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More Problems in Belgium

More Problems in Belgium (Randyjw; October 17, 2019)



Gee, I hope they get to the bottom of this…


Lipshitz, Cnaan. “Knife-wielding Muslim man in Brussels asks passersby if they are Jewish”. jta.org; October 16, 2019:



Definitions of the word, “terrorism,” vary considerably, depending upon whom you consult. Here are some:





1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government


(https://www.dictionary.com/browse/terrorism) ; accessed October 17, 2019.




Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse:


Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University. tracreports: terrorism/215/include/definitions.html (…) “Alternative Federal Definitions of Terrorism Criminal Cases”. (…). trac.syr.edu; 2009:


(https://trac.syr.edu/tracreports/terrorism/215/include/definitions.html) ; accessed October 17, 2019.







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New Revelations Reveal Same Old Problem


New Revelations Reveal Same Old Problem (Randyjw; September 9, 2019)


Terrorism reveals its continued perpetration, from the same old perpetrators, with its same old mindset, against the same old (ancient) community:


Cohen, Ben. “Former French Intelligence Chief Alleged to Have Made Secret Pact With Palestinian Terrorists Behind 1982 Kosher Restaurant Massacre”. algemeiner.com; August 9, 2019:




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My Treatment A Hollow Cause


My Treatment A Hollow Cause (Randyjw; January 27, 2017)




Things have, at times, been a little unctious for me at a personal level in the WordPress forum, with commenters either calling me a cruel, Zionist Jew who is worse than a terrorist (https://newsnotes1.wordpress.com/2016/08/02/not-so-subtle-signs-of-anti-semitism/), or by other, more-recent commenters completely oblivious to the realization that there is not a single argument that could ever justify or minimize European complicity and responsibility for the Holocaust, especially as carried out by its German perpetrators and collaborators, among them Hitler, Goebbels, Mengele, Eichmann and others.


I personally have known at least four Jewish men who were Holocaust survivors, as well as one POW who was captured and placed in a concentration camp, because he was Jewish, in addition to having met many more survivors, as well as very briefly having worked for the son of Holocaust survivors (both of his parents had been at camps).


My written conversations, thus far, with the WordPress respondents did not bring enlightenment, or a change in attitude, or an understanding whereby they might exhibit empathy in compassion toward Jewish victims (this is a trait often lacking amongst such individuals, I have found). One conversation has only just begun.



In this first section, we have Amogh, who declares that he is a fan of Adolf Hitler. He uses one of Hitler’s sayings as the first quote in his response to a Three-Day-Quote-Challenge. The second quote he uses is by Gul Barsha. The third quote is his own, which is: “People would live by my Rule, or they would die…”.   Amogh assigns a non-existent royalty peerage on Adolf Hitler with the usage of the titular, “Sir”, although I doubt that the United Kingdom would have bequeathed him peerage in any acceptable form. The disturbing part is that 157 people like these quotes.


I was upset with one of the respondents, Kamal, who I had been familiar with from having seen him at other websites. He absolves Hitler of personal accountability in his actions by stating that Hitler had been made a medium and so could not be blamed for his persecution, at all. Christian ideology has embraced its Jewish wellspring and has begun to move away from replacement theory, whereby the Jewish element is blamed no longer, nor is Christianity being said to have either displaced or replaced it, nor should it be involved in eliminating it.




So, let me make you aware, Kamal: Hitler’s manifesto, ‘The Final Solution’ for Jews, and those others perceived as inferior races by him, is outlined in Mein Kampf. It was a deliberate plan to exterminate the entire Jewish people in a genocide. The disabled, Gypsys, political dissidents, some Christians, were also killed.


I know your blog has only nice posts on it, so it’s a throwback to see such a statement from you; but, I cannot say this behavior surprises me; not with regards to yourself, specifically, as an individual, but rather as a whole, in the generic realm of this type of behavior. And the reason I address you, individually, is that there might be a sense of my getting through to you — whereas, with the others and their hardcore responses, I don’t think they would hear my message.


I only came to know that you had posted your statement there at Amogh’s site, because Amogh began following my site with a “like” of my post, “Anti-Matter”. What he said at his site, and your subsequent replies to his statement, were a shock to me. When I saw you responding at another site I was online with, I took the convenient opportunity there (which I shortly thereafter conceded was the wrong forum at which to address you) to let you know that I had been upset by your comment in the addressment of this issue and to suggest further discussion here, at my site. You have since began following my blog, but I have heard nothing further from you — only your initial and continued repeated denials about any such thing as seeming to have occurred, at all. So, I guess I’ll show you.


Here is where the offensive commentary was found, and your reply, to the man who says he is a “fan” of Hitler:




Amogh quoted Hitler and said he was a fan of Hitler. There was some back and forth in the comment section between you and he on October 16, 2016. Your last reply, referencing Hitler, was this:


“But you know he was made a medium to destroy the old for new that is why he destroyed the old and so he is not to be blamed. This is the way life is.”




Amogh likes my post, Anti-Matter, and starts following me:




I choose “Quote Challenge Day 3” as part of the initial selections on offer. It takes me to the posting, where I read the quotes on Hitler, and corresponding commentary, including learning that my follower is a fan of Hitler (gulp). I then learn that assorted readers have responded with positive commentary to the Hitler quote, as well, drawing my consternation.


At the offending site…







































Commentary from Amogh’s site. Pictures, links and non-English responses deleted to remove visual identification and links and to broaden commentary toward a wider audience.




Someone says (October 16, 2016 at 11:19 am): good ones


Amogh responds (October 16, 2016 at 11:20 am) 😁 😁


Kamal (boundlessblessingsblog (dot) wordpress (dot)(com) writes (October 16, 2016 at 2:44 pm):

Lovely each different quotes but beautiful in themselves.👌👌👌👌


Amogh responds (October 16, 2016 at 3:34 pm): What about the last quote, is it lovely too?😜😜


Kamal replies (October 16, 2016) at 3:38 pm):

K wait will give you my comments.


Amogh responds (October 16, 2016 at 3:43 pm): 😄 sure I will be waiting


Kamal then says (October 16, 2016 at 3:41 pm): Hahahaha very smart so people have to listen to u and if they don’t they will die. You have become hitler looks like.☺️😏good. Just joking Do what you like friend.


Amogh writes (October 16, 2016 at 3:47): Yeah, I’m a fan of Sir Adolf Hitler, but don’t worry I have posted the last quote bcoz I used to think like that in my 7th class.Right now I’m a very good guy


Kamal says (October 16, 2016 at 3:49 pm): Hahahaha too good but now you have matured and become a nice man. Good show Amogh.👍👍👍👍


Amogh replies (October 16, 2016 at 3:51 pm): Tnq 😄😄kamal


Kamal writes (October 16, 2016 at 3:51 pm): Always welcome Amogh.


Kamal writes (October 16, 2016 at 3:50 pm): But you know he was made a medium to destroy the old for new that is why he destroyed the old and so he is not to be blamed. This is the way life is.




A commenter says (October 16, 2016 at 11:19 am):

Good ones.


Another respondent says (November 8, 2016 at 2:12 am): Nice


A different one says (November 20, 2016 at 3:05 pm): Good.a great thing.


Another commenter says (December 9, 2016 at 12:47 pm): Lovely quotes.


And a lone voice of a soldier of the Spanish Legion, who has seen war up-front during his period of service, comes the knowing wisdom and its resultant sanity…… says (December 19, 2016 at 12:39 pm):

Who would have thought the nutcase of Hitler would have such an insight. Yet again, being a monster doesn´t mean he was dumb.


This person says (December 24, 2016 at 4:32 pm):

Great post


Visit mine



Jewish people are targets in cyberspace, as well as in real life. It’s amazing that if the death threats we receive all the time online were to be said in-person to our faces, the threatener would be arrested for their actions. Unfortunately, virtual reality is anti-Semitic, too, and technology companies who host internet platforms are usually an easy vehicle for neo-Nazi and Jihadist threats to reach us.


We also receive alot of the garden variety type of threats, like those seen above. However, just as it is difficult to predict a lone-wolf terrorist attack, one can never know whether these suppressed hostilities will manifest and at what time.


Jewish groups have for years been trying to get companies such as Facebook to comply with their own guideline agreements. Most of these encompass rules of civility toward one another. Most companies allow themselves the flexibility to remove accounts from their system for specific violations of codes of conduct, or for even no reason at all. WordPress also has this provision in its terms of service.


As like all other tech responses to the Jews, there has been an outright moratorium on matters of decorum to remove terrorist threats promoting the annihilation of the Jews, or other anti-Semitic tropes. Anti-Semitic attacks have been increasing with alarming rates of occurences. And WordPress will also not remove the offensive portions of the above dialogues found at those sites which I find objectionable. That is the word used to determine whether WordPress might remove some material. Two times I received a “no”. They didn’t answer my third request. Guess it just wasn’t “the charm”. Thanks, guys… You sure know how to make a Jewish girl feel swell on this Shabbat day, as well as simultaneously occuring on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day today, Friday, January 27, 2017.



PG, abbreviated from an avatar name, and the person who PG claims is PG’s dentist, both seem not to know that anti-Semitic acts include more than just killing Jews. PG wrote an emotionally terse piece of fiction for an alleged school project, for which the assignment topic, as PG puts it, is: “Caught in a Dilemma”. PG’s resultant work, posted at PG’s website, is an extremely well-written and involving piece, set in the time period of the Nazi era (1930’s-1940’s). The protagonist is a German male, who has spent his remembered life growing from friendship to relationship with a Jewish woman. They’ve known each other from the age of four years until the most recent present, when the woman’s family was to have received help to Switzerland and out of danger from the Nazis by the man who was to become the protagonist’s Nazi boss. The main character only joined the Nazi group as service to repay the commander for presumed assistance in helping his girlfriend and her family to escape. As a Nazi, the protagonist is required to kill many Jews, which he does. During the course of Nazi round-ups of the Jews to deport them to concentration camps, both he and his commander come across his love, as the commander had never provided her any help. The commander now tells the man to kill her. The story ends prior to any action, beyond that point.


The story was gripping, with its use of German language and its gratuitous violence sprinkled throughout its passages. As a Jewish person, I felt dread and anxiety at reading this story. This would have been just an overwrought story to forget shortly thereafter, were it not for its excessive violence and the ensuing dialogue issued in later commentary by the author, and then, also, by the author’s “friend” (or dentist, or the author’s own self, or whomever).


PG claims that the protagonist is not like the other Nazis, per se, because he tries to save the Jewish woman he loves, in service with the Nazis to a promise made him by his commander, which is never kept. PG seems to emphatically state that because of this act, he is not like the other Nazis. I say, though, that he is, INDEED, just like the other Nazis, because, despite the fact that he may “love” one Jewish person, he still commits murder after murder of all the other Jews which he, and the rest of the Nazis, are systematically rooting out and killing. My argument further contends that this is akin to the prejudice canard which states that a person can’t supposedly be prejudiced against the whole of a class of people, if they also happen to be the best friend/boyfriend/spouse, etc. of one such person of the despised subject class. It has been proven to be a faulty argument.


Things get worse further on into my refutation on this point with PG in additional following commentary. PG then asserts that the story has very little to do with the Jewish people! The entire Final Solution by its mastermind, Adolf Hitler, was based on the promotion of the continuation of the genetic line of a supposed “Aryan” “master race” through the elimination of all undesirable others — the Jewish people being first and foremost among them! PG’s story is specifically set during a Nazi round-up and killing frenzy of Jews by those Nazis! How could it have “very little” to do with the Jewish people? That is an effrontery to the memory of the six million Jewish lives exterminated during the Holocaust. This was a methodical, planned, systematic genocide of our people, which also impacted the Jewish people in the many millions further lives which were never birthed and whose generations ended, forevermore, in the graves of the earth of the cold hatred against our people! This is not about Nazi morals; there weren’t any to be found in their murderous acts and their subsequent denials of their deeds to this day! Families, lives, properties, businesses, future generations were all destroyed. How could it be anything BUT the story of our genocide? It is true that other groups, such as the disabled, Gypsies, certain Christian or political dissidents were also made targets.


It is the genocidal aspect that sets it specifically apart from the collateral civilian damage that occurs during wartime that also makes the Holocaust unique. This delineation is an important one to keep in the forefront, as there are groups of Holocaust minimizers, especially in Europe, that have been trying to downplay the speciality of the Jewish aspect of the extermination by equating ALL World War Two deaths with the same “collateral damage” type of approach. Governments, like those in Poland, especially, have been keen to whitewash their own governments’ and countries’ participatory collaboration with the Nazis, and so they have been using this specific approach by refusing to acknowledge the targetting of the Jews, their own complicity and involvement, erasing and revising historical records, and denying culpability.


PG does this, not only by denying the “Jewishness” of the story and by claiming a moral high ground of the man who became a Nazi, where none exists, but the fact that not once is the term specific to ‘The Jewish Question’, known as “The Holocaust”, ever mentioned, and neither were “tags”, which would have indexed it to such categories, ever applied so as to include the story in any Jewish “subject”-consideration. There is not a single tag noting anything of Jewish affiliation, such as words like “Jew”, “Judaism”, “Jewish”, or “Holocaust”; yet, at least six tags have been created, all of which pertain to either the word “History” or “German/Germany”, in some aspect.


This may, at the outset, seem a trivial matter, but it is a main tool in the arsenal of historical revisionists, Holocaust deniers, and Holocaust minimizers. I cannot but help to think that this demonstrates a concerted effort to literally whitewash the Jews out of history. Like the Germans did to erase Jewish history and culture by burning our books and killing our people, so it is a continuing phenomenon to continue to make the story “Judenrein” (“Rid of Jews”/”Jew-Free”). Saying that the author’s personal opinions are not to be found within the characters of its pages, as the “dentist” states, is disengenuous, as well.


When confronted with these ongoing deeds and these past affairs, the minimizers will go on the counterattack against the victim. They will ridicule, deny, mock and belittle the hurt people, such as the victimized Jews. I also see this in PG’s reaction. PG holds me to a double-standard when PG says that I must “FIGHT for people to respect Jews and their beliefs”, as if a double-standard exists that allows other people to just be accepted “as-is”, but that, somehow, Jews are not, and so we must have to “earn” the right to exist on this planet as a Jewish person. PG accuses me of spreading hate, of bias (against whom? PG? Nazis?), and of being an extremist. Wow.


And then, in typical fashion, the victim is made to look like the attacker. PG then has to claim victimhood status by revelation of own ethnicity, and that my defense of my own identity, which I perceive as being under attack, has been somehow used against PG’s own status, which I have not done, and which is not the subject of my complaint.


And then there is the need to get further help from friends to attack the aggrieved party (strength in numbers), as if the principle made famous by Hitler’s propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, still reigned, in that: if one repeats a lie big enough and often enough (and by a majority), then it will be believed. So, they state that it is I, the Jew, who is the biased one, for explaining to them why all their statements are just the same, old, tired, classic anti-Semitic tropes. PG’s backup support, supposedly the person’s dentist (mentioned in a different place elsewhere in the blog), uses the term “we” quite often and relays events as if their selfsame person had, also, been part of this assigned project with PG at the school — and, hence, may be a “friend” (or, quite possibly, even just the author, since “they” both say “sematic”, instead of “Semitic”) (and considering the remarkable immaturity of the ensuing conversation, a possibility it could be either), and laughs and laughs and mocks my arguments.


The “friend” also says this: “(PG) is not isolating the Jews or being racist against them just cause (PG) chose this topic, if it was any other race would really have taken this offence. You are twisting (PG’s) words, like that i can say you are being racist by classifying people as black or chinese.” Both the “friend” and PG continually counterattack by making false claims. I never once claimed that their actions “isolate” Jews. I don’t even consider a concept, such as “isolation”, in my entire argument, or even as a general philosophy with regards to such discussions; it would probably be least, if any, of my complaints — so this is a false accusation of assumption on their part (and they “both” use it…).


Secondly, “…if it was any other race would really have taken this offence” is the anti-Semitic trope of applying a double-standard to Israelis or Jews that would not be expected or applied of, and to, others, and of which we are to look for in determining whether a statement or action constitutes a form of anti-Semitism, regardless whether it is a positively applied expectation of behavior, or otherwise.


Additionally, asserting that the author does not think along the same manner as the character the author has conjured within their very own imagination is disingenuous. The author has thought to place whatever thoughts are in the character’s mind by the very same brain used by the author to convey the character’s ideas. Nothing gives them life but the animation of the writer’s thoughts. The writer may not subscribe to the thoughts attributed to the character, but it is the writer who contrives them to place there. This nuance is perceptibly lost by the respondents.


Worse yet, PG claims to be studying this topic and even wants to become a therapist and specialize in Holocaust studies. Are they teaching PG these things from this particular perspective at school? PG hasn’t shown one bit of understanding or empathy toward a Jewish person complaining of the treatment via PG’s fictionalized version of the Holocaust. Can you imagine this individual working with real-life victims? (PG ironically shares Hitler’s birth date!)


This specific revelation of dialogue is utilized herewith to educate young minds vulnerable to influence and, hopefully, prevent the lead-up to genocide engendered in the falsity of pernicious beliefs and techniques, as simple as they might be perceived at a superficial level.


Yeah, nothing’s really changed much in the seventy-some years since the Holocaust.




Here is some of the commentary from the site (identifying information removed for privacy; extraneous commentary, superfluous to the discussion, also removed):




Someone writes (December 21, 2016 at 5:16 pm):

Atrocious and heinous!


PG responds (December 21, 2016 at 9:14 pm) Thank you… I think 🙂


They respond (December 26, 2016 at 6:54 pm): You think? :p


PG replies (December 26, 2016 at 9:11 pm):

Lol hahaha yes once in a while I do 😆😆😂😂


Someone says (December 21, 2016 at 9:17 pm):

this is so sad, what happens? (does he shoot himself?!?)


PG replies (December 21, 2016 at 9:19 pm):

Well the topic given to me was caught in a dilemma so I kind of left it at that. I guess it’s up to you to imagine what happens ☺


Same commenter says (December 21, 2016 at 9:21 pm):

In the beginning he seems as hateful of the jews as the others, but in the end it turns out he is not hateful.

So was that intentional?


PG replies (December 22, 2016 at 12:45 pm):

Yeah he was supposed to be desensitized by all he had seen but then you realize he’s not like the other Nazi’s


I say (December 26, 2016 at 6:36 am):



I say… (*The reference to the apparent “swear” I write about comes from repetition of a word PG used in the body of the piece) (December 26, 2016 at 6:39 am):

I’m sorry to disagree. You don’t have a “ficken” clue what a Jew goes through, and sensationalizing it in this manner was about the most awful thing I ever read.


PG responds (December 26, 2016 at 9:07 pm):

I don’t claim to know anything that Jews went through because I’ve never been through anything even a little similar. My topic was caught in a dilemma and that was what it was about. I’m sorry if this offended you but that was not my intention


I say (December 27, 2016 at 7:50 pm):

It did; and still does.


PG says (December 27, 2016 at 7:52 pm):



I say (December 27, 2016 at 7:56 pm):

Chanukah began Dec. 24th. The Jews commemorate the victory of the Jewish Maccabees and the rededication of eternal light in our Temple, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The world is awash in anti-Semitism and your words fuel that fire. Fourteen UN countries just voted Judea and Samaria as “illegal”; it’s not… Did you gain the accolades you wanted, at our expense?


I say (December 27, 2016 at 7:59 pm):

We died to such words!!!


I say (December 27, 2016 at 8:23 pm):

May the L-rd recompense you the rest of your days in the manner of your characters.


PG says (December 27, 2016 at 9:18 pm):

By I don’t claim to know what Jews went through I meant I obviously have no first hand experience of it. I know a lot more about the Jewish faith then you think I do. I also respect Jews and everything that they’ve been through and many of my idols are practicing Jews. Like I said I did not mean to offend you or any other Jewish people with this story and it has very little to do with Jewish people. I was given a topic by my school and I wrote a story that was FICTION. Also I don’t appreciate you blaming me for something the UN did. I am not anti-sematic in any way whatsoever. If you want to fight for people to respect Jews and their beliefs maybe comment on blogs that actually have anti-sematic posts on them.


I say (December 28, 2016 at 12:35 am):

Jews and Nazis are the clear subjects you’ve used to fulfill your topic assignment of “Caught in a Dilemma”. You whitewashed the Jewish half for the story right out of your tags, though. You use Nazi Germany, History, Nazi’s (sic), Nazism, Nazi, German History — but not a single one about Jews. You claim in your response “and it has very little to do with Jewish people.” What!? All you talk about is the Jews in your story, repeating the ugly insults of prejudice that the Germans used as a pretext to exterminate us during the Holocaust! Saying your story has nothing to do with Jews, when, in fact, your entire story is peppered with the words “Jew” and “Jewish” and leaving Jews out of the tags, whitewashes them right out of the Holocaust picture you portray. Minimize the Holocaust much? While the Germans are solely responsible for their own hatred, the objects of their hatred were not fictional. They were Jews who died because of anti-Semitic beliefs held by the Germans.

So, you make your Nazi character, (name), decide that killing other Jews, as long as they’re not “his” Jew, is okay, and yet you comment that he’s not “like the rest” of the Nazis? He’s exactly like them, whether he felt “love” for one, or not; he still participated in killing them. It’s the old “my best friend is Jewish” canard. And, lastly, I didn’t accuse you of casting any UN votes! Don’t you accuse ME of false accusations: the subject I used to demonstrate my point was “Fourteen UN countries”; I’ve never mentioned you or your name related to that!

You also reply, “If you want to fight for people to respect Jews and their beliefs maybe comment on blogs that actually have anti-sematic posts on them.”

So, my reason to exist as a person is not okay? I don’t get automatic acceptance as a person just because I was born? You mean, you really think I must “FIGHT for people to respect Jews and their beliefs”, as if a double-standard exists that allows other people to just be accepted “as-is”, but that, somehow, Jews are not, and so we must have to “earn” the right to exist on this planet as a Jewish person?

Well, let me tell you two things, dearheart. People who minimize the Holocaust and Jewish suffering, and those who require of the Jews a double-standard of their existence on earth are guilty. My ancestry is Jewish and I was born that way on earth. Do you believe that your own right to exist as you are necessitates further justification for your being? You hold me to a double-standard that you might not impose on other people. Would you feel right substituting another class of people that you think need to fight for their respect and beliefs? Chinese? Black? Do you still think it’s okay to require that of them? No? Oh, now you see what “double-standard” means. That is one aspect anti-Semites use to dehumanize and deligitimize Jews. Do you do this?

Your made-up story capitalizes on the story of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a direct racial extermination program called “The Final Solution” perpetrated by the Germans against those they deemed genetically inferior to themselves, which included the Jews. Taking the Jew out of the story is like the Germans did to the Jews of Europe; they also denied doing so. Minimizing the six million Jews who really perished during the Holocaust by saying that your story, whose main characters are a Nazi and a Jew, has very little to do with the Jewish people, is a minimization of the victimization of the Jews during the Holocaust. That’s dis-respectful. You could have chosen other ways to illustrate a dilemma, but you chose a Jew and a Nazi.


PG says (December 28, 2016 at 11:22 am):

I did not minimalize the suffering of the Jews in any way whatsoever. It clearly shows how much pain and death they had to go through. Are you sure you’ve read the entire story?


You did indeed accuse me of things the UN did. You said “Did you gain the accolades you wanted, at our expense?” Do notice the use of the word YOU.

And do not accuse me of white washing anything. As an Indian-African do you think I don’t know what it feels like to have my ancestors mistreated for their race and beliefs? Did you know that my Indian ancestors fought during WWII to stop the Nazi’s and was the largest all-volunteer force in history (2.5 million people)? Do you have any idea what my people went through because of what white people have done to them? Do you know how many Africans and Indians were literally eaten alive by lions while building the railway and do you have any idea how many millions of Indians and Africans were killed by the colonists? That is such an insensitive and offensive thing to say to someone who you know nothing about especially when you’re accusing them of being offensive. Don’t you dare accuse me of racism or white washing anything. And the only reason I wrote about the Nazi’s is because I asked my English teacher approved that over a large number of ideas I gave him. And I came up with that idea because I love history and was learning about the Nazi era and plan to someday do my doctorate in it.

Lastly, I did not say your only worth is to defend Jews. You can give your opinion as much as you want. However you seemed very passionate about defending your race (which I can understand) and so I gave you an alternate way to do this without wrongfully accusing people.


I say (December 28, 2016 at 4:12 pm – Accidental posting to PG button, which was the wrong “reply” button and to which I should have posted to “the dentist’s” response. Duplicate post here deleted. See second post of same message, under “the dentist’s” reply on December 28, 2016 at 4:15 pm): “Are you the writer?…”


I say (December 28, 2016 at 4:41 pm):

I did not say you voted at the UN! The UN reference is an illustration to support the sentence preceding it — that the world is becoming anti-Semitic. It is You who is twisting MY words. The “accolades at our expense” reference means this: you DO state this is just an assignment for a class. So, why didn’t it stay there? Your re-publication of it here, in an outside, public forum shows that you’re seeking further recognition beyond the scope of completing your initial assignment. End of assignment; end of story, right? No, apparently not. You want further eyes on your work. And, yes, it comes on the backs of Jewish suffering. So, have you gained further accolades (Yes; you’re seeking new avenues and means to promote it) and at our expense (solely a story of fiction for you; a Holocaust of real death and destruction to us, the Jews) — the question fits! You left your tags “Judenrein” and whitewashed them out of your story, while choosing seven (six -ed.) tags pertaining to History or Germans. Did you know that part of the Nazi stratagem to rid Europe of Jews entailed burning Jewish books, in order to erase Jewish culture and history? It doesn’t seem that you know the true scope of the type of actions which are anti-Semitic.


PG “friend”, “the dentist”, says (December 28, 2016 at 3:31 pm):

It amazes me how worked up someone can get over a harmless imaginary story written for an English coursework! Did you even read the story? It was bringing out the idiocracy of racism; as long as you don’t know that person its okay to harm them but once you get to know that person and see them for whom they are and not their religion or skin colour, you truly realize how all that hardly matters. Which is how he fell in love with the girl, it had nothing to do with their religion. And what’s your problem with the story? That the guy found it easy to kill others and not the girl? Yh thats the character flaw, its entirely written from the point of view of a brain washed Nazi turned guy so ofcourse you can’t portray the suffering from his eyes, which by the way the writer has, which is incredible.

All I see you doing is twisting (PG’s) words and (PG’s) story into your biased interpretation and relating things that the story has nothing to do about. And get this: what the characters say and think have nothing to do with (PG’s) personal opinion, ofcourse (PG) has to think like a nazi to write his character, (PG) can’t put in a sympathetic nazi. So stop targeting (PG’s) personal opinions with “May the L-rd recompense you the rest of your days in the manner of your characters.”

Let me say this again, (PG’s) personal opinions are different from the nazi guy.

(PG’s) words don’t “fuel the fire”, this story doesn’t make you go against Jews, it in facts brings out how ridiculous it is to be racist against them.

Also it’s (PG’s) story and (PG) can write it on whoever (PG) wants to whatever (PG) wants. And this just makes me laugh, are you seriously commenting on how (PG) didn’t tag the word “jews”? Really? Yh that is super racist, total nazi behaviour. You honestly think (PG) didn’t tag it cause (PG’s) racist against Jews?

When (PG) said it has very little to do with Jewish people, (PG) meant its more about the guys thoughts and feelings and opinion and life. And sorry for “minimising” the holocaust, there was a word limit, remember it’s a high school English course work, not a novel. And yes he was “not like the rest” because (if you read the story) in the beginning he was not against the Jews, he gave up his morals and become brainwashed so that he could save that one family.

Stop twisting (PG’s) words! How did you get “my reason to exist as a person is not okay?” From “If you want to fight for people to respect Jews and their beliefs maybe comment on blogs that actually have anti-sematic posts on them.” Everyone is fighting their wars okay, for their rights, so instead of lashing out on a harmless story, maybe you should lash out at people that actually believe in racism and not a writer.

Ha! Really which other people are getting accepted, this is news to me. Even freaking one half of the population is not accepted as equals. We are all fighting to be accepted, its not just you. Why are you fighting with (PG)? (PG) accepts Jews, (PG’s) idols are Jews, (PG) meant fight with people who don’t i.e on ant-sematic posts.

And finally let me repeat this one last time that this story was a school course work with a word limit, you can’t portray the whole holocaust in it, the story is a work of fiction from a nazi point of view and not (PG’s) personal opinion. (PG) is not isolating the Jews or being racist against them just cause (PG) chose this topic, if it was any other race would really have taken this offence. You are twisting (PG’s) words, like that i can say you are being racist by classifying people as black or chinese.

Hahah you are literally just stuck on that little comment of Jews had very little to do with the story, and making up your own meaning out of it. I suggest you read it with an unbiased opinion and not target (PG) and (PG’s) beliefs from a fiction story.


I say (December 28, 2017 at 4:15 pm): Are you the writer? The story is about the Holocaust, which was a targetted genocide committed by Germans against Jews. Therefore, saying that Jews have very little to do with the story is false, and a lie. That is a minimization of the Holocaust. Second, the guy was a Nazi. He was a monster killing Jews. That’s what the writer wrote. It doesn’t matter that he “loved” one Jew — He killed Jews! The writer twists the meanings: the man was NO DIFFERENT; Jews died at his hands. Having feelings for one doesn’t change the outcome of his actions, does it? He still killed Jews. No, dearhearts: it is the writer, and people like yourself, trying to justify the actions of Nazis by eliciting sympathy for them which twists the facts of the Holocaust. And, yes; leaving the tags “Judenrein” speaks truth to what this fiction is all about. No, this minimizes the Holocaust, and you both (actually, just “dentist” -ed.) laugh with your “ha-ha’s” and show no compassion toward the Jewish victims. Both of you don’t know what anti-Semitism means, for it is actions such as these that are a part of it.


(PG’s) “friend”, “the dentist”, says (December 28, 2016 at 4:57 pm):

Loving a jew is not changing the out come of his actions, that isn’t implied anywhere and we are not justifying actions of the Nazi, you think all those men who became Nazis were born haters? They were made into monsters, they were humans before and had feelings before they switched off which is portrayed in the story. And yes everyone has feelings, that does not mean they were not bad people or that I sympathise with them. And how can you accuse us of having no compassion towards the Jewish victims, do you even know us? Have you talked to us? We have had countless conversations on the holocaust and we don’t need to justify ourselves to you.

As for our ‘ha ha’ we are not laughing at the Jews or the holocaust, you are manipulating the meaning again. My “ha ha” shows my surprise at how you can relate things out of no where.


PG says (December 28, 2016 at 5:41 pm):

I am done talking to you. You are obviously an extremist and I as an open minded individual have no room for your spiteful words. I understand that you are attempting to defend your race and religion but the only thing you seem to be doing right now is hurting someone who has the upmost respect for Jewish people and their beliefs. Yes I did want to share my work with more people (it’s called freedom read up on it) because I worked very hard on it. I did not use the tags Jews/Jewish because I genuinely didn’t think anyone would care this much. I do not say any of the above because I have a problem with Jews but because it is YOU I disagree with. Maybe you should go argue with Markus Zusak for a while because it’s his story which inspired me. If you don’t like my work don’t read it. I don’t see why you have to spread your hate in MY comments section. No one else seems to have a problem with my work.


I say (December 28, 2016 at 6:09 pm):

The one spreading the hate is you. I’m defending the further victimization of Jews against such diatribes and actions as this.



Additional Reading:


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Updates –


January 28, 2017: Corrected some typos; Added January 26, 2017 article by Lea Speyer at The Algemeiner.com: “Covert Campus Watchdog Discovers University of Houston Students Praising Hitler, Expressing Desire to Hurt Jews on Social Media”.


February 8, 2017: Added February 6, 2017 article by Ruthie Blum at The Algemeiner.com: “Israeli Justice Minister: Efforts to Remove Terrorism-Incitement From Social Media Platforms Bearing Fruit”.


February 15, 2017: Added titling, where absent, to resource list; re-corrected typos I thought I already previously corrected and fixed others. Added February 15, 2017 article by Lea Speyer at The Algemeiner.com: “‘Stuff Jews in the Oven’ Among Antisemitic Social Media Posts Flooding Pages of University of Texas-Arlington Students, Covert Campus Watchdog Finds”.


April 2, 2017: Added March 30, 2017 article by Julie McMahon at Syracuse.com: “McMahon, Julie. “CNY students upset after being asked to defend Nazis, Holocaust for homework”.


April 11, 2017 – Added April 9, 2017 article by Rachel Frommer of the Algemeiner.com: “‘I’m Gonna Finish What Hitler Started,’ ‘That Jew Better Run’ Among Social Media Comments by Cleveland Students Revealed by Covert Watchdog”.


April 20, 2017 – Small fixes. Added April 19, 2017 article by Rachel Frommer of the Algemeiner.com: “‘We Were Ambushed,’ Say Claremont Colleges’ Jewish Students After Senate Passes Sudden Pro-BDS Motion on Passover, Easter Sunday”.


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Yo No Lloro


Yo No Lloro (Randyjw; August 29, 2016)


Argentina, Argentina

I cannot cry for you

Providing a safe refuge

for killers of the Jews


Argentina, Argentina

Yo no puedo llorar

Los asesinos de los Judios

Refugio seguro suministrar


En el año mil novecientos noventa-y-cuatro

El terrorista atacaba

Con bomba fue bombardeado

Asociación Mutual Israelita


In the year 1994

A terrorist attacked, you see

With a bomb he blew-up the equivalent

of the Argentinean JCC


Innuendos implicating Iran

preceding the President by guilt

Federal Prosecutor, Natalio Alberto Nisman,

Truth hidden when he was killed


Insinuaciónes implicada el Iran

La culpa del Presidente precedía el conocimiento

Cuando Fiscal Federal, Natalio Alberto Nisman,

La verdad permanece oculto cuando Nisman fue asesinado (ó cuando èl se murió)


Y también de sus tierras

Extraídan las Alemanias

Abrumador en sus maneras

Los Nazis que cremaron las otras


And also from your lands

the Germans were extracted

Killing with their ways

Nazi cremation of others exacted


Para las otras, ningúna vez Ud. llorió

Aliado de sus felicidades casados

Tumbieron adjunto el terrorismo

Para Uds., yo no lloro


Not once you cried for others

In allied troth you lie

Beside your terrorist lover

For you I do not cry



Update (October 11, 2017):


See: Politi, Daniel. “Argentine Election Gets More Intriguing Yet”. New York Times; Page 4: October 1, 2017.


In a not-yet-made-public report encompassing a recently concluded nine-month forensic investigation by a team of 28 experts, new evidence reconstructing the 2015 scene of Natalio Alberto Nisman’s death contradicts previous suicide claims in its unreleased determination that a nasal fracture, a hematoma in the kidney, a palm wound, lesions on his legs, the anasthetic, ketamine, in his blood system, and the lack of gunpowder residue on Mr. Nisman’s hands, indicates the possibility of two other people at the scene, which might be reclassified in coming days as murder.



Update (June 22, 2018):

See: AP and United with Israel Staff. “Argentine Judge Declares Herself ‘Unfit’ to Try Case of Prosecutor Nisman’s Homicide”. United with Israel.org; March 2, 2016:



Update (July 5, 2018):

Glick, Caroline. “The Grand Bazaar, AMIA, and Lockerbie”; carolineglick.com; June 29, 2018:



Update (September 29, 2018):

Cohen, Ben. “Ignoring Extradition Request, Russian President Putin Meets With Senior Iranian Envoy Wanted by Argentina for 1994 AMIA Bombing”; algemeiner.com; July 12, 2018:



Chen, Ben. “Iran Rejects Argentine President’s Demand for Cooperation Over AMIA Atrocity”; algemeiner.com; September 26, 2018:



Update (March 25, 2019):

Jerenberg, Batya. “Expert Who Said Jewish Bombing Investigator’s Death Not Suicide Found Dead”. worldisraelnews.com; March 19, 2019:


(* Not sure I believe the cause of death is necessarily “natural” in this case, either…)



Update (September 28, 2019):

Cohen, Ben. “‘I’m Sure It Wasn’t Cristina’: Argentine Presidential Election Frontrunner Makes Bold Claim Over Murder of AMIA Prosecutor Alberto Nisman”. algemeiner.com; August 26, 2019:





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Terrorist ABC’s


Terrorist ABC’s (Randyjw; July 20, 2016)


The Taliban is so outré,

And that al-Qaeda? Just passé!

ISIS is the most JayVee

So, what comes next? We’ll have to see.



A= Abbas, Mahmoud. Head representative of Palestinian Authority. Signed the checks as head financier of the Black September Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorists who killed 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team at the summer games held in Munich, Germany; 5th-6th September, 1972.

B= Beirut, Lebanon: Bombing of U.S. barracks/ 220 U.S. Marines killed; 18 U.S. sailors killed; 3 U.S. soldiers killed; 58 French paratroopers killed; six civilians killed; October 23, 1983.

C= Charlie Hebdo / Paris, France satirical magazine, inside the offices of which Arab terrorists conducted a massacre, killing twelve and wounding eleven on January 7, 2015; Another attack in November, 2011 occurred in which the Charlie Hebdo offices were firebombed and their website was hacked.

Caliphate; wished-for hegemonic Islamic world-rule.

D= Daniel Pearl / Jewish journalist killed in Pakistan; February 1, 2002. Daniel was investigating a story on American convert to Islam, the “shoe bomber”, Richard Reid, for The Wall Street Journal, when he was kidnapped and then beheaded by Islamic terrorists, solely because he was Jewish.

E= Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev / At around 9:00 a.m. on July 12, 2006, Lebanon started a war and launched missiles into Israel. They then attacked an Israeli border patrol, where they abducted Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev and brought them to Lebanon. Both were killed. An additional four Israelis were killed while in pursuit of the abductors, when their Merkava tank hit an improvised explosive device (IED). Ehud and Eldad were returned, dead, two years after the murder, in an Israeli exchange of Hezbollah prisoners. Israel determines they were killed at the time of ambush.

F= France: Paris massacres: Charlie Hebdo, twelve killed (January 7, 2015; see Charlie Hebdo, above) and HyperCacher, January 9, 2015, four killed. Separate incidents, which were committed by Arab jihadists. HyperCacher is a kosher supermarket, serving the Jewish populations of the local areas.

Flatow, Alisa / Alisa was a 20-year-old Jewish American student killed from a car-bombing attack upon an Israeli transportation system bus in Gaza (Kfar Darom). Seven Israeli Army staff were also killed. The attack occured on April 9, 1995, via Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Alisa passed away on April 10, 1995. Her father, a lawyer, helped to expose the unlawful activities of BNP Paribas, a bank which violated sanctions for dealing with Iran. Due to the Iranian connections to terrorism and in helping to fund PIJ, the Government of Iran was court-ordered to pay the Flatow family $247.5 million.

Fatah / Arab terrorist organization.

Fort Hood, Texas / Jordanian-American Major (Revoked) Nidal Malik Hassan served in the United States Army Medical Corps. His internship and residency at Walter Reed Medical Center put him into contact with injured and returning U.S. war veterans, whom he oversaw under psychiatric care. For six years, his behavior there was considered extremely odd, and he concluded lecture speeches and written reports with the Islamic war cry of Jihad, “Allahu Akhbar”. An investigation by the FBI of Hassan’s email contacts with alleged al-Qaeda replacement leader to terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Yemeni-American Anwar al-Awlaki (deceased), the former Imam of a Falls Church, Virginia mosque, were considered of no import and were deemed authorized professional research. Similarly, benignly conclusive results by the Department of Defense classified the deadliest terror attack, which Nidal Hassan conducted against his fellow colleagues by mass shooting, on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001, a matter of “workplace violence”. He admitted to the murders at his trial, and was stripped of his rank and sentenced to death by execution. November 5, 2009; 13 killed, 32 injured (plus Nidal Hassan = 33).

G= Gilad Shalit / Gilad is an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped from Israel during a Hamas raid through underground tunnels; June 25, 2006. He was the first captive soldier in 26 years to be released alive. He was held for over five years, until being exchanged on October 18, 2011 for 1,027 mostly Arab terrorists from Israeli prisons, who had, collectively, previously killed 569 Israelis.

H= Hamas / Arab terrorist group.

Hezbollah / Arab terrorist group.

I= Islamabad, Pakistan:

November 21, 1979 / U.S. Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan – Attacked and burned to the ground, killing 4, as well as 2 of the attackers themselves.

September 20, 2008 / Marriott Hotel – Bombing; killed 54, injured 266.

October 20, 2009 / International Islamic University – Twin suicide bombings; killed 6, injured 29.

March 3, 2014 / District Courts Complex F8 – Grenades, shooting, and suicide bombings; killed 11, injured 25.

Israel / sites of terrorist attacks, bombings, stabbings, vehicular homicides, arson, war, etc.

Iran / major financier and supplier of arms to Jihad terrorists worldwide.

J= Jihad / war; Arabic term.

K= Koby Mandell / Teenage Jewish civilian victim, 13-years-old, killed in Gush Etzion, Israel with other teenage Jewish civilian, Yosef Ishran, 14-years-old; May 8, 2001 by being bound, beaten with rocks, and stabbed by Arab terrorists.

Khobar Towers / Car Bomb attack on the Khobar Towers housing complex in Khobar, Saudi Arabia; June 25, 1996; killed 19 U.S. servicemen, wounded 498 others.

L= Lee Rigby / British Army soldier, Fusilier Lee Rigby, was murdered in broad daylight; May 22, 2013. First run down with a car, and then brutally hacked to death with an attempted beheading during the attack on him in the streets of south London, United Kingdom, by two Nigerian British Christian converts to Islam.

M= Muslim Brotherhood / Egypt-originating terrorist organization.

Madrid, Spain / site of numerous bombing attacks, due to historical Muslim attempted take-overs of Spain. Basque ETA separatists also involved in many of Spain’s conflicts. El-Andalus reference of previous height of Muslim occupation. Muslims, along with Jews, were expelled from Spain in 1492. Kingdom and Monarchies of Spain, as well as its Christian nature, determined to keep its territorial hold in the region. Muslim desire for conquest has caused many of its previous wars, as well as modern-day terrorist attacks, which plague it, due to this reason. Recent bombings include: 1974, 1979, 1985, 1986,1993, 1995, 2004, 2006. The one most remembered in recent times is the 2004 Madrid bombing, being the deadliest terrorist attack in Spain. Backpack bombs were placed on trains. March 11, 2004; 192 killed, 2,050 injured.

Mumbai, India / site of numerous attacks in India, as well as in the rest of the country. India has a similar situation to Israel, with conflicts arising from the Muslim minority in its midsts, which constantly attack the other groups. This led to India’s acquiescence to cede land for a Muslim state (now called Pakistan) during the same 1947-1948 time period of Israel’s formal declaration of independence from its remaining land (given over, by the British, to become Jordan). From 2005 to July 2006, terror attacks inside India have killed 707, and injured over 3,200.

N= Nice, France / Car-ramming / Vehicular homicide; July 14, 2016; Car-ramming attack in which an Arab terrorist indiscriminately mowed down and ran over 84 people, including men, women and children civilians,  killing them with a large truck, at a parade on France’s Independence holiday, called Bastille Day. As many as that, and more, were additionally injured in the attack.

al-Nusra Front / Syrian terrorist group.

O= Osama bin Laden / Yemeni-Saudi Arabian leader of terrorist group, al-Qaeda, responsible for multiple, ongoing terrorist attacks around the world. Born to a financially well-off family, prominent in the construction industry as a chief provider of tenders for the Royal family. Killed by U.S. Navy SEALS in his Pakistani hideout, May 2, 2011.

P= Paris, France: Muslim massacres (see “France” description).

Pakistan / (see Islamabad, Pakistan).

Q= al-Qaeda (“base”) / Arab terrorist group.

R= Ruhollah Khomeini – Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomenei, also Ayatollah Khomenei. Leader installed under Islamic Revolutionary coup, replacing Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. Twelver Shia religious adherent. Issued fatwa for life of author Salman Rushdie. Declares death to the United States (the “Great Satan”) and Israel (“the Little Satan”). Desirous of nuclear technology, despite ample other fossil and natural resources such as fuels, deposits, and other rich assets. All this, and yet TIME magazine declares him “Man of the Year” for 1979.

S= Syrian civil war; Shi’a; Sunni; Salafi; Sufi

Sbarro: Restaurant location of terrorist attack in Jerusalem pizzeria. August 9, 2001; 15 killed (including 7 children and a pregnant American woman), 130 injured.

T= Tanzim 17 / Old Palestinian terror group under Yasser Arafat.

U= United Nations / Prejudiced against Israel.

USS Cole (see Yemen).

V= Vienna, Gates of Vienna (Austria) / The Siege of Vienna, September 27-October 15, 1529, was the first in several attempts by Islam/Turkish Ottoman Empire to conquer Europe. They conquered some areas, but were repelled in Vienna, and continued over the next 150 years to make war on Vienna. On July 14, 1683, the Ottoman Turks again attempted to conquer Vienna, but a coalition party of territories in the region fought back in what is known as The Battle of Vienna, begun September 11th, 1683. It lasted through September 12th, and drove the Ottoman Empire out of European lands in a decisive victory. The Ottoman-Habsburg wars were a clash for power for territory between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. This cuckolding loss to Ottoman Muslim honor can be seen for the basis of the timing of the September 11th attacks on the United States, where historic dates, combined with losses, fuel the Muslim fires of raging fury.

W= Wahhabism / Saudi Arabian interpretation of Islam based on strict beliefs of Sunni Muslim theologian Muhammad Ibn Abd el-Wahhab, persisting since 1700’s until today, and what we would consider the basis for Sunni Muslim practice today.

X= Xinjiang, China / Uyghur Muslims of China detonated bombs on three, separate busses on transportation lines numbers 2, 10, and 44 in Urumqi. February 25, 1997; 9 killed (including three children), 74 injured.

Y= Yasser Arafat / terrorist; former head of PLO — now deceased. Father of Palestinian terror group, Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Yemen / site of ongoing and multiple Islamic terror attacks. U.S. Navy was attacked by Sudanese terrorists when they detonated between 400-700 pounds (200-300 kilograms) of explosives in a suicide bomb blast directly impacting the hull of guided-missile destroyer, USS Cole, docked for refueling in port of Aden, Yemen; October 12, 2000; killed 17 U.S. Navymen, 39 injured.

Z= Zamboanga City, Mindinao, Phillipines / Four bomb attacks during the month of October in 2002. Bombs set off in two deparent stores, a karaoke bar/restaurant, and at Fort Pillar shrine. October 7th, 2002; October 17th, 2002; October 21st, 2002; 11 killed, 180 injured.

Znamenskoye, Nadterechny District, Chechnya (Russia) / Znamenskoye Grozny suicide bombing delivered by truck bombing perpetrated by 2 women, 1 man into a local government administration and into the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) directorate complex. May 12, 2003;  59 killed, 200 injured.


The Japanese Sarin gas attacks in the Tokyo subway systems and the Anthrax spore attacks in the United States are two additional, major terrorist acts, among many more, not elaborated here.

Information for the above article can be found in Wikipedia.org, under various headings; accessed July 12, 2016 – July 20, 2016.

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Free(dom)-For-All (Randyjw; July 4, 2016)


The power of the many has been consolidated into the hands of the few, and the decision to join together the various countries beneath the unified umbrella of the European Union is bringing disastrous consequences to the European continent. Bad decisions, which could have been contained to a small, regional outlet, are now spread undulatingly outward, bumping against the hackles of the Russian, Middle-Eastern and Asiatic fronts, raising security dynamics to new postures and postulations, as principals jostle in power struggles to compete for super-status on the world’s stage.


Eighty years on from the rise of Adolph Hitler to German Chancellor, the generation is still in its last waning years of the Holocaust era. The fight didn’t end when the war ended. The Jewish fight for the restitution of property, valuables, bank deposits, life insurance dividends, artwork, and more has been a vehemently nasty endeavor met with the same silence and secrecy which allowed German treachery to continue.


Dragged kicking and screaming to the Nuremburg trials, the Nazi murderers clammed up, shared incredulous, mocking glances between themselves, and gave nothing (except their souls, which they sacrificed so many years before). Tracked down by a few Nazi hunters who never quit the search, some have been tracked to their countries of refuge. It has been difficult to convince other countries to prosecute these Nazi killers. Most just formulated some kind of mock trial, where the perpetrator received little to no punishment as a cost of their crimes. In fact, the judgements were often set to result in a non-guilty verdict. Only recently, a couple of Nazis residing in the U.S. and elsewhere were at last brought to justice, at the end of their lives in their nineties!


In recent years, some of German society began to have a change of heart. I guess they found the burden of guilt of their society and their actions too great to bear. The meticulously-kept records were allowed to be searched in a means to give closure to the remaining generations to learn the specific fates of their Jewish family members. Those who fought in World War II to end this war are in their early nineties, as well, dwindling to the very few.


In an effort to bring down the Berlin Wall, which had separated East and West, the Communist/Socialist separatists in Germany and the regular “volks” all became intermingled together again. Israel really went out of its way to buy German goods and to practically MAKE Germany be its friend, even as Germany still acted reluctantly to do so (the noive of those folks!).


While Israel can claim diplomatic relations lasting 50 years with this nation which committed the worst atrocity against our people, there are still those who claim we cannot make peace with murderous, anti-Semitic societies bent on nothing more than our destruction, such as the Arabs. This revelation should prove that we can — that it’s not we who are the obstacles to peace.


Meanwhile, there are even still those in German society, whose forbears harbored that anti-Semitic outlook, and who have passed it down to the next generation. I’ve seen it in Israel, where I chanced to meet three young German tourists visiting Jerusalem. Just like the “volk”-tales so popular amongst the German/Bavarian/Denmark-type literature filled with witches scheming bad fates for children, the same was encountered amongst several German people I chanced to know in Israel.


One was a ridiculously mean and nasty anti-Semite, cloaked in a cute girly appearance of glasses and reddish-gold banana curls — hard to believe such a visage could personify such evil. One seemed so-so, but left before I really learned anything about her. Two more girls, travelling together, couldn’t have been more different; from what I could infer, it seemed each was on the other’s nerves, a bit. The dark-haired one was quiet and reserved, without much to say or add toward any conversation. She didn’t seem to want to do anything the livelier girl wanted to do.


The short, lively fair-haired girl embodied the new Germany of decent, fair, nice people that could now engage with the world and be trusted to not want to annihilate the rest of it. I actually really liked this girl and we walked around a bit. She was really open and receptive to my own explanation of things; she’d probably never heard them and was really eager to discover. I’d wanted to go with her to see some other sites, myself, that I hadn’t seen, but we didn’t… I forget why, now. So, anyways, it was like The Three Bears: Way Off; Still Off; and “Just Right”!


Today, Germany has done an “about-face” in it’s liberalness, and has quite over-extended itself to be accommodating to others. The European economy had been driven and pegged mostly to the German deutschmark, and Germany was the figurehead for the new union of European countries which formed the new European Union. Other countries have had their chances to headquarter this entity, so to speak, but the German influence has probably been its most strong, via Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Her disastrous decision to mention German receptiveness to the idea of Syrian immigrants who wished to leave their own war-torn country opened the floodgates for the entirety of the Middle East populations of the nations all warring with themselves in civil wars to enter Germany and the rest of the countries in the European Union. Financial migrants wishing better opportunities joined the surge, as did terrorists and even those of other countries. Overwhelming masses ensured the inability to screen, house, and keep track of all these individuals.


They are let into the United States, as well.  A family huddles inside the doorway of a sympathetic (?) shop-owner and makes themselves at home as street people taking over the sidewalk of the tony part of town, while the others gather on the Starbucks patio to sip coffee and commandeer the tables, all day. At the market, I am reminded again that my tax-paying years as a worker can no longer extend benefits and I scrap and beg for help from family and can’t find work, but then the cashier explains to the Syrian-looking woman ahead of me about the quantity of cheese being one pound and that, perhaps, she might be able to get two boxes of cereal (cereal is expensive! Without food stamps, I don’t get any, either!), and so she must have a WIC-type arrangement, rather than food stamps, but still…


Now, a German report lists the number of Hamas and Hezbollah activists that live in Germany, celebrating al-Quds day with an 800-person strong parade advocating death to the Jews, wherever they may find them.


I thought we were done with Germany harboring those who wish to kill the Jews. I thought we were through with the need to hammer home the lessons of the Holocaust, where the concentration camps and the crematoria and the mass graves cannot conceal the extent of our ancestors’ bones. Is it because we were wrong to come up with our own slogan, “Never Again”, that deafened your ears to the shouts of “Allahu Akhbar”?


Weinthal, Benjamin. “Germany Harbors 300 Hamas, 950 Hezbollah Members or Supporters”. The Jerusalem Post; July 3, 2016: http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Germany-harbors-300-Hamas-950-Hezbollah-members-or-supporters-459404


Update: This July 11th article by Daniel Greenfield points to the Merkel open-door immigration policy and the uptick in immigrant-perpetrated cases of rape and assault (which see):

Greenfield, Daniel. “Half of Muslim Sex Attackers in Germany Came Because of Merkel”; The Point; Frontpage Magazine; July 11, 2016: http://www.frontpagemag.com/point/263467/half-muslim-sex-attackers-germany-came-because-daniel-greenfield


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Mateen Story Contradictions

There are arising contradictions in the Orlando terrorism case, which are mostly coming from statements on the Mateen side of things, from the killer’s family, itself. This is sadly a commanality amongst such cases in the aftermath of a terror investigation, such as that which the Omar Mir Seddique Mateen case brings to bear.


It is not my feeling that Omar Mateen was himself gay, and no evidence has been found that would positively identify him as such. While it has been reported that he may have been previously seen inside the Pulse nightclub where he killed 49 and injured 53 other patrons of the facility, and that he had supposedly been texting with someone via an app geared toward same-sex conversation, nobody has come forward to claim any relationship, gay, or otherwise, outside that of his heterosexual marriage. In fact, many articles have claimed that prior classmates and others have found him to be a socially awkward individual with few, if any, friends.


It is my contention that he was scoping out his targets and using what he learned as he embedded himself into the community he wished to harm. In most homegrown terrorist incidents on U.S. soil, it always seems to come as a shock to the terrorists’ neighbors of those living next door to them: they always are said to have been “the kindest”, “sweetest” people you could ever have wanted to meet. The 9/11 terrorists, it will be remembered, lived amongst us for awhile before committing their acts, and had established regular relations which did not draw attention toward any abnormal, dysfunctional interactions within the larger societies into which they planted themselves. It is entirely the modus operandi of the act — to fit in, so that they are not caught before being able to commit it. It is the second step, following the first: ideology.


Ideology is the driving factor which propels some members of its belief systems to commit terrorist acts. The ideology can be widespread, existing without the expectation for its follow-through with further action, but cognizant that it could represent a directive to many of its members, who will act on the called-for instruction. In Islam, this means that many will pursue the Muslim ideology to create a Sharia-compliant world, which would then be “pure” for them to live in. This can only occur under a Muslim ruler, so the land must be conquered first, and its people converted. A Western society is tolerant toward most people within it; a Muslim society is less-so.


What this means is that the ideology exists across all spectrums of the various sects; to what extent an individual chooses to exert the fulfillment to create such an ideal world is another matter. Most in the Islamic community would recognize its fulfillment as its imperative, and that is why it becomes a difficult problem to denounce terrorism, when it is actually attempting to accomplish the goals set out for it. Sectarian differences matter only in regional wars of power, and not in the overarching ideology, which is the same, whether the group is al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, the Taliban, Fatah, Hamas, or the P.L.O.


It is our mistake, in the tolerant West, to accept that another culture will be as equally tolerant as ourselves. To project that tolerance upon them, and to believe that the other feels the same, is only a wishful delusion. It is also a mistake to try to peg a terrorist into one group or another, as if it matters, when they commit a terrorist act against us. They have adhered to the grander dictates of the overall call of Islam to purify the world for Islam and Sharia-compliancy. The sects which broke off from the main theology of Islam did so for smaller differences of power: determining which clan, or line, would succeed to leadership? But, they are branches of one tree of Islam, and they can all put aside their differences for the grander vision of their whole. Right now, though, they are too wrapped up in struggles to fill the positions of power to rule their respective countries.


Lone wolves subscribe to the larger ideology, and wait their turn. Committing the terror act is the third step, after ideology. Many acknowledge the first and second steps without crossing beyond into the third step: the follow-through and action bearing-out expression of the ideological ideals. But, Mateen crossed over to the third step. We must also realize that belief in the ideology provides many levels of participation in aiding and abetting others to commit terrorist acts. All of the terrorists had help, to some extent, whether in just ideological support, by itself, which would support a person of the same community, from those of similar culture in the community; or, whether in tangent, physical support — such as assistance in their living arrrangements, such as family might provide, or in help obtaining items needed or material support. This would make Mr. Mateen an accomplice, of sorts. You can see why he is distancing himself as far from his son as possible. It’s practically like he doesn’t even know him. He did pay all his expenses, though.He says the son did everything himself. He says the son didn’t show emotion and if so, he would have caught him (but you said he expressed his anger which set him off on this mission, yourself… So, which is it, Mr. Mateen?)


The younger Mateen expressed to his father his anger over two men displaying public affection in Miami, approximately two months’ prior to committing his acts of terror on the gay community of mostly Hispanic/Latino clubgoers that evening in Orlando. As I pointed out in another post previously, for the young Mateen to have expressed such a sentiment to his father must truly have confirmed the extent of outrage he felt, if it was sonething he had felt the need to so vehemently relay to his father. And the resultant mass murder was definitely its full expression.


The father, Seddique Mateen, first mentioned his son, Omar’s, anger at the two men in Miami as the probable instigation/main reason, and not religion, as the basis for the younger’s attack. Older Mateen contradicts himself now in stating that he could have stopped his son, had he known anything about how angry he had been, etc., and that he didn’t know (but he already told us that Mateen had been very angry, so he did, in fact, know that).


There were also original reports stating that Omar’s wife, Noor Salman, had admitted to driving him to that club, previously. Now reports are trying to cover up that fact by stating that investigations are now looking into whether she MAY have driven him there, after it has already been reported that she had. Will this turn into another escape for the family members, as in letting them go free, like they did for Hayat Boumedienne, the girlfriend of one of the Paris terrorists? Or like the bin Laden family members “jetting the heck out of ‘Dodge?'” They always do that; Why?

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