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Trust Your Doubts


Trust Your Doubts (Randyjw; April 30, 2017)


Run like the wind

When you’ve become entangled in something which leaves you no way out but to sink further within

then gather your courage, stick to your will and your guns, and get out of there just as fast as you can

When the answer becomes as clear as day

and you were made to question what the heart had said with the little protestations it had relayed

don’t let the mind be reeled in by the veneer of a cover in which you will continually doubt the decisions that you’ve made

You will learn that you had always been right and your previous life and self will have to be buried in their proverbial grave

Dig yourself out and relocate to another location

find another place from which to try to rectify the mess from the bed in which you’ve laid in a new, safe haven

and be ever careful not to inflict these same mistakes on the next ones you encounter, as such

for when you accepted the union between controller and user, their problems and your baggage will join to taint all those you touch


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