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Tree Monster Waving “Hi!”

Tree Monster Waving “Hi!” (Randyjw; September 3, 2017)


Once upon a time

in a land that wasn’t mine

I had a funny dream that made me start

The vision I could see

was something foreign as could be

for it came right from my mind and not my heart

But minds play funny gags

full of tricks right from the bags

you can buy in little shops right off the Ave

For I could swear I saw this tree

that was waving right at me

and that’s something no-one else had ever had

And there, right in plain sight

it was giving me a fright

this tree monster that was wildly waving its way

for I knew not how to read

if its leaves were rustling, “leave”

or if, instead, I should look how the tree did sway

Was it scary? Does it bite?

I know not its genus or type

But, I do know it makes shade that’s cool and dark

And I know G-d has plied His trade

in all good things that He has made

so, I guess the skin upon its trunk was just its bark





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