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Let Us Be


Let Us Be (Randyjw; April 15, 2019)

(to the tune of The Beatles’ “Let It Be”)


When we found ourselves upon the Nile

bondsmen to our slavery

Built up Egypt’s cities

men unfree


And while the whips rained down upon us

beating us relentlessly

chained into our bondage




Let us be (x4)

G-d proclaims His answer:

Let us be!


But Pharaoh’s heart was hardened

and he had no eyes with which to see

He who rules above us



So G-d sent down ten plagues amongst us

sparing us eternally

G-d would let us worship





Then Egypt wound up devastated

livestock, land, and progeny

but now set forth to our freedom



Still Pharaoh’s woes had deepened

and he suffered economically

the wage paid for those slaves

had come free




The chariot army trotted

G-d endowed the rod and let us flee

by dry ground we departed

through the sea


And Moshe let the rod down

and two walls were one in unity

Pharaoh’s army drowned,

all but he




In wilderness we wandered

seeking solace and a destiny

and false gods we created



And G-d called Moses to the Mount

and gave Laws for eternity

And Torah’s words of wisdom

set us free


(Chorus) (x2)



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My Words Are These


I recorded various tracks at different locations, and can’t figure out how to get them mixed. I’ve downloaded and deleted so many sound recording apps that haven’t yet worked out. I suspect that soundcloud won’t allow me to redownload my own material, anyways. I’ve set them to private and can’t even seem to change that setting; I think I might need a real computer for that. Meanwhile, I was never sure I wanted to make it public, but keep it just close to my heart. My words say something to that effect. The Hebrew is not from a native-speaker; just a Jewish girl without a real home. They’re also in the wrong tense, coming as if the words were being spoken by a man to a woman. No translation; hearts need none.


Tamid Va’ed (Dates approximated: February 26th, 2017: Sound Effects = Train (Not sure if I was going to use it or not; mostly trying to hide my poor voice); March 1st, 2017 = Instrumentals (synthesized: sitar, guitar, flute); March 1st, 2017 = Poetry (Lyrics); March 4th, 2017: Photography (Poetry/Lyrics))


Ani ohev

Tamid Va’ed

Yachad yoshev

Pituach balev


Ani yoshev

Yachad balev

Anachnu echad

Tamid Va’ed


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Rock On, Aileron


Rock On, Aileron (Randyjw; February 28, 2017)


Can you catch me on radar

As I’m flying super-sonar

lane change, again

weaving wheels to highway

meeting arms to air

I swear

I just want you to be happy

The trunk is full

and neither of us have got the room

for a heart of gloom

Let’s take it on the road

fly this car right in the air

Are you a passenger along for the ride

or will you add another wing

Get this car soaring

and take it into flight


I haven’t got all night

but the rest of my life

for you to be mine

No ideas, nobody in mind

Just a song I’ll sing

I’m alone again

Rock on, aileron

Rock on, my heart, and soar


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Little Kitten Lullaby


Little Kitten Lullaby (Randyjw; October 12, 2016)


Little baby kitty

You’re my little sweet pea

Now you’re going sleepy

Little baby kitty


Little baby sweet pea

You’re my baby kitty

Now you’re going sleepy

Little baby sweet pea


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Beyond the Wall


Beyond the Wall (Randyjw; June 30, 2016)


The most beautiful song of all

Is here in the city, beyond your wall


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Harry Belafonte, Miriam Makeba, and Chubby Checker Sing Jewish/Jewish-Themed Songs


I have one post dedicated to Jewish/Israeli song artists called “Shema Yisrael”, and another dedicated to the familiar songs of my youth and upbringing here in America, called “American Culture In Music”.  “American Culture In Music” contains many songs in many languages, reflecting the diversity and melting pot which is America. Jewish songs were a part of my youth, but did not receive as broad a recognition in American culture as the rest of the type of songs represented “American Culture In Music”.


It is interesting to see how individual cultures adapt to their newfound societies, combining their old traditions with the new. It is an educational experience to look at a review, from the future, back to the past, to see how it’s developed, integrated, and been influenced by the melding of different cultures within societies. While many people can probably sing “Havah Nagilah” and many of the tunes written for the film adaptation of Shalom Aleichem’s novel based on the reality of life for the Jews during Russian pogroms against them, via the popular movie musical, “Fiddler On The Roof” (for which I played the part of ‘Hodel’ in a grade school musical presentation), other artists’ renditions of some of these songs deserve a posting set aside and apart from both these lists for the special classifications or designations into which these fall. Two such are those by Harry Belafonte, Miriam Makeba, and Chubby Checker. It shows a blending of cultures in the performances of one through the songs and representative styles of the other.


Here they are singing one of my newest favorite songs, ‘Erev Shel Shoshanim’, and several renditions (live and on studio albums) captured via film and video, or pressed into vinyl, of Harry Belafonte’s versions of: “Havah Nagilah” and “Hineh Mah Tov”. I hope you enjoy their versions of these Jewish songs, and this informational, educational look at cultures of American society through song:


Erev Shel Shoshanim:

Harry Belafonte:



Erev Shel Shoshanim:

Miriam Makeba:



Harry Belafonte:

Hineh Mah Tov (1960; Concert: England):



Harry Belafonte:

Hineh Mah Tov (Album: Return to Carnegie Hall):



Harry Belafonte:




Chubby Checker [Added September 28, 2019]:

Havah Nagilah



Harry Belafonte:

Havah Nagilah (Album: At Carnegie Hall: The Complete Concert):



Harry Belafonte:

Havah Nagilah (Harry Belafonte From Jamaica: Calypso):



Harry Belafonte:

Havah Nagilah (TV: The Danny Kaye Show; with Danny Kaye):



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