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Purim 5778

Purim 5778 (Rachelgv; February 28, 2018)

*** The following is a re-posted article from Purim 5777


It is the Jewish festival of Purim. The background to this story is that the Jews had lost their First Temple in Jerusalem in the Babylonian conquest of King Nebuchadnezzar, during which many of Judah’s educated and talented Jews were made captive and exiled to Babylon. This is where the famous Psalm (“By the rivers of Babylon”…) has its origins, which you can read, here:; Psalm 137. JPS, 1917:



Here’s a wiki from about the period of Babylonian Captivity:; “Babylonian Captivity”:



Babylon was then overrun by the Persians, under King Cyrus, who allowed some of the Jews to return to Judah to rebuild the Temple.


Eventually, King Achashveros came to power. He was married to Queen Vashti, who, through her disobedience to the King, earned her despatch goodbye, and a new search was enacted to replace the Queen.


In a procession of sorts, eligible matches were brought before the King, until his interest was piqued by the Jewish woman, Hadassah, who adopted the name of Esther to hide her Jewish identity.


Esther’s Uncle, Mordechai, had overhead a conspiratorial plot being hatched among the King’s disloyal entourage and had given warning to the palace, thus saving the King’s life. His deed was recorded in the records and archived for later readings.


Esther made the King extremely happy. One day, though, the King’s men had sown discord against the Jews by reporting false rumors that they were going against the King’s rulings. Incensed, the King declared that the Jews should be killed for their treachery.


Still unaware that Hadassah was Jewish, it became an urgent matter that she should intervene to try to plead for the life of her people. Her Uncle Mordechai girded her confidence, and she did so.


The King learned that his life had been spared through the deeds of Esther’s Uncle, Mordechai, and that the real traitors within his entourage were the man Haman, and his scheming ten sons.


While it was the rule that the previous edict could not be annulled, it could still be amended — and that is what the King did. While the attack upon the Jews was still, therefore, imminent, they were allowed to defend themselves, and won… thereby sparing their lives.


This victory of our miraculous saving is celebrated in commemoration of this event. It is a time meant to be celebrated in utmost joy and revelry, with the drinking of wine and the donning of costumes and masks. Gift baskets of food are exchanged with friends and neighbors and are provided, along with charity, to the poor.


I saw the movie, “One Night With The King” in the theater, when it came out in 2006. I enjoyed it immensely, even though, as usual, none of the actors actually seem, and probably weren’t, Jewish. This YouTube link seems to offer a full-length version of the movie. I recall it being advertised on TBN, a Christian broadcasting network, and I believe it was made by Matt Crouch, one of the family founders of the station. I hope that, because of this, this is why it is being offered in the public forum, as such, and I hope it is okay to air. Anyways, here it is:




Chag Purim Sameach (Happy Purim Holiday)!

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The Meaning Of “Yarden”


The Meaning Of “Yarden” (Jordan) (Randyjw; February 28, 2018)


According to an article in the edition of Breaking Israel News, The English translation of the Hebrew word for Jordan, “Yarden”, comes from the Hebrew words, “Yored Dan”, which means “descending from Dan.”


In the Hebrew Bible, Dan was a son born to Rachel through her husband, Jacob, via Rachel’s handmaid, Bilhah. Rachel and her older sister, Leah, daughters of Lavan, were taken to wife by Jacob, during which he served a bride-price of seven years’ apiece as a worker to Lavan, in addition to laboring several more years for the livestock he received from Lavan.


Rachel was Jacob’s true and first choice, but Lavan placed Leah in her stead as the first wife, in the customary manner of the ways of the land in Paddan-Aram, being that she firstborn.


In Leah’s status, G-d blessed her with multiple children to Jacob. Rachel’s childbearing was delayed, and thus the proposal to take Bilhah to Jacob was engaged. Rachel called this son, Dan, which means “judge,” for her pleas to G-d were finally answered/judged and she was given a child she so desired.




The Jordan river springs from the northern area at Israel’s present-day border with Lebanon at Mount Hermon, and runs southward to its final land terminus at the Dead Sea. The Hebrew name used for the calling of the river is “HaYarden,” or “the Jordan”.


See the Breaking Israel News article, here:




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Good Cop




Good Cop (Randyjw; February 25, 2018)



Writing and Reading

One citation for footnotes;

the other, speeding

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Microcosmic (Randyjw; February 25, 2018)


Causing much damage

wearing open-toed sandals

and kicking ant-hills


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Love In Letters

Love In Letters (Randyjw; February 25, 2018)


The post in your box

Could never fully reveal

the depths of my heart


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Heartbroken (Randyjw; February 25, 2018)


Hearts on a pendant

Added to my collection

break the chainlink charm


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At Starfall

At Starfall (Randyjw; February 25, 2018)


It was way past twilight

and I was helpless to stop it

My body lurched as if I could

jump into the sky

to run up on high clouds

in maybe four steps or five

For it was but a moment

a chance encounter

with a bright star that shined

and I watched it plummet

as it fell towards my horizon

A meteor shower in which

I would bathe at any hour

It was really 1:24 or 1:25

in the morning

More or less, give or take

I’d do both, and all


to help that star from its fall

and to have it reawake


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