Fixer-Upper, Practically Free

Fixer-Upper, Practically Free (Randyjw; January 18, 2019)


Nope; this isn’t a blatant single’s ad – – it’s a real-estate deal! And, it’s for real!


Ever dream of having a home on an island? (For a long time, that was all I had wished for… a Deserted island! Just me and the mangoes, coconuts and fish!) Would you like wild horses (okay; maybe they’re mules, but they’re still almost a cousin, if you squint from a distance…) nibbling the scenery? Mediterranean clime? Fertile soil to plant fruit trees or grapevines? Old homes that they don’t even build anymore?


How about in Sicily?


Okay; it’s the town of Sambuca (the drink my parents used to like). They are offering homes for only ONE EURO! Can you believe it? One catch is that many of them are in need of major repair work, which must be completed within a three-year timespan at personal expense. Also, I have not looked into further details, such as issues of back-taxes, liens, property tax, etc.


But, I think it’s worth looking into.


See this video I found on MSN about this:




More locations abound (Cantiano looks nice!), for which you can see some, here:





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