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Shabbat Shalom!


Shabbat Shalom!



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Principles of Participles


Principles of Participles (Randyjw; March 31, 2017)


History is the past

telling a particular story

depending on perspective

it’s wars or guts or glory

In the words of a skillful tale-bearer

the story holds suspense over time

by the ink in the mind of a poet

condensing large parts to few lines

painting what they make out to be seen

though circumstances and situations don’t change

contrasting shadows highlight the scene

it’s just how they’re artfully arranged


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Friends In Absentia


Friends In Absentia (Randyjw; March 31, 2017)


Imaginary friends?

That’s for the young

Never had the need

to imagine one



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Salt Entreaty


Salt Entreaty (Randyjw; March 31, 2017)


If the sea goes out on my side,

does it go to yours?

Does it reach people

on the beaches of distant shores?

Like tears on a journey

traversing my face

they travel and touch

and return back in place


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Shhhh… Shhhh…


Shhhh… Shhhh… (Randyjw; March 31, 2017)


The best part is knowing that

when the tide goes out

and departs from the sand

the beach then has something

to look forward to again



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Day (Randyjw; March 30, 2017)


Forgetting to breathe

Only just beginning to see

listening to the music

of the discoveries

that would have never ceased

to amaze me

had I only let them be

the perfect tunes

and the perfect mood

and the perfect words

to fit the perfect moon

Don’t know what I’m doing

if I’m making any sense

I’m just gonna lie here

in my self-made predicaments

Heart is torn asunder

rent by lightning and by thunder

is it ever any wonder

no, no, no there isn’t one


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Waves Goodbye


Waves Goodbye (Randyjw; March 30, 2017)


Why must we always eat

our dinner before our desserts?

And why does it always seem

we’ve shared our last kiss before the first?

Why must I ask these questions,

and why is my everything not right?

And why must I even make mention,

when we’ve never even shared our first fight?

Could I be any more real in my revelation,

or anything less in my feeling of devastation?

Both should be “no,” but they seem to be “yes”;

Why any such answers, excepting the best?

I suppose we get what we give and learn how to forgive

but my efforts half-strength are no fair way to live

My feelings are really still the same

I can’t say that they’ve changed

but, again, I’m the one to give cause for the blame

They were what they were, they are what they’re for

but your full opportunities still wait at your door

to be free to love with no-holds barred would fit you very well

and on that beach, within your reach, lie precious, pretty shells

On the tide, I subside —

goodbye, my good friend, goodbye




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