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Hands In Front Of The Fireplace

Hands In Front Of The Fireplace (Randyjw; May 17, 2018)


In the litany unearthed of words

the decrepit, soulless descent

beckons to the ravens of the dirge

for the covenless lovers’ lament

Yet not one has singularly proven

on brooms there fly real witches

so, mine a nameless, blameless surge

across an endless Night of Bridges*




Shayne, David. “The tragedy and triumph of the Palmach, on the 75th anniversary of its founding”. blogs.timesofisrael.com; May 17, 2016:




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Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece (Randyjw; May 11, 2018)


What in this issue is akin to a jigsaw —

starting with rigid borders and one-sided ends

working my way from the easy parts backwards,

so revealing fine details of the pictures within

Tiny pieces that all look uniform

one head, two arms, and two little legs,

subtle, yet varied among form and gradations

the two nestled perfectly is how you begin

Others join on to string right and then left

extending the base to a single-formed line

Continue around using only the straight-edge

until you have completed the silhouette of your design

Now gently find way to apportion the remainders

the commonalities between and what sets them apart

Take one in your palm as you cherish and savor

the distinctive striations and distinguishing marks

Learn subtle expressions displayed by each

shadow of a boat or the shade of a gull

lucid peach light in the lover’s eyes

tilt of chin in the fading sun

Aha! and to complete the process some time past begun

you grasp the last piece and you think that  you’re done

You carefully turn it to place in that spot

and, ever, went missing

that darn elusive last one



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Ecosystem Of Words

Ecosystem Of Words (Randyjw; May 10, 2018)


Words are just fill-ins

Igniting ecosystems

Catalyst begins


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Poetic Science

Poetic Science (Randyjw; May 7, 2018)


Poetic Science:

Speaking volumes without sound

in utter silence


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The Sky Is Not The Limit

The Sky Is Not The Limit (Randyjw; May 2, 2018)


A child sees the clouds

and exclaims aloud

they exist where the sky is the ceiling

Though the days will arrive

when she’ll soon realize

yet a universe slowly revealing



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From My Chest


From My Chest (Randyjw; April 24, 2018)


Having got(ten) it

from my chest

I’ve made the bed

perhaps to rest



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Love (Seven . . . )


Love (Seven . . . )


The one thing you’ve asked for

You’ve always had

You’ve held it close

in the palm of your hand



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