



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The Tree Swing

The Tree Swing (Randyjw; June 12, 2018)


When memories are repressed

and feelings are surpressed

sometimes, it’s a way to cope

Do you hold to the lifeline

or plumb deeper depths

somtimes you must let go the rope



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Paths Unknown

Paths Unknown (Randyjw; June 10, 2018)



No soul in sight.

Sprawling through the canyon

on a dark and empty night.

Falling from the edge

of a dream-landscape in blue-grey

an airless container

caught in shadows of summer

and labrynthine tunnels

bisecting caverns below

The thought connections…


but needing to be broke,

the being remains,

its contents now drained,

a cry of the soul,


releasing the hollows of its vessel.

A bonded echo

still reverberating and slow

carried off, as yet,

into paths unknown.


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Fuming (Randyjw; May 26, 2018)


You know there’s a first-world problem

If the difference you can’t tell

between a pest-infested

arc-sprayed rotunda

and the smell of a

garlicky szechuan


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Hands In Front Of The Fireplace

Hands In Front Of The Fireplace (Randyjw; May 17, 2018)


In the litany unearthed of words

the decrepit, soulless descent

beckons to the ravens of the dirge

for the covenless lovers’ lament

Yet not one has singularly proven

on brooms there fly real witches

so, mine a nameless, blameless surge

across an endless Night of Bridges*




Shayne, David. “The tragedy and triumph of the Palmach, on the 75th anniversary of its founding”. blogs.timesofisrael.com; May 17, 2016:



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Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece (Randyjw; May 11, 2018)


What in this issue is akin to a jigsaw —

starting with rigid borders and one-sided ends

working my way from the easy parts backwards,

so revealing fine details of the pictures within

Tiny pieces that all look uniform

one head, two arms, and two little legs,

subtle, yet varied among form and gradations

the two nestled perfectly is how you begin

Others join on to string right and then left

extending the base to a single-formed line

Continue around using only the straight-edge

until you have completed the silhouette of your design

Now gently find way to apportion the remainders

the commonalities between and what sets them apart

Take one in your palm as you cherish and savor

the distinctive striations and distinguishing marks

Learn subtle expressions displayed by each

shadow of a boat or the shade of a gull

lucid peach light in the lover’s eyes

tilt of chin in the fading sun

Aha! and to complete the process some time past begun

you grasp the last piece and you think that  you’re done

You carefully turn it to place in that spot

and, ever, went missing

that darn elusive last one


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Ecosystem Of Words

Ecosystem Of Words (Randyjw; May 10, 2018)


Words are just fill-ins

Igniting ecosystems

Catalyst begins


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Poetic Science

Poetic Science (Randyjw; May 7, 2018)


Poetic Science:

Speaking volumes without sound

in utter silence


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The Sky Is Not The Limit

The Sky Is Not The Limit (Randyjw; May 2, 2018)


A child sees the clouds

and exclaims aloud

they exist where the sky is the ceiling

Though the days will arrive

when she’ll soon realize

yet a universe slowly revealing


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From My Chest


From My Chest (Randyjw; April 24, 2018)


Having got(ten) it

from my chest

I’ve made the bed

perhaps to rest



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Love (Seven . . . )


Love (Seven . . . )


The one thing you’ve asked for

You’ve always had

You’ve held it close

in the palm of your hand



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Shellter Skelter

Shellter Skelter (Randyjw; April 23, 2018)


Through many years

was its love displayed

to create the home

the crab had made

She wore it proudly

on her back

constructed soundly

to thwart attack

Forgotten was her underside

the tender part she tried to hide

As each day brought a new growth spurt

her hardened shell began to hurt

Of the many, and plentiful, beautiful designs

Only one she particularly had in mind

A sweet and soft-shell kind was he

she cracked his shell to break it free

And now the two were both laid bare

in salty oceans that they shared

The one, despaired, a hermit she

in soft-blue shells she couldn’t be


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Locket And Loaded

Locket And Loaded (Randyjw; April 21, 2018)


When you unlocked it

and set it free  ~ ~ ~

You didn’t know

that around my neck

with the locket

came both keys?


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Yom HaZikaron / Yom Ha’Atzma’ut

Yom HaZikaron / Yom Ha’Atzma’ut (Randyjw; April 17, 2018)
(Reposted May 1, 2019)
Soldiers, warriors, heroes, victims
mothers, fathers, siblings, children
departed, terrorism, so many gone, in memoriam
never forget, ever learned?
millions strong, remembering
Israel Stands Still


Israel Stands Still (Randyjw; Originally Posted: April 22, 2017)

Israel stands still

when the siren sounds across the land

recalling the fallen

the never again

You are not forgotten

but remembered again


Siren of Rehovot, Israel (2012):




I Am poem – Anne Frank

by Natasha Hashemi and Claire Hawer




Eli Atah – Shlomo Gronich and the Sheba Choir





In Happier Days (Randyjw; Originally Posted: April 23, 2017)


Through the slavery of Egypt;

through the auto-da-fe’s; the pogroms;

through the Inquisition; the Crusades;

and the exile of Babylon.


The destruction of our Temple

was more than the razing of a building;

it was the attempt to destroy through deicide

what they couldn’t destroy within.


The burning of our skin

in the synagogues

as they torched us alive in flames

worshipping false G-ds with idols

and blaspheming the Good L-rd’s name.


They eradicated us en masse in genocide

and overtook the Holy Land,

What they didn’t take, through Holocaust,

was that G-d would foil their plans.


G-d knows how to make it rain,

blessing, in its proper times.

As much as is done for the earth,

He has done, as well, for our minds.


Happy Rebirthday: Eternal, Israel


Happy Rebirthday: Eternal, Israel

(Randyjw; Originally Posted: 05/11/2016)



Yom HaZikaron

Remembrance Day (Memorial Day)





Yom HaAtzma’ut

Independence Day




Yom Holedet!

Happy Rebirthday, Israel.

Always Eternal.

Eternally Yours,


HaTikvah (The Hope; a poem by Naftali Herz Imber; also it is the Israel National Anthem)


Kol od balayvav pnima nefesh Yehudi homiyah

Ul fatey Mizrach kadima

Ayin L’Tsion tsofiyah

Od lo avdah tikvatenu

HaTikvah shnot al payim

Liyot Am chofshi be’artzenu

B’Eretz Tzion V’rushalyim.


(HaTikvah “The Hope” translation from “My Jewish Learning”:)

As long as within our hearts

The Jewish soul sings,

As long as forward to the East

To Zion, looks the eye —

Our hope is not yet lost,

It is two thousand years old,

To be a free people in our land

The land of Zion and Jerusalem.


Hear The Israel National Anthem, HaTikvah, on YouTube: https://youtu.be/6Q4XL4oRIRE


See excerpts of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, proclaim the State of Israel, with HaTikvah in the background: https://youtu.be/XTSpfNoHpzU


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Sea Reverie

Sea Reverie (Randyjw; April 15, 2018)


Icons of my memories

scattered like treasures found at the bottom of the sea

Glinting lights reflecting their proximity

awaiting discovery via divers of the deep


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Dark Ocean Ink

Dark Ocean Ink (Randyjw; April 14, 2018)


Within the inky black depths

of submersion

riding hollow currents

sightless to the

seafarer’s excursion

Not yet letting forth

that which will give me propulsion

Milk of pearlescent

expellant liquid jets

flowing midnight blue

on anemoned coral cushions


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The Fan

The Fan (Randyjw; April 12, 2018)


Unravelling the fan,

She picks it up

and the dance begins

From a darkened corner

merging with the light

shadows play in the sleight of hand

Concealing the darkest of sweltering nights

Castanets, tambourine and violin

music adjoining in a slow and urgent rumble

Stiletto heels, jasmine, chrysanthemum,

wooden floors echo their vibrations in the ensuing crescendo


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Rattle And Roll

Rattle And Roll (Randyjw; April 7, 2018)


These bones are old

They creak and crack

and resist unaccustomed movement

They’re unquestionably


and inhospitable to contortion

They’re staid

and plaid

wrapped in mommy jeans

and flannel

But, they’ve got my back

a metaphoric match

to the orb intellectual


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Completing (Randyjw; April 6, 2018)



In your poetry,


words needed,






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Breathless (randyjw; April 6, 2018)



When the stars fell,

so felt the sense of breathlessness…



the air expelling

a force exhaled



In this vision I’ve held,


your outstretched hand

acts as a dream-catched net



gathering each gasp of breath

with infusions of air


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Wrap: A Five-Word Story

Wrap: A Five-Word Story (Randyjw; April 3, 2018)


The greatest gift is returned.


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Awaiting Silence


Awaiting Silence (Randyjw; April 1, 2018)


Wandering at night

Lone paths of peaceful quiet

Awaiting silence


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In Deep

In Deep (Randyjw; April 1, 2018)


Think not that I feel?


Yet my eyes drown in depths of

a wetness that’s real



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Reach (Randyjw; March 31, 2018)


We stare at one another


seeing the truth of souls laid over

with daily fare and bother


absent reason for need

to posit motive or to wonder


absorptively inherent

a mind at ease in aura’ed comfort

Vessel of my heart

divulges its apex in one pulse completing


The laggard I have been

caught in mimicry’s firm-taught lesson

Held back, but not withheld

the two-step forth and back of beating


Existential the external vessel

beneath the surfaces of skin

harmonious contents

simmer and glimmer

and reach without

as well as within


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Yes Deer

Yes Deer (Randyjw; March 21, 2018)


A pair of “Yes Deer”

sweetly nuzzle in the wood;

Know what? I would, too.


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Held (Randyjw; March 21, 2018)


To capture anything,

it would seem,

takes a master and servant

There must be one

to rule over

a sentient being

To be held and to hold

in a mutual version

takes the two to interpret

their heartbeats’ translations


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Reading Stars

Reading Stars (Randyjw; March 21, 2018)


Surveilling the sky

and holding your palm in mine

Night twinkles and shines


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Smoky (Randyjw; March 17, 2018)


Intensity can wane;

Was yours subsumed

from heated passions spoken – –

in flames, consumed?


Yet, I hold no blame.

Mine is there – –

ignited embers whitened

stoked by red-hot flames.


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At Either End

At Either End (Randyjw; March 10, 2018)


Filled to overflow

this sentimental vessel

a heart with two holes

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Cognizance (Randyjw; March 5, 2018)


water and time

both slip through your hands

washed away

in the shifting sands


Some things can be held

and others cannot

Unchained selves

of the human heart


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On Your Birthday

On Your Birthday (Randyjw; March 3, 2018)


Joining you in presence

of heart and spirit

if not reality,

this almost virtual gathering


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Wild Horses

Wild Horses (Randyjw; March 2, 2018)





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To (Randyjw; March 2, 2018)

waking walking waltzing

tango tangled talking

rhyme rain remarking

flying feeling freeing


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Wish (Randyjw; March 1, 2018)


I wish I could paste that star back in place

take it in my hands and hold its face

arising crimson

the covers seem nebulous

and dawn blushes boldly

in fuschias and orange

only the cold moon can wane its predictable phases

or the sun shine long in its eternal gazes

Tho’ I’d shorten the days not to strengthen the light

rearrange constellations to lengthen the night

irradiate my hands and let them burn, then scar

to let it play in the heavens —

so I wish, from afar


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Good Cop




Good Cop (Randyjw; February 25, 2018)



Writing and Reading

One citation for footnotes;

the other, speeding

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Microcosmic (Randyjw; February 25, 2018)


Causing much damage

wearing open-toed sandals

and kicking ant-hills


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Love In Letters

Love In Letters (Randyjw; February 25, 2018)


The post in your box

Could never fully reveal

the depths of my heart


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Heartbroken (Randyjw; February 25, 2018)


Hearts on a pendant

Added to my collection

break the chainlink charm


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At Starfall

At Starfall (Randyjw; February 25, 2018)


It was way past twilight

and I was helpless to stop it

My body lurched as if I could

jump into the sky

to run up on high clouds

in maybe four steps or five

For it was but a moment

a chance encounter

with a bright star that shined

and I watched it plummet

as it fell towards my horizon

A meteor shower in which

I would bathe at any hour

It was really 1:24 or 1:25

in the morning

More or less, give or take

I’d do both, and all


to help that star from its fall

and to have it reawake


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Heart (Randyjw; February 14, 2018)


For all the love your heart can hold

May you receive one-thousandfold

Because your heart is open wide

the love you give is multiplied


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Pine (Randyjw; February 13, 2018)



Come near to the window, my darling,

where the light silhouettes your form

Sleep softly in safety and comfort

as the sun greets your face in the morn


Arise by the river at daybreak

refreshened by droplets of dew

and dip of your cup from the sourcespring

capped by nectar where wildflowers grew


Lay down in the canopied bridges

where the sun sparks the earth with its light

Yet the wind flirts with birch and deciduous

clouded mists graze horizons of pine

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Soul Seek

Soul Seek (Randyjw; January 26, 2018)


It seems we always return

to some specific times and moments

the point of crash at which

love, death

horror, or regret

leave with their lasting impact

impart their never-ceasing


of alternate endings




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Smile In The Sky

Smile In The Sky (Randyjw; August 24, 2017)







No sound for

quite awhile


Now you know why


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Solo (Randyjw; January 11, 2018)


First attempts


later life

more relevant

Made-up songs

once begun

self-same audience

only one


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New Buds

New Buds (Randyjw; December 31, 2017)


When the leaves were ochre

and crossed with white

they glittered in

their golden light


but when they turned

to gloss of green

their pointed leaves

were stars unseen



in the wisps that rose

that time

when it was time to go


So by my leave

I once detoured

to know that grief



But cut and cleared

the new buds grew

and blossomed

into something new


And down that path

begun with roots

grew something more

from little shoots


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Words (Randyjw; December 31, 2017)


Sometimes words are too little

to express the overwhelming force

of the emotions I hold inside


Words left alone

leave the soul to grow

to form and mold

and sometimes to cry


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Midnight Tonight

Midnight Tonight (Randyjw; December 31, 2017)


Whistling as they pass by

Colors streak the midnight sky

And rose from earth into the night

Fluorescing in their powdered light


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Shello (Randyjw; December 27, 2017)


You didn’t know

that I watched the sun rise

with the same view as you

Only, just from the other side

Framed by two palms

just the memory to remind

no photo could beauty capture

because it can be seen only through your eyes


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Lengths To Go To Catch A Wave

Lengths To Go To Catch A Wave (Ranyjw; December 27, 2017)


the full spectrum

seen by few

coverage obscured

in a clouded view

unseen by the naked eye

wavelengths penetrate the human mind


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Winter’s Embrace


Winter’s Embrace (Rachelgv; December 1, 2017)


A last, loving glance

the feather trailed slowly over his face

shuttering the seaside home

for winter’s strong embrace

In another time, perchance,

gathered in a state of grace

details memorized

the slipcover slowly pulled into place

Her heart,

Etched with every meaning,

would always recall

every smile, and every greeting

as it had always,

knowing every line of his face

by every guise

through all our weathered seasons



(Celebrate my birthday tonight, won’t you?)


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Fall (Randyjw; November 13, 2017)


For every fall

there is spring

and lonely winters

summer brings


The patterns

already set

only single days

remain to be met


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Forevermore (Randyjw; October 29, 2017)


The torch in my hand

in my heart

and at the door

remains lit


and forevermore




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