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Official Anti-Semitism


Official Anti-Semitism (Randyjw; February 12, 2020)


It’s official: The United Nations has officially and flagrantly boycotted Jews. That means anti-Semitism is now officially sanctioned, according to the U.N., in this “Advance Unedited Version Of A/HRC/43/71. It seems we are in possibly worse times than 1930’s Nazi Germany.


Read the press release and the “Blacklist/Boycott” of companies sponsored/condoned by the U.N.:




UN Watch Press Release; February 12, 2020:




Update (Added January 18, 2020):


Here’s the Jewish response, listing allegedly known companies doing business with the U.N., and an article describing it:








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Misplaced Crown


Misplaced Crown (Randyjw; July 27, 2017)


Last night, in a discussion with one of the shelter program participants running the shift at the front desk, the “blessing” she bestowed on me was taken back upon learning that I am Jewish. She declared me the “anti-Christ”.


First of all, while the shelter may have its mission statement ensconced in Christian beliefs; and while an individual’s personal expression of faith may not wholly represent the views of the organization, as a whole… the shelter does, I believe, still receive public funds allotted them by the state, and it’s pretty horrible to face this hostility in such a vulnerable situation as I am in, and to be discriminated against, like this. I was less-tolerant in previous times, when I went to the same shelter group, and then left the facility due to Christian discrimination, yet again, when a visiting lecturer asked if any “Children of Israel” were present, and when some of us raised our hands, he said that he couldn’t say what he had wanted to, because of our presence there!


As far as this most recent incident involving this girl illustrates to me, is that I apparently know the beliefs her religion encompasses better than she does, as she is unaware that her Christian religion fancies that the so-called “anti-Christ” will be reigning in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, I’m living in America…


Has anybody seen my crown?


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Clarion Project Removed From YouTube


Yesterday, I received an email from Clarion Project, the group that helps raise awareness of people, mostly of Arab and Christian backgrounds, being persecuted by radical Islamists, stating that YouTube has taken down their website. If you have followed this group or my posts about them, you’ll, perhaps, see this as I do: as an act of unfair discrimination against people who are sticking up for the rights of others to live freely in their own skins, with their own religions intact, etc.





It would seem to me that Clarion Project is performing a service to the community in raising awareness of hate groups that do target and kill others, based on others’ religious affiliation; yet, YouTube seems to want to punish those who would raise their voices against such practices. This doesn’t make sense.


Make YouTube see! Perhaps you can write to YouTube and help Clarion Project regain their “site”. Here is another YouTube Contact page:




As always, thank you for your help….


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Banning Jewish Practice


Some people may find this a difficult or disturbing subject matter involving animals; please be advised.


Banning Jewish Practice (Randyjw; April 2, 2017)


Kosher slaughter of animals, or “sh’chita”, has been practiced for several thousand years, based on commands and interpretations of the laws governing Jewish practice. These rulings were provided by G-d, and are part and parcel of the Jewish faith, which we are commanded to keep (although the liberal Reform denomination of Judaism does not keep the ritualistic aspects of certain of these commands — but, this is a small number of the totality of all Jews).


The many laws must be followed by the expert Jewish butcher, or “shochet”, to follow the exacting guidelines so that the resultant cut of meat from a “fit” species will still be “fit” for consumption (“kosher”) when slaughtered. The practices are based on the laws of the Torah, which lays out the determining factors whether the creature, whether animal, fowl, fish or creeping thing is allowed among the “clean” ones determined by G-d to be fit for consumption.


While some people might presume that the “cleanliness” of an animal is based on its diet or hygiene, such that the prohibition against shellfish might be presumed in place due to the predominance of a mostly bottom-feeding diet from such species, or that the pig might be banned due to the presumptive eating of slop and having a predilection to mud bathing, neither of these are the actual reasons why they are disallowed in the Kashrut Jewish diet.


Shellfish are not allowed because they do not contain the characteristics of having both fins and scales. Pigs are excluded from the default category because, while they do have parted hooves, they aren’t considered as one that chews the cud — and both traits must be met within this category.


Throughout the millenia, people who have held anti-Semitic views have often tried to prevent the Jews from practicing the rituals of our religion. It was as true during the Babylonian exile, when Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, in keeping with their Jewish traditions, convinced their captors to feed them only vegetables and water, rather than the King’s rich meats and wines. Furthermore, Daniel set a clinical research study by making comment that it should be conducted as a test by appearances at the end of ten days: Daniel and his men, versus the meat-eaters. The end result was that Daniel and his men appeared healthier in all respects (plus, they did not have to disobey their religious strictures).


Flash forward to the time of the First Temple destruction by the Romans (given as about 600 years later from the Babylonian exile), when they set up a pagan shrine to their idol and bade the Jews to worship it, and forbade them their own practices. The Jews would not comply, and this resulted in the eventual sacking of Jerusalem, as well as the razing of the Temple.


In Europe, where they experienced the Dark Ages, as if the dumbing down of society had led to a paucity of knowledge, the rise of various denominations within branches of the Christian faith, plus a belief in a wealth of superstitious rites, led to a fear and resentment of the “otherness” of the Jew, and caused many anti-Semitic edicts and actions perpetrated against the Jewish people. This included the ban of certain practices, such as Kosher slaughter and circumcision.


Upon occasion, these same discriminatory rulings against the Jewish people and their religious practice finds implementation amongst various of the world’s countries, in Europe, and elsewhere. These became the rule of the land in olden days — but, they have a chance of being struck down for their obvious discrimination in more modern times.


According to a recent article in The Jewish Press, the following countries have a ban on the practice of Kosher slaughter: Denmark, Switzerland and New Zealand. Coming up for a parliamentary vote in the Flemish province of Belgium is a law to compel only the electric stunning of animals before slaughter, which is a practice contrary to Kosher law. Further countries, including Poland, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden were also on the list banning Kashrut slaughter, back in 2011, but some have since seen that it represents Jewish discrimination and have since remanded their ruling.


Jewish law compels the slaughter of animals to be done with the least amount of pain inflicted upon the animal as possible. For this reason, a very sharp blade is used. Other specific practices are also completed, such as the draining of all blood from the animal, as it is forbidden by Jewish law to consume the blood, for the blood is life.


Throughout the Torah, there are many stipulations placed on humans to be kind in their dominion over the animals: to yoke them equally; to keep them unmuzzled while they work, in order for them to be able to eat; to feed them before your own meal is eaten, etc. These all form part of the basis for how the laws relate to each other and within the categories relating to the treatment of animals.


Having followed these laws for several thousand years already, and seeing the practice of pre-stunning the animals in modern times, which often is a tragic and painful failure, it has been the position from our religious standpoint that the Jewish method is the most humane way to slaughter an animal for food, if one is going to slaughter an animal, at all.


Animal rights activists, without fully always knowing what Kosher practice actually entails, disagree. Placing themselves in the Leftist camp, which tends to be funded by people such as George Soros or Arab-supportive groups of the like which side often with terrorist sympathies, their real agenda is anti-Semitic, couched in a veneer of pretence for the animals — even though stunning the animals has been shown to often result in horrid pain for the animals.


I think it’s just another way to boycott the Jews. I just thought you might like to be aware of how these countries stand, in case you’re planning to write any letters to their governments or have any travel or trade purchasing considerations in mind…


Israel, David. “Belgian Province to Ban Kosher Slaughter”. The Jewish Press.com; March 31, 2017:



Antebi, David. “What is the Shchita (Kosher Slaughter)?”. Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism (isca-org.com); October 4, 2015:



Updates / Additional Reading:

Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “Marine Le Pen Announces She Would Ban Kosher Slaughter in France”. Breaking Israel News.com; April 26, 2017:



JNS.org, via Breaking Israel News.com. “France’s Le Pen Will Force Jews to Renounce Israeli Citizenship if Elected”; February 12, 2017:



Update (September 28, 2019):

Keidar, Nitsan. “Belgian ban on kosher slaughter goes into effect”. israelnationalnews.com; September 1, 2019:





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BDS? No Thx!

A loud and raucous group on college campuses has been pushing American Universities to join the Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions movement, and they have somewhat succeeded in bullying the financial departments of these schools to pull out money they previously invested, and which generated fantastic returns and dividends to the schools, due to their belief that this Middle Eastern nation and its government engage in massive, wide-scale oppression and subjugation of its people. The matter and its mantra have been so popular, that it has been the major directive of an entire body of world leaders engaged in measures to curtail this threat to the world. Additionally, this world body exacted further requirements that this nation submit to the labeling of products manufactured in so-called conflict areas, so that economic boycotts may be effective in crippling the economy of this possibly nuclear-armed state. Special sessions convened by the UN have set into motion these measures, first demanded by the European Union (in present times and in days of yore) and succeeded by the United States.  We should shout to the world that this country is “Iran”!*


The actual target of these discriminatory measures, however, is Israel. In response, Israel is penetrating new markets in cross-continental shows of commercial support. The same type of discriminatory laws which previously prevented Jews a livelihood by barring them from the craft guilds or Universities of Europe, enabled them to excel in the few areas in which they were allowed to operate. What was the bane to its perpetrators became the boon to its recipients. Such restrictive actions having the inverse, and unintended, effects certainly proved a frustration in limiting these major players in this arena and dealt the narrative a jarring blow.


Thanks to BDS — But, no thanks!


* Country names appearing in this article have been changed (to protect their innocence, it is said).



The following article gives a succinct background treatment to and summarizes the Jewish experience regarding the proliferation of anti-semitism on campus:

Hausman, Matthew M., J.D. “Gross Hypocrisy Or Willful Complicity: The U.S. Campus: Free Speech Is Hardly Being Respected; Anti-Semitism Is”; April 2, 2016. Arutz Sheva / Israel National News.com:



Update June 7, 2018:


Here’s a great quote from Steven Shamrak countering BDS:




Buy Israeli and end discrimination of the BDS and Labeling movements. Sites producing Judaica and Israeli goods will be featured sporadically to show interesting products.



Robert Indiana, an American artist, created the iconic LOVE sculpture, comprised of two letters, “L”, “O” (tilted to lean forward from the “L”) situated on top of the “V” and “E”. The form found expression in many products during its heyday, including as pendants for necklaces. An equally stunning statement in Hebrew, the AHAVA sculpture, and other sculptures of the same concept in additional languages, all with the meaning ” Love”, have sprung up around the world.


Peter Max defined a generation with his iconic and immensely popular “LOVE” logo and work. Such work created an entire culture, inspiring the art of the era.


I was lucky enough to attend an opening reception for one of the studio galleries of Peter Max’s work. Most impressive, to me, were his depictions of Lady Liberty.


As a Jewish artist, Peter Max has made a major impact in the future for the fuller appreciation of modern art, while similarly expounding a universal proclamation to love — the antithetical and transverse message to those condemning us with their own messages of hatred.


His official website, where you can view his works and purchase posters and other items is:




Show your love for Israel and the Jewish people, and maybe your love for someone else, as well, this Valentine’s Day, with these special heart-shaped jewelry items, as well as the “AHAVA” designs, found online via the Simon Wiesenthal Center gift shop, whose agency I wrote briefly about in the article, “Let’s Not Forget”. They also feature some other beautiful pieces, such as the silver with scroll-ornamented design and blue “Chai” (meaning “Life”) matchbox cover, which also looks like it could possibly be used like a pillbox, found in the Clearance section; the silver filigree-style Jewish star with turquoise center necklace is also really stunning. Check out other items for purchase (or admiration) here:




and then click to open where it says “Shop”, and that will go to a new page with a listing of product categories to browse at your leisure.

No shame for promoting this endeavor, and it helps multiple good causes.



Update (October 19, 2018):

United With Israel Staff. “France Forced to Stop Discriminating Against Israeli Products”. unitedwithisrael.org; October 16, 2018:




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Difference of Phones for EBT

I don’t know if certain cellphones do not allow access to state automated systems, or whether the reverse is true! Recently, the cell phone with which I’d been accessing my food stamp records had fallen on the floor, and had also been plugged into the wall during a fierce lightning storm. After these incidents and over a weekend, I eventually noticed that the battery of this phone had not charged, although the light on the charger had been on during this entire time. So, I was unsure whether the phone could be fixed by purchasing a new battery or charger, etc.

First, I went to one phone store, whose representative told me that the charger had become obsolete. This is what had happened to my previous phone, and was the reason that I had purchased this newest phone, which was now (perhaps) broken. While it does represent a good reason to upgrade myself and my technology, personal finances lead me to hang onto and try to fix whatever I have.

The representative at the second phone store I visited was able to provide a charger to fit, and which also showed its light operating when plugged into my phone, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that the problem with the battery was solved.

I went to a third store and found a fantastic, time-limited deal on cheap phone service and an inexpensive phone, which would be a far better proposal in the long run than even the one I had been using, so I purchased the whole shebang.

When I utilized my old phone, which turns out to have no problems that the new charger couldn’t fix, to call the food stamps telephone number, I was eventually able to get through.

When I tried to use my newest phone, I received a completely different telephone menu, and the state system would not recognize this latest technology and phone number I used.

This caused me to wonder whether the system is able to further discriminate among the callers it receives, the order they will take these callers, whether they will take these callers, etc.

Has anyone else had these same problems with this system?

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