Enough is Enough: Sign the Petition Against Anti-Israel Bias at the UN


Enough is Enough: Sign the Petition Against Anti-Israel Bias at the UN








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8 responses to “Enough is Enough: Sign the Petition Against Anti-Israel Bias at the UN

  1. Signed and forwarded to friends.


  2. I still wonder why people hate Israel so much. The UN is a great example.


    • The UN is ridiculous. According to several diplomats interviewed by Eric Shawn for his book, The UN Exposed, there is a strong current of anti-Americanism within its “body politic.” Boiled down, the essence is that small, and, even, dysfunctional, nation-countries which are hardly viable economically, as well as corrupt dictatorships, etc., all have an equal vote on the world stage – – naturally usurping U.S. strength, which they could never do militarily. They often wish to dilute U.S. power, and try to gain economically what is only in their countries’ interests, rather than to act in an ideological fashion in adhering to protecting human rights and democracy world-wide. On an individual and personal level, the BDS movement of Omar Barghouti is used to target Jewish people as a thinly-disguised diatribe against “Israel.” Race politics denies the Jewish people their indigenous status to Israel, and replaces this with a “Palestinian” narrative. It also denies us the official status of a minority, which we are. Conspiracy theorists overlook our ancient, and long-extended connection with the land of Israel, erasing all of our ties to the land (archaeologically, historically, religiously, etc.) through denial, bully tactics and propaganda. The left-wing academics in our public education system, from elementary school and everything above, have been firmly entrenched for many decades, and a brainwashing occurs. I never realized that was the case with me, but I used to be a progressive liberal because of this. There has never been a particularly sympathetic governmental system which has viewed the Jews with much favor throughout much of the past history. It has only been through strong Jewish participation and the fight for our own status, as well as to assist other minorites, that there began to be a tidal shift in perception of Jews and others as equal humans, in addition to the political governance changes of moving away from monarchical societies in Europe, the establishment of a republic in the United States, and other upheavals, which gave our people a foothold in civic and societal involvement within our “host” countries. Anti-Semitism, though, has existed for all time, I fear. Others would disagree with my assessment. There were always those who wished to claim our nation, Israel, within their empires, and have somewhat done so. These conquests were mostly due to a struggle for megalomaniacal “world” domination in ancient days, through extension by conquering force of others’ territory, imposing foreign culture, language, and the bulwarks of power beyond their original borders. Israel is a strategic landbridge between Asia and Africa. It lies on a seacoast and accesses the seas to both sides of it. Our agricultural knowledge and experience in making the desert bloom, in water conservation, and other measures, makes for an enticing boon of resentment, perhaps, from some of our neighbors who live in more arid desert climes. Clannism in the ancient operating method of those surrounding neighbors led to much of the feuds which have gone on until today. There was great development in the Middle East in ancient days, of which we were a strong part, as well — but I think it is this clannism of our neighbors which bears jealousies and resentment and tears down all growth which is built. It is easy to use the Jewish people as a scapegoat for everybody’s own ills. We have even had issues within our own tribes as to the succession of power of the king, and as well as with the observation of Jewish practice versus assimilation into neighboring culture. I think the ill-will borne toward Jewish people began in ancient days, and continued beyond the Middle East through many ideologies, including the development of other religions, which replace, not only the G-d we worship, but the whole of a peoplehood with themselves. Everybody’s entitled to their own belief systems and values, I guess. The writings in the Koran do not reveal peaceful overtures towards the Jews, but, rather, compare us to subhumans who should eventually be killed, and to establish a worldwide caliphate under which the Muslim ideology of G-d and His laws would be the dominant (if sole) “religion.” This goal has never been truthfully repudiated and goes on in modern times. The BDS movement tries to do so through societal pressure: and since the leftists have swallowed the false propaganda and tout lies as fact, they squeak very loudly and drown out our own voices. Since Arabs have plucked the ancient nemesis of the Jews straight from the Torah and now use the name as a moniker for themselves (“Falastin”/Philistine/”Palestine”), and change our country name to reflect that old enemy, whose name was exchanged by the conquering armies of Roman empire when they vassalized Israel and wished to fully humiliate us by renaming us in the image of our former, vanquished enemy, Falastin/Philistine etc. When the recent world wars erupted, it was for the same stated reasons as in the days of old. There were those who held themselves superior to others and chose to try to impose themselves upon other cultures, or, alternately, to eradicate them forthwith. Arabs allied themselves with the foes of democracy, but lost their hold on the Middle East when the war was lost and they had chosen the losing side. But, rather than losing all the land in which they had been inhabitants for many generations, they gained without loss of land when the winning powers handed the lands back to them, with some readjusted borders and some chosen family clans given authorization to rule those lands. Modern times gives these redrawn borders new country names and places each one of them into the United Nations. Therefore, rather than one voice under a caliphate, they now have dozens of Arab states, and more than fifty overall Muslim states, each with a voice at the UN. They formed a majority bloc in the General Assembly, and that is one of the reasons why their voice is the predominant one heard, versus our one sole Jewish voice on the world stage. Europe’s anti-Semitism has been both spurred and spread by theological motives, I believe — many of these stemming from the Eastern Orthodox – Byzantium split versus the Roman-based Church seats of power. Many groups have arisen out of these initial stirrings in the Middle East, and they were not always kindly-favored to ward the Jewish people. Today’s youth here root for a false perception of their underdog, when in reality, our own narrative as the Jewish people in our land is being stolen by a multitudinal majority, and denying us our history and human rights.


      • Holy, that was a long comment and I should probably ,tomorrow if you wish to read it give you a long apinion but I´m drunk right now, so short thing for me to say is that if you just figured out that the U.N is really a piece of musical? aren´t musicals there to look good and they are fiction? Look at Obama, he got the Nobel Piece Priece for piece before he got elected, Did Gandi got one? Or Maria Teresa de Calcutad?I don´t know but I do know he was send people to kill and that is not bad having myself been one of those who did the job …. We don´t even know the people who give out those great prices, although I do know you get one million$ if they give it to you.
        I can make the argument there is a similar argument between the UN and the Nobel Piece Price….bunch of bull s…t.
        That was long comment. I was just bull.s..ting you I did read your comment in full, I´m good and I do agree with you and you made a good point. A real one.


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