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One Last Hurrah


One Last Hurrah (Randyjw; October 30, 2016)


One last hurrah

You’re moving on

One final bow

before you’re gone


You’ve done it well

There’s more in store

It’s sure been swell

I’ll miss you more


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Dark Side Of The Cacamun


Dark Side Of The Cacamun (Randyjw; October 29, 2016)

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UN News – General Assembly elects 14 members to UN Human Rights Council

From: October 28, 2016

The General Assembly today elected, by secret ballot, 14 States to serve on the Human Rights Council, the United Nations body responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe.

Source: UN News – General Assembly elects 14 members to UN Human Rights Council

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The Shallow Shallot


The Shallow Shallot (Randyjw; October 27, 2016)


What is discovered in meaning

bespeaks the mode and manner revealing

Its filtered nuances in the peeling

It had through various layers been concealing

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In My (E-Mail) Inbox 4


In My (E-Mail) Inbox 4 (Randyjw; October 27, 2016)


Wine and China


Two good deals have popped up in my email inbox, listed from the Travelzoo Top 20 deals for the week beginning October 26, 2016: Wine and China.


National Geographic presents its world wines for its subscription wine service, sending out a crated box, direct to consumer, once every three months — cancellable or skipable at any time, per instructions.


This great deal from NatGeo includes a crate of twelve wines based on your choice of all red, all white, or a combination of both, plus three bonus bottles in this shipment. The promotional rate for the first crate at $89.00 includes free shipping, valued around $19.99, and must be booked/reserved online using your Travelzoo promotional code (which you can receive free once signed-up at their site: by January 24, 2017. Thereafter, you’ll be sent additional crates every three months, unless you alert them, otherwise.


Selections for the first shipment include for the:


Saracosa 2014 (2); Château Roc de Pellebouc 2015; Stones and Bones 2013 (2); Raymond ‘The Inaugural’ 2015; The Black Stump 2016 (2); Pescadero Rock 2013; La Cantera Reserva 2012 (2) – 20th anniversary; a wine by ex-bull-fighter, Xavier Domecq; Fortazzo 2014; Schroeder Estate 2015 (3 bonus bottles) – a Patagonian Malbec from Argentina.



Tikohi 2015; Paolo Valle 2015 (2); A Tavola 2015 – Chardonnay from film director Francis Ford Coppola; Sendero des Santos 2015 (2); Lobo e Falcao Branco 2013 (2); Alto Sentiero dei Pini 2014; Alma Andina 2015 (2); The Rustler 2015; Abbesse de Loire 2015 (3 bonus bottles).


6 gift wine bags are included, along with tasting notes, serving and pairing advice, plus the convenience of to-your-door delivery make this a great gift for yourself or someone special. At less than six dollars per bottle in this introductory offer, a little goodwill and cheer for the holidays will go a long way.


Drygulski, Jennie. “$89 – National Geographic: 15 Wines of the World, Reg. 290”.; October 26, 2016:



China 15 Days 2017: $1399 – $1599*

Book with Travelzoo promotional code by November 2, 2016.

(*certain dates add $100 or $200; certain departure cities add $100 or $200. Does not include visa to China of approximately $190.00; Certain dates apply. Does not include price of three additional and optional tours, which seem commended. Must book online in same first visit, or pricing changes may apply. See tour operator website for full details and updates).


Sinorama Holidays, via Travelzoo, is offering a great price on this Asian vacation. Visit at least five UNESCO sites, including the Forbidden City of the Emperor’s Palace, the Terra Cotta Army and the Great Wall. See the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, and Tianenmen Square. Experience the iconic Yangtze River and a Captain’s Welcoming dinner during your included four-night riverboat cruise viewing the Three Gorges along the Yangtze River. Cruise the byways and take in an on-board show – a saturation of the senses!


You’ll be navigating with just about every mode of transport on this trip — which, just for that alone, these experiences and prices are worth it! From the fast-moving panorama from the high-speed bullet train, as well as savoring the slow-motion man-power of the rickshaw, you’ll shop the famed Nanjing Road and take in the sights from your guided and escorted motorcoach tours.


Two in-country flights, as well as small boat transfers, will get you up-close to nature to experience the gorges, and in reaching your other additional destinations. Additional excursions, which are optional, but look highly recommended, include the following three, and relatively cheap (one for $50; two others for $30 apiece) add-ons. With the exception of your arrival and departure from China, eight other days include 3 meals, but five days only offer two meals.


Instead, for the most part, you’ll find that the missed meal is occasionally made-up during the optional excursions. These include: a “Tang Dynasty Dancing Show” in Xi’an, along with a Xi’an Dumpling Banquet. A dumpling banquet? Are you sure that isn’t actually part and parcel of the offerings you’d find in a Temple of Heaven? An entire banquet of dumplings? Oh, please send me some! This is the $50.00 side-trip. And dumplings!!!


How about a Shanghai acrobat show, and dinner (just $30.00), following your included tours at the Shanghai Museum or walking the streets in the tony boutiques of Nanjing Road? Yes, please! If you’ve never seen the acrobatic gymnastics teams from China, then you’ll be enthralled and amazed at their maneuvers and tumbling.


There’s also a five-hour Beijing at Night tour with included dinner for $30.00. Why not? Bright lights and city vibes, for sure.


Visit the iconic panda bear, symbol of good luck and good fortune, at the zoo. Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Wuhan, and Jingzhou, are just some of the vicinities you’ll be nearby to when exploring the myriad locations which China has to offer.


This sounds like a rare opportunity to enjoy the area of China at a low price and while we’re able. I hope you’ll get to do so.


Please make sure to finalize your plans and decisions before visiting the website, in order to get the special pricing and to confirm all information, updates and changes, as I do not warrant and do not represent the entities originally presenting the information.


Biondolillo, Rachel. “1399 – $1599 – China 2-Week Adventure w/Air from 44 Cities”.; October 26, 2016:

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Defy the Bicycle Ban in Iran


Defy the Bicycle Ban in Iran (Randyjw; October 26, 2016)




Iran: What’s wrong with this picture?


1. Jewish woman

2. Woman wearing pants

3. Woman on a bicycle


Jewish woman wearing pants on a bicycle!!!

No, No, No!




America: What’s right with this picture?


1. Jewish woman

2. Woman wearing pants

3. Woman on a bicycle


Jewish woman wearing pants on a bicycle!!!

Yes, yes, yes!!!


Iran has issued a fatwa (ruling based on religious factors) against women riding bicycles!


Show your solidarity for the rights of Iranian women to secure their mobility and freedom. Post a picture of yourself on your bicycle and defy this chauvinist policy limiting the choices of Iranian women.






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Endearing Indira, Enduring Indira


Endearing Indira, Enduring Indira

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