Smoky (Randyjw; March 17, 2018)


Intensity can wane;

Was yours subsumed

from heated passions spoken – –

in flames, consumed?


Yet, I hold no blame.

Mine is there – –

ignited embers whitened

stoked by red-hot flames.



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At Either End

At Either End (Randyjw; March 10, 2018)


Filled to overflow

this sentimental vessel

a heart with two holes

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I Don’t Know You, But…

I Don’t Know You, But… (Randyjw; March 10, 2018)


The last several nights have been spent in a homeless shelter. Given that my new normality as a homeless person is to sleep outside on concrete, the new puffy sleeping mats they acquired, while too narrow to support the shoulders and arms, still felt like spa treatment to my beleaguered hips and body.


I had wished that a particular group of women would show up that evening to lead a Bible study. Even though we don’t share the same faith, I was really hoping to see them. Next thing you know, there they were — and it was not their normally scheduled day of appearance, either.


During Bible study, the conversation quickly became dominated by one individual attendee — a woman who’d faced alot of recent trauma in her life and who had a super-sensitive emotional lens through which she was processing her experiences.


I found her to be a genuine, empathetic person, who needed to let off steam by recounting her recent experiences to others, and to receive from others some emotional support regarding her ordeals.


The Bible ladies took the approach of trying to divert her spinning mind from the subject and associated trauma. I, though, while thinking their approach might help in some cases, felt she needed just the opportunity to vent, as often and as frequently it would take — to talk herself out, until it was no longer a recurrent need or theme in the forefront of every thought and speech of her mind.


I guess I projected my own past experiences and reactions onto this lady. But,  I did let her know how valuable it had been to me that she had relayed them out loud: for just hearing that another person had been through similar experiences to my own, really seemed to help me.


In turn, I believe it helped her to express her grief and anguish aloud. Even better, that her thoughts, feelings, and opinions had been acknowledged and appreciated.


Speaking to another person about the difficulties, experiences and problems you face, or have faced in the past, can alleviate their impact by getting them off your chest. It could lead to different ways of looking at things and, perhaps, finding other solutions to fit your individual needs, as well as by contributing to feeling less isolated, adding some semblance of emotional support to your situation.


In my own past experiences, I hadn’t had the opportunity to talk with many people about the situations I had been through. Because of this, my personal problems had become engrained mantras of my speech patterns for many, many years.


Time allowed me to put some distance to my problems behind me, and talking about my troubles with strangers who would listen, finally worked magic — I realized I was finished expounding on these issues; I’d simply grown sick and tired of hearing myself talk about these things. I now just touch briefly on the matter, to no real residual effect on myself, and move on. No longer do I dwell on every little nuance and particular detail which occurred during these bad episodes in my life.


Sometimes it can be difficult or wearing for others to listen continually to repetitive complaints, without resolution. They may not understand how trauma might affect your thought processes and daily life. A therapist might not have the blocks of uninterrupted time you need for a good sit-down, spill-your-guts airing of all the negative ramifications of traumatic experiences you’ve been holding inside.


But, have you ever sat next to a stranger on a long journey and confide in them things you would never convey in “proper company,” such as to a family member or other close person seen on a more protracted basis?


There is very good therapy — sometimes, even for both participants — in that. So, book a single travel ticket to a destination you’d like to visit, find your seat, and enjoy the ride. You might be glad you did.


Disclaimer: The story here does not constitute medical advice, nor should it be construed as, or substituted, for such. These are individual matters and professional consultation might aught to be considered in such cases.




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Cognizance (Randyjw; March 5, 2018)


water and time

both slip through your hands

washed away

in the shifting sands


Some things can be held

and others cannot

Unchained selves

of the human heart




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On Your Birthday

On Your Birthday (Randyjw; March 3, 2018)


Joining you in presence

of heart and spirit

if not reality,

this almost virtual gathering



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Wild Horses

Wild Horses (Randyjw; March 2, 2018)







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To (Randyjw; March 2, 2018)

waking walking waltzing

tango tangled talking

rhyme rain remarking

flying feeling freeing




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