Above All


Above All (Randyjw; October 18, 2017)


Man can plan

and G-d can laugh

harvest wheat

apart from chaff

Join the deluge

with His tears

crying buckets

with our cares

Foil plans

of foes’ attacks

Curtail man

and set him back

Strew his path

with rocks or gold

display His wrath

to see unfold

Calm the seas

and stay His hand

What are we

but foolish men



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Move Along


Move Along (Randyjw; October 16, 2017)


On Saturday, October 14, at a public art gallery in the park, my homeless friend and I were made to move from the doors and away from the area entirely, via security officer, although the sign clearly indicated that the gallery doors should have been open, and not locked.


On Sunday, October 15, 2017, we arrived to the nearby market, where he bummed a cigarette from someone, and proceeded to smoke it, prior to our entering the market to get some food to eat. He’d only just come to the end of his cigarette, when the supermarket manager, with security officer in tow, asked us to leave. Had this been a non-homeless customer, I doubt that they would have been told to leave. At another location of this market, I was told by a cashier that they don’t have any benches or tables nearby, because “there are alot of homeless people around here.” Yes; G-d forbid they should want to sit somewhere to eat the food they just purchased from your store. I also slipped and fell in their bathroom about a month back, and hurt my leg. It was still bothering me three days later, so I went to the hospital; they say it’s only bruising (internally), but it still sometimes really bothers me one month later. Aargh!


Today, Monday, October 16, 2017, a police officer asked my friend and I to sit up (we’d been reclining on the shady grass — I reading WordPress), and then made us leave the park, with a demand that we go to the soup kitchen somewhat distant, where I’m unable to eat, at present.


Both of us are becoming rather angry about the way people force us away, when we have every right to be in the public forum, as anybody else would. I’m sortof now on the outs with this person, probably for the last time, which seems to make a final, appropriate fit to the situation.


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Home (Randyjw; October 16, 2017)


Watching the embers glow,

as they warm both soul and hearth

Kindled by the sparks from your heart

in this cozy place called home


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Homeless Annoyances


Homeless Annoyances (Randyjw; October 16, 2017)


Here’s an eye-opener about being homeless in America, which will make your blood boil:


Many people who are homeless receive income in various forms, such as in disability checks. They often then blow their checks on hotel rooms or drugs, rather than putting the money toward a cheap apartment, and, thereby, ending their homelessness and freeing up the resources for more desperate people, like myself, who receive no checks, whatsoever. I’m sad to say that I know at least a half-dozen people who rent cheap hotel rooms every month. This seems like such fraud. It certainly is annoying.


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Re-a-lized (Randyjw; October 13, 2017)


I won’t wait

for the hush of a goodbye

I won’t wait

for my final tears to be cried

The essence of everything

I’ve tried to verbalize

I hope will, by now,

have been truly realized



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Simchat Torah 5778


Simchat Torah 5778 (Randyjw; October 12, 2017)


Happy Simchat Torah 5778




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MATCHLESS (Randyjw; October 12, 2017)

















(Devil-Randy on-duty, today………………………………………)


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