Nazi SS Guard Deported From U.S. Soil Today


Nazi SS Guard Deported From U.S. Soil Today (Randyjw; August 21, 2018)


A long overdue goodbye and good riddance goes out to Jakiw Palij, whose 2004 deportation order was carried out today, August 21, 2018.


According to today’s White House Press Release, carried on the 1600 Daily, Palij immigrated from Trawniki, Poland (now in Ukraine) in 1949 to the U.S., and became a naturalized citizen in 1957, residing in Queens, New York. It was later discovered that Palij had been an armed guard of the Nazi SS serving at the Trawniki Labor Camp, where about 6,000 Jewish women, men, and children were shot to death as part of “Operation Reinhard,” one of many similar actions to exterminate the Jews from Poland under the main aegis of Adolf Hitler’s all-encompassing “Final Solution.”


Palij is being deported to the Federal Republic of Germany.


Thank you to United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the Administration of Donald J. Trump, President of the United States.


Read the press release, here: / Statements & Releases / Statement from the Press Secretary / Immigration /


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