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Bows (Randyjw; June 25, 2017)


We take for granted

things we see every day

gifts that are given

in myriad ways

and need small reminders

to recall to the fore

just what exactly

those gifts lay in store

So G-d made a way

to remind us of those

He made sure the giftwrap

was tied with a bow

And when days seem dark

and the clouds pour out rain

remember the spark

in the sky once again

violet and indigo

blue, green, and yellow

orange and red

from the clouds like marshmellows

At nighttime,

you just need to look for the “K”

in Hebrew, it’s “Keshet”

in stars that G-d made

It’s also known

by its constellation name

Orion and his bow

for the one and the same

And some say to tie a string

with bunny ears

looped on your finger

to keep memories near

Visual reminders

help bring dear ones nigh

but I never need any

to remember you by


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Until We Meet Again



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If Ants Were Angels

If Ants Were Angels (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)


If ants are really angels

that crawl upon the ground

My arm would be their ladder

to scramble up and down

and G-d would chuckle with us

for proving we’re both right

No need for spectral vision

when everything’s upfront.


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Little Buddies Hanging Out

Embody Light (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)



Little Buddies Hanging Out (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)


I miss you so much

The sea my eyes have allowed to flow

have brought out the little elements that were always apparent in your special touch

things that make it so hard to let you go

The earth’s creatures gather

capturing the moistness of this mist

drinking in small measure

the sea my eyes have kissed

the snail steps out halfway

into the world from its comforting home

embodying the light

it has always known

and the ant waves

like it’s a rodeo ride

hanging on for dear life

pretending there’s never

been a single word

in the dictionary

with “goodbye”

its meaning and intent

Little Buddies Hanging Out (Randyjw; June 2, 2017)



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The Dolphin Play

The Dolphin Play (Randyjw; May 29, 2017)


The sea was a keeper of secrets

great things that fell into the vast abyss

taking root along the stretch of coral reefs built

to support an odyssey of an underwater ecosystem

whether the chambered nautilus in its brown and white gown

or the built-up nachre of the mother-of-pearl shell

men who plied these waters all had their tales to tell

The scalloped oyster and its rounded pearl within

or the giant squid and its purple-black ink

from which were written the songs of the pirate’s den

and of those who drowned

in the words of the siren’s song and the depths of the love told therein

The dolphin mate paired with a friend

to somersault in the water and leap in a rhythm designed just by them

dappled sun on their backs and the green bed of the tides

following the main sail’s shadowing mast as their guide


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 Loss (Randyjw; May 24, 2017)


Sorrowful offerings of sadness

shared wherever you are

across the pond

in a market in Jerusalem

it knows no bounds

only grief which reaches

to all hearts beyond

when humanity is breached

to end another’s song


Dedicated to the strength of the United Kingdom in the loss of souls by suicide bomb in Manchester, England, May 22, 2017.


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