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Randy’s Recipes: Ramen A-Go-Go


I’m a laugher. At just about everything. Including myself. I enjoy, and often succeed at, cracking myself up. That’s a good thing, as life has way too many sadnesses, of which I probably have more than someone’s fair share. So, I laughed at putting this up on the web as a recipe and at the name I decided to give it. Maybe this is what happens when you live by yourself for too long and really don’t get out much.


Randy’s Recipes: Ramen A-Go-Go


1 packet beef-flavored Ramen noodle soup

1 packet chicken-flavored Ramen noodle soup

Peanut butter (roughly Two tablespoons, or per taste)

Garlic (powder, or per preference) – a good shake, to taste

Wasabi (roughly 1/2 to 1 teaspoon, to taste)

(Update: My wasabi is a blended wasabi/horseradish one from brand: Silver Spring. It may make a difference in the outcome. So, you can use wasabi, or horseradish, or both. The one I used really livened up the soup).

Options to add-in: chopped scallions, soy sauce, coconut milk, curries or other spices, lemongrass, ginger, vegetables, fish, shrimp, chicken, meat, nuts, etc…..

Break noodles in half and add to water filled under halfway point of a medium saucepot. If using vegetables, or other items needing cooking, you might want to add these in now, also. Slightly past boil-point, turn stove to medium low and finish cooking noodles. Add packet seasonings at end. Pour into large serving bowl. Add good shake of garlic, peanut butter and wasabi. Crush down peanut butter with fork to dissolve and mix through soup. Add options which don’t need cooking here.


Whether Masala or Marsala, the ramen soups make a nice base stock from which to jump off and depart to flavors of other places: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

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Randy’s Recipes: Open-Faced (Or Closed) Curried Chili Sandwich

Convenient, fast, throw-together, American-style. And not half-bad, either. Nowadays, American fare has developed into fusion food — the melting pot meeting of diverse cultures coming together to create something exciting and new, with old-culture sources as its base.


The lead-up to this recipe deservedly belongs elsewhere, as I think it’s better than the recipe itself. ‘Recipe’ is used lightly, as it’s just a throw-together and I can’t stand when people call such things creations, like I often make, recipes! Technically, though, the term does apply. My cooking creds are zilch, besides.


But, this polyglot quick-meal had a little taste and I figured I could share that. So, here it is.


Randy’s Recipes: Open-Faced (Or Closed) Curried Chili Sandwich


2 cans Chili (beef-and-bean, or vegetarian bean)

1/2 medium bag rice (white, or your preferred)

Curry powder (or seasonings of your choice; I used Pereg Brand Indian Curry)

Bread, sliced or torn (White, or your preferred; plain or toasted; I used Wonder-brand bread under this, and it added a just-right sweet note to the combination)


Pick dry rice of any grains that don’t look good and any foreign matter. Rinse the rice grains in a strainer and let drain. Place grains in a medium saucepot with water, filled about an inch or two above the top of the rice level (general measure; eyeball for right height — you’ll learn this with practice) and simmer until grains are moist but most of water has evaporated. Heat chili in another saucepot. Fold chili and rice together. Place into an oven-safe baking dish and generously sprinkle curry powder on top, leaving it on top to become heated and dried, as is. Bake at 375°F-400°F for about 15-20 minutes, or until desired dryness is reached. Place on bread and enjoy!

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