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Good Ads/Bad Ads

The Good:

I’d like to acknowledge WordPress for allowing commercial advertising on my webpages; it makes me feel that I am truly a part of the professional world of cyberblogs. It has been an enjoyable pursuit, to-date, and I felt a public “thank-you” was appropriate here.


I’d also like to thank the advertiser, Jarritos, for placing ads with the service which places ads into my web blog (via consolidation packages). While I notice that my more outspoken pages are still blank and without commercial sponsorship, that is okay. This will not change my desire to print all the “news” that I deem “fit to publish” and will continue to do so at my own peril.

I write about Jarritos to keep it’s name out in the public blogosphere as a thank-you response from myself. Jarritos es un buen refresco para todos (my high school Spanish language classes show, huh?).

Thank You!


The Bad: How awful are those Ad Council PSA’s (public service announcements), such as the ones about conserving energy? They all feature children who lie! The girl, in one ad, states that the charger plugged into the phone wall is not hers, and then is proven wrong when she answers her phone; and “Matthew” pretends he doesn’t live in his home when his parents yell to him that his favorite lasagna dinner is ready! Great role models for our children to emulate!

Update: The Ad Council creates advertising to use for public service announcements, and I can’t trash this important service they provide without acknowledging the good that they do, overall. All of it is good — I’m just saying that some of the ads are really stupid. But one of the good ones (and good cause, to boot) is theshelterproject.org. This is another of those commercials where I just cry and cry because the poor little animals are abused and wind up in shelters to be adopted (if they’re lucky). Please adopt a pet from your local shelter and help an animal have a happy home!


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