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Drawn Emojis

Drawn Emojis (Randyjw; June 25, 2018)



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Language And Thought

Language And Thought (Randyjw; June 22, 2018)


Energy of thoughts

in recognizable language,

transformed into binary data,

so easily read.


The generation of this independent process,

to begin with, though,

an act of G-d

inside our heads.



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The Roar Of Thunder

The Roar Of Thunder (Randyjw; June 15, 2018)



nothing is needed to say —

nor can it find the means

or the proper venting

with which it can even be said.

Listen with your ears

to the low rumbling of thunder

as the clouds rub together, instead

Stand in,

as the black clouds gather

the rain pitter-patters

and the lightning subsides again

Watch the petals roll

over concrete pavilions

in a burst of storm rain

blown by a sudden wind

Seek shade by the pine

to hold private conversations

in the mind

Whether that would be

thought to be by myself

or else with someone

I dream of by my side




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The Tree Swing

The Tree Swing (Randyjw; June 12, 2018)


When memories are repressed

and feelings are surpressed

sometimes, it’s a way to cope

Do you hold to the lifeline

or plumb deeper depths

somtimes you must let go the rope




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Paths Unknown

Paths Unknown (Randyjw; June 10, 2018)



No soul in sight.

Sprawling through the canyon

on a dark and empty night.

Falling from the edge

of a dream-landscape in blue-grey

an airless container

caught in shadows of summer

and labrynthine tunnels

bisecting caverns below

The thought connections…


but needing to be broke,

the being remains,

its contents now drained,

a cry of the soul,


releasing the hollows of its vessel.

A bonded echo

still reverberating and slow

carried off, as yet,

into paths unknown.



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Fuming (Randyjw; May 26, 2018)


You know there’s a first-world problem

If the difference you can’t tell

between a pest-infested

arc-sprayed rotunda

and the smell of a

garlicky szechuan



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Hands In Front Of The Fireplace

Hands In Front Of The Fireplace (Randyjw; May 17, 2018)


In the litany unearthed of words

the decrepit, soulless descent

beckons to the ravens of the dirge

for the covenless lovers’ lament

Yet not one has singularly proven

on brooms there fly real witches

so, mine a nameless, blameless surge

across an endless Night of Bridges*




Shayne, David. “The tragedy and triumph of the Palmach, on the 75th anniversary of its founding”. blogs.timesofisrael.com; May 17, 2016:




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