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In Our Dreams

In Our Dreams (Randyjw; September 24, 2018)


In dreams, words run free.

In dreams, they can say what you want them to mean.

In dreams, words can be want you want them to be.

The dreams I’ve dreamt, is the me which is meant.


(for Asha)




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Old Soul

Old Soul (Randyjw; September 23, 2018)


Is my old soul yet learning

to embrace the pain

When it still keeps returning

to face it again?



A song my father sang, and played on the piano (three versions, below):


Autumn Leaves / Nat King Cole (English):


( https://youtu.be/zNBbDJdstZQ )


Les Feuilles Mortes / Yves Montand (French):


( https://youtu.be/Mvi7mFpSO1M )


( https://youtu.be/Ur9XthDjkq0 )





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Seashell Trail

Seashell Trail (Randyjw; September 17, 2018)


Seashells strewn

across the sand

Like breadcrumb trails

we drop by hand



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A Service To Speak Thus

A Service To Speak Thus (Randyjw; September 13, 2018)


Whatever painful truths

lie within,

an honest expression – –

there it is.



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After Dawn


After Dawn (Randyjw; September 13, 2018)


Leaves holding on.

Each gust of wind

an arduous effort

in the gales of the storm.


Leaves coalesce,

becoming one;

brown underfoot

and as dry as the dust.


All seasons do come.

Even the green will turn

when trees fluoresce

into gold and orange.


After moonfall,

on bared branches

nests the solemn owl.

So the sun does set

as it will, after dawn.




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Peace Be Upon You

Peace Be Upon You (Rachelgv; August 31, 2018)


Go, and sit there where you need

Bring your poetry and read it her

by the still water in the light of day

Open your heart and your eyes

to let fall all the water that may

Kiss the book, and turn home

in gentle sleep and dreams

Let peace come, and wash it away


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Astral Rejection

Astral Rejection (Randyjw; August 29, 2018)


I decide to visit you this evening

Embarking on the astral plane

which will fling me into space

on this hologrammatically incorrect journey

where, in seconds, I arrive at my destination

Now a glitch in the reservation system

perhaps due to some human kind of communication error

changed the arrival gate,

along with the weather

And now my soul clinks back

against unanticipated glass

these veins top cool, white marble slab

a rather unexpected reception

(Just writing the way I feel,

of fictional fantasy fancied unreal)



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