Night Blooms

Night Blooms (Randyjw; October 17, 2018)


Hanging in white space

amidst this gaping absense

Life without fragrance





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26 responses to “Night Blooms

  1. Stunning painting and very profound haiku.

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  2. Love the painting, Rachel…and the words are so meaningful.

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  3. Love the words, and wow, stunning artwork.

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  4. What a beautiful painting…..the colours are a wow

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    • Wow; thank you, Samantha! I think it’s my best, to-date. It’s a teeny, tiny digital phone work that I sketched with my finger. I don’t know how I managed, since my screen was so small and my finger so big. I only wish that it came out more in the dark tones it exhibited when small. I’ve noticed that these digital works and some other paintings come out lighter when translated to the digital realm. Art was something I used to enjoy when young. I didn’t get back into it, although it has been a long, secret dream of mine, for years. I decided to start painting to accompany my poetry. It’s maybe been about two years or so. My first painting was awful (a Nowruz poem), but I just have been keeping at it. I bought dollar-store supplies (kids’ watercolor sets from China, a paper pad, and six brushes for a buck), and that’s what I used. Since I no longer have even those, I use what’s available, which is free “paint” programs online to do digital work. I use a keystroke recorder to make videos I’ve put on YouTube. Basically, I amuse myself, and I’m slowly learning a bit. I’m really glad you liked this “painting”, and more than that, I appreciate your commenting to tell me so. It does make a person feel good, when that happens. Thank you! And I also like your own artwork and blog. I read everything you’ve written so far.

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