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DNA Snatchers

DNA Snatchers

Given the popularity of the television horror genre focused on ‘tween fascination with the Twilight book series on vampires and the latest resurgence of zombie or bionically-based characters, could we be more surprised that the general premises of a privacy-invading body-snatching frenzy is now taking place on U.S. streets and in U.S. cities near you?

I noticed a recent trend in job-seeker’s parameters extending to the latest in governmental spying on your bodily makeup — the quest to uncover the secrets of the unique DNA markers and characteristics that make up your own, individual person.

Why would someone be interested in the genetic material which makes up your own personal DNA? Because it would help to uncover the ways to penetrate your cells; to upload genetic material non-native to your body to cause disease and viruses to gain a foothold and to proliferate in your body; or to download your genetic material for further study to see how it would react to certain procedures, drugs, etc.

There are several studies underway to collect the DNA of people across the United States. Some of these studies are innocuous, meaning that they are innocent in the reasons for which they state the requested DNA is needed. Others are not so innocent. Personally, in my opinion, I do not see why a person’s DNA would be necessary to study the effects of tobacco, as in the study seeking job applicants which appears below, or to better understand people in retirement, which appears in another job posting, below.

Both these studies are seeking DNA from people residing in West Palm Beach, an area in which many people of Jewish ancestry reside. I find it rather strange that one of the studies is being conducted by the University of Michigan on the people residing in West Palm Beach.

The first study seeks field interviewers for a period of collection from March through December of 2014, a ten-month period which could include nights and weekends, to collect biomarkers of people residing in West Palm Beach via dried blood spot collection, in addition to collecting answers to interviewer questions, for a Health and Retirement Study (HRS) conducted by the University of Michigan!

The second study is also (suspiciously, in my opinion) focused on the residents of West Palm Beach, in which a company called Westat is hiring field interviewers for the National Study of Health-Related Behaviors (NSHB) to learn what effects tobacco use has had. This also could include nights and weekend collection in which buccal cells from the cheek are collected, urine samples are given, and blood samples are taken by a phlebotomist.


Update: I did a Google search on Westat after posting this article and came up with the following information provided, essentially, by Wikipedia: Westat provides research services to local, state and federal U.S. governmental agencies, foundations and business. They also provide expertise in computer systems technology, biomedical science, health information technology, and clinical trials!!! Westat is employee-owned.

The other evening, approximately December 19th (2013) or so, while I was listening to The Savage Nation radio show, talk show host Greg Knapp was filling in for Michael Savage and was discussing the recent actions of police to “lend their safety/security assistance” to pull vehicles over for “voluntary” collection of the driver occupants’ DNA. This is alleged to be happening in several cities selected for participation. While I didn’t catch what the alleged gist of this “round-up” was about, it was somehow somewhat stated that the police involvement was only extraneously involved. What was noted was the intimidation factor probably experienced by the driver to comply with the request and not realizing at first that the decision to do so was of their own volition. Myself, I would be intimidated if a number of police pulled me over to swab my cheeks. I wouldn’t want to do so, but I would probably be crying and not understanding what was going on and would wind up maybe getting shot for not being able to understand or comply with what they wanted, being sometimes hard of hearing/understanding.

I think these methods of DNA collection are more insidious and nefarious than they would appear to be. In my opinion, your personal body characteristics and makeup belong uniquely to you and should not be violated. Many people do not realize that surrendering this information to third parties subjects them to possible attack in the future. Be aware!

Update: On February 10, 2017, a date in the United States corresponding to the Jewish holiday known as “Tu B’Shvat”, I received in my mailbox a postcard, Publication 5270-B (12-2016) Catalog 69333M Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service, directing me to locations of nearby Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites (the postcard does not list the cost to the taxpayer of this printed matter). On the front of the postcard in the upper right-hand corner is a box listing a permit number G – (and the number), which reads: Presorted First-Class mail postage and fees paid IRS. Does this mean they don’t get the postcard rate? That’s really not my concern; but, legitimacy is. In the left-hand corner, reserved for the return address of the sender, it portrays an IRS treasury-looking logo of an eagle with scales of justice and lists: Internal Revenue Service; c/o (“in care of”…) Westat; 1600 Research Blvd. (and an RW number after that); Rockville, MD and a zip-plus-four, with Return Service Requested. Okay, so they got my location now. And, now we know one of the agencies this company works with/for etc. My concern is: the “DNA”; the “retirement study”; “Research Road”; my having written to Obama about the Jews and Israel and feelings about his misguided policies (and his last-minute “f-u’s” to Jews and Israel by the US abstaining from vetoing an anti-Israel UN resolution as he proceeded to hand over the reigns of the Presidency on the verge of the lame duck interim). Did I call it with my own feelings, or what?”Westat”:



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Spies and Lies

As you know, the government recently sponsored a “Cash for Clunkers” car buy-back program where people could turn in their old cars for money. I don’t know how this really differed from anyone wishing to sell, or trade-in, their older vehicle at a dealership, since such an option exists, and is encouraged, at virtually all dealerships, whether undertaken at a new car dealership or via a used-car dealership.

Older cars are based on manually operating mechanical systems, where newer cars rely more heavily on electronic-assisted, computer-based systems. The newer car models also have GPS location-recognizing devices installed, which can remotely track your vehicle, pinpointing the places where you have been and the places you are traveling to. Additionally, systems such as On-Star, included in many newer model vehicles, provide live two-way communication between the vehicle’s occupants and an outside source. Whether the system is enabled or not, doesn’t really matter — once it is installed in the vehicle, it can still track your location.

These computer-based systems have been recently shown to be hackable, where outside operators can take control of the vehicle’s driving systems: they can remotely steer your vehicle, brake your vehicle, and control the other functions inside your vehicle.

A two-way communication device also allows someone at the other end to access your private conversations taking place within your vehicle. The same holds true for home monitoring devices, such as baby monitoring intercoms, or medical alert devices, whether wall-mounted inside the home or worn around the wearer’s body. The baby monitoring devices use a wireless system which allows anyone nearby, even if outside the home, to track and find the frequency the system is operating on to allow them to hack into, or onto, the system. This recently happened to the infant of a man who was receiving verbal messages from a disturbed man communicating vulgarly to the baby in his room via the device. This can happen with any individual wireless device, or even a more elaborate system utilizing a wireless router, whether the device is your phone, a laptop computer, your home-based computer, an entertainment hub, or any electronic, wireless system.

I often wonder whether the “Cash for Clunkers” program was an intentional ploy used by the government to get the old, non-trackable, non-traceable cars off the street and to replace them with newer models which are entirely capable of being placed under remote control and monitoring. What with all the other tracking capabilities of the government, such as video cameras placed at intersections to discover your whereabouts and to track your constant location (oh, and to generate additional income as a red-light-runner detector), it would be not too difficult a stretch to imagine.

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Who Supports the Palestinians?

In the preceding half-century in America, the civil rights movement was joined and supported by many Jewish people, many of which have given their lives in the efforts to promote equality among people of differing races, religions and other definitions. Jewish people particularly know persecution and oppression of their people, whether through personal, first-hand experience, or via second-hand knowledge gleaned through stories handed down from their ancestors or other sources. Because such instances are the subject matter of entire books of Jewish history, each particular happenstance cannot be mentioned here, as they are too numerous and encompass too broad a topic. Such of these can be distilled in actual names given to these occurences: the Inquisition, pogroms, the Holocaust, etc. Whether through active participation or passive existence, the Jewish people have been a targetted group for hatred directed at them from people the world over, in modern and in archaic times.

Bias promulgated against a particular group of people is known to many groups, and is still being fought against today. Even here in America, civil rights were not known by the Jews, having been treated as second-class citizens within its communities. Through many decades, American Jews have fought back against the policies of the institutions and people which would exclude them from housing, education, professions and recreation. Small gains were realized in court battles and in the battle of public acceptance, slowly, but surely. However, the process has remained incomplete and has even backslided, as the victories which have emancipated the doctrination of the biased have still not disappeared in the attitudes and actions of the people meant to ensure non-discrimination.

The fact that these attitudes, and their resultant consequences through actions, have resulted in the perpetuation of anti-Semitism here in the United States, indicates that old teachings and biases are passed on through the ages via parental modeling, educational pursuits, and other methodology.

In today’s day and age, as we mourn the passing of a titan like Nelson Mandela, whose recent memorial service was attended by the likes of over one-hundred dignitaries of all racial backgrounds, and was attended by the first of our Black, American presidents, it is hard to believe that we still have miles to go to realize equality in the tip of Africa, just as we do in the whole of America.

How is that so, you say? Well, the educational system here in America is still fraught with an ideological line that perpetuates the lie that Jewish people are not entitled to the land of Israel, the land of their forefathers, and must turn it over to the Arabs who have self-declared their hatred of the Jewish people and declared themselves enemies to them. The Arabs are so virulently attached to this ideology that they will attack the Jewish people physically, emotionally, spiritually and any other way I haven’t mentioned.

I have written about the origins of the land of Israel in other entries and other places, but you won’t find much of this representation elsewhere. And that is where the problem starts. Because the education system is telling a wrong, mean-hearted story against the Jewish people by declaring that they are usurpers in a land not theirs, when in fact it IS their land, is turning the whole world against the Jews. Denying our heritage and ancestry, by any means, is a crime against our people. Making up a history, or appropriating a wrongful history, such as the so-called “Palestinian People” are doing, is also a crime against the Jewish people.

Continuing in this vein, it is equally stunning that our elected officials perpetuate the physically harmful policies that result in our state department declaring that they believe in a two-state policy meant to divest Israel of their land. I have heard it said that during or after the second World War, many Nazi Germans were incorporated into the state department or the CIA or in many another official capacity. Certainly, it would seem that way, given the anti-Jewish and Pro-Arab stance our officials have taken in the more than sixty years since.

It has continued today in our state department with the hiring of John Kerry, in the continuing American policy of our overall government, and in both governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations that our present and former officials support — whether emotionally, with their time, or with our own, tax-payer funded dollars.

I recall at one time, many years ago, when John Kerry was being ribbed about the great wealth of his wife, Theresa Heinz Kerry, doyenne of the Heinz Ketchup emporium, due to her family association. He had responded, in essence, that her wealth was her own, and that he practically had no wealth, to speak of. Sometimes, the complete separation of wealth or the financial dealings of the other may remain unbeknownst to one or the other of the spouses, but it would hardly appear, in dress, or in other manifestations, that this would be the case of Mr. Kerry. The Heinz Endowments and their family philanthropies have given extensively to organizations, such as Tides, which in turn support radical left-wing groups, including the Council on American Islamic Relations, whose supporters have included violent, jihad-supporting members and others co-affiliated with terrorism, or the ideas espoused by Arab terrorists.

In addition to military weapons and war machines, with which our government deems fit to outfit terror-sponsoring countries, our hard-earned dollars also go to support “slippers-on-the-ground” actions (my coined term for non-military boots-on-the-ground efforts) to benefit the Palestinian cause via developmental efforts provided gratis (“free”), in their behalf, such as laying pipe in Jerusalem and outlying areas to divert water from the Jewish state for the Palestinians, via USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and other like-intended groups.

Nationally, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency is the only national refugee-relief organization dedicated solely to one people; the rest of the world must come under the aegis of the UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). While the UNHCR also provides assistance to Arabs and other Muslim countries and people, the UNRWA is concerned solely with so-called Palestinian people or other Arabs said to have been displaced in the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. The UNRWA has consistently been a source of terror attacks upon the Jewish people and State of Israel, and has often bankrolled known terrorists on its payroll in the past.

Other means by which American support reaches the Palestinians is via NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), which have quasi-official recognition. One such NGO is called Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO). This NGO supports Palestinian and Lebanese efforts, affiliates and locations, such as Nablus (which we Jewish people say is Shechem). Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO) is supported by: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA); Cherie Blair (and probably her husband, Tony, former Prime Minister in England, must certainly know about this) via cherieblairfoundation; Bill Clinton (and probably supported by Hillary, of Secretary of State and BenGhazi fame) via clintonglobal initiative; JP Morgan; and USA consulati general Jerusalem! Tony Blair is supposedly living in Israel, working as an unpaid envoy to the “Middle East Peace Process,” but who, in fact, favors the Palestinian cause and supports their efforts.

Following is my letter to President Obama regarding keeping the so-called West Bank, which is actually Judaea and Samaria, in Jewish hands, and his response sent me via email, in addition to a second email of my continued response to him (I never even really read his response; perhaps I’ll do so now. All I had to do was see “two-state solution” to know that getting him to see the truth was a futile effort):

It is a shame that the United States’ policy toward Israel continues to promote apparent discrimination against the Jewish people. Israel is held under sovereign rule by itself now, thank goodness. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, whether considered to be on its “east” or “west” sides. Please alert John Kerry that homes are homes; not some kind of impermanent “settlements,”and that if room is needed for expansion, we can build where we please. Also, please stop aiding and abetting the “enemy” with weaponry, which will be turned against both Jewish and Arab people. Thank you.

Following is the response received to my first (most-recent) letter to the White House (there were also photos/videos attached):

Dear Randy:

Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans concerned about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and I appreciate your perspective. I remain committed to a sustained diplomatic effort to promote peace in the region, because achieving a secure and lasting peace is critical not only for Israelis and Palestinians, but also for their neighbors and the United States.

Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict demands our immediate and continued attention. For generations, the conflict has taken a terrible human toll, and continued instability in the Middle East makes us all less safe. We must open a more hopeful chapter in the story of the Holy Land.

Through comprehensive and sustained efforts, we can achieve the goal of two states: a Jewish state of Israel and a viable Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security. This approach requires working with Israelis, Palestinians, and other stakeholders over the long term, and my Administration will do just that.

I encourage you to join me online and read more about my Administration’s approach to this complex issue and other critical foreign policy matters at

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Barack Obama

I sent an email reply, copied below, but have never received any additional responses or information; I guess his stance is included in the link which was provided to me, in his (probable) form letter above:

Dear President Obama, Family and Staff:
Thank you for your recent reply to my question with regard to Israel. I appreciate your quick response, and the fact that you even responded, at all.
Again, I think US Foreign Policy needs to readjust itself to facts, which it continually ignores.
So-called Israeli “settlements” are not illegal; Jewish people are entitled to “settle” their own land, and build as they see fit. Israel is a sovereign nation, and the Jews have been it’s developer for, oh, THOUSANDS of years.
Under British and French Mandates, our land was already illegally ceded to the Arab people, in the so-called land of Jordan. Therefore, Arabs already live in a land of “Palestine”. Frankly, it should be given back to the Jews, if anything at all!
Forget about Israel giving further land to the Arabs. Tell them, too bad — it’s not yours to take.
Also, don’t attack Syria. The Arabs say they’ll retailiate against Israel, which has nothing to do with America’s decisions, but Israel will be scapegoated for the poor US decisions.
Focus on jobs, of which I need one (going on practically four years now!)
Forget healthcare — we cannot afford it as a country, and those who have bankrupted the system are exempted from contributing to it, anyways!
Keep illegal immigrants out, or send them back to where they originated from.
Thanks Again,
(my name was placed here)

With Arab bad behavior rampant, it forms the model for getting what you want. Threaten and Attack? Good behavior! It is rewarded with billions of dollars in U.S. monetary aid, food, and weaponry (with which to attack Israel). Be nice and acquiesce (Israeli/Jewish behavior) and don’t make waves, or, if you’re the Jewish state, you won’t receive any weapons, help, or assistance. A nuclear rogue state has threatened your existence off the map, you say? (Can you recall Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the former president of Iran, threatening to wipe Israel off the map? or into the sea? Well, I remember…and I won’t forget!) Wonderful! Now you’ll be rewarded with lifted sanctions and all the time in the world, while Rome fiddled and the US dithered, so that you can make sure to be able to get all the fissile material you might need to dirty-bomb or nuke Israel, as you so want to do! And we, the United States of America, which had no reason to address and bring up the issue, when our former sanctions were already so finely in place, decided to bring them up again in order that we could lessen the sanctions on Iran and give them time to annihilate the Jewish people! Yay for us!

Obviously the above is my facetious Jewish humor coming out. But, I cannot stress to you the importance and significance of John Kerry and the United States’ actions in the above matters. They are crystal clear.


Additional Reading:


Update / See post and video (June 30, 2019):


Sandler, Ebin – via secondary: World Israel News. “WATCH: Stop Calling Israeli Towns ‘Settlements’ says Trump Advisor”.; June 29, 2019:



Update (June 30, 2019):


President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” reminds me of the USAID program, a program which has been in place for many years, surreptitiously, since being mostly unknown, working to advance Palestinian aspirations by developing infrastructure for their people, much like the above NGO’s (which I also discovered) listed above, have been doing. I discovered USAID in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately, I was too scared to say anything, and my blog did not yet exist. Now, it’s pretty well-known, and the EU has also been illicitly adding its own structures for the Palestinians on Judean land. At one time, I was of the opinion that we should just build country-club style communities, with pools and tennis courts, in Jordan, so the Arab people calling themselves “Palestinian” could live “side-by-side” to the Jews, as they state is their desire, in “Palestine,” of which the eastern lands were wrested from the Jewish home, anyways, to become “trans-Jordan” (which means “across the Yarden” River from Israel), and then “Jordan,” after still more land appropriations. I think I even suggested this to President Obama – – I know I’ve written it for a long time. But, now, I’m sadly pessimistic of providing any financial support to all these regimes who declare themselves enemies to the Jewish people. Like negotiating with Yasser Arafat, it gives a dwindling entity a chance to absorb more energy and power to advance its never-changing goals to destroy the Jews and Israel — and that, to me, is the worst deal of all time. So, I love President Trump, but I hope he can wisely steer in the right direction for this matter of life and death that often occupies both my mind and time.



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