A Dream Encounter

A Dream Encounter (Randyjw; October 30, 2018)


I’m taking us back into retreat

to the hideout, where I found you

in my dreams

Where you slipped beneath the

coils of the bedsprings

And the sleep-sofa cushions

were your impregnable fortresses’ walls

and its ceilings, with seams

Needing a refuge in defense of

the patronage of adults

their silly questioning and our

requisite performing,

like monkeys in a ring,

well-meant intent

yet keeping on to prolong our intrinsic suffering

Awake, these many days onward

and jumping in to join you

to wave a gauzy white banner

of surrender

with which to wrap us, immobile

and dampen our senses

Pretend to numbness

while reveling in a cocoon

of pure whiteness and stillness

The onslaught is tough, my friend

It attacks us on both ends,

from without and within

You grab my hand and have brought a friend

hurtling along before I can quite react or think things through to the end

It hadn’t gone as I had thought and it had not been as it seems

but I don’t know if it’s just the devil in my thoughts

or an actual one that turned up in my dreams

My life on the outside has suddenly plummeted rather steeply

At the moment, I’m muffling us in muted suspension

til we can unravel our protective coverings and take to discovering things more deeply




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6 responses to “A Dream Encounter

  1. A lot of symbolism, and one you are addressing seems almost a phantasm. Fantasy in dreams and fantasies in bed. I find it interesting what we project onto the one we’re with, how a couples fantasies are mirrored in each other, and often it’s nowhere near as simple as it seems. Anyway, that’s what I think. A pleasure to read, Randy, and I hope you get things sorted.


    • Thanks. My outside life was way out of whack, and my internal emotions may have filtered that in. I don’t know. All I know was that it was really disturbing, but I felt like I had to post it, for whatever significance it may have or could lend, if at all. I know you said we normally don’t write those kinds of things out there, but I did. I pondered the horrible impact of doing so. But, if there was some kind of sign or portent, I thought it should come to air. What can I say? Thanks for writing that, Steve.

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      • De nada, Randy, and yeah, I think it can be good to get stuff out there, it helps you work out where you are, and maybe… other people.

        Going with the obvious, I think that what links to us, in particular, consciously and subconsciously, has a powerful effect, but it won’t necessarily affect other readers. I know this very well, right from my first short stories.

        In the spectrum of WP, sometimes I read stuff (like your piece here) that isn’t written to shock and it’s moving. And quite commonly, the reverse: stuff that is clearly written R-rated, intentionally to shock, and it’s flat as a piece of cardboard.


        • Helpful and supportive. Though I’m well-rooted in the realities of terra firma, I also believe in aspects operating multi-level through G-d, and what’s not so obviously seen. Pinning it with the present labels available doesn’t quite describe it for me. The best analogy which would work for me is to liken Life to the Torah: multi-coded, interconnected at all levels, literal, metaphorical, spiritual, a teacher/life guide, inspirational, and meaningful.

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