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“The highest form of Tzedakah is helping someone help themselves.”

– Moshe (Moses) Ben Maimon/”Maimonides”


A person who performs acts of kindness and generosity with proper intention is known as a “tzaddik”; the fulfillment of his actions is known as “tzedakah”. The nearest philosophical equivalent in Western civilization and wording might be termed “charity”.

Israel needs to spend a higher percentage, per capita, of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on security for its citizens than ANY other nation on earth, including even the United States. Given Israel’s small size and present population rate, the tax burden has been very high on its people. To spur economic development, the Israeli government has reduced business taxes, generating a flurry of outside investment to counter recent anti-Semitic actions perpetrated all over the world, such as: Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions (BDS) taken by American colleges and universities across the nation (Constitutionally illegal in its discrimination against the Jewish people — as a religion and as a people); Product Labeling requirements specific to Judaea and Samaria imposed by the European Union (EU) solely on Israel as a double-standard, when the same requirements are not applied to areas of conflict in any other parts of the world; targeting of Jewish groups collectively, and of Jewish people, individually, to kill them in terror acts or through economic discriminatory measures starving them to their deaths. Why I am writing in third-person structure — I do not know; this affects me as a Jew in the first-person. It took me about five years to discover that where support to Israel is concerned, there is a severe lack all-around, despite presumptive statistics and figures. There is more to the argument regarding Israel’s defense and security than would seem. In the course of reading varied sources about Israel, I have encountered many appeals for charity. I have not had any insight as to the operation or functioning, per se, of each one, and I must claim that diligence should remain with the giver in determining legitimacy, etc., as this does not convey an endorsement. But, in my readings, I have discovered many that ask for help, and if you would like to know what they are, they are these (I may add to this list, as I go along). Please note that we are all responsible for Israel’s survival. As such, the following listing and other references cited at my site may include both non-profit and not-for-profit groups, as well as for-profit ventures and organizations. Support, in any way, is appreciated more than our gratitude could ever be acknowledged in kind:



Friends of Yad LaKashish/Lifeline for the Old; P.O. Box 494; Englewood, NJ 07631

Employs the elderly and disabled in a craftwork shop creating hand-made Israeli Judaica items; provides social services.



EFRAT – C.R.I.B. / Committee for the Rescue of Israel’s Babies; 1274 49th Street, Suite 569; Brooklyn, NY 11219

Provides pre- and post-birth support to expectant parents with programs, care, and tangible items, such as: food, cribs, strollers, diapers, wipes, baby bathtubs, subsidized coursework and daycare assistance.


Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, Inc.


Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, Inc. is building a new home, which will feature the only Holocaust Museum in South Florida. They have ongoing needs, or you can read about their gofundme campaign to learn more.


“Do Good” – From Rabbi Tuly Weisz and Friends at comes this opportunity to support a plethora of very worthy causes.


ZAKA – Emergency response team, in Israel, performing the mitzvah of saving lives, and respecting religious requirements in these deeds. Ongoing needs of related-types of supplies, ambulances, etc. Listed with


United Hatzalah – Israeli emergency response team, among several, with related needs, like: equipment, etc. Listed with


Zo Artzeinu – Help accomplish the mitzvah of planting trees in Israel. A nice tribute or gesture as a donation in the name of someone to honor or remember: – Same long-running news agency reporting during the era when “Palestine”, despite this Roman-designated name for the country, was foremost still considered the Jewish country — prior to its reconsecration with one of its ancient Jewish names, “Israel”:

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

24 West 30th Street, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10001 – (70Faces Media is parent organization to: Jewish Telegraphic Agency, JTA Archives, The Nosher, Kveller, Jewniverse, My Jewish Learning)



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