Freedom Center Under Attack


Freedom Center Under Attack (Randyjw; August 22, 2018)


David Horowitz, a formerly indoctrinated individual to the Socialist/Communist-leaning ideology, eventually made a complete “recovery” and turnaround, and has been busy since that time helping to expose others of the same left-leaning ilk and dangerous mentality in this country and around the world. The ideology, antithetical to the United States Constitution, calls for the top-down power of the political elite to rule over the governed people by fiat, envisioning a similar outcome for all. Autocratic tyranny has never seemed to work in other countries; it can hardly be expected to work in the United States. Yet, many people do not understand that equal outcomes for all might include consequences they never dreamed.


Cognizant of this fact, David Horowitz’s team has been busy trying to alert people to all that he’s discovered while being indoctrinated to viewpoints and becoming someone he had never really expected to be. Luckily, he caught himself and woke up to the reality of the insidiousness of his beliefs. He then decided to turn it around. Starting off with FrontPage Mag, a talented team of crack writers and investigators look into and expose the scandals that have had so much impact in American society. Because of the powerful truths that are revealed, their writers and agencies have been under attack continually from left-wing groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), who has placed them on a basic boycott/blackmail list, so that companies will try to prevent their business from operating.


Recently, as “reported” by David Horowitz in an email sent to subscribers, of which I am one, he has stated that the SPLC has been able to convince the companies of MasterCard and Visa to stop processing the donations that are made to the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an already operating and IRS-approved 501 (c) (3) charitable non-profit agency. This has taken away a significant means of the Center to receive contributions, as only paper-based fiduciary exchanges, such as a check, for example, can be received by the group. This seems like an awfully unfair restriction of commerce, considering that there is no evidence to indicate that their charitable status is in any way under jeopardy. This is also reminiscent, in my personal opinion, of the IRS scandal which was revealed in FrontPage Mag, in fact, when the agency was discovered to have been targeting Conservative and/or pro-Israel applicants for charitable status by letting their applications languish unprocessed, and which was later admitted had been an operating tactic to exert special scrutiny toward such applicants.


Is this prolonging this practice and scandal, yet again?


Here is the home page of the group, with their various subprojects (which can be clicked upon visiting the site):



Update (August 28, 2018):


David Horowitz reports that his services and donations will be restored: “David Horowitz Freedom Center Declares Victory Over Censorship Attempt:…And calls for a coalition across party and ideological lines to defend free speech.”; August 27, 2018:



Update (September 12, 2018):


David Horowitz, in an email report received from him dated September 11th, 2018, which I read today, reports now that their subgroup, Jihad Watch, written by Robert Spencer, is now under attack from Discover Card, stopping all donations from being processed to the site.



Update (September 14, 2018): “Facebook Lifts Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov’s 9/11 Ban: Social media network apologizes, says it was a “mistake” — but the battle against leftist fascism ensues””; September 14, 2018: reports Facebook was going to lift its block due to the mistake it had made against Jamie Glazov.



Update (October 5, 2018):


Project Veritas has posted this video on YouTube:




Update (October 18, 2018):


Feoktistov, Ilya. “Visa, MasterCard and the War on The Freedom Center: Financial giants terrorize conservatives while laundering money for terrorists”.; October 16, 2018:



Update (December 1, 2018):


Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, an oft-contributing writer to Frontpage Mag, was also placed under the MasterCard and Discover Card account freeze. While donations to the David Horowitz Freedom Center have now been able to be processed, meaning that the “ban” had been lifted, Robert Spencer’s account still remains under a freeze, as per his December 1, 2018 email blast, which I received.



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