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New Buds

New Buds (Randyjw; December 31, 2017)


When the leaves were ochre

and crossed with white

they glittered in

their golden light


but when they turned

to gloss of green

their pointed leaves

were stars unseen



in the wisps that rose

that time

when it was time to go


So by my leave

I once detoured

to know that grief



But cut and cleared

the new buds grew

and blossomed

into something new


And down that path

begun with roots

grew something more

from little shoots


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Words (Randyjw; December 31, 2017)


Sometimes words are too little

to express the overwhelming force

of the emotions I hold inside


Words left alone

leave the soul to grow

to form and mold

and sometimes to cry


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Midnight Tonight

Midnight Tonight (Randyjw; December 31, 2017)


Whistling as they pass by

Colors streak the midnight sky

And rose from earth into the night

Fluorescing in their powdered light


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Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018 (Randyjw; December 31, 2017)


Happy New Year 2018!!!


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Shello (Randyjw; December 27, 2017)


You didn’t know

that I watched the sun rise

with the same view as you

Only, just from the other side

Framed by two palms

just the memory to remind

no photo could beauty capture

because it can be seen only through your eyes


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Lengths To Go To Catch A Wave

Lengths To Go To Catch A Wave (Ranyjw; December 27, 2017)


the full spectrum

seen by few

coverage obscured

in a clouded view

unseen by the naked eye

wavelengths penetrate the human mind


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To Be Blessed

To Be Blessed (Randyjw; December 23, 2017)


Despite my tribulations in this world, I have been blessed. From the family that raised me, along with several mother surrogates, to the friends I cherish and the time spent in others’ company, my life, overall, is one I do not take for granted.


I thank G-d for allowing me this gift and for placing all life’s blessings and obstacles in my path, so that I may overcome, learn, feel joy, along with its pain, and for everything else I’ve experienced, to-date.


I thank all who have come into my life for their words of comfort, wisdom, warning, and advice. You have touched my life, and I am grateful for all that you have done. Were it not for my state of homelessness, I would never have been able to receive the medical attention I needed to remove the basal cell carcinoma from my forehead, and to keep an eye on a density seen on my screening mammogram I recently received. I can’t ask why I received these medical problems, but I can thank G-d that they were taken care of. Perhaps all these things were a wake-up call for me to never take for granted this cherished life and the time we spend while we are placed upon this earth.


Thank you to the very special people in this forum who inspire me daily; I love you all. I hope you will always, like the eternal flame, leave the lamplight on and keep the midnight oil burning.


In this holiday season, may we all find some time to pause and recall the things and people in our lives for which, and to whom, we are grateful. This article caught my eye, and it gives a few Biblical examples of verses of encouragement in lending a hand to others. Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy and prosperous New Year.


Love, Randy/Rachel


Here is the article:


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Interesting Theories on the Development of Christmas

Interesting Theories on the Development of Christmas (Randyjw; December 19, 2017)


Here are interesting theories on the development of the holiday of Christmas:


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Chanukah And The Menorah

Candles Burn In The Chanukiya


Chanukah And The Menorah (Randyjw; December 14, 2017)


Here is an interesting article in Breaking Israel News about recent finds regarding the Jewish menorah:


Another great article at Breaking Israel News teaches fascinating and factual information about the events, people and times, which led to the humanly-designated celebration of Chanukah by the Jewish people:


Here is a map of the Jewish fighters, the Hasmoneans, and locations, in Israel:


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Chanukah 5778


Chanukah 5778 (Randyjw; December 12, 2017)


Happy Chanukah 5778!!!


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Israel Update


Israel Update (Randyjw; December 8, 2017)


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve commented on or shared updates about Israel; a lot has been happening there. Here are a few interesting notations, worth your while:


First: In a bold and historic announcement, President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Due to anti-Semitism, the world of nations has never accorded the same rights to Israel as it allows the rest of the nations: to designate their country’s own capital. December 6, President Trump reversed the unfair discrimination and prejudice and declared that Jerusalem is (as it has been for thousands of years, long before the United States and most of today’s nations has even existed) Israel’s capital. We have now received the fair rights that all other nations have enjoyed. Here is the official White House statement:



Second: A rare discovery of Muslim coins found in Israel indicate that the Muslims were using the symbol of the Jewish menorah on their coins in acknowledgement of the Jewish practice and usage of the menorah at the Holy Temple. Read the Breaking Israel News article by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz on this issue, here:


Third: Four more days to Chanukah! Yay!


L’hitraot, for now…


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Winter’s Embrace


Winter’s Embrace (Rachelgv; December 1, 2017)


A last, loving glance

the feather trailed slowly over his face

shuttering the seaside home

for winter’s strong embrace

In another time, perchance,

gathered in a state of grace

details memorized

the slipcover slowly pulled into place

Her heart,

Etched with every meaning,

would always recall

every smile, and every greeting

as it had always,

knowing every line of his face

by every guise

through all our weathered seasons



(Celebrate my birthday tonight, won’t you?)


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