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Homeless Update 2


Homeless Update 2 (Randyjw; March 26, 2019)


I came back from church dinner tonight to find that my sleeping site has been padlocked.


The skies are black, it’s starting to rain, and I have nowhere to go.


There are some other homeless people sitting across the street to where the building is. From there, where I also was sitting, I just saw a huge, fiery explosion leap into the sky from what appeared to be the rear side of the building. All the lights have gone out in the surrounding vicinity. They briefly came on again, but have since gone out. I heard a loud bang in the interim.


Now, it’s absolutely pouring, and the tree I had moved to wasn’t providing enough cover. I crossed the street to take cover beneath the overhang of a commercial building. Oh, wow. I just heard another big bang. There had been a large, nearby lightning strike, but I don’t know if a transformer has been struck. Maybe G-d is providing the cloak of darkness to us to help protect us, tonight. Maybe he sees our plight and is chastising the city for shutting us out and leaving vulnerable people with very limited options.


As an aside, there has been alot of construction starting up. However, I couldn’t believe the sign I read at one of them. It said: No Soliciting Not Hiring! If I chance to pass by there again, and have enough battery power on my phone and am not too tired to take a photo of it (like I was at the time I saw it), then I’ll try to remember to snap a pic of it to update this post with it. Over and out, for now.


Update: There was a huge fire raging a few blocks away, which now appears to be out. Here are a few pix snapped from where I’m sitting:












Update 2:

I was up all night running around, trying to get away from very scary people who were coming at me all night. They’d stare and stare from 150-200 feet away (?), then start walking toward me and following. I had to go to a motel entrance for safety, and a guy followed me there. Another guy came out of a parking garage, looked for awhile, then weaved toward me. It looked like he had a knife in his right hand. He passed near, then sat with some of the other homeless people I’d been sitting near. I walked around the city for a long time. Another guy doubled back, as did a car: it went straight, instead of making the lefthand turn its car signal indicated, then made a u-turn in the middle of the street, then kept reappearing, going around and around the block.

Oy, vey. I’m so tired.



Update (May 11, 2019):

I recently went back to the location of the No Soliciting Not Hiring sign, and they had removed it. I guess they could always refer them to the hiring manager, go through the motions of pretending to give the applicant a fair review, and just not hire them, anyways. At least it wouldn’t be an in-your-face bad public relations move, as the sign had been…



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Yet Again


Yet Again (Randyjw; March 24, 2019)


You don’t even want to read this. I’ve got really bad vibes going on, right now.


A couple of nights ago, at the location next to mine, where I had been beaten up, some people were sitting and talking, some portions of the conversation being overheard by me. They were horrible, and went like this: “I’m gonna f… her! That b…. is mine!” One person piped up, “Don’t f… with her.” A new person in the past two weeks, if that, had shown up at that spot, effectively ousting my friend from it (really, there are no “friends” on the street, as I’ve been told by someone I was nice to, who then went on to start malicious rumors against me), and with whom I had a few mind-bending discussions with regarding religion. There had previously been an older-seeming couple who had occupied that spot, and were, despite their personal lifestyle, essentially “good neighbors.” But, they had left, and when the spot had been vacant for quite some time, I mentioned it to my friend, who started staying there for some time. It is why, in my previous story, I knew that the guy who showed up and beat me up was not, to my knowledge, being truthful in stating that he had been there for a long time, and that I had not been at my own spot for a long time. I actually eventually occupied the former spot of the girl who had started some bad rumors; she permanently left the area, and I waited some time to make sure it was really “clear.” When I had told the guy that there was someone in my spot, and I just let them be without waking them, for a minute he took my side and said, I’m gonna help a sister” and started heading for the sleeping woman. But, I called him back and said no, no, no, and he turned around.


Well, I was fearful that the people having this conversation about a woman was me; but, then I just told myself I was being paranoid. I had seen the tallish, heavyset woman walk by the previous evening, followed by a tallish, heavyset man (both in this group having the conversation), past my spot and around the corner, where nobody really stayed, except for my friend, who had had to take a worse spot out back, and another guy who hides behind one of the building’s external fixtures. The woman also seemed to have asked someone whether they had been talking to the girl in question, to which another guy said, “Just to say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’. I was wondering if the person sitting there had been the one who’d started staying at the spot, with whom I’d conversed with for quite awhile, on separate days.


Anyways, one of the guys from the group got up, and was kindof making as if walking by, but dawdling. Oh, no.. the dawdlers. He turned around and smiled at me, acting friendly, and walked over to where I was. Alarm bells ringing now. He said something, which I didn’t hear, but I told him I don’t like to talk with people at night (it was late afternoon and still light out). My instincts were right. He told me that it had been his brother who had hit me, and that now he was in jail because the cops found him with an ounce of weed on him, and it was my fault because I’d given a description. In all reality, I don’t think I ever described the man, or was asked to by the dispatcher, but only mentioned his sneakers, a blue hoodie (maybe it was a hat…?), and gold in his mouth. Meanwhile, as he kept approaching me, I kept pushing him away. He said all those nasty things to me I’d overheard (I’m gonna f… you. You’re my b….. now. I’m gonna kill you!). We had a struggle, which kindof messed up my back, my hip, and my general body for several days afterward. He wanted me to tell the story, though, so I did, but wound up leaving parts out, in my panic, and as I have in my postings (like it might’ve been the guy who came back, who had said he would – – and while I had met with the police – – and had brought a girl with him and they were smoking that “stuff.” Maybe she alerted them? Who knows! I just tried to warn the girl to get away from that dangerous, violent man. She was trying to mediate between us, ‘cuz I wanted to take the guy’s picture, and he was denying it was him, but when I saw the sneakers, and his blue hat… well…)


The brother mentioned there were no bruises (did he read the report?), and I said, well, there weren’t, but how can you see inside my head? And the guy said his brother said he’d hit me with a pillow. And I was like, I didn’t see any pillow. I basically told him the general story, and then mentioned that his brother just went off on me. He then said, “He lied! That sounds like my brother!”, and was getting upset! Then, I was like no, no, no… I didn’t press charges. Don’t be mad. I really don’t want to be the continued scapegoat in this saga, or drive brothers apart, however thuggish they’ve been. Had I been able to describe him better, or known who he was, and if I hadn’t been lied to (or, euphemistically, been misinformed) regarding the filing fee, then I might’ve. But, there’s this so-called street justice I’ve, unfortunately, got to consider. Here, things really aren’t “just”. And good guys just don’t win.


Update (March 25, 2019):

The “conversationalists” HAD come back. The bad vibes I’d had for a good portion of the evening were leading up to that. I’d felt that people had been watching me as I walked to the spot. I saw a guy talking with a girl, then he went on the outside of the fence (it’s fenced in, now; it’s better “privacy,” but then again, it’d be awhile ’til they found my decomposing body, in the event…


The brother of the guy came over, actually introduced himself (I think I heard his name, but I won’t mention it, here), and stuck out his hand for a handshake. Yeah, right. I wasn’t feeling the love, and I was like, That’s okay; thanks. The heavyset woman was doing her scouting thing, again, walking past me and back, several times. I was like, oh, no… here we go, again… Fortunately, nothing happened, but I did lose hours of sleep worrying, waiting, and watching…


I really need to utilize my time better to try to get myself out of homelessness. WordPress, and the community here, have been my saving grace, my sanity-saver, if you will, from all this madness. However, I may be taking a break, if I can, to focus more on looking for employment, etc. I’ve been writing here for about seven years, or so, and that should be enough of a body of work for anybody to determine if they ever want to hire me for a writing job, or not. I know… don’t give up the day job! So, considering that I don’t have one, I need to find one. I’m not sure that I can really take a break… I need to read you, to feel you, and to express myself, as well. But, if I’m not as active, if at all, you’ll understand the reason why. And, please know that I’m OKAY! Love you all! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo and 馃檪 馃檪 馃檪 馃檪 !!! Haha!

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Purim 5779

Purim 5779 (Randyjw; March 19, 2019)




HAPPY PURIM ! ! ! ! !



Purim falls on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 (Diaspora) at Sundown.




ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING (Full Length Movie):






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Love (Eight, I Think; But, Who’s Counting?)

Love (Eight, I Think; But, Who’s Counting?)


Feelings lead me

to paralyzation;

to the realization:

that I’m in love.


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Scribed (Randyjw; March 17, 2019)


Tell me

of this art

Is it the nib-side

dipped in the inkwell

or the feather end

stroked across the heart?


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Amusings (Randyjw; March 12, 2019)



I have so many issues – –

They’re called:

other people!!!



I’ve been receiving food stamps, fortunately, and unfortunately, for some time now – – both when I was “working poor,” with a roof over my head, and now, when I’m homeless. The allotment works out to approximately six US dollars (USD), per day. It’s difficult, but do-able, to manage the budget for the longer-term, if one has the means to store, via cabinets and a refrigerator, and prepare, via oven/stovetop/fire, the items purchased. Perishability, portability, distance to food sources/resources, mobility, seasonal availability, and dietary considerations involving lifestyle or medical concerns also play huge roles in determining which selections a homeless person might choose.


Food which is sold hot, such as in a restaurant or a fast-food outlet, is not allowed to be purchased via food stamps. Due to this, and reasons stated above, options become somewhat restrictive and limiting. Frozen food is permitted. Hot, prepared food items which have been cooled to sell as refrigerated are also permitted, though usually quite cost-prohibitive. In some instances whereby the means to heat frozen items at its selling location permits, then such items are also allowed. In this way, I’m able to invariably treat myself to the occasional pizza, etc. I’ve done so, it’s good, and the leftovers, because you have to buy it whole, and聽 aren’t allowed to purchase by the slice, seemingly are able to keep for the next day or so without too much spoilage (but, don’t do as I say, because there is a chance of the development of toxin formation).


So, recently I didn’t make it to a charitable gathering (whether faith-group or individually-aided, as many people and families seek to provide food and other comforts to the homeless [thank you!], also), so I decided to get frozen pizza; dinner al fresco a la curbside, and not proud to be, but, be, I am.


So forgive my laughter, although I’m glad to still find humor in such situations, and for such a time as this, but, when I opened the box, and I had seen that it had been cut into exceedingly numerous, thin, triangular slices (too thin to remove without breaking in half), it sent me into peals of laughter. This way, there was plenty “more” to spare. Each time I opened the box, and started to try to count exactly how many actual slices had been cut, I’d start laughing again, and would lose track of the total. It made my day. It kept me going for about one-half hour (and the grand total was sixteen).


Now, some people might be mad at me for laughing – – call me “cruel;” “heartless.” I don’t see it as thus, though. Whatever creature comforts I may have lived with were obtained through the continual hard work of devoted parents. Independently, although I’ve also worked long and hard in various capacities, whether with world renown companies or in relative obscurity, the wages were simply on the low end and it was always a struggle. I’ve personally been pretty poor, have gotten by with no vehicle for many, many years, now, and have been homeless in what will, not long from now, amount to two consecutive years.


I have often, lately, been too tired as I move about from location to location and toting my fifty-plus pounds of belongings with me, such that by the time I should be once more heading out to attend any scheduled church dinners, I’ve been depleted of energy and don’t attend. It’s a vicious cycle, for you need the nutritional value of the food provided, in order to be able to call on the energy in reserve, it provides. It is for these moments, or when there are few or no church dinners (like on weekends, etc.), when food stamps are a practical necessity. And, most people who receive a disability check or have other non-wage incomes receive only a token amount; some people do not even receive food stamps. Others, still, “game” the system for all they can get, I hate to say. There will probably be many mad to read what I’ve written – – whether be it for the pizza, the excess, the US largesse, the lack of food in other countries, and other reasons.


I don’t knock the fact that I’m blessed to live in a free, prosperous and relatively considerate society which takes these factors into concern and provides such means for our population’s needy to possibly secure such assistance, ehen they’ve fallen by the wayside. The costs of doing so is distributed amongst the people, as a whole, each state determining its own specific rules regarding the same, with the overall federal government budget assisting states in helping to fund many of its societal programs, as well.


I’m also glad that the United States, through its individual people, are helping to supply a great deal of humanitarian assistance to the rest of the world, via food, medicine, medical equipment and supplies, development of agrarian, industrial, business and economic opportunities, and the sharing of professional expertise through many avenues. I don’t take any of these things for granted. I don’t think others should do so, either. It’s up to you to be the judge – – but, I hope you’d at least do so after trying on homelessness for two years; I’d be happy for you that you could still find it within to laugh.



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Geek Speak

Geek Speak (Randyjw; March 12, 2019)


As much as you might cause it to break

is at least as much as the cause of it’s ache





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Beit Shemesh


Beit Shemesh:

Brummer, David. “Tel Beit Shemesh Excavation Reveals Pivotal First Temple Remains”.; March 7, 2019:



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Bananas Emoji

Bananas Emoji (Randyjw; March 5, 2019)


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Enough is Enough: Sign the Petition Against Anti-Israel Bias at the UN


Enough is Enough: Sign the Petition Against Anti-Israel Bias at the UN




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From The Depths

From The Depths (Randyjw; March 4, 2019)


Silencing a voice.

Why would you wish to, when by

love it sounds by choice?

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Biblical Film



Biblical Film (Randyjw; March 2, 2019)


This is a post about Biblical Film – – or, rather, the exhibition of films about Biblical subjects, given that film did not exist in Biblical times. These types of productions, be they in film, on television, in video, or inscribed via printed form, really float my boat (yes; pun on Noah’s Ark totally intended). The archaeology, the conjecture, the discoveries, the piecing of chronology together with external or material sources, all serves to provide modern-day adventure, reminiscent of another such character played in the movies by Harrison Ford. But, these guys and gals are true Biblical explorers, and I eat this stuff up with relish (no; maybe a little stoneground mustard, though…).


Coming to U.S. theaters for three days of a special event film showing is Patterns of Evidence: the Moses Controversy, distributed by Fathom Events. I haven’t seen it, but it looks like something I would enjoy. A disclosure I should probably admit is that I once worked along the venerated “food chain” amidst the media panoply


Here’s a peak at the trailer:








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