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Randy’s Recipes: Four Seas Coffee


Randy’s Recipes: Four Seas Coffee (Randyjw; September 15, 2016)


If you’re looking for a way to get your coffee kick in the morning, without the unneeded sugar and dairy additions that normally compile the usual selections, just make yourself a cup of this interesting exotica, and you’ll find you might not even miss it — and, in fact, prefer it!


The Four Seas Coffee tastes like a Mediterranean island escape, but can be made in a jiffy. For a quick fix, use instant; for the longer-haul, brew a nice French, Turkish, or Javan Sumatran Highlands 馃槈 roast. Shut your eyes, inhale deeply, and sip.


Four Seas stands for “Four ‘C’s'”:

Coffee – Instant or Brewed; your preference

Cinnamon – 2 or 3 dashes

Cardamom – dash or two

Cup – One, Two, Three…


Brew your coffee, or Boil your water and add instant coffee. Pour into a nice, tall mug and add a couple dashes cinnamon, and a dash or two of cardamom. Stir. Enjoy!

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