In Our Dreams

In Our Dreams (Randyjw; September 24, 2018)


In dreams, words run free.

In dreams, they can say what you want them to mean.

In dreams, words can be want you want them to be.

The dreams I’ve dreamt, is the me which is meant.


(for Asha)




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14 responses to “In Our Dreams

  1. This is nice, Rach. It’s rich with meaning. I love to read it again.

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  2. Lovely thoughts, Randy. Being truly understood, and an inner self meant to be truly known, perhaps. I find my dreams shifting around these days, not quite sure what their message is. When they’re pleasant and comforting, even if I don’t remember the details, I awake with a diffuse warm feeling and I’m content with that (it doesn’t happen that often).

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  3. How beautiful, and the image is perfect!

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  4. … and that is the you, that will one day be. I believe that, Rachel.

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    • We are ourselves at all times; just sometimes to the better or to the lesser extent that we could be, or to the more positive or more negative effects that we should be. It’s good to always try to find the potential in each of us, and I know you would already agree to that sentiment and purposeful goal. Happy day, senor Vidur.

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